Samuel Crutchfield Jr

Samuel CRUTCHFIELD Jr. (1824 – 1874) was Alex’s 3rd Great Grandfather; one of 16 in this generation of the Blair line.

Samuel Crutchfield  was born about 1824.  His daughter’s 1910 census record states he was born in England.  His parents emigrated about 1823 from Nottinghamshire, England to Jamestown Quebec, near Durham in the Eastern Townships.  However, the first recorded Quebec birth was Samuel’s brother John 1 Aug 1826.  His parents were Samuel CRUTCHFIELD Sr. and Mary WOOLEY. He married Martha FENNELL on 20 Mar 1849 at the Episcopal Church in Huntingdon, Quebec, Canada.  Witnesses were Gerrld Fennell, Samuel Crutchfield Sr., and Robert Brown.  Samuel died on 31 Jan 1874 at Hinchinbrook, Quebec,  aged 50 years 06 month.

Samuel and Martha (Fennell) Crutchfield

Martha Fennell was born in Mar 1821 in Wicklow County, Ireland.   Wicklow is near Dublin.  Her parents were  Gerrard FENNELL and Susan WINTER.  Martha died 16 Jul 1897 at the Gore, Hinchinbrook PQ, age 76 years 04 months.

Martha Fennell Crutchfield

Children of Samuel and Martha:

Name Born Married Departed
1. John Crutchfield 11 Jun 1850
Jamestown, Quebec, Canada
Catherine Adella Lavey
6 Jun 1877
Wesleyan Methodist Church of Canada at Franklin
30 Apr 1913
Hinchinbrook, Quebec
2. Susannah Crutchfield 6 Jun 1851
21 Aug 1852
3 Mary Crutchfield 10 Apr 1853
Robert Law
5  Feb 1873
Hinchinbrook, at the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. T. G. Williams.
5 Jul 1925
Athelstan, PQ
4. Samuel Crutchfield III 27 Feb 1855
Sarah Jane Kelly
8 Mar 1888
Huntingdon, Quebec
25 Oct 1924
Boyd Settlement, Hinchinbrook
5. Martha Matilda Crutchfield 5 Feb 1858
Jamestown, County of Chateauguay
Robert Rennie (Widower)
23 May 1876
Wesleyan Methodist Congregation in the Russelltown Circuit; Franklin Methodist
George Henry Broder
9 Apr 1879
6 Aug 1882
Franklin Center,  PQ
6. Susan Wilhelmina CRUTCHFIELD 21 Nov 1860
Jamestown, Quebec
William L. BLAIR
6 Mar 1889
at the residence of Mr. Robert Law, Gore Hinchinbrook
5 Jul 1920 in Napa, California
7. Sadie (Sarah) Crutchfield 1863
Jamestown, Quebec
J Alva Wilson
25 Jun 1886
Wesleyan Methodist Church at Lacolle
1 Apr 1928 Athelstan Quebec

Samuel’s daughter Mary was the eldest daughter and she assumed the cares of the home when quite young.   Samuel was an invalid for years and his wife Martha had to help the boys with farm work until they were old enough to do it themselves.

01-31-1874 Samuel Crutchfield Sr., died at Hinchinbrook, Aged 50 years 06 months.

Samuel Crutchfield Jr  & Martha Fennell Gravestone — Hillside Cemetery Hinchinbrooke Township on Route 202 across the road from Rennie’s United Church.


1. John Crutchfield

John’s wife Catherine Adella Lavery was born 15 Feb 1856 in Quebec, Canada. Her parents were Thomas Lavery and Ann Maither.  Catherine died 12 Apr 1944 in Huntingdon, Quebec.

06-06-1877 Albert P. Mason, of Powerscourt, married Mary A Lavery, and John Crutchfield, of the Gore Hinchinbrook, married Catherine A Lavery, both daughters of Mr. Thomas Lavery, of Hinchinbrook, at the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. J. W. Clipsham.

04-30-1913 John Crutchfield, died suddenly, at Anderson’s Corners, Hinchinbrook PQ, age 63 years.(b. 1850)

04-12-1944 Catherine Adella Lavery, wife of the late John Crutchfield, died at the residents of her son, William A Crutchfield, in Huntingdon Quebec, in her 89th year. She was the second daughter of the late Thomas Lavery and his wife, Ann Maither. In 1877 she was united in marriage to John Crutchfield and made their home on the Gore Road, Hinchinbrooke Quebec. The mother of two daughters and three sons, she was bereaved by the sudden passing inside of three years of her husband and Neely, (Ella) Mrs. James E. MacLaren. Surviving are her three sons, William A of Huntingdon, Harvey S., of Trowbridge CA, and J. Kenneth, of Edmonton AB. Seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, also her three sisters, Mrs. Ellen Traverse of Ottawa Ontario, Mrs. Helena MacLaren, of New Milford CT, Mrs. Emma Gamble of Herdman Quebec. Daughters (Carrie) Mrs. John. Funeral was held in the Huntingdon United Church, service conducted by her pastor, the Rev. Thomas Knowles. Interment was made in the family lot at Hillside Cemetery.

John Crutchfield Catherine Lavery Headstone – Hillside Cemetery

Children of John and Catherine:

i. Carrie Edith Crutchfield b. 7 Aug 1878 [The minister inserted, between lines, “born Aug 7th 1878” in a double baptism involving another family. It is not clear the date belongs to Carrie Edith.]; d.  5 Nov 1915 Anderson’s Corners PQ, aged 37 years 04 months.); m. John Neely

John Neely, died 14 Jan 1931 at the Gore Hinchinbrook PQ. Mr. Neely was the eldest son of the late Robert and Mrs. Neely, born June 15, 1875. Two wives predeceased him, Caroline Edith Crutchfield, and Elsie Maude Fitzsimmonds, one son was born to his first union, John Allister Neely, with three brothers and three sisters survive him, Kerr of the Gore, Duncan at home, Warren of Regina, Mrs. William Cameron of the Gore, Mrs. Daniel Walker of Huntingdon, and Miss Ella at home. Interred in the Gore Cemetery Hinchinbrook PQ.

ii.  William Archibald Crutchfield  b. 15 Aug 1880  Hinchinbrook, County of Huntingdon, Quebec;  m. 29 Jan 1913 to  Margaret Mabel Wood,(b. 10 Jun 1885 – d. 6 Apr 1958) eldest daughter of Mr. John Wood. At Renfrew Brae, the residence of the brides parents, in St Chrysostome PQ, by Rev. J. R. McAllister. d. 6  Nov 1955 buried Hillside Cemetery

iii. Ella Georgina Crutchfield  b. 28 Mar 1884 Anderson’s Corners, Hinchinbrook PQ; m. 19 Feb 1908 to James E. McClaren, of Alix, Alberta at the residence of the brides parents, by Rev. RC McConneil

iv. Harvey Samuel Crutchfield b. 15 Apr 1887 Hinchinbrook, County of Huntingdon, Province of Quebec; d. 30 Jul 1957 Yuba, California; m. Alma M. Kiel (b. 23 Apr 1894 Washington – d. 13 Oct 1961 Sutter, California) Her parents were born in Germany.

Harvey immigrated in 1925. In the 1930 census, Harvey and Alma were living in Grants Pass, Josephine, Oregon where Harvey was a clerk and Alma was a practical nurse in a private home. Their two children were born in Canada, Harvey Ward in 1917 and Carrie in 1920. By 1935, the family had moved to Yreka City, Siskiyou, California where Harvey was a clerk in a feed seed store and Harvey Jr was a gold miner. Living in Trowbridge, Sutter, California, in 1944.

v.  John Kenneth Crutchfield b. 15 Jul 1890  Hinchinbrook, County of Huntingdon, Quebec; J. Kenneth lived in Edmonton Alberta in 1944

3. Mary Crutchfield

Mary’s husband Robert Law was born about 1848. Robert died 7 Jul 1928 – Hinchinbrooke, Quebec, Canada.

07-05-1925 Mary Crutchfield, beloved wife of Robert Law, died at her home in Athelstan PQ, age 72 years.

Children of Mary and Robert Law

i. Edith Miriam Law b. 23 Jul 1880  Presbyterian Church in Canada at Rockburn and Places Adjacent in the Township of Hinchinbrooke

ii. Robert Burdon Law b. 15 Aug 1882 Beauharnois

iii. Lulu Sadie b. 1 Jan 1892

4. Samuel Crutchfield III

Samuel’s wife Sara Jane Kelly was born 1 May 1867 in Huntingdon, Quebec. Her parents were Nelson Kelly and [_?__].  Sarah died 21 Jan 1942 Huntingdon Québec.

 10-25-1924 Samuel Crutchfield, died at his late residence, Boyd Settlement, Hinchinbrook PQ, age 69 years.

Sarah was a lifelong resident of Boyd Settlement, she was the only daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Kelly of Hinchinbrooke Québec. She was educated at Boyd Settlement and at Huntingdon Academy. She was married to the late Mr. Samuel Crutchfield in March, 1882, to which union four children were born. Besides her son, Allen, with whom she lived, she leaves one daughter, Mrs. German Seely, of Picton Ontario, two sons, Charels, of Shawinigan,Falls, and Howard of East Angus, two granddaughters, two grandsons and four great-grandchildren. Funeral service held at the Huntingdon United Church, service conducted by the Rev. Thomas Knowles.

Children of Samuel and Sarah Jane:

i. Charles Nelson Crutchfield b. 18 Jul 1883; Living in Shawinigan Falls in 1942

ii.  Ernest Samuel Crutchfield b. 4 Jul 1885 Hinchinbrook; d.  1 Feb 1914 died at his father’s residence , in Boyd Settlement, Hinchinbrook PQ, age 28 years.

iii. Alice Matilda Crutchfield b. 14 Sep 1887 Hinchinbrook; m. German Seely, of Wallbridge, Ont., married Alice Matilda Crutchfield, eldest daughter of Samuel Crutchfield, of Boyd Settlement, Hinchinbrook PQ. At the residence of the brides parents, by Rev. Robert Smith. 01-26-1912

iv. Howard Crutchfield b. 4 Feb 1891 Hinchinbrook; Living in East Angus in 1942

v. Alan Herman Crutchfield b. 12 Nov 1892 Boyd Settlement Hinchinbrook; m. 29 Jan 1919 to Mildred N. Parham, daughter of Mrs. Nelson C. Parham at Huntingdon PQ, by Rev. J. B. MacLean.

vi. Lizzie Martha Crutchfield b. 29 Dec 1894  Hinchinbrook; m. 18 Sep 1918 to Robert Wells Lumsden, of Athelstan PQ. At Boyd Settlement, Hinchinbrook PQ, at the residence of her father, by Rev. I Nelson)

vii. Stella Mary Crutchfield (26 Mar 1900  Hinchinbrook  – 14 Feb 1946 died at the home of her brother, Allan Crutchfield in Huntingdon Quebec.)

5. Martha Crutchfield

(Only married 3 years before she died)

6. Susan Wilhelmina CRUTCHFIELD (See William Lewis BLAIR‘s page)

7. Sadie A. Crutchfield

 Sadie’s husband James Alva Wilson was born in 04 Apr 1868  in Quebec.  His parents were Joseph Whitehead Wilson, and Mary Jane Blair. After Sadie died, he married 26 Sep 1929  in Elgin, Québec to Annie F. Johnson.  James died 26 Oct 1942 in Athelston, Quebec,

1 Apr 1928 Sadie A Crutchfield, beloved wife of James Alva Wilson, died at Athelstan PQ, aged 65 years. (b. 1863)

Sadie Crutchfield Headstone – Hillside Cemetery


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