Rene Rezeau

Rene REZEAU (1645 – 1720) was Alex’s 9th Great Grandfather; one of 1,024 in this generation of the Miller line.

Rene Rezeau was born c. 1645  in  St. Martin, Isle of Re, Maritime, France.  His parents were Jacques REZEAU and Elizabeth NEAU.  He lived on the Isle of Re, situated almost opposite the City of La Rochelle.  Rene married Anne COURSIER 22 Jun 1670 in Ste. Marie De Re, Charente Maritime, France.  The population was almost all Protestant, many fishermen had come here from neighboring provinces, planning to migrate to the New World. Included amoung these Huguenots were Rene Rezeau and his wife Anne Coursier. They fled the island in 1685, eventually, they arrived in New York City. Here they joined the French Church, finally, they moved permanetly in Staten Island. Rene died 2 Oct 1720 in  Fish Kill, Staten Island, Richmond, New York.

Ste. Marie De Re

Ann Coursier was born c. 1649 in France.  Her parents were Jehan COURSIER and Anne PERROTEAU Her parents both died in 1663 when Ann was only 14 and her sister Marie 3 years old.  Both girls found their way to America. Ann died 18 Feb 1719 in Elizabethtown, Union, NJ.

Sainte Marie de Re - occupies the south-east of Ile de Re. This rural village on the coast is classified as protected wilderness resort, since on 25/02/2009 and Green Holiday Station since 2002. Between land and sea, it is the first agricultural town of Ile de Re. The vine is a big place. Its beaches and wild coastline attracts surfers.

Children of Rene and Ann

Name Born Married Departed
1. Rene Rezeau 9 Aug 1671 in Ste. Marie De Re, Charente Maritim, France Madeleine Genou?
Marie Anne Guichard?
 Attended sister Suzanne’s wedding in 1697
2. Abraham Rezeau 6 Nov 1672 Ste. Marie De Re Attended sister Suzanne’s wedding in 1697
3. Suzanne Rezeau 14 Oct 1674 Ste. Marie De Re John Blanchard 23 Oct 1697 in French Church NY 1730 Elizabethtown, Passaic, New Jersey
4. Pierre Rezeau 2 Oct 1676 Ste. Marie De Re Dorcas Guilburt 1701 Richmond, Richmond, New York
Marie Contesse 10 Mar 1704
New York
8 Oct 1723 Richmond County, NY
5. Anne REZEAU 2 Oct 1678 Ste. Marie De Re Jean PERLIER II 25 Oct 1696 in New York at l’Eglise Francoise a la Nouvelle York 28 Oct 1723 New York City
6. Marie Rezeau 1 Jan 1688/89 in New York City Pierre Traverrier, Jr. (Jean PERLIER II’s half brother)
7. Esther Rezeau 22 Dec 1688 baptized 1 Jan 1688/89 New York City Peter Billiou 1701 18 Feb 1719 Staten Island, NY
8. Jean Rezeau c. 1690 New York City
9. Isaac Rezeau c. 1692 New York City
10. Elizabeth Rezeau c. 1694 New York City
11. Marianne Rezeau c. 1696 New York City

Rene Rezeau earned his livelihood as a mason, and while in New York had a daughter baptized, Anne Rezeau, who married Jean Perlier. They also had a daughter named Marie, who married Pierre Traverrier, Jr.

Anne’s sister Marie also escaped Huguenot persecution, see Jehan COURSIER ‘s page for the story of her family.

These French Church New York City baptisms show a close connection between the two couple Anne & Rene and Marie & Daniel in the early 1690’s.

1691 Nov 01; To Daniel Jouet and Marie Courcier, Jean; Witnessed by Rene Rezeau and Suzanne Ratier wife of ??? Doucinet

1693 Feb 05;  To Daniel Jouet and Marie Coursier; Elisabeth; Witnessed by Pierre Filleux and Suzanne Rezeau (Rene and Anne’s daughter?)

1695 May 05; To Daniel Jouet and Marie Coursier; Anne; Witnessed by Rene Rezeau and Anne Reseau

The Huguenot congregation was formally established in 1628 as L’Église française à la Nouvelle-Amsterdam. This parish continues today as L’Eglise du Saint-Esprit, part of the Episcopal (Anglican) communion still welcoming Francophone New Yorkers from all over the world. Services are still conducted in French for a Francophone parish community, and members of the Huguenot Society of America. There was Huguenot settlement on the south shore of Staten Island, New York in 1692. The present-day neighborhood of Huguenot was named for those early settlers.


1. Rene Rezeau

Rene’s wife Madeleine Genou? . Marie Anne Guichard?

This New York French Church baptism records are clues that  Rene’s wife  may have been Madeleine Genou or  Marie Anne Guichard

1699 Feb 26; To Jean Melot and Marie Bellamain; Madeleine; Witnessed by Rene Rezeau and Madeleine Genou.

Baptism- Today Sunday 26th of February 1698/99 after the prayer of the eving for baptism in this church by Mr Peiret minister Madeline daughter of Jean Melot and Marie Bellamain born the 14th of the month presented for Holy pabtism by Rene Rezeau and Madelain Genou godfather and godmother.”

The lack of further references could indicate that the girl did not survive much longer than her baptism. The mother apparently did not, as Marie Bellemain Mellott died by the end of the year.

As to logistics, the information from the Mellott-Eastman family tree suggests that the birth of the girl and death of the mother took place in Piscataway Township in Middlesex County, New Jersey. The distance between Piscataway and Staten Island, where the baptism took place is about 19 miles by boat, a 4-5 hour rowing trip in a period rowboat (3-4 knots speed). As an aside, Perth Amboy is about halfway between the two. (Her parents had moved from Staten Island to Perth Amboy at some point, and then by the time of her mother’s death to Piscataway.)

1706 Mar 06; To David Wilson and Susanne Vincent; Rene; Witnessed by Rene Rezeau and Marie Anne Guichard

3. Suzanne Rezeau

Suzanne witnessed the 31 Jan 1697 baptism  of  Francois Carrilier and Marie Morisset’s son Francois; Witnessed by Alexander Maurisset and Susanne Rezeau

1699 Nov 05; To Jean Blanchard and Susanne Rezeau; Jean; Witnessed by Rene Rezeau and Anne Courcier

Suzanne’s husband John (Jean) Blanchard was born 1655 in St Michel, Rouen, Normandy. John died 6 Apr 1730 in Elizabethtown, New Jersey

Susanne Rezeau Marriage

4. Pierre Rezeau  

Pierre’s first wife Dorcas Guilburt was born in 1680 in France. Dorcas died in Staten Island, Richmond, New York.

Pierre’s second wife Marie Contesse was born in 1680 in St Martin En Re, Charente-Maritime, Poitou-Charentes, France.  Her parents were Nicolas Contesse and Marie Hue.

Pierre had several godparent partners.

1700 Jan 28; Isaac Quintard; Pierre; Witnessed by Pierre Rezeau and Elisabeth Vincent

1701 Apr 16; Daniel Bernardeau and Marianne Monier; Daniel; Witnessed by Pierre Rezeau and Marie Roubineau

1702 Mar 15; Pierre Galhaut and Susane Boisson; Anne; Witnessed Pierre Rezeau, Janne Odarts

1705 Mar 18; Jean Vesien and Anne Rezeau; Jacques; Witnessed by Jacques [Pierre] Rezeau and Marie Rezeau.     Our Marie was already married to Jean PERLIER.

1706 Jan 08; Jacques [Pierre] Rezeau and Marie Contes; Marie; Witnessed by Jean Moyse Contes and Susanne Contes

6. Marie Rezeau

Marie and her brother Pierre witnessed the 19 Sep 1703 baptism of their nephew Jean.  To Jean Perlier and Anne Rezeau; Jean; Witnessed by Pierre Rezeau and Marie Rezeau .

Marie married Jean PERLIER II’s half brother Pierre Traverrier on 20 Dec 1743 – Somerset, New Jersey.  Pierre was born  6 Jan 1689; Pierre was apprenticed to Peter Chaigneau, cooper, by his mother, who at that time was referred to as a widow, October 21, 1701.   Marie and Pierre had only one child, a daughter, Mary Traverrier.

7. Ester Rezeau

Ester Rezeau Baptism

The witness to Ester’s 01 Jan 1689  baptism  at the New York City French Church  was Luy Rezeau Esther’s husband Peter Billiou died 1716 in Staten Island, Richmond, New York

8. Jean Rezeau

The witnesses to Jean’s 01 Nov 1691 baptism were  Rene’s brother-in-law Daniel Jouet and Suzanne Ratier wife of [__?__] Doucinet

Other Early Rezeau Baptisms from the French Church at New York City

1710 Sep 03; Jean Vezien and Anne Rezeau; Anne; Witnessed by Josue Soullice and Anne Valleau

1714 Jan 17; Jacques Bergeron and Judith Peletant; Anne;  Witnessed by father and Anne Rezeau wife of Jean Vezien

1735 Aug 27; Roelof Kiersted and Anne Vincent; Christophle; Witnessed by Father and Anne Rezeau Vincent

1741 Apr 15; Roelof Kiersted and Anne [Vincent] Vezien; Anne; Witnessed by Jean [Vincent] Vezien jr and Anne Rezeau [Vincent] Vezien for Sara Kiersted


Registers of the Births, Marriages, and Deaths of the Eglise Francoise a LA Nouvelle York: French Church of New York, from 1688 to 1804

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