Nathaniel Pease II

Nathaniel PEASE II (1731 – ) was Alex’s 7th Great Grandfather;  one of 256 in this generation of the Miner line.

Nathaniel Pease II was born in 1731 or 10 Sep 1732 in Enfield, CT.  His parents were Nathaniel PEASE I and Miriam PEASE.  He married Sophia NICHOLS 31 Oct 1751 in Hartford, CT.   Many sources say Nathaniel died at sea in Sulawesi Tengah, Indonesia. Was he a whaler?

Sophia Nichols was born about 1735 in Enfield,  Hartford, CT.  After Nathaniel died, she married 27 Oct 1763 in Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut to Benjamin Parsons.

Benjamin Parsons was born 5 Mar 1729 in Enfield, Hartford, CT. His parents were Christopher Parsons (1692 – 1749) and Mary Pease (1695 – 1774).  Mary’s parents were Samuel Pease and Elizabeth Warner. Both her paternal and maternal grandparents were our ancestors: Robert PEASE Sr. (1656 – 1744) & Abigail RANDALL and Joseph WARRINER (1645 – 1697) & Mary MONTAGUE. Benjamin died 13 Dec 1795 in Aroostook, Maine.

Possible Nichols parents in 18th Century Hartford, Connecticut

It’s intriguing to think that Sophia’s grandfather may have been Capt Cyprian NICHOLAS Jr. He was the only Nichols in Hartford, though there were a couple other Nichols lines elsewhere in Connecticut. Cyprian was only son of Cyprian Nichols Sr. who immigrated from Witham, Essex, England to Hartford, CT. Cyprian had three children with his first wife Helena Talcott born between 1798 and 1802 including two boys and eight more with his second wife Mary Spencer born between 1705 and 1726 including three more boys.

There are a couple of other Connecticut Nichols lines, but they were not located in Hartford.

1. Adams Nichols was born between 1606 and 1612 in Worcestershire, England. He married 1645 in Hartford, Hartford, CT to Anna Wakeman (b. 1611 in Bewdley, Worcester, England – d. 1699 in Connecticut) Adam died 25 Aug 1682 in Hartford, Hardford Co, CT.

Children of Adam and Anna

i. John Nichols b. 1645; d. 1662

ii. Barachiah Nichols (male) b. 14 Feb 1647

iii. Anna Nichols b. 1648 in Hartford, Hartford, CT; d, 1724 in Hartford, Hartford, CT

iv. Esther Nichols b. 1650; m. [__?__] Ellis

v. Lydia Nichols b. 1652; d. 28 Feb 1652

vi. Ebenezer Nichols b. ~1656 Hartford, CT; d. bef. 1682

vii. Sarah Nichols b. Hartford, CT

2.  Francis NICHOLS was baptized at Sedgeberrow, Worcestershire, England on 25 May 1575; His parents were John NICHOLS and Joan [_?__]. He married Frances WIMARKE on 24 Jan 1599/1600 at Sedgeberrow England. He settled at Stratford, Connecticut, by 10 Oct 1639, when he was appointed sergeant of the Stratford trainband, and that same year was listed with his three sons (John, Isaac, and Caleb) among the 17 first settlers of Stratford. Francis died before 8 Jan 1650/51

We descend from Francis’ daughter Jane NICHOLS (1603 – 1667) and William WASHBURN (1601 – 1658)

Children of Nathaniel and Sophia:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Huldah Pease 4 Mar 1751/52 Enfield, CT Ebenezer Pease
5 Jul 1771
Enfield, Hartford, CT
Enfield, Hartford, CT
2. Nathaniel PEASE III bapt.
5 Nov 1752 or
28 Dec 1753 Enfield, CT
3. Infant Daughter Pease 22 May 1755 Died Young
4. Miriam Pease 25 Sep 1757 Enfield, CT Joel Simons
8 May 1775 Enfield, CT
9 Dec 1825
Enfield, CT


Children of Sophia and Benjamin Parson:

Name Born Married Departed
5. Simeon Parsons 14 Feb 1764
Enfield, Hartford, CT
Abigail Bates 20 Dec 1840
6 John Nichols Parsons 20 Oct 1766
Enfield, Hartford, CT
28 Feb 1771
Enfield, CT
7. Mary Parsons 14 Apr 1769
Enfield, CT
Frederick Stebbins 7 Jan 1809 Enfield, CT

The records of the First Church of Hartford:

Nath’ll Pease & Sophia Nicholls were married, 31 October 1751

A genealogical and historical record of the descendants of John Pease, Senior  by Rev. David Pease and Austin Pease 1869

“He is said to have been a seafaring man and to have died at sea.”

I don’t know the source of this quote:

“Sophia Pease’s first husband, Nathaniel Pease was a sea-faring man and it was thought he had died at sea. Several years past and then he returned to Enfield to find Sophia married to Benjamin Parsons. Finding that his wife preferred her latter husband, he disappeared and was never seen or heard of there after.


1. Huldah Pease

Huldah (Hebrew: חֻלְדָּה‎) was a prophetess mentioned briefly in 2 Kings 22, and 2 Chronicles 34. After the discovery of a book of the Law during renovations at Solomon’s Temple, on the order of King Josiah, Hilkiah together with Ahikam, Acbor, Shaphan and Asaiah approach her to get the Lord’s opinion.  She was the wife of Shallum, son of Tokhath (also called Tikvah), son of Harhas (also called Hasrah), keeper of the wardrobe. She lived in Jerusalem, in the Second District.

According to Rabbinic interpretation, Huldah and Deborah were the principal professed prophetesses in the Nevi’im (Prophets) portion of the Hebrew Bible, although other women were referred to as prophetesses. “Huldah” means “weasel,” and “Deborah” means “bee” or “wasp.”   The Huldah Gates in the Southern Wall of the Temple Mount are named for her

Huldah’s husband Ebenezer Pease was born 17 Oct 1742 or 8 May 1747 in Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut.  His parents were Ebenezer Pease and Mary Terry.  Ebenezer died 17 Jan 1829 in Endfield, CT.

While Ebenezer and Huldah share the same last name, they were only distant cousins.

  • His grandparents were Ebenezer Pease and Mindwell Sexton.
  • His great grandparents were Robert Pease and Abigail Randolph.
  • His 2nd great grandparents were John Pease and Mary Goodell
  • His 3rd great grandparents were Robert PEASE and his second wife Marie.  (Huldah’s 3rd great grandmother was Robert Pease’s first wife Lydia WEST.)

Ebenezer Pease enlisted May 11 1775 as a private in Hezekiah Parson’s 10th Company from Enfield, Col. Benjamin Hinman’s Regiment. This company served at the Siege of Boston. Discharged Dec 19 1775. Served as a private in Capt John Simon’s 7th Company from Enfield Col Erastus Wolcott’s Regiment at Boston Jan – Mar 1776. Enlisted as a private for three years on Apr 10 1777 in Capt David Parson’s Company, Col. Charles Webb’s 2nd Regiment. Discharged Apr 20 1780. Connecticut pensioner in 1818, residing in New York.

The 2nd Connecticut Regiment was authorized in the Continental Army on Sep 16 1776. It was organized between Jan – April 1777 at Danbury, Connecticut of eight companies from the counties of Fairfield, Windham, and Hartford in the state of Connecticut and assigned on Apr 3 1777 to the 1st Connecticut Brigade of the Highlands Department. The regiment was re-assigned to McDougall’s Brigade on Jun 12 1777; then three days later (15 June 1777 it was re-assigned to the 2nd Connecticut Brigade. One month later, Jul 10 1777 the regiment was re-assigned to 1st Connecticut Brigade. On Nov 13 1777 the regiment was re-assigned to the 2nd Connecticut Brigade of the Main Continental Army. On May 1 1779 the 2nd Connecticut Brigade was re-assigned to the Highlands department and the regiment was re-organized to nine companies on 11 July 1779. The regiment was re-assigned to the Main Continental Army on 16 November 1779. It was re-assigned to the Highland’s department on 27 November 1780.

The regiment wintered at Valley Forge 1777/78 and was present the following July at the Battle of Monmouth and served on the east side of the Hudson in General William Heath‘s wing during the operations of 1779.

Children of Huldah and Ebenezer:

i. Huldah Pease b. 9 Jan 1772 in Enfield, Hartford, CT; d. Sodus, New York; m. 1 Dec 1791 in Enfield, CT to Charles Terry (b. 14 Nov 1744 in Springfield, Hampden, Mass. – d. 19 May 1803 in Springfield, Hampden, Mass.) Charles parents were Samuel Terry and Sarah Chapin. Huldah and Charles had three children

ii. John Benjamin Pease b. 9 Sep 1774 in Enfield, CT; d. 1866 – Whitesboro, Oneida, New York; m. 1799 Preston, New London, CT to Freelove Frink (b. Preston, Connecticut) Freelove’s parents were Jonas Frink (1728 – 1790) and Freelove Bromley (1734 – ) or possibly Barton Frink and Mary Cook. John and Freelove had seven children born between 1800 and 1816.

John and Freelove moved to Rome, Oneida, New York shortly after their marriage and their first child Harmon was born there in 1800.

The town of Whitestown is immediately west of Utica, New York. It was part of the Sadaquada Patent, was first settled in 1784, the first time any permanent settlement was made in the county. The Town of Whitestown was formed in 1788, before the creation of Oneida County, with a size of 12 million acres. It is known as the “Mother of Towns” because of the many towns and counties formed from its expanse. The Town of Paris and the Town of Steuben were formed from Whitestown in 1792. The Town of Cazenovia was formed in 1793. The Town of Augusta was formed in 1798. Utica was formed in 1817. The Town of New Hartford was formed from Whitestown in 1827.

With the exception of their oldest son Harmon, John and Freelove’s children removed to Mississippi, an unusual move for a frontier New York family. The move didn’t work out for them: 1. Harmon, b. 1800. m. Hannah S. Moyston of Schenectady, NY and settled at Rome, NY; 2. Henry H., b. Jul 25 1804. m. Lydia Harris of Rhode Island, and removed to Mississippi in 1836. His wife died there. He was thrown from bis carriage and killed there in 1840; 3. Lewis S., b. Oct 13 1806, and removed to Mississippi in 1835. d. of fever, Apr 1837; 4. John. b. Jan 28 1809. m. Elizabeth Debrill of Nashville, Tenn., and removed to Nashville. d. of fever Aug 1842; 5. James M., b. Sep 14, 1811. m. Louisa Van Antwerp of Brooklyn, NY., and removed to Mississippi. He was shot and killed by an enemy on his plantation, Oct 24, 1842; 6. William I., b. Sep 5, 1813, and removed to Mississippi, d. of fever, Apr 21 1837; 7. Charles E., b. Feb 2 1816, and removed to Mississippi in the fall of 1842. d. there Mar 1843.

In the 1850 census, John B and Freelove were retired in Whitestown, Oneida, New York

iii. George Pease b 26 Dec 1776; bapt. 24 Feb 1777 in Enfield, CT; d. 1845 New Orleans, Louisiana; m. 15 Oct 1797 in Goshen, Litchfield, CT to Esther Thompson (b. 24 Feb 1777 in Goshen – d. 16 Apr 1860 in Cuyahoga Falls, New York) Esther’s parents were Deacon Stephen Thompson (1734 – 1823 Current , Hudson, Summit, Ohio) and Mary Walter (1742 – 1821)

iv. Ebenezer Pease b. 1778 in Enfield, CT; d. 1813 Ohio; m. 1807 CT to Polly Kellogg (b. 14 Feb 1788 Goshen, Litchfield, CT – d. 21 Nov 1864 Hudson, Summit, Ohio) Polly’s parents were Bradford Kellogg (1759 – 1832) and Mary Thompson ( – 1826). Ebenezer and Polly had three children. After Ebenezer died, Polly married 7 May 1817 Hudson, Summit, Ohio to John Oviatt (1767 – 1827) and had five more children between 1818 and 1826. John Oviatt had first married Hannah Sherman (1764 – 1813) and had nine children from that marriage.

Hudson Township was one of the 16 original townships in Summit County, Ohio [seat Akron]. When created, it occupied survey Range 10, Town 4 in the Connecticut Western Reserve and was about 25 square miles in area. Its first settlers were David Hudson and his party from Goshen, Connecticut in 1799.

In the 1850 census, Polly was living with her son Almon Oviatt in Hudson, Summit, Ohio

v. Nathaniel Pease b. 1780 in Enfield, Hartford, CT; m. Anna Buell (b. 1786 Colchester, New London, C – d. 1878 West Galway, Broadalbin, Fulton, New York) Anna’s parents were Elijah Buell (1757 – 1796) and Chloe Owen (1762 – 1829)

In the 1870 census, Anna was living in Broadalbin, Fulton, New York with Selma Buell.

vi. Lucretia Pease b. 1782 in Enfield, CT; m. Truman Barnard (b. 1782 in Simsbury, Hartford, CT – d. 1838) Truman’s parents were Moses Barnard (1750 – 1811) and his cousin Hannah Bernard (1745 – 1848)

vii. Ann Pease b. 1784 in Enfield, CT; m. Shelburn Ives (b. 02 Feb 1783 in Torrington, Litchfield, CT) Shelburn’s parents were Abner Ives (1745 – 1801) and Anna Ferguson (1745 – 1814) Ann and Sheldurn had five children born between 1818 and 1830.

In the 1850 census, Shelburn and Ann were farming in Vernon, Oneida, New York.

viii. Hepzibah Pease b. 1786 or 1790 in Enfield, CT

In the 1850 census, Hepsibeth was living with her brother John B Pease in Whitestown, Oneida, New York. In the same census, she also listed as living with her sister Ann Ives in Vernon, Oneida, New York

ix. Martha Pease b. 1788 in Enfield, CT

4. Miriam Pease

Miriam’s husband Joel Simons was born 7 Aug 1754 in Enfield, Hartford, CT. His parents were Stephen Simons (b. 1722) and Miriam Thomas (b. 1719). Joel died 11 Jan 1817 in Enfield, Hartford, CT.

Simons, Joel. Capt. Moses Merrill’s co., Col. Edmund Phinney’s regt.; order for bounty coat or its equivalent in money dated Fort No. 2, Cambridge, Oct. 26, 1775.

Children of Miriam and Joel:

i. Theodore Simons b. 6 May 1779 Enfield, Hartford, CT; d. 17 Feb 1821 – Suffield, Hartford, CT; m. Tabitha King (b. 2 Apr 1783 in Ashford, Windham, CT – d. 22 Sept 1881 in Suffield age 97) Theodore and Tabitha had five children.

In the 1880 census, Tabitha was living in Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut with Lyman Woodworth.

Cicero Simons (1807 - 1853)

Theodore and Tabitha’s son Cicero Simons (1807 – 1853) Springfield,Mass.

ii. Nathaniel Simons b. 3 Feb 1781 CT; d. 17 Feb 1875 – Sardinia, Erie, New York; m. Pluma Lancton (b. 1788 in Mass. – d. Jun 1859 in Sardinia, New York) Nathaniel and Pluma had four children.

In the 1855 New York census, Nathaniel and Pleasance were living in Sardinia, Erie, New York.

Children of Sophia and Benjamin Parsons
5. Simeon Parsons

Simeon’s wife Abigail Bates was born in 1768. Abigail died 28 Jan 1837 in Enfield, Hartford, CT.

Children of Simeon and Abigail:

i. Abigail Parsons b. 15 Apr 1796 in Enfield, CT

ii. Susanna Parsons b. 18 Oct 1797 in Enfield, CT

iii. Olive Parsons b. 24 Oct 1799 in Enfield, CT

iv. Simeon Parsons b. 23 Aug 1801 in Enfield, CT

v. Simeon Parsons b. 29 Oct 1803 in Enfield, CT

vi. John Parsons b. 16 Nov 1805 in Enfield, CT

vii. Mary Parsons b. 16 Nov 1805 in Enfield, CT

viii. Elizabeth Parsons b. 4 May 1808 in Enfield, CT

7. Mary Parsons

Mary’s husband Frederick Stebbins was born 4 Apr 1768 in Wilbraham, Mass. His parents were Caleb Stebbins and Mehitable Chapin. After Mary died, he married Sylvia Edson and had 7 more children between 1811 and 1824. Frederick died 1 Apr 1854 in Wilbraham, Mass.

Children of Mary and Frederick

i. John Stebbins b. 1 Mar 1801 in Wilbraham, Mass.

ii. Ralph Stebbins b. 15 Dec 1796 in Wilbraham, Mass.

iii. Polly Stebbins b. 27 Jun 1794 in Wilbraham, Mass.

iv. Persis Stebbins b. 11 Feb 1799 in Wilbraham, Mass.

v. Harvey Stebbins b. 7 Jul 1803 in Wilbraham, Mass.


A genealogical and historical record of the descendants of John Pease, Senior  by Rev. David Pease and Austin Pease 1869 (This book includes the story of Nathaniel Pease II dying at sea and includes Nathaniel Pease III b. at Enfiield December 28, 1753 History unknown.  The footnote for this information refers to Dr. John C. Pease.

Dr. John C. Pease – Bio

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