Robert Pease Jr – Great Baddow

Robert PEASE Jr. – Great Baddow(1589 – 1644)  was Alex’s 11th Great Grandfather twice, through his son Robert and his son John.  He was  two of 4,096 in this generation of the Miner line.

Robert Pease – Coat of Arms

Robert Pease was baptized in 28 Oct 1589 in Great Baddow, Essex, England.  His parents were Robert PEASE and Margaret KING.  He married Lydia WEST in England.  After Lydia died, he married Marie [__?__] also in England.   He came to New England in the ship FrancisJohn CUTTING [our ancestor], master, sailing from Ipswich, England the last of Apr 1634. The ship landed at Boston without the loss of a single passenger. Robert was accompanied by his brother John, his eldest son Robert, a Miss Clark, aged fifteen, who was the daughter of a fellow passenger, and a Miss Greene, aged fifteen, perhaps a servant.  His wife Marie and other family members probably came on a later ship.   Robert died on 27 Oct 1644 in Salem, Mass.

Lydia West  probably died before he made the journey to America. This marriage to Lydia West is not proven, and is not mentioned in the early Pease genealogies.

Robert’s second wife, Marie, whose possible maiden name was Rodans, and the other children arrived in New England on a later ship. Marie, which is French for Mary, may have been born in Great Baddow, and her parents were probably Protestant refugees from France.  She has also been called Marie Browning, Marie Warren and Marie French. After Robert Pease died, Marie married Richard Haines of Beverly, Mass. taking the three other children with her.

Robert Pease Probate 1644 Source: A genealogical and historical record of the descendants of John Pease, Senior by Rev. David Pease and Austin Pease 1869

Robert Pease Probate 1644 – 2

Children of Robert and Lydia:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Robert PEASE – The Former Apr 1630 Great Baddow, Essex, England. Sarah SEDGWICK Aft 1717
2. John PEASE Feb 1631 Great Baddow, Essex, England Mary GOODALE 1653 Salem, Mass.
Ann Cummings
8 Oct 1669
8 Jul 1689 Enfield, Hartford, CT
3. Isaac Pease? Unmarried


Children of Robert and Marie baptized in Salem, MA:

Name Born Married Departed
4. Nathaniel Pease 1634 Great Baddow, England Mary Hobbs
15 Mar 1668 Salem
Aft 1714 Salem
5. Sarah Pease 1642 Salem John Sampson
22 Oct 167 Beverly, Mass.
Bef. 1677 Salem
6. Mary Pease 15 Aug 1643 Salem Hugh Pasco
16 Dec 1678 Salem
29 May 1737 Enfield, CT

Robert Pease disappeared from records from the time he landed at Boston until three years later in Salem, MA, where in Jan 1637, he and his brother John had grants of land, Robert receiving ten acres. Margaret Pease, widow and mother of Robert and John, also emigrated to America, and died 1 Sep 1644 in Salem. In her will dated 01 Sep 1642, proved 01 Jan 1645, she mentions a grandchild, John, son of Robert. Robert Pease and Marie were admitted to the Salem Church 01 Oct 1643, and two weeks later, three of their children were baptized there. Marie, widow of Robert Pease was administratix, and the inventory of his estate was filed 27 Aug  1644.


1 Oct 1643 – Robert Pease joined the First Church of Salem.  Two weeks late; three of his children, viz., Nathaniel, Sara and Mary, were baptized.

1. Robert PEASE – The Former (See his page)

2. John PEASE (See his page)

4. Nathaniel Pease

Nathaniel’s wife Mary Hobbs was born 1646 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts. It is believed that the Mary Pease of the Salem Witch Trials was his wife, though there are no records of her trial.  If they had children is unknown, there being no record of issue. Nathaniel, baptized at Salem, Massachusetts, in 16143, but probably born in England; participant of King Philip’s War in 1675, and was living in 1714.

Mary Hobbs Pease — Source: Goody Pease of Salem Town by Elaine K. Pease Essex Genealogist August 1994

5. Sarah Pease

Sarah’s husband John Sampson was born 1634 in Salem Mass. His parents were Henry Samson (1604 – 1684) and Ann Plummer (1615 – 1685).  John died 1668 in Glouchester, Essex, Maine.

Henry Samson was born in Henlow, Bedford, England, and came on the Mayflower at the age of about 17 with his uncle and aunt, Edward Tilley and Ann Cooper.  Edward Tilley was born in 1588 in Henlow, Bedford, England, the son of Robert and Elizabeth Tilley.  He married Agnes Cooper on 20 June 1614 in Henlow.  Agnes was the aunt of Mayflower passengers Henry Samson and Humility Cooper.

Edward Tilley’s brother John TILLEY and his wife Joan HURST also came on the Mayflower.  No children were recorded to Edward and Ann Tilley.  They both died the first winter at Plymouth. Henry married Ann Plummer in 1635/36 at Plymouth, became a freeman in Plymouth around that time, and volunteered for service in the Pequot War of 1637, but Plymouth’s company was not called into service.  By 1643 he had moved to Duxbury, where he became constable in 1661, and tax collector for 1667 and 1668.  He was on a large number of juries and grand juries, and was appointed a surveyor on a couple of occasions.  His wife died sometime between 1668 and 1684; he died in 1684 at Duxbury.

6. Mary Pease

Mary’s husband Hugh Pasco was born in 1640 Cornwall, England. He first married 20 Feb 1670 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts to Sarah Wooland b. : Abt. 1649; d. 3 Jun 1676 Salem, Essex, Mass.  Two children in this mariage. He late married Mary Pease and there were nine children from this marriage. Sources:

Genealogical and family history of southern New York and the Hudson River Valley : a record of the achievements of her people in the making of a commonwealth and the building of a nation (1914) By: Reynolds, Cuyler, 1866-1934

A genealogical and historical record of the descendants of John Pease, Senior  by Rev. David Pease and Austin Pease 1869

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  6. Ann Thomas says:

    Greetings, I’m a Pease ancestor, descending from John Pease coming to the US officially in 1634 (although the unofficial version is more interesting). I wanted to let you know that today’s generational expert of the Pease family can be none other than Rick Bart. He is quite generous with his information and you can find his posts or send inquiries at these two forums:

    Best of luck to you & a happy new year.

    Always, Ann (Pease) Thomas

    • markeminer says:

      Hi Ann,

      I took your advise and posted a query on the pease board —

      I found the following about Nathaniel Pease (1634-aft 1714)

      Nathaniel’s wife Mary Hobbs was born 1646 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts. It is believed that the Mary Pease of the Salem Witch Trials was his wife, though I cannot find any record of her trial. If they had children is unknown, there being no record of issue.

      I can’t find anything about Mary’s parents or any record of a Mary Pease in the Salem Witch Trials. Can you help?

      One reference is the Genealogical and family history of southern New York and the Hudson River Valley : a record of the achievements of her people in the making of a commonwealth and the building of a nation (1914) By: Reynolds, Cuyler, 1866-1934

      Thanks, Mark

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  9. Judith Wilson says:

    Thanks for this information. Robert Pease, Jr. is my 9th Great Grandfather.

  10. David Jenkins says:

    Great site. Sorry I’m late off the mark. I thought I had the early Peases straight in my mind after reading Richard Bart. Then I looked at The Winthrop Society’s ship manifest of the “Francis,” John Cutting, master, and some descriptions at FindaGrave. It had Robert Pease, age 27, John Pease, age 27, and Robert Pease, age 3 (child of J. PEASE). I thought the elder Robert Pease would be nearer to age 44/45 and the younger Robert Pease was the son of the older Robert. Were Robert and John twins or cousins? Perhaps the manifest had errors of record as well as errors of omission (additional Peases not listed). Was the elder Robert born in approx. 1589? I think in your description of Robert P. (the Former) Robert Jr. (his father) died at age 37 reflecting a birth year of 1607. I noticed a detail for Robert P. Jr.’s Estate Inventory presented to the Court 27 of 6 mo., ’44.
    That would not be consistent w/ his reported date of death of Oct. 27, 1644. I think the FaG has a conflation of two “Margarets” – John Pease’s mother Margaret and his mother-in-law Margaret. As a sidebar, Francis Weston’s Memorial (#34717144) could use an additional narrative of being arrested in “Rhode Island” by troops from Mass. Bay Colony and brought back to Boston for trial, found guilty, and died during subsequent imprisonment (abt. 1645). He was arrested w/ Groton followers Weekes, Waterman, and others. I am trying to account for a Mary Pease (d/o Robert Pease?) who reportedly married Nathaniel Carriel (Carroll) born 1638. Hope I didn’t exceed a character limit. Thanks very much. Dave Jenkins

    • markeminer says:

      Hi David,

      There certainly are a lot of Roberts and Johns in my Peases. (lol) I can’t shed any additional light on whether the elder Robert was the Robert Pease who was baptized in 28 Oct 1589 in Great Baddow, Essex, England. or if 1607 is a better date.

      I see an error in my site. I have both Robert’s and John’s daughter Mary marrying Hugh Pasco on 16 Dec 1678 in Salem. I don’t know which is correct, but she is probably John’s daughter, often incorrectly called Marg.



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