Joseph Warriner

Joseph WARRINER (1645 – 1697) was Alex’s 10th Great Grandfather;  one of 2,048 in this generation of the Miner line.

Joseph Warriner was born 6 Feb 1644/45, in Springfield, Hampden, Mass. His parents were William WARRINER and Joanna SEARLE (Scant). He married Mary MONTAGUE. 25 Nov 1668 in Hadley, Hampshire, Mass.  After Mary died, he married Sarah Tibbals on 15 Jul 1691.  Joseph died 21 April 1697, in Enfield, Hartford, CT.

Mary Montague was born about 1642 in Wells, Maine. Her parents were Richard MONTAGUE and Abigail DOWNING. Mary died 22 July 1689, in Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut.

Sarah Tibbals was born about 1647 in Massachusetts.   Her parents were Thomas Tibbals and [__?__].  She was the widow of Daniel Collins.  After Joseph died, she married a third time to Obadiah Abbe.

Obadiah Abbey was born between 1647 and 1652 in Wenham, Mass.  His father was John Abbey.  Obadiah died 28 Oct 1732 in Enfield, CT.

From the inventory of his father’s estate we learn that Obadiah was apprenticed to Richard Goldsmith to learn his trade of shoemaker, and that he served Goldsmith three years from his eighteenth year. As Goldsmith died in 1673, this places the date of Obadiah’s birth approximately. He was an early settler of Enfield on the eighth lot from the south corner, east side, one of the original proprietors in 1682. He seems to have been a prominent and influential man of the community, was constable between 1682 and 1717, surveyor of highways in 1692, assessor in 1702. In 1685 he was engaged in a law suit with Isaac Meacham. At Northampton is the will of Obadiah Abbey, dated Sep 22, 1732; probated Nov 14, 1732. He names as legatees his wife, Sarah, to whom is given maintenance, all household goods and moveables; his cousin (nephew) Thomas, son of his brother Thomas, to whom is given his Scantic lot, and to the former Thomas’ son, Obadiah, house and land, with reversion to his youngest son, Thomas, if the said Obadiah should die; to the last-named Thomas, he gives farm lands at the Mountains; his wife’s daughter, Phebe Heal; his cousin John Abbey’s oldest son, John. His cousin, Thomas Abbey, and Elizabeth Warriner are made executors. This Elizabeth Warriner was presumably the step-daughter of his wife, who was born in 1686.

Obadiah Abbe’s holdings in Enfield are described in the Enfield records: Home lot of 12 acres; 23 acres in the South Field, eastern division; 7 acres upon Schantuck River, 5 acres of it upland and 2, meadow; 2 acres of meadow upon a small brook easterly from the “grate meadow”; 4 acres of meadow by grant of March 5, 1700; and on November
17, 171[ ], a farm lying west of Schantuck grate meadow” consisting of 68 acres, some of the boundaries of which were designated as Òwht Oak Tree marked with the letters O A” and a “Pine Tree marked with the letters O A.”

Children of Joseph and Mary:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Mary Warriner 17 Nov 1669
Hadley, Hampshire, Mass
Zachariah Booth
15 Jul 1681
Enfield, Hartford, CT
12 Apr 1692
Enfield, CT
2. Joseph Warriner 16 Jan 1671
Hadley, Mass.
1 Nov 1672
Hadley, Mass.
3. Joseph Warriner 6 Jan 1673
Hadley, Mass.
Hannah Bliss
c. 1714
Bef. 1758
4. Hannah WARRINER 10 Sep 1674
Hadley, Mass
Robert PEASE – The Later
Dec 1691
Enfield, CT
30 Dec 1774
Enfield, CT which would make her a centurian.
5. Ebenezer Warriner 16 Jan 1676
Elizabeth Harmon
22 Apr 1703
Mary Field
24 Sep 1725
1736 in Enfield, Hartford, CT
6. Dorcas Warriner 27 Jun 1678
7. Abigail Warriner 23 Aug 1680
21 Jul 1689
Enfield, CT
8. Joanna Warriner 8 Nov 1682
Thomas Colton
14 APR 1708
Springfield, Mass.
20 Jan 1755
Springfield, Mass
9. Elizabeth Warriner 30 Sep 1686
Samuel Pease
(Son of Robert PEASE Sr. and Robert’s cousin)
22 NOV 1709
Samuel Bliss
4 Dec 1713
Springfield, Mass.
13 Nov 1713
Enfield, CT

Children of Joseph and Sarah Tibbals:

Name Born Married Departed
10. Abigail Warriner 4 May 1692
Enfield, CT
11. Mary Warriner 4 May 1692
Enfield, CT
Daniel Weld
26 Sep 1711
Enfield, CT
 After 1732
Enfield, CT
12. Phebe Warriner 5 Sep 1694
Enfield, CT
Joseph Hale
24 Jun 1725, Hadley, Hampshire, Mass
29 Sep 1779
Enfield, Hartford, CT

History of Nortbfield.

The troops left Hatfield, marched up the west side of the river, crossed the Deerfield and Green rivers, and halted about half a mile from the head of the falls. Leaving their horses a little to the west of Fall river, under a small guard, they climbed an abrupt hill and came upon the back of the camp about daybreak.”They found the Indians secure, yea all asleep without having any scouts abroad ; so that our soldiers came and put their guns into their wigwams,before the Indians were aware of them, and made a great and notable slaughter. Some got out of the wigwams and fought, and killed one of the English ; others did enter the river to swim over from the English, but many were shot dead in the waters, others wounded were therein drowned, many got into canoes to paddle away, but the paddlers being shot, the canoes over set with all therein ; and the stream beingviolent and swift near the falls, most that fell overboard were carriedupon the falls. Others of them creeping for shelter under the banksof the great River, were espied by our men and killed with their swords ; Capt. Holyoke killing five, young and old, with his own hands.'”The victory seemed complete. But just as our troops were about to retire to their horses, a report was started that Philip with a thousand Indians was approaching ; and “a panic terror fell upon many of them, and they hastened homewards in a confused route.” Capt. Turner and 37 of his men were slain — all but one after they left the falls. The loss of the Indians was much greater. Menowniet testified that 40 Norwottucks (meaning River Indians) and Quaboags,and 10 Narragansetts were slain at the falls. This included only warriors, and was probably 10 below the actual loss. The number of women and children, shot in the wigwams, and destroyed in the attempt to cross the river was estimated as high as 150. Mr. Judd, who carefully analyzed the facts, concludes that “180 Indians, old and young, perished at the falls that morning.” It was their heaviest loss in any action during the war, in these parts : and one from which they never recovered.

Of the men, directly connected with Northfield history, in this fight, were Nathaniel Alexander, James Bennett, Philip Mattoon, Joseph Kellogg, Samuel Boltwood, Stephen Belding, William CLARKE, John Lyman, Cornelius Merry, and  Joseph WARRINER.

In 1736, the General court granted to the survivors of this fight, and their descendants, a township,which in commemoration of the event was named Fall-town, since incorporated under the name of Bernardston.  Bernardston was first settled in 1738 as a part of “Fall Town,” which also included Colrain and Leyden.

Benardston,  Franklin, Mass


1. Mary Warriner

Mary’s husband Zachariah Booth was born 1666 in Saco, York, Maine. His parents were Simeon Booth and Rebecca Frost. Mary died in child birth of her only son Robert Booth on 12 Apr 1692 in Enfield.  Zachariah married before 1697 to Mary Harmon b. 23 Oct 1671 in Springfield, Mass. d. 12 Oct 1742 in Enfield, CT and had eight more children. Zachariah died 28 May 1741 in Enfield, Hartford, CT.

3. Joseph Warriner

Joseph’s wife Hannah Bliss was born 1 May 1680 in Springfield, Hampden, Mass. Her parents were Samuel Bliss (1662 – 1733) and Hannah Stiles (1665 – 1704). Hannah died 21 Sep 1758 in Enfield, Mass.

4. Hannah WARRINER (See Robert PEASE – The Latter‘s page)

5. Ebenezer Warriner

Ebenezer’s first wife Elizabeth Harmon was born 18 Aug 1680 in Suffield, Hartford, CT. Her parents were Joseph Harmon and Hannah Filley. Elizabeth died 6 Jun 1724 in Enfield, Hartford, CT

Ebenezer’s second wife Mary Field was born 1676 in Hadley, Hampshire, Mass.

8. Joanna Warriner

Joanna’s husband Thomas Colton was born 27 Mar 1683 in Longmeadow, Hampden, Mass. His parents were Thomas Colton and Sarah [__?__]. Thomas died 4 Aug 1760 in Hampden, Mass.

Thomas Colton Gravestone — Longmeadow Cemetery, Longmeadow, Hampden County, Mass

Joanna Warriner Colton Headstone — Longmeadow Cemetery, Longmeadow, Hampden County, Massachusetts

9. Elizabeth Warriner

Elizabeth’s first husband Samuel Pease was born 30 Dec 1686 in Enfield, Hartford, CT.  He was Robert’s first cousin and his parents were His parents were Robert PEASE Sr. and Abigail RANDALL. Samuel died 8 Sep 1770 in Enfield, Hartford, CT.

Elizabeth’s second husband Samuel Bliss 25 Apr 1694 in Springfield, Hampden, Mass. His parents were Samuel Bliss and Sarah Stebbins.  Samuel died 21 Dec 1724 in Springfield, Hampden, Mass.

Some sources say that Elizabeth’s parents were instead Nathaniel Warner (c. 1652 Ipswich, Essex, Mass. – 14 Jan 1712/13 Hadley, Hampshire, Mass.) and Joannah Gardiner (1661 Hadley, Hampshire, Mass. – 18 Mar 1728/29 Hadley, Mass.) married 3 Feb 1680/81 Hadley, Hampshire, Mass.

Elizabeth Warner Pease 1683-1783 Enfield Street Cemetery – In Memory of Mrs Elizabeth, Relict of Mr Samuel Pease who departed this life Nov 28th 1783 in the 100th year of her age. AS in the fair morn the richest flowers bloom. So virtue smiles beyond the silent tomb. If virtue now deserves a passing tear Then find a kind traveler and drop it here.


Samuel Pease Headstone – Enfield Street cemetery – The aged Mr SAMUEL PEASE Having faithfully server God & his generation to the universal love & acceptance of all who knew him departed this life in hopes of a better one ye 8 of SEPt 1770 in his 84 year

Children of Samuel and Elizabeth:

i. Mehitable Pease b. 1712 Enfield, CT; d. 22 May 1790; m. 17 Jul 1740 to James Gaines

ii. Samuel Pease b. 1715 Enfield, CT; d. Bef. 1718 Enfield, CT.

iii. Elizabeth Pease b. 1716 Enfield, CT; d. 10 SEP 1802; m. 4 Jul 1737 to John Allen

Elizabeth Pease Allen – Enfield Street Cemetery – In memory of Mrs Elizabeth relict of Mr. John Allen 1st in her 87 year

iv. Samuel Pease b. 10 Mar 1717/18 Enfield, CT; d. 10 Jun 1772 Enfield, CT; m. 21 May 1743 to Zermiah Chapin

v. Capt. Ephraim Pease b. 1719 Enfield, CT; d. 1801 Enfield, CT; m. 29 May 1740 Enfield, CT to Tabitha Abbe

Ephraim Pease – Enfield Street Cemetery – This monument is erected in memory of Capt. Ephraim Pease who died June 22 1801 in his 82 year

vi. Joanna Pease b. 1722 Enfield, CT; m. Benjamin Root

vii. Mary Pease b. 1723 Enfield, CT.

viii. Aaron Pease b. 4 May 1726 Enfield, CT; d. Enfield, CT; m. 10 Oct 1751 Enfield, CT to Ann Geer

ix. Nathaniel Pease b. 29 Sep 1728 Enfield, CT; d. 28 Mar 1818 Norfolk, CT; m. 24 Apr 1755 to Eunice Allen

10. Abigail Warriner

The Abigail Warriner that married Samuel Ely 1722 in Springfield, Hampden, Mass. was  our Abigail’s cousin once removed, the daughter of Samuel Warriner and Abigail Day.

11. Mary Warriner

Mary’s husband Daniel Weld was born in 1680 in Medfield, Norfolk, Mass. His parents were Daniel Weld and Mary Hinsdale.  Daniel died after 1739.

12. Phebe Warriner

Phebe’s husband Joseph Hale was born 1691 in Hadley, Hampshire, Mass. His parents were Thomas Hale and Priscilla Markham. Joseph died in 1773 in Enfield, CT.


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