Robert Pease Sr.

Robert PEASE Sr. (1656 – 1744) was Alex’s 10th Great Grandfather;  one of 2,048 in this generation of the Miner line.

Robert Pease Sr. was born 14 May 1656 in Salem, Mass.  His parents were John PEASE and Mary GOODALE.    He married Abigail RANDALL on 16 Dec 1678 in Salem, Mass.  Enfield’s first settlers, John Pease, Jr. and his brother Robert Pease, arrived in 1679 from Salem, Massachusetts, and spent their first winter camping in a shelter dug into the side of a hill.  Robert died 21 Jul 1744 Enfield, CT.

Enfield Settlement Historical Marker – Erected by Town of Enfield 1976

Abigail Randall was born in 1660 in Salem, Mass.   Her parents were William RANDALL Jr. and Elizabeth KIBBY Abigail died in 16 Dec 1678 in Enfield, CT.

Children of Robert and Abigail:

Name Born Married Departed
1. William Pease 26 Sep 1679
Salem,  Mass
Enfield, CT
2. Mary Pease 11 Mar 1680/81
Salem, Essex, Mass
Israel Phelps
7 Mar 1702/03
Enfield, CT.
16 Apr 1713
Lebanon, New London, CT
3. Abigail Pease 5 Feb 1682/83
Enfield, CT
Nathan Howard (Hayward)
8 Jan 1699
New London, CT
4 Nov 1712
New London, CT
4. Robert PEASE Jr. 2 Feb 1683/84
Enfield, CT
Rachel [__?__]
Feb 1710/11
Enfield, CT
Elizabeth Emery
18 Feb 1716/17
Enfield, Hartford, CT
17 Nov 1766
Somers, CT
5. Samuel Pease 30 Dec 1686
Enfield, CT
Elizabeth Warriner (Daughter of Joseph WARRINER) 22 NOV 1709 8 Sep 1770
Enfield, CT
6. Ephraim Pease 9 Apr 1689
Enfield, CT
Enfield, CT
7. Daniel Pease 23 May 1692
Enfield, CT
Abigail Fletcher Hutchinson
6 May 1717
Andover, Essex, Mass.
Enfield, CT
8. Hannah Pease 12 Jun 1694
Enfield, CT
David Miller
Gershom Sexton (Hannah’s sister and daughter of  Joseph SEXTON )
1 Jun 1716 Enfield, Hartford, CT.
26 Nov 1742
Enfield, Hartford, CT
9. Margaret Pease Dec 1695
Enfield, CT
10. Ebenezer Pease 7 Mar 1697/98
Enfield, CT
Mindwell Sexton (Hannah’s sister)
20 Nov 1717
Enfield, CT
21 Oct 1743
Enfield, CT

The Sextons and the Peases were very close.  Joseph and Hannah share a grave lot with Ebenezer Pease.   Three of  Joseph SEXTONs children married children of Robert PEASE Sr. Gershom and Hannah, HANNAH and ROBERT,  and Mindwell and Ebenezer.

In 1674, the General Court of Massachusetts granted land stretching as far south as Asnuntuck Brook to the Town of Springfield.  That year, Springfield’s John Pynchon built the first European structure in what would soon be Enfield, a saw mill on the Brook.  The saw mill was destroyed one year later during King Philip’s War.

Enfield’s first settlers, John Pease, Jr. and Robert Pease, arrived in 1679 from Salem, Massachusetts, and spent their first winter camping in a shelter dug into the side of a hill.  The next Spring, they were joined by their families and other settlers from Salem; by the end of that year (1680) about 25 families had settled in the area.

In 1683, the Town of Enfield was incorporated.  At this time, the town extended east ten miles from the Connecticut River and south six miles from Longmeadow Brook.

Five years later, on March 16, 1688, the townspeople purchased Enfield from a Podunk Indian named Notatuck for 25 pounds Sterling.  It is unclear what claim Notatuck actually had to the land, or whether he was selling the land or the rights to use it. Enfield’s population was growing.  Little villages with names like Wallop and Scitico were settled within Enfield’s 60 square miles during the first decades of the 1700s.

In 1734 the eastern-most village was incorporated as the Town of Somers. As a result of an error in the survey done in 1642 by Woodward & Saffery, Enfield was settled as part of Massachusetts Colony.

A 1695 survey corrected the error, showing that Enfield, as well as Suffield and Somers, was within Connecticut Colony’s borders.  Apparently unhappy with the Massachusetts government, the citizens of Enfield first discussed separating from Massachusetts at a 1704 Enfield town meeting.  Perhaps they weren’t really that unhappy, because it wasn’t until 1747 that Enfield began to officially pursue becoming part of Connecticut.  Legal action was taken in both the Massachusetts and Connecticut Legislatures and in court in London, England.  In 1750 Enfield seceded from Massachusetts and became part of Connecticut Colony.

Genealogical and Family History of the State of Connecticut: A Record of the Achievements of Her People in the Making of a Commonwealth and the Founding of a Nation.Cutter, William Richard  New York, NY, USA: Lewis Publishing Company, 1911.

Robert (2), son of John Pease , was born May 14, 1656 , at Salem.  He first settled at Salem in the Northfields . He shared with his elder brother in the enterprise of leaving the sea-coast to seek out and make new homes for himself, his relatives and neighbors in the Connecticut Valley. It is said that he was one of the first constables chosen by vote of the town of Enfield. He died at Enfield, 1744 , aged eighty-two years. He married, December 16, 1678, Abigail Randall. Children, the first born at Salem, the others at Enfield: William, September 26, 1679 ; Mary, March 11, 1681 ; Abigail, 1682 ; Robert, February 2, 1684 ; Samuel, December 30, 1686 , mentioned below; Ephraim, April 9, 1689 ; Daniel, May 23, 1692 ; Hannah, June, 1694 ; Margaret, December, 1695 ; Ebenezer, 1699 .

John James Stephens II diaries

He settled in the “Northfields” district of the town.  After 1678 and before 1682, they settled at Enfield, CT, where he was one of the first constables. Essex Deeds, 6:110, shows:24 Aug 1682, Robert Pease, son of John Pease, late of Salem, for £40 paid by John Bullock of Salem, Innholder, conveyed one acre there in the North Field with a house thereon, bounded by highway, William Osburne, Samuel Ebourne, and Isaac Cooke; also three acres in said field bounded by John Burton, Job Swinnerton, Caleb Bufam, and Samuel Gaskin; wife Abigail Pease released dower and both made their marks; wit. Hilliard Veren, (court officer) and George Adams; Acknowledged before William Browne (Assistant of Salem) same day; recorded 5 Mar 1683/4.


2. Mary Pease

Mary’s husband Israel Phelps was born 3 APR 1681 Westfield, Hampden, Mass.  His parents were Jacob Phelps and Dorothy Ingersoll.  After Mary died, he married Rachel Jones 26 JAN 1713/14 Westfield, Hampden, Mass. and had three more children.  Israel died Westfield, Hampden, Mass.

Children of Mary and Israel:

i. Israel Phelps b. 13 NOV 1706 Lebanon, CT; d. Springfield, Mass.;  m. 19 AUG 1731 to Hannah Bement

ii. Mary Phelps b. 8 DEC 1707 Lebanon, CT; d. 26 DEC 1786 Windsor, CT; m. 14 APR 1725 to Samuel Osborne

iii. Dorothy Phelps b. 1709 Lebanon, CT. iv. Hannah Phelps b. 10 JUN 1711 Lebanon, CT. d. 1777; m. 20 JUL 1737 Windsor, CT. to a different Samuel Osborne as his second husband

3. Abigail Pease

Abigail’s husband Nathan Howard (Hayward) was born 17 Sep 1673 in Salem, Mass. His parents were Thomas Howard and Ruth Jones. After Abigail died, he married Hannah Calkins 26 Nov 1717 in Enfield, CT.

An Abigail Howard was born to Nathan Howard and Abigail Pease of Enfield Conn 1706. Abigail Howard married Noah Chappel in 1726, their daughter married Isaiah Robinson c.1749

4. Robert PEASE Jr. (See his page)

5. Samuel Pease

Samuel Pease Headstone – Enfield Street cemetery – The aged Mr SAMUEL PEASE Having faithfully server God & his generation to the universal love & acceptance of all who knew him departed this life in hopes of a better one ye 8 of SEPt 1770 in his 84 year

Samuel’s wife Elizabeth Warrnier was born 30 Sep 1686 in Hadley, Mass..  Her parents were  Joseph WARRINER and  Mary MONTAGUE.  After Samuel died, she married Samuel Bliss 4 Dec 1713 in Springfield, Mass..  Elizabeth died soon after.

Her sister Hannah married another Pease cousin, Robert PEASE – The Later Dec 1691 in Enfield, CT.  Alternatively, ome sources say that Elizabeth’s parents were Nathaniel Warner (c. 1652 Ipswich, Essex, Mass. – 14 Jan 1712/13 Hadley, Hampshire, Mass.) and Joannah Gardiner (1661 Hadley, Hampshire, Mass. – 18 Mar 1728/29 Hadley, Mass.) married 3 Feb 1680/81 Hadley, Hampshire, Mass.

Elizabeth Warner Pease 1683-1783 Enfield Street Cemetery – In Memory of Mrs Elizabeth, Relict of Mr Samuel Pease who departed this life Nov 28th 1783 in the 100th year of her age. AS in the fair morn the richest flowers bloom. So virtue smiles beyond the silent tomb. If virtue now deserves a passing tear Then find a kind traveler and drop it here.

Children of Samuel and Elizabeth:

i. Mehitable Pease b. 1712 Enfield, CT; d. 22 May 1790; m. 17 Jul 1740 to James Gaines

ii. Samuel Pease b. 1715 Enfield, CT; d. Bef. 1718 Enfield, CT.

iii. Elizabeth Pease b. 1716 Enfield, CT; d. 10 Sep 1802; m. 4 Jul 1737 to John Allen

Elizabeth Pease Allen – Enfield Street Cemetery – In memory of Mrs Elizabeth relict of Mr. John Allen 1st in her 87 year

iv. Samuel Pease b. 10 Mar 1717/18 Enfield, CT; d. 10 Jun 1772 Enfield, CT; m. 21 May 1743 to Zermiah Chapin

v. Capt. Ephraim Pease b. 1719 Enfield, CT; d. 1801 Enfield, CT; m. 29 May 1740 Enfield, CT to Tabitha Abbe

Ephraim Pease – Enfield Street Cemetery – This monument is erected in memory of Capt. Ephraim Pease who died June 22 1801 in his 82 year

vi. Joanna Pease b. 1722 Enfield, CT; m. Benjamin Root

vii. Mary Pease b. 1723 Enfield, CT.

viii. Aaron Pease b. 4 May 1726 Enfield, CT; d. Enfield, CT; m. 10 Oct 1751 Enfield, CT to Ann Geer

ix. Nathaniel Pease b. 29 Sep 1728 Enfield, CT; d. 28 Mar 1818 Norfolk, CT; m. 24 Apr 1755 to Eunice Allen

7. Daniel Pease

Daniel’s wife Abigail Hutchinson was born 17 May 1702. Her parents were Samuel Hutchinson and Elizabeth Bridges.

Children of Daniel and Elizabeth:

i. Rebecca Pease m. 1748 to Ebenezer Jones

ii. Asa Pease d. young

iii. Daniel Pease b. 2 Feb 1717/18 Enfield, CT; d. 4 Feb 1798 Canaan, Columbia, NY; m. 9 NOV 1749 to Hannah Jones.

Daniel was a Corporal in 1760 in the French and Indian War, 1st Connecticut Regiment, commanded by Major-General, Colonel & Captain Phineas Lyman, 9th Company under Captain David Parsons.

iv. Olive Pease b. 10 Mar 1737/38 Somers, CT; d. 5 Jul 1822 Milton, Saratoga, NY; m. 3 Nov 1762 Milton, Saratoga, NY to Increase Childs

8. Hannah Pease

Hannah’s first husband Daniel Miller was born in 1690 in Enfield, CT.

Some sources say that Hannah’s second husband Gershom Sexton was born in 1691 in Enfield, CT and was the son of Joseph SEXTON and Hannah WRIGHT and was our ancestor’s Hannah SEXTON’s sister.  Other sources say that Gershom born in 1685 and was the son of  Joseph’s brother George Sexton and Hannah Spencer.   Some sources say that Gershom first married 20 JAN 1708/09 Hartford, Hartford, CT to Abigail King and had three children before he married Hannah.  The sources agree that Gershom married Hannah 1 JUN 1716 Enfield, Hartford, CT and died 3 MAY 1742 Enfield, Hartford, CT.

Gershom Sexton Petition 1722 – The public records of the colony of Connecticut

Children of Hannah and Gershom:

i. Gershom Sexton b. 11 Oct 1717 Enfield, Hartford, CT; m. 4 NOV 1736 Enfield, CT to Abigail Gerry

ii. Mary Sexton b. 25 Sep 1719 Enfield, Hartford, CT; d. 1814; m. 13 JAN 1741/42 Wallingford, CT to Joseph Bartholomew

iii. Ebenezer Sexton b. Abt. 1721 Enfield, Hartford, CT; d. 1794 Waterbury, CT; m. 7 Sep 1742 Wallingford, CT to Eunice Benham

iv. David Sexton b. 12 Aug 1725 Enfield, Hartford, CT.

v. Jonathan Sexton b. 12 Aug 1725 Enfield, Hartford, CT.

vi. Hannah Sexton b. 31 AUG 1727 Enfield, Hartford, CT.

vii. Asahel Sexton b. 29 Aug 1732 Enfield, Hartford, CT; m. 10 SEP 1755 Somers, Tolland, CT to Patience Farrington

viii. Penelope Sexton b. 1 Sep 1735 Enfield, Hartford, CT; d. 26 MAR 1814 Enfield, Hartford, CT; m. Ebenezer McGregory

ix. Tabitha Sexton 9 Apr 1729 Enfield, Hartford, CT; m. 31 Oct 1752 Wallingford, New Haven, CT to Joseph Atkins

10. Ebenezer Pease

Ebenezer Pease Enfield Street Cemetery- Here lies the body of Mr. Ebenezer Pease who died October 21 1743

Ebenezer’s wife Mindwell Sexton was born 7 FEB 1695/96 Westfield, Hampden, Mass. Her parents were Joseph SEXTON and Hannah WRIGHT.  She was the sister of our ancestor Hannah SEXTON. Mindwell died 24 MAY 1754 Enfield, Hartford, CT.

Children of Ebenezer and Mindwell:

i. Hannah Pease 11 Mar 1717/18 Enfield, Hartford, CT; m. 20 Nov 1737 Enfield, Hartford, CT to Shubael Geer

ii. Susanna Pease b. 11 Mar 1717/18 Enfield, Hartford, CT; m. 31 Mar 1740 to George Cooley

iii. Ebenezer Pease b. 25 Sep 1719 Enfield, Hartford, CT; d. 11 Jan 1784 Enfield, Hartford, CT; m. 29 Nov 1739 Enfield, Hartford, CT to Mary Terry ‘

iv. Mindwell Pease b. 10 Jun 1722 Enfield, Hartford, CT. v. James Pease b. 14 Oct 1724 Enfield, Hartford, CT d. 1746 Cape Breton

vi. Abigail Pease 15 Apr 1727 Enfield, Hartford, CT; m. Benjamin Hall

vii. Catherine Pease b. 1729 Enfield, Hartford, CT. viii. Martha Pease b. 25 Nov 1732 Enfield, Hartford, CT; d. 4 Dec 1816; m. 24 Jan 1750/51 to Caleb Bush


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  10. Debbie HARRIS says:

    You have Abigail Randall Pease dying on the same day she got married. You list her death as 16, Dec 1678. So, that’s an error. She had children in the 1679-1698, so she can’t be dead. It’s the sentence under the Enfield sign. Are you a Pease desendant? I am! My Great Grandma was Agnes Enfield Pease.

  11. Marilyn B Walker says:

    Can you help me with confusion about wife of Robert Pease? Find a Grave shows
    Hannah Pease
    Maiden Name Warriner
    Birth Date 10 Sep 1674
    Birth Place Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts, United States of America
    Death Date 30 Dec 1774
    Father Joseph Warriner
    Mother Mary Warriner
    Spouse Robert Pease
    Children Bethia Meacham
    I know from personal experience that not all information on headstones is accurate but this is a substantial difference from your information. I would love to be guided in this confusion. Thank you.

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