Robert Pease – The Latter

Robert PEASE – The Latter (1669 – c. 1745) was Alex’s 9th Great Grandfather;  one of 1,024 in this generation of the Miner line.

Robert Pease – The Latter was born 25 Mar 1669  in Salem, Mass.  His parents were Robert PEASE – The Former and Sarah SEDGWICK. He married  Hannah WARRINER in Dec 1691 in Enfield, CT.  Robert died 21 Jul 1744 Enfield, CT.

Hannah Warriner was born 10 Sep 1674 in Hadley, Mass.    Her parents were Joseph WARRINER and Mary MONTAGUE. Hannah died 30 Dec 1774 in Enfield, CT which would make her a centuran.

Children of Robert and Hannah:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Hannah Pease 15 MAR 1692/93 Enfield, CT John McGregory
12 AUG 1712
26 NOV 1742 at Enfield, CT
2. Mary Pease 19 DEC 1695
Enfield, CT
Christopher Parsons
22 APR 1714
Enfield, Hartford, CT
20 DEC 1774
Enfield, Hartford, CT.
3. Sarah Pease 25 MAY 1698
Enfield, CT
John Prior
23 MAR 1719/20
Enfield, CT
31 MAR 1783
4. Nathaniel PEASE 3 Oct 1700 Enfield, CT Miriam PEASE
24 Dec 1730 Enfield, CT
1771 in Stephentown, Rensselaer, NY
5. Experience Pease 4 AUG 1701
Enfield, CT
Joseph Rude
26 FEB 1721/22
Stafford, CT
bef. 1742
6. Abigail Pease 27 MAR 1704 Enfield, CT 11 FEB 1720/21 Enfield, CT.
7. Joseph Pease 3 AUG 1707 Enfield, CT
8. Bethia Pease 21 NOV 1709
Enfield, CT
Samuel Meacham
11 JAN 1734
Enfield, CT
1 Jan 1778
Harwinton, Litchfield County, CT
9. Jemima Pease 21 OCT 1712
Enfield, CT
Rev. Isaac Markham
9 MAY 1734 Enfield, CT
10. Benjamin Pease 17 JAN 1716/17
Enfield, CT
Sarah Deacon 17 JAN 1781
Enfield, CT

Robert was born in Salem and moved to Enfield where he received a grant of land on 30 Nov 1687.

A few years after John PEASE Sr. and his sons John Pease Jr and Robert PEASE Sr. came to Enfield, another individual named Robert Pease  [this ancestor] came into the settlement.  The committee offered his a portion of land November 30, 1687 after having been admitted an inhabitant by a vote of the town.  In his grant of land, he his called “Robert Pease who has been admitted as an inhabitant.”  His marriage is recorded as Robert Pease Jr.  In legal documents, he was called “Robert Pease 2d” Among his townsmen, he was generally designated as “latter” Robert.

The 19th Century genealogist Dr. John C. Pease thought he came to Enfield from England, but actually, he was John Pease Sr.’s nephew. So far as we can learn, the later generations of John Pease Sr’s family were ignorant of the fact that their ancestor left a brother in Salem who had such a large family.

Robert was just 17 years old when he received the Enfield land grant.  Granting a young person land at Enfield was not an irregular procedure.  Because there were so many Robert Peases already living in Enfield, he named his first born Nathaniel after his uncle and did not have a Robert Jr. himself.

For some reason now unknown he left Salem home in his youth, and settling in Enfield. Connecticut, was granted land, prior to his majority, located on the Somers road, east of Enfield street. Here is a Google Maps Street View of Present Day Somers Road

In December, 1691, he married Hannah Warriner, and settled upon his allotment, where he was living in 1744.


1. Hannah Pease

Hannah’s husband John McGregory was born in 1692 in Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut. John died 1793 in Enfield, Hartford, CT.

2. Mary Pease

Mary’s husband Christopher Parsons was born 28 Jan 1691 in Connecticut.  His parents were Benjamin Parsons and Sarah Keeep. Christopher died 10 Sep 1747.

Two Christopher Parsons married two Mary Peases? yes, both father and son married different Mary Pease.

Children of Mary and Christopher:

i. Benjamin Parsons, b. 1724; d. 1776. m. Sophia Pease

ii. John Parsons. m. Ann Collins

iii. Christopher Parsons.

iv. Joseph Parsons.

v. Ebenezer Parsons.

vi. Jabez Parsons.

vii. Noah Parsons.

viii. Benjamin Parsons, d. Died in infancy

3. Sarah Pease

Sarah’s husband John Prior was born 14 Feb 1664 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut. His parents were Humphrey Prior and Ann Osborn. John died in Enfield, Hartford, CT.

4. Nathaniel PEASE (See his page)

5. Experience Pease

Experience’s husband Joseph Rude was born 25 Nov 1698 in Stafford, Connecticut. His parents were John Rood and Mary Eddy. Joseph died 11 Mar 1756

8. Bethia Pease

Bethia’s husband Samuel Meacham was born in 1712 in Connecticut. His parents were Jeremiah Meacham and Deborah Browne.

Child of Bethia and Samuel:

i. Samuel Meacham b. 1739; d. 1811; m. Phebe Main 1763.

9. Jemima Pease

Jemima’s husband Rev. Isaac Markham was born 30 Nov 1711 in Middletown, CT. His parents were Daniel Markham and Deborah Meacham. His grandfather was Deacon Daniel Markham.  Isaac died in 1759 – Enfield, Hartford, CT

Child of Jemima and Isaac:

i.  Phebe Margery Markham Ashley b. 7 Dec 1737

ii. Ebenezer Markham b. 30 Jun 1749 Enfield, CT; d. 20 Feb 1813 Middlebury, Vermontl m1. Catherine Lydius 20 Feb 1775; m2. Sarah Gold 31 Dec 1789 Ticonderoga, NY.

Ebenezer was a merchant and manufacturer in Montreal and in Bridgport and Middlebury, Vermont.  In early life, he was the captain of a vessel in the  West Indies trade.  His son Isaac Ebenezer Markham b. 3. May 1795 was a machinist, the inventor of a picking machine and the method of sawing marble with toothless saws, sand and water.


10. Benjamin Pease

Benjamin’s wife Sarah Deacon was born 1721 in Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut.


A genealogical and historical record of the descendants of John Pease, Senior  by Rev. David Pease and Austin Pease 1869

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