Cyprian Nichols Jr.

Capt. Cyprian NICHOLS Jr. (1672 – 1756) was Alex’s 9th Great Grandfather;  one of 1,024 in this generation of the Miner line.

Capt. Cyprian Nichols was born 1672 Coventry, Hartford, CT. His parents were Cyprian NICHOLS Sr. and Mary [__?__].  He first married Helena Talcott. After Helena died, he married Mary Spencer.   Cyprian died 02 Jan 1756 in Coventry, Hartford, CT

Capt. Cyprian Nichols - Ancient Burying Ground Hartford -- Find A Grave Memorial# 11438914 -

Capt. Cyprian Nichols – Ancient Burying Ground
Hartford — Find A Grave Memorial# 11438914 –

Here lies interrd
the Body of Capt.
who Departed this
Life January ye 2d
AD 1756 in ye 84th
year of his Age

Helena Talcott was born 17 Jun 1674 in Hartford, Hartford, CT. Her parents were Lt. Col John Talcott (1630 – 1688) and  Helena Wakeman (1632 – 1674).    Helena died 12 May 1702 in Coventry, CT soon after childbirth, Æ. 28.

Mary Spencer was born (1681 in Hartford, Hartford, CT. Her parents were Samuel Spencer (1639 – 1716) and Sarah Meakins (1641– 1716).   Mary died 15 Feb 1756 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.

Sophia NICHOLS was born about 1735 in Enfield, CT. She married Nathaniel PEASE II  on 31 Oct 1751 in Hartford, CT.  After Nathaniel died, she married 27 Oct 1763 in Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut to Benjamin Parsons. It’s intriguing to think that Sophia’s grandfather may have been Capt. Cyprian Nichols Jr. He was the only Nichols in Hartford, though there were a couple other Nichols lines elsewhere in Connecticut.

Children of Cyprian and Helena:

Name Born Married Departed
1. John Nichols bapt.
10 Jul 1698
2nd Ch. Hartford, CT
Meriba [_?_]
Mary Owen?
4 Jan 1761 Hartford, CT
2. Elizabeth Nichols  bapt.
14 Jan 1699/1700 Hartford
Jacob Webster
16 Feb 1717/18 Hartford, CT
William Powell
aft. Mar 1727/28
Wethersfield, CT
12 Jan 1775 Hartford, CT
3. Lt. Cyprian Nichols III bapt.
17 May 1702
2nd Ch. Hartford, CT
Agnes Humphrey
c. 1733
28 Aug 1745 Hartford, CT

Children of  Cyprian and Mary:

Name Born Married Departed
4. Samuel Nichols bapt.
14 Apr 1706
1st Ch. Hartford, CT
 d. young
5 Capt. James Nichols bapt.
2 Feb 1708/09
1st Ch Hartford, CT
Mary Wadsworth
12 Jan 1737/38 Hartford, CT
18 Dec 1785 Hartford, CT
6. Capt. William Nichols bapt.
21 Oct 1711
2nd Ch, Hartford, CT
Mary Farnsworth
5 Feb 1738/39 1st Ch. Hartford
3 Sep 1767 of fever at sea
7. Mary Nichols bapt.
4 Oct 1713 1st Ch Hartford, CT
Capt. Moses Griswold
26 Jun 1740 1st Ch. Hartford
27 Dec 1775 Windsor, CT
8 Rachel Nichols bapt.
10 Jun 1716 1st Ch. Hartford
9. Sarah Nichols bapt.
8 Jun 1718 1st Ch. Hartford
Lt. Return Strong
19 Jan 1743/44 1st Ch. Hartford
5 Jan 1801 Windsor, CT
10. Hannah Nichols bapt.
8 May 1720 1st Ch. Hartford
Elisha Bigelow
bef. 1748
28 Sep 1795 Hartford, CT
11 Thankful Nichols bapt. 22 Jul 1722 1st Ch. Hartford Ebenezer Barnard
7 Jul 1747 Wethersfield, CT
25 Aug 1780 Hartford
12. Helena Nichols James McIlroy
12 Dec 1736 1st Ch. Hartford
Thomas Long
11 Feb 1762 Hartford, CT
Bio Source:  A Catalogue of the Names of the First Puritan Settlers of the Colony of Connecticut 1852

Cyprian Nichols Bio — Source: A Catalogue of the Names of the First Puritan Settlers of the Colony of Connecticut 1852

Other Connecticut Nichols Lines

There are a couple of other Connecticut Nichols lines, but they were not located in Hartford.

1. Adams Nichols was born between 1606 and 1612 in Worcestershire, England. He married 1645 in Hartford, Hartford, CT to Anna Wakeman (b. 1611 in Bewdley, Worcester, England – d. 1699 in Connecticut) Adam died 25 Aug 1682 in Hartford, Hardford Co, CT.

Children of Adam and Anna

i. John Nichols b. 1645; d. 1662

ii. Barachiah Nichols (male) b. 14 Feb 1647

iii. Anna Nichols b. 1648 in Hartford, Hartford, CT; d, 1724 in Hartford, Hartford, CT

iv. Esther Nichols b. 1650; m. [__?__] Ellis

v. Lydia Nichols b. 1652; d. 28 Feb 1652

vi. Ebenezer Nichols b. ~1656 Hartford, CT; d. bef. 1682

vii. Sarah Nichols b. Hartford, CT

2.  Francis NICHOLS was baptized at Sedgeberrow, Worcestershire, England on 25 May 1575; His parents were John NICHOLS and Joan [_?__]. He married Frances WIMARKE on 24 Jan 1599/1600 at Sedgeberrow England. He settled at Stratford, Connecticut, by 10 Oct 1639, when he was appointed sergeant of the Stratford trainband, and that same year was listed with his three sons (John, Isaac, and Caleb) among the 17 first settlers of Stratford. Francis died before 8 Jan 1650/51

Frances Wimarke (Wilmark, Wymark, Wimark) was baptized 2 Nov 1577 at Sedgeberrow, England Her parents were Robert WIDMARKE of Sedgeberrow and [__?__]. Frances apparently died before the family’s removed to New England, perhaps in 1634.

We descend from Francis’ daughter Jane NICHOLS (1603 – 1667) and William WASHBURN (1601 – 1658)

Children of Cyprian and Helena:

1. John Nichols

John was named for his maternal grandfather.

Although definitive proof is lacking, he is probably the John Nichols, called “the aged,” buried at Hartford’s Ancient Burying Ground (Center Cemetery) on Jan. 4, 1761. This corresponds with the Hartford 1st Chh. record of the death of “the aged John Nichols” on the same date, but that record gives no age. If this was the son of Capt. Cyprian Nichols, Jr., he died Æ. 64 years.

On Apr 19 1769 at the same cemetery, the widow Meriba Nichols buried an unnamed daughter and the widow Meriba was buried on Aug 17 1770, Æ. 67 years. There is no record of the marriage of a John Nichols to a Meribah in the Hartford vital records at either the Hartford 1st or 2nd church, and no baptism record of a child of John and or Meriba Nichols.

Mary Owen was born about 1704.

Child of John and Meriba:

i. Unknown Daughter d. 19 Apr 1769

Child of John and Mary Owen

i. Agnes Agatha Nichols b. 1732; d. 29 Dec 1803 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia; m. Abraham LeGrande

2. Elizabeth Nichols,

Elizabeth’s first husband  Jacob Webster was born about 1691 in Hartford, Hartford, CT. His parents were John Webster (1653 – 1694) and Sarah Mygatt (1657 – 1728).  Jacob died before June 8, 1727. Four children of the marriage.

Elizabeth’s second husband William Powell, Jr. was born 29 Oct 1691 at Wethersfield, CT.  His parents were  William Powell and Sarah Francis,  William died 12 Dec 1760 at Hartford. One identified child of the marriage. William had two children by his 1st wife, Elizabeth Welles, dau. of Joseph Welles and Elizabeth Way, who d. July 4, 1725 at 27 years of age.

By this second marriage the records allude to a son Cyprian, whose birth or baptism is not of record at Hartford or Wethersfield. But, on Oct 14 1766 a Cyprian Powell is recorded as having been charged for the burial of a child of his sister at the Center Cemetery and was later charged for the burial of his mother at that cemetery, who is not named, aged 70, on Jan. 12, 1775.

3. Lieut. Cyprian Nichols, 3rd,

Cyprian was baptized at the Hartford 2nd Chh Hartford on May 17 1702, five days after the death of his mother. (Goodwin in “Genealogical Notes” errors in stating he was bapt. in Feb. 1708 then makes him the son of his father’s 2nd wife, Mary Spencer.)

Cyprian’s wife Agnes Humphrey was born 17 Feb  1711/12 at Hartford.  Her parents were Nathaniel Humphrey and Agnes Spencer.   She was Cyprian’s fist cousin once removed, her mother was the sister of Cyprian’s stepmother, Mary Spencer.   After Cyprian died, Agnes  married Capt. Isaac Seymour (1723 – 1755), by whom she had three known children,  Agnes died 20 Dec 1793 at Hartford.

At the May 1745 session of the Connecticut Assembly, Lieut. Cyprian Nichols was appointed adjutant to the Connecticut forces being sent to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia in the Siege of Louisbourg (1745) against the French in King George’s War, the third of four French and Indian Wars. However, he either died before actually being involved or after his return as the Assembly subsequently appointed Ensign Timothy Bigelow in his place.

According to the Diary of Rev. Daniel Wadsworth (1737-1747) members of the Hartford First Church were returning from Cape Breton a few days prior to the death of Lieut. Nichols. The same diary (p. 125) says that Lieut Nichols died “at night”, Aug. 28, 1745, and was interred two days later on Aug. 30, 1745. If he had a gravestone, as of 1835 Hoadley’s gravestone inventory does not evidence one for Lieut. Nichols. Losses to the New England forces in battle had been modest, although the garrison that occupied the fortress during the following winter suffered many deaths from cold and disease.

British & British Americans
4,200 militia, sailors & marines
500 Militia from Connecticut
90 ships & vessels

French and Indians
900 troops & marines
900 militia

Casualties and losses
100 killed or wounded
900 died of disease

French & Indians
50 killed or wounded
300 died of disease
1,400 surrendered

On Nov. 26, 1745, the initial inventory of the estate of Lieut. Nichols was taken and in October of that year administration of his estate was granted to the widow Agnes Nichols. She m. 2) Capt. Isaac Seymour of Hartford, Conn.

The children of Lieut. Cyprian Nichols, 3rd and Agnes Humphrey were:

Children of Cyprian and Agnes:

i. Rachel Nichols, bapt. 18 Nov 1733 at the Hartford 1st Chh.; d. 17 Dec 1793  Æ. 61  Hartford from smallpox and was interred at Hartford’s Ancient Burying Ground (Center Cemetery); Unmarried

ii. George Nichols, bapt. 13 Dec 1741 at the Hartford 1st Chh.; d. 21 Sep  1786 Hartford, Hartford , CT; m. Eunice Lord

5.  Capt. James Nichols

James’ wife Mary Wadsworth was baptized 13 Oct 171. in the Hartford 2nd Church.  Her parents were Joseph Wadsworth and Joanna Hovey.  Mary died  26 Jun 1783 at Hartford. No known children of record.

Mary was the paternal great granddaughter of Lieut. Col. John Talcott and his first wife Helena Wakeman, the parents of Capt. James Nichols’ father’s first wife, Helena Talcott. Mary was also the maternal great granddaughter of Capt. Aaron Cooke and Sarah Westwood, latter at whose father William Westwood’s house at Hartford the immigrant Capt. Cyprian Nichols, the paternal grandfather of Capt. James Nichols, had resided for thirteen years (1646-1659) before returning to Hartford from England in circa 1668.

There are no children of record for Capt. James Nichols. However, on July 5, 1761 Capt. Nichols had baptized at the Hartford 1st Chh., “Peter, Caesar, & Boston, Negro Children, Servants to Captn. James Nichols…” On June 20 1762 he had baptized “Tom, Negro servt to Captn James Nichols…” On Aug. 25, 1764 he had baptized “Lydia, negro servt to Captn James Nichols…” and finally on June 14, 1767 he had “Mime, Negro servt to Captn James Nichols being sick,” privately baptized. In the first three instances he publicly engaged “to bring them up in the Christian religion.”

On Apr. 29, 1774 Capt. James Nichols gave“Boston” and “Rose” their freedom and later sold “Boston” a parcel of land at Hartford in Oct. 1783 (HartLR, 8:250, 16:317 and 16:113)

Boston Source: Findagrave # 16958450

Boston Nichols — Source: Findagrave # 16958450

Boston Nichols was elected “black governor” in 1800. And was one of the final individuals to have been buried in the Hartford Ancient Burying Grounds.

6. Capt. William Nichols

William’s wife Mary Farnsworth was baptized 5 Jul 1719 in the Hartford 1st Church.  Her parents were Joseph Farnsworth and Mary Olcott,  Mary died 14 Oct 1771 at Hartford. Ten children of the family.

William was a mariner and died of fever at sea on Sep 2 1767. His estate was insolvent and his brother James was appointed administrator.

Children of William and Mary:

i. William Nichols, Jr., bapt. 10 Oct 1741; apparently died unm. and was buried at the Ancient Burying Ground at Hartford on 14 Oct 1792, Æ. 53. Burial Ancient Burying Ground Hartford.

ii. Mary Nichols, bapt. 10 Apr 1743; d. unmarried and was buried at the Hartford Ancient Burying Ground on 9 Sep 1803, Æ. 61.

iii. Abigail Nichols, bapt.  7 Apr 1745 and d. an infant on 5 Aug 1750, Æ. 6. Hartford Ancient Burying Ground.

iv. Cyprian Nichols, bapt.  18 Jun 1749; d. 28 Dec 1750, age 6 months. Hartford Ancient Burying Ground.

Cypprian Son
of Mr. William
and Mrs Mary
Nichols Dec’d
December ye 28
1749 aged f[s]ix
Months 17 days.

v. Abigail Nichols, bapt.  7 Apr 1751 and died in infancy on 14 Apr 1752.

vi. An unbaptized infant born and died on 8 Feb 1753.

vii. Catherine “Caty” Nichols, bapt. 24 Feb 1754.

viii. Anna Nichols, bapt. 16 Jan 1756.

ix. James Nichols, bapt. 10 Jul 1757; buried Ancient Burying Ground on 13 Sep 1790, Æ. 34.; m. Rachel [__?__] (1766 – 1789)

x. Hannah Nichols, bapt.  2 Mar 1760.

7. Mary Nichols

Mary’s husband  Capt. Moses Griswold was born 10 Jul 1714 Windsor, CT. His parents were Benjamin Griswold and Elizabeth Cook. Moses died 4 Jan 1776 at Windsor. Five children of the family.

9. Sarah Nichols

Sarah’s husband Lieut. Return Strong was born 26 Feb 1712/13 at Hartford.  His parents were Samuel Strong (1675 – 1741) and Martha Buckland (1677 – 1770).  Return died 8  Nov 1776 at Windsor. Three known children of the family.

Return served in Capt. Harmon’s Company in 1776 at the Siege of Boston.

Return Strong Gravestone -- Palisado Cemetery , Windsor, Hartford , CT

Return Strong Gravestone — Palisado Cemetery , Windsor, Hartford , CT — Find A Grave Memorial# 20885571

Children of Sarah and Return:

i.Ellen Strong d. 12 May 1756

ii. Margaret Strong m. 1772 to Levi Hayden (1747-1821)

10. Hannah Nichols

Hannah’s husband Elisha Bigelow was born 27 Jun 1723 at Hartford, CT.  His parents were Joseph Bigelow and Sarah Spencer.  Elisha died 23 Jun 1796 at Hartford.  Twelve children of bapt. record at Hartford.

Elisha was Hannah’s 3rd cousin.  Hannah’s maternal great grandfather was William Spencer of Windsor, Conn., the eldest of five Spencer brothers from old England that settled in New England. William Spencer’s younger brother, Sgt. Thomas Spencer, settled at Hartford, Conn. and was Elisha Bigelow’s great grandfather.

Children of Hannah and Elisha:

i. James Bigelow, bapt. 8 May 1748, d. 16 May 1821 (2nd Ch. Hartford Rec.)

ii. William Bigelow, bapt. 21 May 1749.

iii. Elisha Bigelow, bapt. 23 Dec 1750; m. Patience Bow.

iv. Cyprian Bigelow, bapt. 17 Dec 1752; m Elizabeth  [__?__]

v. Normand Bigelow, bapt. Oct. 13, 1754, d. in infancy 17 Oct 1758 (bur. Hartford’s Ancient (Center) Burying Ground).

vi. Roderick Bigelow, bapt.  5 Sep 1756.

vii. Samuel Bigelow, bapt. 18 Jun 1758, d. in infancy 23 Oct 1758 (bur. Ancient (Center) Burying Ground).

viii. Norman Bigelow, bapt. 27 May 1759.

ix. Samuel Bigelow, bapt. 22 Feb 1761.

x. Edward Bigelow, bapt. 20 Jan 1763, d. in infancy  18 Apr 1763 (bur. at Ancient (Center) Burying Ground).

xi. Hannah Bigelow, bapt. 5 May 1765; buried Prospect Hill Cemetery,    Perry, Wyoming, NY; m.   Peter Beebe (10 Feb 1754 Saybrook, Middlesex, CT-  d. 6 Nov 1834 Perry, Wyoming)

xii. Edward Bigelow, bapt. 19 Oct 1766.

11. Thankful Nichols

Thankful’s husband  Ebenezer Barnard was baptized 9 Jan 1725/26 1st Church Hartford, CT.   His parents were Samuel Barnard and Sarah Williamson.  Ebenezer died 19 Aug 1799 at Hartford. Six known children of the family.

Children of Thankful and Ebenezer:

i. Ebenezer Barnard M Feb 1748

i. Thankful Sophia Barnard b. 1751

iii. Cyprian Barnard b. 19 Jan 1753

iv. Timothy Henry Barnard b. 19 Jan 1756 in Hartford, CT

v. Daniel Barnard b. 13 Jul 1760

vi. Charles Barnard b. 28 Aug 1763

12. Helena Nichols

Helena’s baptism does not appear in either the Hartford 1st or 2nd church records, but is named as a daughter in the distribution of her father’s estate

Helena’s first husband  James McIlroy died 2 Oct  1751  Hartford, Hartford, CT (1st Ch. Rec.).

Helena’s second husband  Thomas Long.


A Catalogue of the Names of the Early Puritan Settlers of the Colony of Connecticut Author: Royal Ralph Hinman (1852)

Findagrave # 11438914  Maintained by: Don Blauvelt

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