Paulus Jurckse

Paulus  JURCKSE (Yurckse) (1630 – 1682) was Alex’s 10th Grandfather; one of 2,048 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Paulus Jurckse (Yurckse) was born about 1630 in Texel, Noord-Holland, Netherlands. He may have only departed from Texel because that’s where all boats to the “New Land” left from in those days. He probably was born in Friesland, a northern province in the Netherlands.  His parents were Goris JURCKXEN and [__?__]. The Jurckse family originated from Texel, the largest island in the West Frisian Islands across the Waddensee from the mainland of Holland. Paulus was seen in Rensselaerwyck, New York, (on the east bank of the Hudson River, south of Albany) on 13 Aug 1642.  Paulus was a servant for the  Maichael Jansz family for several years before coming to America.  He married a daughter of the Jansz family Christina (Syntie) JANSE in 1652 in Esopus, Ulster, New York.   He certainly lived in Esopus in 1658 and later, Albany.   Paulus died in 1683 in Kings, New York, New York.

Christina Styntie Janse was born in 1632 probably in Holland.  Many genealogies state she was born in Esopus, Ulster, New York, but Esopus was not settled until 1651. Her parents were Jan JANSE and [__?__]. In 1686 Styntie is listed in Reformed Dutch Church NY census as a widow living in a Poor House on S. Broad Street.   Christina died in 1708 in New York

Children of Paulus and Christina:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Mynno Jemima Jurckxen c. 1655
Albany, NY
Willem Hoppe
29 Nov 1679 Dutch Reformed Church, NY, NY
Deacon Abraham de Veaux
c. 1688
Philipsburg, NY
2. Johannes Paulusen JUROSEN
(Johannes Paulus Jurcks)
c.  1658 Esopus (Kingston?), Ulster, New York. Jannetje De RAEDT (DRET)
9 Jul 1681
(Phillips Manor, Westchester NY) or  Reformed Dutch Church, New York, NY
Antje Jochems Van Wert
1697 Haverstraw, Orange, NY
c. 1701
Dobbs Ferry, (or Wysquaqua) Westchester, NY.
3. Antje Jurckse c. 1662
Albany, NY
Matthys Adolphus Hoppe
2 May 1683 Bergen, NJ
12 Feb 1718
New York
4. Hilletje Jurcks Jurckxen c. 1664
Kingston, Ulster, New York
Lubbert Westervelt
14 Mar 1679/80
Bergen, NJ
Jan Loots
New Jersey
5. Cornelis Jurckse c. 1666
N Albanien, NY
Janeltie (Jannetje) Andries van Breuckelen
12 Nov 1696
New Jersey
6. Wyntje Jurckse c. 1672
Kingston, Ulster, New York
Casper Melcherts Springsteen
9 Aug 1693 Dutch Reform Church, NY, NY
12 Feb 1718
New York
7. Dirk (Dirik) Jurcks Jurckxen c. 1674
Bergen, NJ
Fytje Hartmanne Vreeland
30 Jul 1699
Bergen, NJ
8. Christina Jurckse c. 1677
Bergen, NJ
Johannes Marynus
c. 1703
Hackensack, NJ
New York, NY
9. Eegie (Jurckse) Yurckse c. 1677
Bergen, NJ
Jacob Jacobs van Winkel
11 APR 1703 in Acquackanonk (Passaic Aft 1837), Bergen, NJ

Paulis and Christina had 5 children, 3 girls and 2 boys  They were Johannis (1653), Mynno Jemima (1655), Antje (1657), Cornelius (1662), and Wyntie (1664).

From Albany the family moved to New Jersey, and then back to Haverstraw area and across the Hudson into the Philipsburgh area.

Paulis was at the christening of his grandchildren on January 1681 and April 1682.

In August of 1682, Paulis and Styntie are listed as members of the RDC.

Paulus was listed as a Freeholder in NYC on October 22, 1683 and died shortly thereafter,

It is believed that Janneke Jurckse (Yurckse) who married Laurens Ackerman is the aunt of Paulus Yurckse.

The spelling of the Jurcksen name was eventually changed in English records, to Yorks/Yerks/Yerxa/Yerex, all lines of which exist today. The family settled primarily in the Tarrytown area, with many of them attending the Old Dutch Church at Sleepy Hollow and many buried in that cemetary. The Reformed Dutch Church NY census of 1686 has Styntie,widow of Paulus Jurxen, living at the Deacons House for the Poor on Broad Street in NY City. There are several Court Records for Albany, Rensselaerwyck and Schenectady for Paulis and Styntie in the 1660s and 1670s. Descendents of the Yerks line still reside in the Tarrytown/Ossining area of NY. The family with the Yerxa name were Loyalists who moved to Canada after the Revolutionary War and then back into the US through Eastern Maine. Some of the Yorks line moved west across the Hudson to Haverstraw and later into Ulster County, then migrated, after the Civil War, to Ohio and Michigan


1. Mynno Gemima Jurckxen

Mynno was christened in the Albany Dutch Reform Church, Albany, NY.

Mynno’s first husband William Hoppen  was baptized 29 Mar 1654 in New Amsterdam. His parents were Andries Willemszen Hoppe and Geertje Hendricks.  William died about 1690.

Mynno and William had five children:  Christina (1681), Gertrude (1682), Beletie (1684),  Andrew (1686), and   Paulis (1687).They lived in Hackensack, NJ. William died in 1687 and Mynno married Abraham DeVoe in 1690.

Mynno’s second husband Abraham DeVoe was born in 11 Jun 1668 in Mannheim, Baden, Germany. His parents were Nichalas DeVaux and Maria See. They arrived in New Netherlands in 1674. Mynno and Abraham also had five children: Maritje (1691), Wyntie (1696), Rachel (1698), Susanna (1701), and Johannes (1700).

2. Johannes Paulusen JUROSEN (See his page)

3. Antje (Anna) Jurckse

Antje’s husband Matthys Adolphus Hoppen  was born on March 3, 1658 in New Amsterdam. He died 1715. They were members of the RDCNY of Hackensack. They had five children: Andries, Christina, Lea, Rachel, and Johannes.

4. Hilletje Jurcks Jurckxen

I think Hilletje’s marriage information may belong to a different woman.

Hilletje’s first husband Lubbert Westervelt was born 1660 in Meppel, Netherlands. His parents were Lubbert Westervelt, The Immigrant and Gesie Roelofse. He married Hilletje Pouluse on Mar 14, 1679/80 in Bergen, NJ. Lubbert died about 1694 in Hackensack, Bergen, NJ.  Some sources say that Hilletje’s father was Peiter Pouluse.  I haven’t found details of Lubbert from a Jurckse perspective, so perhaps this is a different Hilletje.

This Hilletje’s married second Jan Loots   intentions Oct 12 1695 Hackenskack.   Jan Loots was from Norwich England

This Hilletje’s parents were Paulus Pietersen, b ca 1630 Merven, Stift Cologne and was buried at Bergen December 18, 1702. He married (int) Sept 1 1658 NewAmsterdam Trijntje Martens, b ca 1632 at Aken in Gulickerland. Treyntje was buried March 5, 1702 at Bergen.

5. Cornelis Jurckse

Cornelis’ wife Janeltie (Jannetje) Andries van Breuckelen was born 1667 in Albany, Albany, New York.

6. Wyntje Jurckse

Wyntje’s husband Casper (Ghaspar) Melcherts Springsteen was born about 1664 in Boswycj, Long Island, NY Casper died 21 May 1729 probably in Brooklyn, NY.

7. Dirk (Dirik) Jurcks Jurckxen

Dirk’s wife Fytje Hartmanne Vreeland was born 21 Feb 1683 in Aquackanonk, Passaic, New Jersey.  Her parents ere Hartman Vreeland and Metje Dirckse Braecke.

8. Christina Jurckse

Christina’s husband Johannes Marynus was born 1675 in Bergenfield, Bergen, New Jersey.

9. Eegie (Jurckse) Yurckse

Eegie’s husband Jacob Jacobs van Winkel was baptized 20 SEP 1676 Bergen,Bergen,NJ. His parents were Jacob Jacobse Van Winkle b: Bef 16 OCT 1650 in New Albany, Albany, New York c: 16 OCT 1650 in Reformed Dutch Church New Amsterdam and Aeltje Daniels b: 1655


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  4. Jennifer Irving says:

    I am so happy to find this article! I have been searching for additional information on this line of my husbands family. His ggrandmother was Clara Yerks, married to Floyd Irving.

    I hope it is ok if I copy your notes.

  5. markeminer says:

    Please do so, I am happy you enjoyed the article, Cheers! Mark

  6. Rick Yerex says:

    Why is Paulus labelled a Huguenot? A Huguenot is a French Calvinist or perhaps a descendant of a French Calvinist. I agree that he probably followed John Calvin’s teachings but there is no evidence that he was French.

    Paulus Jurckx did come to the Colony of Rensselaerswyck in August 1642 not 1647.

    I was also wondering why Christina (Syntie) Janse’s father is once mentioned as Maichael Jansz and later as Jan Janse.

    Rick Yerex

    • Sue Yerex says:

      Hi Rick Don’t know if this will email to you or what. Are you Rick from Calgary?
      Ken and I are in Germany and trying to located a little more information on Paulus J….
      You mention you can verify that he came from Texel Holland in 1642. Is you information from the manifest of the den Houttuyn ship? I don’t find the connection from the spelling of Juriaen Pauwelsen van Sleswyck on that manifest to Paulus Jurckse. Do you have any documentation that shows a connection between these two names. We spent an afternoon with a historian on Texel Island and yes all the ships came to Texel to one re get water as the water keeps better from Texel and 2. to wait for the winds to blow them west. He told us that the “van sleswyck” means from Sleswyck which is currently part of Germany but was a Dutchie that went back and forth between Germany and Denmark way back when. Also he feels the names are not Dutch…. Pauwelsen or Janse or Jurckse or other spellings of same.

      We have found that people from Sleswyck did go to New Amsterdam and are going to Sleswyck in the next week to see if we can gleen any more information.
      Well just incase this doesn’t reach you I won’t blather on
      Will await your reply
      Sue and Ken Yerex

  7. markeminer says:


    Thank you for the feedback. The faulty information was due to “cut and paste” from an erroneous site. I have corrected the errors you pointed out. Many genealogies state that Christina was born in Esopus, Ulster, New York, but Esopus was not settled until 1651. I have corrected her birth to Holland.

    The details of Christina’s parents are sketchy, but I’ll use my version of the NFL replay rule and say there is not enough evidence to overturn the record that her father also immigrated.

    Thanks again, Mark

  8. Rick Yerex says:

    Thanks for the corrections Mark.

    I am still wondering why in one place the article mentions Maichael Janz as Syntie’s father and later Jan Janz as her father. I have seen postings on other web sites that Paulus was a servant of the Maichael Janz family and that he married their daughter. I had always assumed that he was indentured to the Janz family by the Colony of Rensselaerwyck in America and not previous to their arrival. Either may be correct. I do not have any documentation to back this up though.

    I have never come across Jan Janz as her father.

    Also please correct the article to read that Paulus and Christina had 9 children, 6 girls and 3 boys that were born in kinston, Albany and Bergen, N.J. areas. They were Mynno (1655), Johannes (1658), Antje (1662), Hilletje (1664), Cornelis (1666), Wyntje (1672), Dirk (1674), Christina (1677) and Eegie (1677). Note that the information on the children is simply a review of what is printed above.

    One last correction I would suggest is that the first part of the second paragraph be rewritten to read:

    Paulus Jurckse (Yurckse) was born about 1630. He left Holland from Texel Island, a major point of departure for many immigrants, on the ship “Den Houttuyn” June 14, 1642 and arrived at New Amsterdam (now New York City) August 4, 1642. He was seen in Rennelaerwyck, New York, (on the east bank of the Hudson River, south of Albany) on 13 Aug 1642.

    Everything in my two or three sentences canbe verified. Your article correctly states that Texel Island was a departure point for the “New Land”. There is no evidence that I am can find of where he orinianally came from, where he was born or that his father was Gorgis Jurckxen. Without back-up, to state anything more is simply speculation.

    The last part of the paragraph should be corrected so that Christina has only one father. I suspect that he might have been Maichael Janz and not Jan Janse.

    Sorry to be such a “stickler” on this stuff but most in our family regard Paulus as the first North American of our lineage and I would certainly want accuracy about this important individual.

    I would welcome any corrections to my points.

    Once again thank you.

    • Phillip Yerex says:

      Cher Cuzzie from New Zealand here. Just wondering if we have a coat of arms or a family crest. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the relevant information above, very interesting 🙂

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  10. Alissandra Stoyan says:

    Hi –

    I am looking for a possible connection between your family here and a woman Annetje (Jurckse) Orser born approx 1726 in Westchester, NY. She married Joseph Orser/Aertse, also from Westchester. The Orser family sounds like it has a similar history: connections to the Dutch Reformed Church, loyalists headed to Canada during the revolutionary war while some of the family stayed behind in NY. Anyway, I’m wondering if Annetje may be a descendent of Paulus somehow, but clearly several generations removed. Do you have any idea how she might fit in? Any help would be greatly appreciated! It would be great to get some leverage over where our family is from in Netherlands/Holland.


  11. markeminer says:

    Hi Alissandra,

    Yes, I found a connection between Annetje Jurckse Orser and this family. Annetje is Paulus’ great-granddaughter

    Annetje’s parents were Johannis Jurckse (baptized 24 Nov 1700 in Haverstraw, Rockland, NY; d. bef. 1750 in Haverstraw, NY) and Rachel A. Williams (b. about 1700 in Kichewan, New York; d. 1773 in Philipsburgh, Westchester, NY) By the way, Rachel was the daughter of my ancestor Robert Willemze. Here’s a link to his page.

    Johannis’ parents were Johannes Paulusen JUROKSEN (1658 – 1701) and his second wife Antje Jochems Van Wert. Here’s my Johannes Paulusen JUROKSEN page:

    Johannes Paulusen JUROKSEN’s parents Paulus JURCKSE (Yurckse) and Christina Styntie Janseare on this page.

  12. youcantleavewpanyway says:

    Thank you. Not so long ago, a family member did some genealogy research. I set it aside for quite a while. It would seem that Paulus Jurckse is an ancestor of mine. In our case, the spelling was changed to Yorks. It is a strange thing to realize that your family has been in America for more than 300 years. And equally as strange to ponder the idea that my heritage goes back tot he New Amsterdam Dutch.

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