William Randall

William RANDALL (1634 – 1690) was Alex’s 11th Great Grandfather;  one of 4,096 in this generation of the Miner line.

Randall - Coat of Arms

William Randall was born about 1634.  Genealogies show he was born in  Salem, Mass., but I cannot find any appropriate emigrating parents.  It is more likely that he emigrated from England.  His parents were NOT William Randall and Elizabeth Carver (sometimes called Barstow).   He married  Elizabeth CARVER on 2 Oct 1649.   Alternatively, he married Elizabeth Kibby.  William  died in 1690 in Enfield, Hartford, CT.

Elizabeth Carver was born about 1632 in England. Her parents were Robert CARVER and Christian TURNER.  She emigrated with her parents about 1638. Elizabeth died about 1660 in Enfield, CT.

Many genealogies have connected our William with William Randall (1609 – 1693) and Elizabeth Barlow.  It looks to me that these are unrelated families. These other Randalls lived in Scituate, near Rhode Island on the opposite side of Massachusetts from Salem,  The elder William had a different son William Jr. (1647 – 1712) who would have been too young to be our Abigail’s father, much less her older siblings.

Although in Randall and Allied Families it is stated that William Randall’s wife was Elizabeth Barstow, sister of Michael, George and William Barstow and daughter of of Matthew Barstow, it is more likely that this was Elizabeth Carver.   Elizabeth Carver was Richard Carver’s daughter by his first marriage to Margaret Skurrie. Matthew Barstow married as his third wife Grace (Walker) Carver, Richard Carver’s third wife.

Elizabeth Barstow was born in 1619, too old to be our William’s wife.  Parents: Matthew BARSTOW and Isabell HILL.

Children of  William and Elizabeth:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Elizabeth Randall 13 May 1650
Newbury, Mass
2. William Randall 2 Mar 1652/53 Newbury Rebecca [__?__]
1676 in Newbury Village Massachusetts Bay
Mary [__?__]
Enfield, CT
3. John Randall 5 Mar 1654 Newbury, 1655
4. Mary Randall 26 Mar 1656 Newberry, Essex, Mass. Jonathan Tainter
15 MAR 1701/02
Watertown (Plymouth) Mass
5. Hannah Randall 7 Jan 1657/58
Newbury, Essex, Mass
David Turner 1714
Scituate, Mass
6. Abigail RANDALL 1660 in Salem, Mass Robert PEASE Sr.
16 Dec 1678 in Salem, Mass.
16 Dec 1678
Enfield, CT

It’s very strange that there were two Elizabeth Carvers who married two different William Randalls in 17th Century New England, but as far as I can tell the two sets of families are not related.  Our Elizabeth’s father was Robert CARVER born in 1594 in Boston, Lincolnshire, England.  Robert died in Apr 1680 in Boston when he was 86 yrs old and is buried in Marshfield Mass. The other Elizabeth’s father was Richard Carver born  1577 in England and married 14 Nov 1614 in Filby, Norfolk, England. Richard died in 1638/41 in Watertown, Mass.

The Other 17th Century William Randalls

1. William Randall was born 16 Mar 1598/99 in Grantham, Lincolnshire, England or 1609 England. His parents were Simon Randall (ca 1574-) and Jane Stephens. William died 13 Oct 1693 in Scituate, Plymouth, Mass.

There is some doubt whether he married Elizabeth Carver or Elizabeth Barstow. Although in Randall and Allied Families it is stated that William Randall’s wife was Elizabeth Barstow, sister of Michael, George and William Barstow and daughter of Matthew Barstow, it is more likely that this was Elizabeth Carver. See Robert Charles Anderson’s article“The wifes of Michael Barstow and Richard Carver of Watertown, Massachusetts and the identity of the wives of William Randall of Scituate and William Perry of Marshfield.”

Elizabeth Carver was baptized 15 Oct 1618 in Filby, Norfolk, England. Her parents were Richard Carver (ca 1577-1638/41 in Watertown, Mass.) and his first wife Margaret Skurrie. Richard and Margaret were married 14 Nov 1614 in Filby, Norfolk, England. Margaret was burried 16 Nov 1618 in Filby.

From the combined passenger list of two ships which sailed from Yarmouth in Norfolk in 1637 (John C. Hotten, The Original Lists of Persons of Quality … [1874; repr. ed., Baltimore, 1986] the following family was examined on 11 Apr 1637: “Richard Carvear of Skratby in the County of Norf[olk] husbandman ageed 60 yeares, and Grace his wife, ageed 40 years, with 2 children. Elizabeth ageed 18 yeares and Susanna aged 18 years, being twynes.”13 Also three servants: Isaac Hart aged 22, Thomas Flegg 21, and Marabel Underwood 20

The will of Richard Carver of Watertown, yeoman, testified before Gov. Winthrop 9 Sep 1641 mentions wife Grace and daughters Elizabeth and Susanna.

Children of William and Elizabeth:

i. Marie Carver baptized 21 Dec 1615 in Filby, Norfolk, England. There is not further record of Marie after her baptism, and problably died before 1637, althought she would have been old enough to marry in England before the rest of her family sailed for New England.

ii. Elizabeth Carver (Twin) (ca 1618-) Elizabeth married William Randall

iii. Susanna Carver (Twin) baptized 15 Oct 1618 in Filby, Norfolk, England. Susanna died aft 23 Jun 1674. She married William Perry, son of our ancestor Edmund PERRY, about 1640. William died ca 1695.

Richard second married Elizabeth [Carver]. Buried on 1 Dec 1622 in Filby, Norfolk, Eng. On 7 Jul 1623 Richard third married Grace Walker in St Stephen’s, Norwich. Grace died on 21 Jul 1671 in Watertown, MA.

Elizabeth Barstow was born about in 1620 Yorkshire, England and died after 1693 in Scituate, Mass. Matthew Barstow married as his third wife Grace (Walker) Carver, Richard Carver’s third wife.

This William Randall seems to have been a bit of a rogue.

[The other] William Randall came to Rhode Island as a prisoner aboard the ship “Expectation” and on April 24, 1635 he landed in Providence, Rhode Island and therein took the oath of allegiance. In 1637 he removed to Marshfield, Massachusetts and in 1640 settled in Scituate, Massachusetts where he owned a farm on Dwelly’s Creek. He was also listed as a cordwainer.
“Original Lists of Persons of Quality 1600-1700”, by John Camden Hotton; p. 69; New York City, New York; 1880 (929.3, ORI) (E187.5 .H83 1968 CSL)

“William Randall came into Scituate before 1640. His farm was on the brook that falls into Till’s or Dwelly’s creek: His house was in the valley, twenty rods north of the brook on the west side of the way, where stands [1831] the mansion of Elisha Foster, sen. late deceased. There is no record of his marriage here: he probably married at Rhode Island, where we find some traces of him as early as 1636; or in Marshfield, where he seems to have been 1637. He was an enterprising and useful man in many respects; but unfortunately for himself, appears to have been litigious. There are several disputes on the Colony records, which he prosecuted with his neighbors about bounds of lands, and when the causes were decided against him, he seems not to have submitted very quietly. He was fined 1660, ‘for striking Edward WANTON,’ in one of these disputes: and in 1664, ‘for breaking the King’s peace by poakeing Jeremiah Hatch with a ho-pole, was fined 3s. 4d.’ Colony Records. He, with his wife were of the party that gained much strength from 1650 to 1670, which held it unlawful to pay religious teachers. His goods were occasionally taken by the constable. On one of these occasions, ‘1654 William Randall’s wife fined for abusing the Constable, Walter Hatch.’ Colony Records. After these troubles, they both settled down to quiet members of Mr Witherell’s church.”

(From Frank A. Randall’s Randall and Allied Families:160) “William Randall, the founder. Born Eng., 1609, died Scituate (now Norwell), Mass., Oct. 13, 1693. Regarding him Savage says: ‘William Randall of Scituate, Mass., came fvrom the port of London in the ship Expectacon the 24th of April, 1635, to the Island of Providence (R.I.) He was twenty-six years of age and took the oath of Supremacy and Allegiance as then required of every person leaving England.’ He removed to Marshfield, Mass., 1637, where he tarried three eyars, then removed to Scituate, which adjoins Marshfield to north, the North River separating them. At Scituate he occupied a respectable position; a man of strong opinions and always ready to maintanin his rights; hence he developed a ‘litigious’ reputation, spending some time in courst as a defendant. Many of the plaintiffs were related to him by marriage, or to some member of his family. In some of the causes that he lost, William Randall paid the damages in ‘shooes’, notable in the case of Joanna Kemton from which circumstance we are led to believe that William followed the occupation of ‘cordwainer’ or shoemaker. This opinion is strengthened by reference in Plymouth Colonty Probate Court records to paymetns made to William Randall, Sr., ‘for shooes’ in the settlement of the ‘Estate of John James’ in 1679/80. At various times William was Constable, Surveyor-of-Highways, a freeman and on lists of those ‘able to bear arms’. See Old Scitaute and Its Pioneer Families for details.”

Children of William and Elizabeth

i. Sarah Randall (ca 1640-aft 1693)

ii. Joseph Randall (Mar 1642 – 21 Feb 1722/3)

iii. Hannah Randall (Mar 1644 – 23 Aug 1714)

(2) iv. William Randall (Dec 1647 – 11 Apr 1712)

v. John Randall (Apr 1650 – bef 28 Jul 1728)

vi. Elizabeth Randall (Oct 1652 – 3 Nov 1693)

vii. Job Randall (8 Feb 1654/55 – 19 Sep 1727)

viii. Benjamin Randall (8 Nov 1656 -)

ix. Isaac Randall (ca 1658 – 10 Jul 1759)

2. William Randall was born Dec 1647 Scituate, Plymouth, Mass. He was baptized in the Second Church of Scituate, on 2 Jan 1648. His parents were William Randall and Elizabeth Barstow. He married in 1674 in Providence, RI to Rebecca Fowler (c. 1656 Providence, RI – 23 Mar 1729/30 Scituate, Mass) Her father was Henry Fowler William died 11 APR 1712 in Providence, RI.

This William was a miller. He removed in 1674 to Providence, RI. He owned 200 acres of land in the vicinity of old Fenner ledge and what became Knightsville, Cranston, RI. He ran a grist mill and a small saw mill on the west side of Pochasset River near the road and opposite Cranston Print Works. He resided in Providence, now Cranston, RI.

3. William Randall b. 10 SEP 1675 Cranston, RI. His parents were William Randall and Rebecca Fowler. He married Abiah Wight 8 Oct 1693 in Providence, RI. William died 8 JUL 1742.


2. William Randall

William’s wife Rebecca [__?__] died 18 Feb 1677 in Newbury Village Massachusetts Bay.

Children of William and Mary

i. John Randall b. 17 JUN 1682 Westfield, Mass.

ii. Abigail Randall b. 26 JUL 1684 Westfield, Mass. d. 24 JAN 1761 Somers, CT. m. 4 DEC 1713 Enfield, CT. to Samuel Parsons

iii. Hannah Randall b. 23 NOV 1686 Westfield, Mass. d. 16 APR 1715 Enfield, CT. m. 14 DEC 1711 to William Simons

iv. Elizabeth Randall b. 18 APR 1689 Westfield, Mass. d. 11 AUG 1690

4. Mary Randall

Mary’s husband Jonathan Tainter was born 10 Jul 1654 in Watertown (Middlesex) Mass. Jonathan died in 1712 Watertown (Middlesex) Masss.

5. Hannah Randall

It looks more likely that the Hannah who married Dav was the daughter of the other William Randal Hannah’s husband David Turner was born xx.  His parents were Humphrey Turner and Lydia Gamer.

6. Abigail RANDALL (See Robert PEASE Sr.‘s page)









Robert PEASE Sr.

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  3. Joan says:

    Hello, great work you have done the on two William Randall and Elizabeth Carver families. Have you ever found a record or any info that helps to connect your Elizabeth to parents Robert and Christian Carver? I descend from their son John born 1636. I have found baptism records for what looks to be their children John and Elizabeth (1632) at St Mary Whitechapel, Stepney, Middlesex, England. Thanks, Joan

  4. Margaret Burdon says:

    I have an ancestor John Randall, bootmaker, who emigrated to Adelaide South Australia in 1854. His father, a William Randall, was a silversmith and clockmaker in cheap street Newbury Berkshire England. I suspect that many people had the same names in Newbury and it seems that many are related. Some earlier to USA and later some to Australia. thank you for the the interesting information. Margaret Burdon. (mother from a Randall line)

  5. corey randall says:

    Thank you so much for your diligence and attention to detail in your research. I am a descendant of the “rogue” William Randall!

    I’m currently trying to figure out if my geneology goes back to the Breton Kings of Bretagne.

    • corey says:

      It seems that Geni still has the two Elizabeth’s wrong.

      Question,.. Is the rogue William Randall the son of Sir Simon Randall?

  6. Krista Hunt says:

    The claim that William Randall was a prisoner when he came to the Island of Providence is attributed to Hotton. However, I cannot find that information in Hotton’s text. Any idea where that information is from?

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