Johannes Paulusen Juroksen

Johannes Paulusen JUROKSEN (1658 – 1701) was Alex’s 9th Grandfather; one of 1,024 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Johannes Paulusen Juroksen (Johannes Paulus Jurcks)  was born about 1658 in Esopus (today’s Kingston), Ulster, New York. His parents were Paulus JURCKSE (Yurckse) and  Christina Styntie JANSE.  He came to New York in 1642 on a ship named Den Houttuyn.    He married Jannetje DE RAEDT (DRET) 9 Jul 1681 at the (Phillips Manor, Westchester NY) or  Reformed Dutch Church, New York, NY . After Jannetje died, he married Antje Jochems Van Wert in 1697 in Haverstraw, Orange, New York.  Johannes died in  1701 in Dobbs Ferry, Westchester, NY.

A view of The Strand in the old town of Rondout at night under a full moon

Jannetje De Raedt (Dret) was born in 1655 in  Phillipsburg, Westchester, New York.  Her parents were Jan DARETH and Ryckie Ulrica Van DYCK.   Jannetje died in 1692 in New York.

Antje Jochems Van Wert was born about 1674 in Long Island, Suffolk, New York.  Her parents were Jochem Van Wert Wouterszen and Christina Styntje Jans.  After Johannes died, she married Samuel Conkling on May 4, 1701 and had a daughter Rachel Conklin b. 1702 in Haverstraw, Rockland, New York. Antje died about 1709 in Phillipsburg, Westchester, New York.

Children of Johannes and Jannetje:

Name Born Married Departed
1 Paulus Jurckse 26 Apr 1682
Dobbs Ferry, Westchester, NY
Tryntie (Triente, Theuntje) Crom
27 Dec 1719
Rockland County, NY
2. Greitje (Margrietje) Jurckse 12 Mar 1684 David Abrams Ackerman
20 Sep 1707
Hackensack, Bergen, NJ
Tarrytown, NY
3. Johannes Jurckse 1686
Haverstraw, Orange, New York
4. Jurck Jurckse 1687
Wysquaqua, New York
5. William Jurkse 1690 Died young
6. Harmen Jurckse 12 Jan 1692
Wysquaqua (now Dobbs Ferry), Dobbs Ferry, NY
Maritje Storm
15 May 1714
Tarrytown, NY
15 May 1769
Phillipsburg, Westchester, NY
7. Maritje Jurckse (Maraitje Jurkse) 1693 in Haverstraw, Orange, NY Robert WILLEMS
28 Mar 1714 in Philipsburg (Tarrytown), Westchester, NY
before 28 Aug 1723

Children of Johannes and Antje Jochems Van Wert

Name Born Married Departed
8. Jacobus Jurckse 1695
Haverstraw, Rockland, New York
Elizabeth Courten
5 Sep 1724
Haverstraw, Rockland, New York
9. Johannis Jurckse bapt.
24 Nov 1700
Haverstraw, Rockland, NY
Rachel Willems
(Daughter of Robert WILLEMZE)
5 Oct 1723
Tarrytown, NY
bef. 1750
Haverstraw, NY

The village of Dobbs Ferry takes its name from  the John Dobbs family,which operated a ferry on the east side of the Hudson River. Ferry operation began with either John in 1698 or his son William, in 1730, departing from an Indian village called Wysquaqua, later Dobbs Ferry.  In either case, the route of Dobbs Ferry across the Hudson River is recognized as one of the earliest of the Hudson ferry routes.

Dobbs Ferry

The Jurckse family moved from Wysquaqua to Haverstraw about 1693.


1. Paulus Jurkse

Paulus’ wife Tryntie (Triente, Theuntje) Crom  was born 1682 in Flatbush, Livingston, New York.  Her parents were [__?__] and Lena Ariaens Smidt. Tryntie first married 24 Jun 1713 in Tappan, New York to Hendrick Hogencamp b. 3 Mar 1682 in Bushwick, Long Island, New York; d. 1716 in Tappan, Rockland, New York.   Tryntie died in 1715

2. Greitje (Margrietje) Jurkse

Greitje’s husband David Abrams Ackerman was born May 1684.  His parents were David Ackerman and Aeltie Van Laer.  New Amsterdam Baptisms – 1684 May 11; Abraham Ackerman, Aeltie Van Laer; David; Laurens Ackerman, Anna Maria Deckers

6. Harmen Jurckse

Witnesses to Harmen’s baptism were were Jan Hermanszen and Lysbeth van Gilder.

Harmen’s wife Maritje Storm was born in 1693 in Philipsburgh, Westchester, New York. Her parents were David Storm and Engeltje Van Dyke. Martije died 1771 in Tarrytown, Westchester, New York,

7. Maritje Jurckse (Maraitje Jurkse) (See Robert WILLEMS‘ page)

8. Jacobus Jurckse

Jacobus’ wife Elizabeth Courten was born 1703 in Haverstraw, Rockland, New York. Her parents were Harmon Courten and [__?__]. She was the widow of Ary Crom.

His last name became Yorcksen. They lived in Rockland County, NY. They had 2 children: Johannis (John Yourks) and Harmen.

9. Johannis Jurckse

Witnesses to Johannis’ baptism were Abraham Devoe and Gemima Juckes Devoe

Johannis’s wife Rachel Wilems was born 24 Nov 1700 in Philipsburg, New York.   Her parents were Robert WILLEMZE and Greesje CERANT.  Rachel died 30 Aug 1761 in Dutchess Co. NY.

Joannis and Rachel were godparents to Sybout Crancheyt and Jesyntie Gardenier’s daughter Rachel; baptized 23 Apr 1723 in the Sleepy Hollow DRC.


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