Ebenezer Hawes Jr.

Ebenezer HAWES (1705 – 1741) was Alex’s 7th Great Grandfather; one of 256 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Ebenezer Hawes was born about 1705 in Yarmouth, Mass.   He was the son of Capt. Ebenezer HAWES and Sarah NORTON. He married Sarah HEDGE [at sea?,] on 16 Jan 1729. In the will of his mother dated 20 Dec 1741, Ebenezer is spoken of as lately deceased.  Administration of his estate was given to his widow Sarah on 28 Jan 1741/42.

Sarah Hedge  was born 30 Nov 1709 in Barnstable Co., MA.  Her parents were  John HEDGE and Thankful LOTHROP.  After Ebenezer died, Sara married Isaac Mathews on 31 Aug 1743. Sarah died in 1761 in Yarmouth, Mass.

Isaac Matthews was born 4 Sep 1712 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass. His parents were John Matthews and Hannah Sturgis. Isaac died 7 Feb 1790 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.

Children of Ebenezer and Sarah:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Abigail Hawes 16 Sep 1730 Yarmouth, Mass. Joseph Thatcher
27 Jul 1749 Yarmouth,
21 Jun 1789 Yarmouth
2. Solomon Hawes 22 Jul 1733 Yarmouth
3. Ebenezer Hawes III 16 Aug 1735 Yarmouth Hannah Hawes (Thomas II’s sister & Daughter of Thomas HAWES I)
15 Jun 1760 in Yarmouth
Temperance Taylor
29 Jan 1770
26 Jul 1808 Yarmouth
4. Thankful Hawes 13 Jun 1738 Yarmouth Enoch Hallett
15 Aug 1754 Yarmouth
8 Mar 1788 Yarmouth
5. Desire HAWES 12 Apr 1740 At sea Thomas HAWES II
25 Jan 1759 Yarmouth

In the will of his mother (Sarah Norton Hawes died 9 Jan 1742 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.), Ebenezer is spoken of as “lately deceased.”   Administration of his estate was given to his widow Sarah.


1. Abigail Hawes

Abigail’s husband Joseph Thatcher was born 10 Sep 1726 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass. His parents were Judah Thacher and Sarah Crosby. Joseph died 24 Dec 1771 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.

Joseph resided in Yarmouth and was a blacksmith.

Children of Abigail and Joseph:

i. Solomon Thacher b. 3 Apr 1750 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.; d. 25 Oct 1798

Yarmouth; m. 5 Dec 1774 in Yarmouth to Susannah Crosby (b. 26 Nov 1754 in Yarmouth – d. Sep 1808) Susannah’s parents were Barnabas Crosby and Mehitable Taylor.

ii. Capt. Peleg Thacher b. 22 Nov 1751 in Yarmouth, Mass; d. 12 Aug 1817 Barnstable, Barnstable, Massa; burial Cobb’s Hill Cemetery (East and West); m. 21 Aug 1780 in Yarmouth to Marcy Matthews (b. 1760 – d. 24 Feb 1853 Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass.) Mercy’s parents were Elisha Matthews (1730 -1825) and Elizabeth Sturgis (1734 – ).  His maternal grandparents were our ancestors Edward STURGIS IV and Thankful HEDGE.

Alternatively, Mercy’s parents were Isaac Matthews (1712 – 1790) and Sarah Hawes (1709 – 1761).

Peleg lived at East Barnstable, on S. W. corner, opposite Ezekiel Thacher’s house; he was a  mariner.

“In memory of Capt. Peleg Thacher he died August 12th 1817 in the 66th year of his age. They die in Jesus and are blest, How kind their slumbers are, From sufferings and from pain released And freed from every snare.”

“In memory of Mrs. Mercy widow of Capt. Peleg Thacher, died Feb. 24, 1853 aged 93 years.”

iii. Ebenezer Thacher b. 2 Jun 1754 in Yarmouth, Mass.; d. 1 Apr 1831 Yarmouth; buried buried there in Old Burying-ground; m. 30 Jun 1785 in Yarmouth to Tamsen Taylor (b. 1 Jun 1763 in Yarmouth – d. 20 Mar 1828 in Yarmouth) Tamsen’s parents were cousins Lothrop Taylor (1722 – 1764) and Thankful Taylor (1732 – 1778) Ebenezer and Tamsen had eight children born between 1787 and 1807.

Ebenezer was a soldier in the Revolutionary War and lived in Yarmouth, at N. W. corner of the westerly lane leading to the old burying-ground, in the house that was afterwards altered and occupied by his daughter Ruth” Thacher. Hedied April ist, 1831, at Yarmouth, and was He married June 30th,1785, at Yarmouth, to Tamsen Taylor, born , 1764 (seeage at and date of death), at Yarmouth; died March 20th,1828, at Yarmouth, in her 65th year, and was buried therein Old Burying-ground ; gravestone. She was a daughterof Ebenezer Taylor of Yarmouth.

iv. Lydia Thacher b. 22 Jan 1756 in Yarmouth, Mass.; d. 9 Mar 1838; m. 5 Jun 1777 in Yarmouth to Charles Hallett (b. 4 Apr 1751 in Yarmouth – d. 15 Nov 1821 in Yarmouth) His parents were cousins John Hallett (1719 – 1760) and Rebecca Hallett (1723 – )

v. Isaac Thacher b. 6 Sep 1757 in Yarmouth, Mass.

vi. Joseph Thacher b. 16 Apr 1759 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.; m. 1782 in Yarmouth, Mass to Abigail Gorham (b.: 4 Mar 1760 in Yarmouth – d. 22 Sep 1821) Abigail’s parents were Samuel Gorham (1722 – 1789) and Abigail Hallett (1727 – 1790).

vii. Sarah Thacher b. 10 May 1761 in Yarmouth, Mass.; d. 20 Jul 1847 Ashfield, Mass.; m. 10 Dec 1789 in Yarmouth to Joseph Vincent (b. 16 Jun 1756 in Yarmouth, Mass. – d.8 Jan 1844 in Ashfield, Mass) Joseph’s parents were David Vincent and Abigail Hawes.

viii. Temperance Thacher b. 22 Dec 1762 in Yarmouth, Mass.; d. 14 Jun 1791

ix. Daniel Thacher b. 29 Apr 1765 Yarmouth, Mass

x. Barnabas Thacher b. 26 Aug 1768 Yarmouth, Mass.; d. 26 Sep 1836; m. 18 Apr 1793 in Yarmouth to Molly Howes (b. 28 Aug 1769 Yarmouth – d, 11 Aug 1838) Molly’s parents were Edward Howes and Sarah Green. Barabas and Molly had nine children born between 1794 and 1810.

xi. Ezekiel Thacher b. 26 Jan 1772 Yarmouth, Mass.; d. 1785

3. Ebenezer Hawes III

Ebenezer’s first wife Hannah Hawes was born 25 Mar 1738 Yarmouth, Mass.  She was Thomas II’s sister.  Her parents were Thomas HAWES I and Thankful  GORHAM.  Hannah died 19 Aug 1764 in Yarmouth, Mass. after just four years of marriage.

Ebenezer’s second wife Temperance Taylor was born 28 Jul 1744 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass. Her parents were William Taylor and Anne Gorham. Temperance died Sep 1810.

Ebenezer Hawes III’s son Isaiah Hawes (b. 2 Feb 1777 – d. 31 May 1852 in Vassalboro, Kennebec, Maine) also moved from Yarmouth,  Barnstable Mass to  Vassalboro, Maine along with his cousin Isaac Hawes.   Isaiah came to Vassalboro in 1809.  Isaiah married Desire Collins and had a family of twelve children, but only one boy Isaiah Hawes, born in 1827.  His brother, Prince Hawes,(b. 20 Sep 1772) father of Rev. Josiah T. Hawes, of Litchfield, came from Yarmouth, Cape Cod, in 1802.

 Isaiah was a private in the War of 1812 along with several other Hawes and Seth RICHARDSON Sr and Jr.    Capt. J. Wellington’s Company, Lieut. Col. E. Sherwin’s Regiment.  From Sept. 24 to Nov. 10, 1814. Raised at Albion, Kennebec Maine and vicinity. Service at Wiscasset.

Rank and Name.
Joel Wellington, Captain
Washington Heald, Lieutenant
Israel Richardson, Ensign
Robert Richardson, Sergeant
Charles Stratton, Sergeant
William Eames, Sergeant
Samuel Ward, Sergeant
Richard V. Hayden, Corporal
Nathaniel Merchant, Corporal
Andrew S. Perkins, Corporal
Benjamin Reed, Jr., Corporal
Odiorne Heals, Musician
John Kidder, Jr., Musician
Samuel Gibson, Musician

Privates include:
David Hawes
Ebenezer Hawes
Isaiah Hawes (son of Ebenezer III above)
James Hawes
Seth Hawes
Andrew Richardson
Ebenezer Richardson
Seth RICHARDSON I (our ancestor)
Seth RICHARDSON II, (our ancestor)

Children of Ebenezer and Temperance:

i. Capt. Ebenezer Hawes b. 24 Jan 1771 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.; m.29 Sep 1799 to Thankful Thacher (28 Feb 1751 – d. 7 Apr 1823) Thankful’s parents were William Thacher and Thankful Hedge.

ii. Prince Hawes b. 20 Sep 1772 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass. m.15 Oct 1797 in Yarmouth to Betsy Taylor (b. 29 Dec 1778 in Yarmouth – d. 26 Jan 1827 in Vassalboro, Kennebec, Maine) Betsey’s parents were Ansel Taylor and Azuba Hallett.

iii. Josiah Hawes b. 22 Nov 1774 in Yarmouth, Mass.; d. 1798

iv. Isaiah Hawes b. 2 Feb 1777 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.; d. 31 May 1852 in Vassalboro, Kennebec, Maine; m. 7 Feb 1808 Yarmouth to Desire Collins (b. 9 Jan 1780 Liverpool, Queens, Nova Scotia – d. 4 Sep 1866 – Vassalboro, Kennebec, Maine) Desire’s parents were Stephen Collins (1746 – 1793) and Ruth Cheever (1750 – ) On the other hand, Desire might have been the daughter of David Collins, Jr. and Deborah Sears of Dennis, MA. The 1850 census shows her using the nickname, Desiah. Desiah is also the name given to her in “History of Brighton,” volume two, J. P. C. Winship, 1902.

Isaiah and Desire had twelve children between 1808 and 1830.

Isaiah and Desire moved to Maine between 1808 when their daughter Temperance was born in Yarmouth and 1810 when Sarah was born in Vassalboro.

In the 1850 census, Isiah and Desiah were farming in Vassalboro, Maine.

v. Temperance Hawes b. 21 Jul 1779 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass. m. 7 May 1805 in Yarmouth to Thomas Woodbridge

vi. Hannah Hawes b. 12 Jan 1782 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.; m. 19 Sep 1805 in Yarmouth to Thomas Custis (b. 25 Dec 1779 in Virginia) Thomas’ father was Joseph Custis.

Hannah’s cousin Hannah Hawes (daughter of James Hawes and Rebecca Russell, granddaughter of Thomas HAWES I and Thankful GORHAM ) married  3 May 1792  in Yarmouth to Thomas’ brother John Custis  (b. 1 Jan 1768 Accomack, Virginia – d. 9 Nov 1810 (Age 42) Yarmouth ).

vii. Sarah Hawes b. 9 Jun 1784 in Yarmouth, Mass; d. 6 Oct 1800 Yarmouth

4. Thankful Hawes

Thankful’s first husband Enoch Hallett was born 1737 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass. His parents were Samuel Hallet and Susannah Clark. Enoch died 8 Mar 1788 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass. After Thankful died in 1778, he married 25 May 1780 to Abigail Rider (b. 1740)

Children of Thankful and Enoch:

i. Samuel Hallet b. 8 Apr 1756 in Yarmouth, Mass.; d. 29 Jan 1778 Lancaster, Virginia

ii. Barnabas Hallett b. 27 Dec 1757 in Yarmouth, Mass.; d. 20 Sep 1795 Yarmouth; m1. 28 Dec 1786 in Yarmouth to Desire Hallett (b. 15 Apr 1759 in Yarmouth – d. 19 Feb 1790 in Yarmouth)  Desire’s parents were Thomas Hallet and Sarah Hamblin.  Barnabas and Desire had one daughter Desire born in 1788.

m2. 27 Oct 1791 in Yarmouth to Desire’s sister Sarah Hallett (b. 14 Jul 1763 in Yarmouth – d. 11 Feb 1793)  Sarah’s parents were also Thomas Hallet (1729 – ) and Sarah Hamblin (1733 – 1800)

Barnabas and Sarah had one son Ezekiel born in 1792.

m3. 17 Oct 1793 to Bethiah Hall (b. 7 Nov 1766 in Yarmouth) After Barnabas died, Berthiah married 17 Jul 1800 in Yarmouth  to Stephen Hallett (b. 16 Aug 1754 in Yarmouth – d. 1835 in Yarmouth) and had two more children in 1802 and 1803 . Stephen’s parents were Stephen Hallett and Mercy Joyce. Lots of Hallet cousins running in this family!

iii. Enoch Hallet b. 19 Feb 1760 in Yarmouth, Mass.; m. Mary “Molly” Sears (b. 1760 in Yarmouth – d. 11 Apr 1838)  Mary’s parents were Moody Sears (1734 – 1795) and Elizabeth Lewis (1739 – 1803).  Enoch and Mary had nine children born between 1785 and 1805.

iv. Heman Hallet b. 27 Jan 1762 in Yarmouth, Mass.

v. Abner Hallet b. 27 Mar 1764 in Yarmouth, Mass.; d. 7 Jan 1797 Yarmouth; Burial: Woodside Cemetery
Yarmouth Port; m. 25 Dec 1794 in Yarmouth to Mary Hallet (b. 1 Sep 1762 in Yarmouth – d. 4 May 1845 in Yarmouth) Her parents were Jeremiah Hallett and Hannah Griffith.

vi. David Hallet b. 21 Mar 1766 Yarmouth, Mass.; d. at sea Sulawesi Tengah, Indonesia; m. 7 Nov 1813 in Yarmouth, Mass. to Mercy Loring

vii. Susanna Hallet b. 7 Mar 1769 in Yarmouth, Mass.; d. 13 Feb 1768 Yarmouth

viii. Achsa Hallet b. 31 Aug 1772 in Yarmouth, Mass.

ix. Thankful Hallet b. 3 Sep 1774 in Yarmouth, Mass.; Cambridge, Middlesex, Mass; m. 1795 to John Miller

x. Rhoda Hallett b. 29 Aug 1776 in Yarmouth, Mass.; d. 05 Aug 1837 Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass; m. 2 Nov 1800 Yarmouth to Edward Marston (b. 22 Mar 1773 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass. – d. 12 Nov 1839 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass. Edward’s parents were John Marston (1738 – 1817) and Mary Crocker (1744 – 1816). Rhoda and Edward had seven children born between 1802 and 1818.

5. Desire HAWES (See Thomas HAWES II‘s page)



Wing Family of America – Ebenezer Hawes


Representative Men and Old Families of Southeastern Massachusetts – Google Books


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  9. Carl Flegal says:

    Stephen Collins, b. Chatham 1745, d. Liverpool, NS 22 Feb 1793, m. Liverpool, NS Ruth Cheever.
    However, it is very clear that Desire Collins and Isaiah Hawes were married in Dennis, MA. It is difficult to create a scenario whereby Desire would be a daughter of Stephen and Ruth (Cheever) Collins.
    Stephen and Ruth may have had a daughter named Desire but even this seems questionable.
    David Collins and his wife Dexiah/Desire did clearly live in Dennis, MA and are the parents of the Desire Collins who married Isaiah Hawes in Dennis, MA and died in Vassalboro, ME.

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