Capt. Ebenezer Hawes Sr.

Capt. Ebenezer HAWES Sr. (1679 – 1727) was Alex’s 8th Great Grandfather; one of 512 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Ebenezer Hawes was born on 28 Mar 1679 at Yarmouth, Plymouth Colony.  He was the son of Capt John HAWES and Desire GORHAM. He married Sarah NORTON at Edgartown, Dukes, MA, on 23 Feb 1700. Ebenezer died 7 Oct 1727 at Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.

Sarah Norton was born at Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.  in 1676.   Her parents were Isaac NORTON and Ruth BAYES.  Sarah died 9 Jan 1742 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.

Sarah Norton Hawes – Headstone – Ancient Cemetery Yarmouth PortBarnstable CountyMassachusetts

Children of Ebenezer and Sarah:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Jabez Hawes 13 Sep 1700
Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass
Yarmouth, Mass
2. John Hawes 3 May 1702
Susannah Bassett (Daughter of Joseph BASSETT Sr.)
10 Feb 1732 Yarmouth
3. Desire Hawes 22 Mar 1704
John Hedge (Sarah’s brother)
26 Nov 1724 Yarmouth
5 Mar 1764
4. Ebenezer HAWES Jr. ca. 1705
Yarmouth, Mass
16 January 1729
At Sea
28 Jan 1741/42
Administration of his estate was given to his widow Sarah
5. Isaac Hawes 10 Aug 1707
Monomoy, Barnstable, MA
Mary Sargent
14 Nov 1734 in Gloucester, Mass
4 Aug 1751
6. Ruth Hawes 13 Fwb 1708/09
Joseph Thacher
24 Feb 1728 Yarmouth
3 May 1772
7. Benjamin Hawes 13 Oct 1710
Chatham, Barnstable, Mass
Anna Paddock
25 Aug 1736 Boston
29 Dec 1741
8. Solomon Hawes 6 Jul 1712
9. Bayes Hawes (Son) 1714
Jean Lewis
1 Jul 1744
10 Jul 1785
9. Jacob Hawes 1716
 29 Dec 1741

Ebenezer was a man of prominence in Yarmouth and Chatham and was a Captain in the militia.

Chatham, Barnstable, Mass.

Chatham, Barnstable, Mass.

~1706 – Removed to Monomoy, afterwards Chatham.  Native American tribes who lived in the area before European colonization include the Nauset, specifically the Manomoy or Monomoy people. “Manamoyik” was a Nauset village located near present-day Chatham. Explorer Samuel de Champlain landed here in 1606, contacting (and skirmishing with) the Nauset. English settlers first settled in Chatham in 1665, and the town was incorporated in 1712, naming it after Chatham, Kent, England. Located at the “elbow” of Cape Cod, the community became a shipping, fishing, and whaling center. Chatham’s early prosperity would leave it with a considerable number of 18th century buildings, whose charm helped it develop into a popular summer resort.

1707 thru 1719 – Selectman in  Chatham ten times

1709 -” One of two appointed to make preparations for a minister”

1710 and 1715 – Coroner for Barnstable County

13 Mar 1716 – Styled “Captain” in the records when he was chosen moderator

1716 – Appointed town agent to demand, sue for and recover from Rev. Mr. Hugh Adams “what the said Adams oweth to the town of Chatam” with the power to retain attorneys.

1728 – Returned to Yarmouth and died early that year.  His widow adminstered his estate 4 Mar 1727/28.

Edmund Hawes

Ebenezer Hawes Bio – Source: Edmund Hawes 0f Yarmouth Massachusetts 1914

Ebenezer Hawes Bio 2
Ebenezer Hawes Bio 3
Ebenezer Hawes Bio 4


2. John Hawes

John’s wife Susannah Bassett was born 22 Jan 1715, Yarmouth, Mass.  Her parents were Joseph BASSETT Sr. and Susannah HOWES.  Susannah died in 1746.

Children of John and Susannah:

i. Sarah Hawes b. 17 Oct 1732 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.; m. 17 Oct 1771 in Yarmouth to Thomas Palmer (b. Falmouth, Barnstable, Mass)

ii. Samuel Hawes b. 17 Oct 1734 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.

iii. John Hawes b 19 Apr 1736 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.; d. 2 Aug 1737 Yarmouth

iv. Ruth Hawes b. 21 May 1742 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.

v. Susannah Hawes b. 28 Apr 1744 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.

vi Mercy Hawes b 31 Jan 1746 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.

3. Desire Hawes

Desire’s husband John Hedge was born 4 Oct 1702, Yarmouth  His parents were  John HEDGE and Thankful LOTHROP.  John died 6 Feb 1761 Yarmouth, Mass.

Children of Desire and John:

i. Sarah Hedge b. 20 Aug 1729 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.; d. 1784; m. 11 Mar 1749 in Yarmouth to David Matthews (b 14 May 1727 in Yarmouth – d. 10 Jul 1819 in Yarmouth) David’s parents were John Matthews ( – 1776) and Hannah Sturgis (1693 – 1754). Sarah and David had nine children born between 1748 and 1770. After Sarah died, David married 16 Jun 1785 in Yarmouth to Anne Crowell (1740 – 1821)

ii. John Hedge b. 10 Jul 1734 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.; d 1 Jun 1782 New York, New York; m. 8 May 1762 in Yarmouth to Temperance Thacher John and Temperance had five children born between 1767 and 1777.

iii. Elisha Hedge b. 9 Jan 1736 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.; d. 4 Sep 1807 Yarmouth Elisha had five children born between 1760 and 1782.

iv Thankful Hedge b. 30 Sep 1738 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.;

4. Ebenezer HAWES Jr. (See his page)

5. Isaac Hawes

Isaac’s wife Mary Sargent was born 15 Feb 1716 in Gloucester, Essex, Mass. Her parents were Samuel Sargent and Mary Norwood.

Children of Isaac and Mary

i. Isaac Hawes b 21 Sep 1735; m. 14 Jul 1757 in Boston to Sarah Bouve Isaac and Sarah had three children born between 1758 and 1761.

ii. William Sargent Hawes b 1738; m. 30 Jan 1766 in Boston to Sarah Hunstable (b. 27 Nov 1741 in Boston)

6. Ruth Hawes

Ruth’s husband Joseph Thacher was born 11 Jul 1699 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass. His parents were John Thacher and Lydia Gorham. His maternal grandparents were John GORHAM  and Desire HOWLAND. Joseph died 17 Jun 1763 in Yarmouth, Mass.

Children of Ruth and Joseph

i. Desire Thacher b: 1729 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass; d. 1729 in Yarmouth

ii. Desire Thacher b: 1730 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass; d. 1816; m. 1756 in Yarmouth to Grindal Rawson (b: 1721 in Yarmouth Desire and Grindal had three children born between 1757 and 1761. Divorced: 1773 in Spousal Abuse

Grindal graduated from Harvard College in 1741 and received his M.A from Yale in 1753.

1751 – He was installed as the Congregational minister in Ware, Massachusetts., but resigned January 30, 1754

1755 – He became the minister of the West Yarmouth Church a month before his marriage to Desire Thacher. He was dismissed in 1760.

Rev. Mr. Rawson was living with his son, Jonathan Rawson, in Dover, New Hampshire, when he died in Sutton, Massachusetts., while on a to Sutton, Mass to visit his son Ebenezer.

iii. Ruth Thacher b: 1732 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass;

iv. Ebenezer Thacher b: 1734 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass;

v. Ruth Thacher b: 1736 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass; d. 19 Oct 1810
Yarmouth; m1. 16 Nov 1755 in Yarmouth to Ezekiel Webb (b. 4 Mar 1733 in Freetown, Bristol, Mass. – d 16 Nov 1764) Ruth and Ezekiel had one child Sarah (b. 1756)

m2. 17 Dec 1768 in Yarmouth to Seth Whelden (b. 26 May 1738 in Yarmouth – d. 8 Oct 1820 in Dartmouth, Mass.) Seth’s parents were Seth Whelden (1700 – 1773) and Mary Mayo (1700 – ) Ruth and Seth had four children born between 1771 and 1776.

vi. Joseph Thacher b: 1741 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass;

vii. Joseph Thacher b: 1744 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass; m. 1765 in Yarmouth to Susannah Whelden (b. 1 May 1742 in Yarmouth – d. 8 Jun 1783) Susannah’s parents were John Whelden (1711 – 1797) and Susanna Hallett (1722 – 1751) Joseph and Susannah had five children born between 1766 and 1766.

7. Benjamin Hawes

Benjamin’s wife Anna Paddock was born 23 Sep 1717 in Yarmouth, Dennis, Mass. Her parents were John Paddock (1695 – 1732) and Rebecca Thacher (1696 – 1736).

Children of Benjamin and Anna:

i. Benjamin Hawes b. 18 Mar 1739 in Boston, Mass; d. 5 Apr 1788 Charleston, South Carolina; m. Ann [__?__] (b. – d. 4 Aug 1790 in Charleston, South Carolina) Benjamin and Ann had five children born between 1763 and 1788.

9. Bayes Hawes

Bayes’ wife Jean Lewis was born 28 Apr 1713 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass. Her parents were Jonathan Lewis (1674 – 1743) and Patience Look (1681 – 1767). Jean died 10 Jul 1785.

Children of Bayes and Jean:

i.Jacob Hawes b. 21 Apr 1745 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass; d. 1790

ii. Deborah Hawes b. 27 Jan 1747 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass; d. 1793

iii. Jane Hawes b. 17 Jul 1749 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass; d. 9 Aug 1749 Yarmouth

iv Bays Hawes b. 21 Jul 1750 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass; d. 1795

v, Jabez Hawes b. 1754

vi Joshua Hawes b 1756


Wing Family of America – Capt. Ebenezer Hawes

Representative Men and Old Families of Southeastern Massachusetts – Google Books

Edmond Hawes of Yarmouth, Massachusetts: an emigrant to America in 1635, his ancestors, including the allied families of Brome, Colles, Greswold, Porter, Rody, Shirley and Whitfield; and some of his descendants  1914

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