Henry Howland

Henry HOWLAND (1564 – 1670 ) was Alex’s 12th Great Grandfather; one of 8,192  in this generation of the Shaw line.

Henry Howland - Coat of Arms Granted in 1584 by Queen Elizabeth, beginning with Bishop Howland.

Henry Howland was born about 1564 in Fenstanton, Huntingdonshire, England  His parents were John HOWLAND and Emma REVELL.   He married Margaret AIRES 26 Apr 1600 in St. Mary’s, Ely, Cambridgeshire.   Henry died on 17 May 1635 in Fenstanton, Huntingdonshire.  Henry is buried on 19 May 1635 in Fenstanton, Huntingdonshire. Occupation: Yeoman.


Margaret Aires was born in 1567 in England.  Margaret died on 30 Jul 1629 in Fenstanton, Huntingdonshire.   Margaret is buried on 31 Jul 1629 in Fenstanton, Huntingdonshire.

Children of Henry and Margaret:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Humphrey Howland 1596 in Essex, Essex, England Margaret Calvert
21 Nov 1622
St. Mary’s, Middlesex, England – divorced in White Chapel
Ann (or Mary) in Oct 1636 in Barking, Essex, England
10 Jul 1646
St. Swithin Parish, London
2. John HOWLAND ca.1598
Fenstanton, Hunts., England
Elizabeth TILLEY
23 Feb 1672
Plymouth, Mass
3. Arthur HOWLAND ca 1600
Fenstanton, Hunts., England
>Margaret WALKER Reed
30 Oct 1675
Marshfield, Mass
4. Margaret Howland 1602
Fenstanton, Hunts., England.
Richard Philips
26 Apr 1623
Fenstanton, Hunts.
5. Simon Howland baptized 19 Aug 1604 Ann Ulster
1632 in Huntingdonshire, England
London, Middlesex, England
6. Henry Howland c. 1605
prob Fenstanton, Hunts., England
Mary Newland
11 Jan 1670/71
Duxbury, MA.
7. George Howland 1608
Fenstanton, Hunts., England
10 Feb 1642/43
St Dunstans East London, London, England



1. Humphrey Howland

Humphrey’s first wife Margaret Calvert was born 1600 in Fen Stanton, Hunts., England. Anne died Oct 1636 in England. divorced in White Chapel

Humphrey’s second wife Ann (or Mary) [__?__] was born in Barking, Essex, England. Ann died in 1646.

Humphrey was apprenticed on Nov 12, 1612 to James Smith of the Drapers Company, London and was granted his freedom on Dec 1, 1620.  In a poll of the city companies in 1641, Humphrey Howland is listed as a clothworker in Bush lane.

2. John HOWLAND (See his page)

3. Arthur HOWLAND (See his page)

4. Margaret Howland

Margaret’s husband Richard Phillips was born 1593 in Fenstanton, Huntingdonshire, England. His parents were George Phillips and Anne [__?__]. Richard died 1646 in England

5. Simon Howland 

Simon’s wife Ann Ulster was born in 1604 in England

Simon was apprenticed to his brother Humphrey, his father’s name and parish being recorded in the books in 1622 and made free March 24, 1629. He was living in 1634.

6. Henry Howland

Henry’s wife Mary Newland was born 1609 in Fen Stanton, Huntingdonshire, England. Her parents were William Newland and Agnes Greenway. Her brother William married our ancestor Rose ALLEN in a second marriage for each.  Rose’s father was George ALLEN the Elder  and her first husband was Joseph HOLLOWAY.  Mary died 17 Jun 1674.

Rose Allen and her second husband, William Newland her also Quakers.  They+ were fined 10 shillings for being at a Quaker meeting on October 2, 1661, and that same year, William Newland was complained of for having entertained a Quaker in his home..

Henry was apprenticed to his brother Humphrey in 1628, but as there is no record of him being granted his freedom, he probably did not finish the apprenticeship. He came to Plymouth Colony and settled in Duxbury where he died in 1674. His will dated Nov 22, 1670 names eight children. Like his brother Arthur, he was a Quaker and many of his descendants adhered to that faith.

Henry resided for a while in Plymouth, but by 1633 became an early settler in Duxbury “by the bayside, near Love Brewster.” He was a surveyor of highways, and was able to bear arms in 1643. He was a grantee of Bridgewater in 1645, but did not remove there.

25 Mar 1633 – Henry’s name appears on the Plymouth tax list, and he was also on the original freeman list.

8 Apr 1633 – Walter Harris had his indenture transferred to Henry Howland.

5 Jan 1635/36 Henry became the constable of Duxbury. He was frequently a member of trial and grand juries.

3 June 1657 – Henry, John Tompson, Morris Truant, Ralph Allen, and Thomas Greenfield refused to serve on the grand jury.

2 Mar 1657/58 – The same day his brother Arthur was fined for permitting a Quaker meeting in his house and for resisting the constable of Marshfield in the execution of his office, Henry Howland was fined ten shillings for entertaining a meeting in his house contrary to court orders.

22 Dec 1657 – Henry, his son Zoeth and brother Arthur were called before the Plymouth court to answer for entertaining a Quaker, and suffering and inviting sundry to hear said Quaker. They were fined for using thier homes for Quaker meetings. The families of Henry Howland and his brother Arthur, were two Plymouth families most identified as practicing Quakers. The families ceased attending Plymouth religious services and allowed their homes for the conduct of Quaker meetings. Throughout his life, Henry’s brother John HOWLAND (also our ancestor) remained faithful to Separatist belief and practice, but his compassion for Quakers is not known.

2 Apr 1659 – Henry with 26 others bought of the Indians what is now Freetown, for a few old coats, rugs, iron pots, etc. including “one little kittle”. In 1664 he purchased a large portion of land in Mattapoisett (Swansea). Henry was owner of the sixth lot in Freetown. However, his sons, John and Samuel, really became the actual settlers.

7 June 1659 – The court, referring to an order disenfranching Quakers and other offenders, gave notice to four men to appear in court the following August,

6 Oct 1659 – Henry and his brother-in-law, William Newland, were were sentenced “to bee defranchised of their freedom of this corpation”.

1 May 1660 – Henry Howland was charged with entertaining another man’s wife in his house after her husband had complained to him, and for permitting a Quaker meeting in his house and entertaining a foreign Quaker. He stiffly denied the first charge, and the court noted that the evidence ‘did not appeer to make it out,’ but he was convicted on the Quaker charges.

7. George Howland

George was a merchant in London.


From Annis Spear, 1945 by Walter Goodwin Davis





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