Seth Richardson I

Seth RICHARDSON I (1716 – 1785) was Alex’s 7th Great Grandfather, one of 256 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Seth Richardson was born 3 Sep 1716 in Attleborough MA.  His parents were Francis RICHARDSON and Sarah HOUGHTON.  He married Abigail SKINNER 25 Oct 1739 in Attleboro, Bristol, Mass.  Seth died 10 Jan 1785 in Attleboro Mass and is buried in the Old Kirk Yard Cemetery.

Seth Richardson I – Gravestone

Abigail Skinner was born about 1720 in Norton, Bristol, MA.  Her parents were Thomas SKINNER and Abigail DAY.  Abigail died 26 Apr 1811 in Attleboro Mass.

Abigail Skinner Richardson – Gravestone

Children of Seth and Abigail:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Jonathan Richardson 1 Jan 1740
Hannah Franklin?
6 Aug 1761 – Bristol, Mass
2 Jul 1743 – Chelmsford  Middlesex, Mass.
28 Feb 1817
bef. 1829 Livonia, Livingston Co, New York
2. Thomas Richardson 1 Dec 1741
Attleboro, Bristol, MA
Elisabeth Turner
9 Jan 1765 – Attleboro
3 Oct 1797
3. June Richardson 1 Jan 1742/43
4. Abigail Richardson 14 May 1745
John Foster
21 Jul 1763 – Attleboro
5. Seth Richardson 24 Jul 1747
15 Feb 1752
6. Benjamin Richardson 22 Mar 1749/50
7. Anne Richardson 10 Feb 1753
Died Young
8. Seth RICHARDSON II 15 Sep 1755
Attleboro, Mass.
Sarah FRENCH 29 Jan 1824
Attleboro, Mass.
9. Francis Richardson 11 Jun 1758
10. Anna Richardson 1 Apr 1760
Attleboro, Mass
Henry Peck
18 Jan 1781 Attleboro, Mass.
26 Aug 1840
Harrisburg, Lewis, NY
11. Silas Richardson 9 Oct 1763
Attleboro, Mass
Abigail Thayer
26 Nov 1789 – Hardwick, Mass
1 Feb 1829 – Hardwick, Mass

Seth I would have been 64 years old in 1780, a little old to be marching 30 miles, so this record may refer to his son, Seth II. However, the applicant Frank Lewis Briggs clearly thought it referred to Seth I.

Seth Richardson I Sons of the American Revolution Application by Frank Lewis Briggs


1. Jonathan Richardson

Genealogies show Jonathan’s death as either 2 Jul 1743 – Chelmsford, Middlesex, Mass.
or 28 Feb 1817  Attleboro, Mass.

A Jonathan Richardson was born about the same time in Massachusetts and served in the Revolutionary War from that state.  He moved his family moved from Massachusetts to western New York through the area of Vermont claimed by New York, roughly around the area of Fort Edward, New York, just across the border from Vermont, though they may also have lived in New Hampshire.  This Jonathan died bef 1829  buried: Annis-Powell Cemetery, Livonia, Livingston Co, New York, gravesite unknown.  Here’s the story of this Jonathan and his many descendents

The New York Jonathan’s wife, Hannah Franklin was born 5 Sep 1742 in Attleboro, Bristol, Mass. Her parents were James Franklin and Hannah Tolman.

Children of Jonathan and Hannah:

i. Jonathan Richardson b. 26 Nov 1762 in Livonia, Livingston, New York; d. 5 Apr 1850 in Independence, Allegany, New York; Burial Annis-Powell Cemetery Livonia ; m. 24 Apr 1792 Swanzy, Chester, New York to Rhoda Thompson (b. 30 Sep 1773 in Swanzey, Cheshire, New Hampshire – d. 30 Sep 1840 in Livonia ) Rhoda’s parents were Samuel Thompson (1733 – 1803) and Rhoda Smith (1733 – 1803). Jonathan and Rhoda had thirteen children between 1792 and 1817.

Jonathan and two other Richardson men, Daniel and Joseph, all fought in the War of 1812 in the New York militia in Capt Gould Tyler’s Company, Col. Blakesly’s Militia.

ii. Joseph Richardson b. 1765 in Swanzey, Cheshire, New Hampshire; d. 30 Dec 1813, Battle of Black Rock, Buffalo, Niagara Co, New York; m. 1796 Leyden, Franklin, Mass. to Abigail Fisk (b. 1767 – d. 11 Nov 1851 in Mendon, Monroe, New York

The History of Livingston Co, New York states: “Two brothers, Joseph and Jonathan Richardson, both cripples, participated in the battle of Chippewa, fought July 5, 1814, in which battle Joseph was killed by a ball passing through his heart, and Jonathan was taken prisoner by the British. He was taken to Montreal, and from there to Halifax, from which place, after some six months imprisonment, he was released. Joseph Richardson, Jr., a son to Joseph who was killed, was also catpured by the enemy, but in a few days escaped.”

This source cannot be correct, as three depositions in Abigail Richardson’s bounty land application, as well as her own, give a death date of 31 Dec 1813. However, the cause of death is consistant with the depositions.

[Children iii. through vi. may belong to a different family]

iii. Lydia Richardson b. 31 Jul 1773 in Billerica, Middlesex, Mass.; d. 27 Sep 1776 in Billerica.

iv. Benjamin Richardson b. 1 Dec 1774 in Billerica, Middlesex, Mass.; d. 20 Jan 1776 in Billerica

v. Hannah Richardson b. 13 Sep 1776 in Billerica, Middlesex, Mass.; d. 21 Mar 1778 in Billerica

vi. Lydia Richardson b. 30 Mar 1779 in Billerica,

vii.  Daniel Richardson b. btw. 1775 and 1784 (1810 and 1820 census records); 1781 according to Veterans buried in Livonia; d. 1820 (Veterans Buried in Livonia and FindaGrave) buried Oakridge Cemetery, Livonia

He and two other Richardson men, Joseph and Jonathan, all fought in the War of 1812 in the New York militia in Capt Gould Tyler’s Company, Col. Blakesly’s Militia.

m.  Philena Stebbins (born 1780 – 1784 (census records), 1783 (1850 census household of John Baccus); died after 1850). Married second, as his third wife, John Baccus, b. 1772, d. 1862.
children: Philinda*, Daniel J.*, Lydia (never married), Washington E.*, Didamia or Diadamia*, Joseph B.*, and William Waring*.

viii. John Richardson d.  possibly between 1830 and 1840; m.  Elizabeth (Betsey) Phillips (no dates known). She “was learned in medicine and rode about the country on horseback with her saddlebags like any other doctor.”

Children: At least three: John, who died after being pushed against a stump on the school ground and died from injuries received; Elizabeth* (“who married her first cousin Rufus Richardson”, son of Joseph Richardson); and William*

2. Thomas Richardson

Thomas’ wife Elisabeth Turner was born 5 Oct 1742 in Attleboro, Bristol, Mass. Her parents were Ebenezer Turner and Hannah [__?__]. Elizabeth died 27 May 1793 in Attleboro.

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth:

i. Francis Richardson b. 28 Oct 1768 in Attleboro, Bristol, Mass.; d. 27 Feb 1850  in Harford, Susquehanna, Pennsylvania [northeast corner of the state]; Burial:Harford Cemetery Findagrave #68266625

m. 21 Oct 1796 Norton, Bristol, Mass. to Mehitable Puffer (b. 17 Aug 1778 in Abington, Plymouth, Mass. – d. 1854 in Harford, PA) Mehitable’s parents were John Puffer (1746 – 1834) and Silence Jackson 1752 – 1840). Francis and Mehitable had thirteen chiildren born between 1797 and 1825.

In the 1850 census, Mehitable was living with Mehitable Tenant in Harford.

ii. Thomas Richardson b. 25 Jun 1776 –

iii. Unity Richardson b. 3 Apr 1782 in Attleborough, Mass; m. 3 Feb 1802 Wrentham, Norfolk, Mass. to Nathan A. Barton (b. 8 Feb 1770 in Oxford, Worcester, Mass. – d. Aug 1824 in Oxford ) His parents were cousins Nathan Barton (1734 – 1795) and Tamar Barton (1743 – 1777). Unity and Nathan had twelve children born between 1802 and 1824.

iv. Eloney Richardson b. 21 Oct 1786 – Attleboro, Mass.; d. 12 Sep 1787 – Attleboro, Bristol, Mass

4. Abigail Richardson

Children of Abigail and John: (Births from Attleboro Vital Records🙂

Abigail’s husband John Foster was born in 1741 in Attleboro, Mass.

Children of Abigail and John:

i. John Foster b. 19 Dec 1763 Attleboro, Mass.

ii. James Foster b. 16 Mar 1765 Attleboro, Mass.

iii. Henry Foster b. 17 Aug 1766 Attleboro, Mass

iv. William Foster b. 25 Jan  1768 Attleboro, Mass

v. Margrett Foster b. 20 Aug 1769 Attleboro, Mass

vi. Thomas Foster b. 21 Jul 1771 Attleboro, Mass

vii. Seth Foster b. 8 Mar 1773 Attleboro, Mass

viii. Abigail Foster b. 2 Aug 1774 Attleboro, Mass

8. Seth RICHARDSON II (See his page)

10. Anna Richardson

Anna’s husband Henry Peck was born 10 Dec 1756 in Attleborough, Bristol, Mass. His parents were Hezekiah Peck and Ann Skinner.   Henry and Anna were first cousins.  They shared grandparents Thomas SKINNER and Abigail DAY.  Henry died 11 Jun 1838 in Harrisburg, Lewis, New York

“Henry Peck claimes for services as a substitute for his father Hezekiah Peck, under Capt. Caleb Richardson, in 1775. The roll of Capt. Caleb Richardson’s Company, from April 24th to August 1st, 1775, is found in this office, and the name of Hezekiah Peck is borne thereon, and is allowed for services and travel three months and eight days.”

Henry Peck came to Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire about 1779 lived in the east part of the town and had charge of the Giles mill then standing on the site of the Granite Mills.

Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire

Granted in 1753 by Colonial Governor Benning Wentworth, the town was named Grenville after George Grenville, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and brother-in-law of William Pitt. But ongoing hostilities during the French and Indian War, as close as the Fort at Number 4 at Charlestown, delayed settlement. Nevertheless, in 1761 the town would be incorporated as Newport, for Henry Newport, a distinguished English soldier and statesman.

It was first settled in 1763 by pioneers from North Killingworth, Connecticut. At that time, the Connecticut River was the only route for travel, until a road was cut through the wilderness to Charlestown in 1767. The following year, the first gristmill was established. But dissatisfied with treatment by the state government far beyond the mountains, Newport in 1781 joined 33 other towns along the Connecticut River and seceded from New Hampshire to join Vermont. George Washington, however, would dissolve their union with Vermont in 1782, and the towns rejoined New Hampshire.

Children of Anna and Henry:

i. Henry Peck b. 12 Nov 1781 in Cheshire, New Hampshire; d. 20 Dec 1840 in Harrisburg, Lewis, New York; m. Hepsibah Kelsey (b. ~1786 in Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire – d. 22 Apr 1852 in Harrisburg, NY) Henry’s brother Calvin married Hepsibah’s sister Lois. Their parents were Roswell Kelsey (1743 – 1813) and Hepsibah Bellows (1753 – 1834). Henry and Hepsibah had six children born between 1804 and 1824.

ii. Dexter Peck b. 10 Jul 1783; d. h 31 Jan 1842 in Harrisburg, Lewis, New York; m. 1815 to Mary “Polly” Peck (b. 1790 in Lyme, New London, Connecticut). Polly’s father was Azariah Peck (1764 – 1852) Dexter and Polly had four children born between 1815 and 1832.

iii. Seth Peck b. 10 Apr 1785 in Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire; d. Harrisburg, Lewis, New York; m. 1808 Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire to Ann Clapp (b. 24 Jul 1789 in Sunapee Twp, Sullivan, New Hampshire – d. in Harrisburg, Lewis, New York)  Ann’s father was Job Clapp. Seth and Ann had eight children born between 1809 and 1832.

iv. Calvin Peck b. 14 May 1787; d. Dec 1886  m. 13 May 1809 Newport to Lois Kelsey (b. 28 May 1787 in Newport, NH) Calvin’s brother Henry married Lois’ sister Hepsibah. Their parents were Roswell Kelsey (1743 – 1813) and Hepsibah Bellows (1745 – 1834). Calvin and Lois had six children born between 1811 and 1824.

[I can’t verify Calvin’s often repeated 1886 date of death.  I can’t find Calvin after the 1840 Cornish, Sullivan, New Hampshire census.  He was living in Claremont, NH in 1863.   Calvin would have been 99 years old in 1886]

v. Hezekiah Peck b. 28 May 1790 in Newport, Cheshire, New Hampshire; d. 12 Jan 1871 in Mauston, Juneau, Wisconsin; m. 13 Nov 1814 Age: 24 Cheshire, New Hampshire to Ruth Cram (Crane) (b. Jan 1793 in New Hampshire – d. 13 Jul 1871 in Mauston, Juneau, Wisconsin) Hezekiah and Ruth had four children born between 1817 and 1830.

In the 1850 census, Hezekiah and Ruth were farming in Beaver Dam, Dodge, Wisconsin

vi. Nancy Peck b. 11 Jun 1793 Newport, Cheshire, NH; d. 22 Nov 1863 in Harrisburg, Lewis, New York

In the 1860 census, Nancy was living in Harrisburg with her sister Eiona Willer and her niece Nancy Weller.

vii. Abigail Peck b. 1 Jun 1795 Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire; d. St Lawrence, New York

viii. Hannah Peck b. 13 Nov 1797 Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire; d. 28 Dec 1864  Lowville, Lewis, New York; Burial: West Lowville Rural Cemetery #31446715); m. Lowville to Joseph Chadwick  (b. 10 Nov 1794 in Fairfax, Franklin, Vermont – d. 27 Feb 1867 in West Lowville, Lewis, New York)  Joseph’s parents were William Chadwick (1761 – 1851) and Caroline Stanhope (1760 – 1842)

I found Joseph’s agricultural schedule for 1860 Lowville, NY, but no post 1850 census records.

ix. Elioenoi Peck b. 8 Oct 1801 Newport, Sullivan, NH; d. 1892 – Harrisburg, Lewis, New York; m. 16 Mar 1824 – Lewis, New York to Lester Weller (b. 14 Oct 1800 in Lowville, Lewis, New York – d. 1 Jul 1835)

In the 1860 census, Eiona was living in Harrisburg with her daughter Nancy and sister Nancy Peck.

x. Silas S Peck b. 6 Dec 1803; d. Mar 1891 in Wisconsin; m. 1834 – Lowville, Lewis, New York to Jerusha Cobb (b. 7 Jul 1808 in Copenhagen, Lewis, New York – d. 1862 in Lewis, New York) Silas and Jerusha had five children born between 1835 and 1844.

In the 1860 census, Silas and Jerusha were farming near Barnes Corners, Pinckney, Lewis, New York.

11. Silas Richardson

Silas’ wife Abigail Thayer was born 09 Aug 1769 in Mansfield, Bristol, Mass. Her parents were John Thayer and Rachel Skinner. Abigail died 23 Jan 1867 in Hardwick, Worcester, Mass. when she was 97 years old.

Silas Richardson Bio

Silas and Abigail moved to Hardwick before their first child was born in 1791.   Hardwick was first settled in 1737 and was officially incorporated in 1739, named in honor of Lord Hardwicke, an English nobleman. In 1762, General Timothy Ruggles, one of the leading Tories of New England, introduced the Hardwick Fair, now the oldest annual fair in the United States

Hardwick, Worcester, Mass.

Children of Silas and Abigail

It’s possible that some of the children belonged to Silas Richardson (12 Jan 1762 in Medway, Norfolk, Mass. – d. 15 Jun 1833 in Leominster, Worcester, Mass) and Abigail Daniels (b. 12 Aug 1768 in Medway, Norfolk, Mass. – d. 18 Jan 1829 in Leominster, Worcester, Mass) Even today, there is a  Silas F. Richardson & Sons Funeral Home in Leominsster.

i. Fanny Richardson b. 19 May 1791 in Hardwick, Worcester, Mass.; d. 03 Dec 1869; m. 27 Jan 1812 – Hardwick  to Samuel Thayer (b. 18 Jul 1787 Dana, Mass) Samuel’s parents were Ephraim Thayer (1755 – 1829) and Sarah Stetson ( – 1839).

In the 1850 census, Samuel and Fanny were farming in Hardwick.

ii. Abigail “Nabby” Richardson b. 22 Dec 1792 in Hardwick, Worcester, Mass; d. 24 Jan 1868; m. 4 Feb 1812 to Ebenezer Richards  Abigail and Ebenezer had eight children born between 1812 and 1826.

iii. Silas Richardson b. 5 Mar 1798; d. 25 Mar 1799

iv. Seth Richardson b. 17 Sep 1799 in Hardwick, Worcester, Mass. d. 14 Jun 1881 in Hardwick; m. 13 Apr 1820 Hardwick to Alice Johnson (b. 21 Mar 1801 in Hardwick – d. 16 Feb 1861 in Hardwick,) Alice’s parents were Aaron Johnson (1788 – ) and Celia Richardson (1780 – ) Seth and Alice had four children born between 1832 and 1842.

In the 1850 census, Seth and Alice were farming in Hardwick.

v. Eunice Richardson b. 10 Jan 1801 in Hardwick, Worcester, Mass; d. 9 Oct 1869 – North Brookfield, Worcester, Mass; m. 02 Sep 1821 Hardwick to Joel Whipple (b. 19 Jul 1797 in Hardwick – d. 28 Jan 1864 in Hardwick ) Joel’s parents were David Whipple (1759 – 1825) and Elizabeth Davis (1766 – 1826). Eunice and Joel had six children born between 1823 and 1830.

In the 1850 census, Joel and Eunice were farming in Hardwick.

vi. Sarah F Richardson b. 06 Jun 1802 or 20 Jun 1805 in Hardwick, Worcester, Mass.; d. 06 Dec 1872 in North Brookfield, Worcester, Mass of smallpox; m. 29 May 1829 Hardwick to James P. Coolidge (b. 28 Apr 1803 Cambridgeport, Cambridge, Mass. – d. 19 Feb 1884 North Brookfield)

Sarah and James’ son James Coolidge Jr was killed in the Civil War Source: History of North Brookfield, Massachusetts   By Josiah Howard Temple, Charles Adams 1887

In the 1870 census, James and Sarah were living in North Brookfield, Worcester, Mass. where James was a carpenter. Their son Charles was working in a boot and shoe factory.

vii. Silas Peck Richardson b. 2 Jan 1807 in Hardwick, Worcester, Mass.; d. 1860 in Hardwick ; m. 11 Jun 1828 Dana, Mass. to Fanny Johnson (b. ~1806 in Mass. – d. 13 Aug 1855 in Hardwick, Mass.) Silas and Fanny had three children born between 1830 and 1837.

In the 1850 census, Silas and Fanny were farming in Hardwick, Worcester, Mass

viii. Anna Far Richardson b. 6 Dec 1813 Hardwick, Worcester, Mass.; d. 9 Jan 1864; m. 8 Nov 1833 Hardwick to Jonas Allen (b. ~1813 Mass)

In the 1860 census, Jonas and Anna were living in Hardwick, Worcester, Mass. where Jonas was a carpenter.

It appears that the Jonas Allen born 20 Feb 1813 Barre, Worcester, Mass to cousins Nehemiah Allen and Sarah Allen was another man because in the 1850 census he was still living with his parents in Barre, Mass. and in 1860 and 1870, he was married to Elizabeth S. [__?__].


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