Mark Everett Miner

Mark Everett MINER was born in 1959 in San Diego California. His father was Everton MINER and his mother was Nancy BLAIR.  He married Guadalupe Villia Velazquez Osnaya in  1986.

2014-12-04 16.24.18

Guadalupe Villa Velazquez Osnaya was born in 1960 in Mexico City, Mexico.  She moved to the United States in 1980 and became a citizen in 1987.


Name Born Married
1. Alexander Edward Miner 1988
Oakland CA


Mark and Socorro - Valentine's 2015 Rose Garden, Berkeley, CA

Mark and Socorro – Valentine’s 2015
Rose Garden, Berkeley, CA


Mark, Robbie and Ryder

Mark, Robbie and Ryder

Saw Skyfall last night, one of the best Bonds yet. When Bond opened his storage locker, the audience gasped. I whispered to Socorro, “that was my favorite toy of all time” – 1964 Aston Martin DB5! Two of my toy’s features were used in the film, the ejector seat for witty repartee with “M” and the front bumper machine guns were put to effective use on the Scottish moor. No sign of the rear bullet proof shield or the hub and spoke knives (I don’t think my car had this last feature) Happy 50th James!

1964 Corgi Aston Martin DB5

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  6. Janet says:

    Sooo,my question this Alexander your speaking of/would he be a son of Octavia Miner /Mark Anthony:Lullus Antonius, Alexander Helios,Cleopatra Selone 11, Ptolemy Philodelphos..??He was born 12/25/40BC—His mom-queen Cleopatrav11-Greek/ Roman Mark Anthony .????

  7. Janet says:

    Sorry ,soo this John Proctor of Salem Witch craft-is this John related thru this line???How??Thanks

  8. Garree Williamson says:

    You and my daughter-in-law are both descendants of Francis Cooke. You show a etching of Francis in your family history. That came from a painting by Charles Lucy entitled “Departure of the Pilgrims from Delft Harbor.” I would like to know how you determined that it is a depiction of Francis since I want to include it in a genealogy I am preparing for her personal use.



    • Garree Williamson says:

      Sorry, the name of the image is “The Landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth, Mass…” and is by Currier and Ives.

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