Francis Jordan

Francis Jordan  (1610 – 1678) was Alex’s 10th Great Grandfather; one of  2,048 in this generation of the Miller line.

Francis Jordan – Coat of Arms

Francis Jordan was born in 1610 in England.  He may have been related to our ancestors Stephen JORDAN , both men arrived in Ipswich around 1634, but he was not Francis’ father.   He married Jane WILSON 6 Nov 1635 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass. Francis died 24 Sep 1678 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass

Jane Wilson was born in 1614 in England. Her parents were Lambert WILSON and [__?__]. Jane died 30 Oct 1693 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass

Children of Francis and Jane:

Name Born Married Departed
1. James Jordan 8 Nov 1636
Ipswich, Essex, Mass
2. Sarah Jordan 8 Nov 1636
Ipswich, Essex, Mass
James George
1658 in Salisbury, Essex, Mass
Amesbury, Essex, Mass
3. Hannah Jordan 14 Mar 1638
Ipswich, Essex, Mass
Thomas Fowler
23 Apr 1669 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass
15 Jun 1716
Amesbury, Essex, Mass
4. Mary Jordan 7 Apr 1639
Ipswich, Mass
Aug 1639
5. Mary JORDAN 16 May 1641 Ipswich, Essex, Mass. John KIMBALL
8 Oct 1666
Ipswich, Mass
Jan 1674 Newbury, Essex, Mass.
6. Lydia Jordan 14 Feb 1643
Ipswich, Essex, Mass
Thomas Simpson
George White
5 Apr 1671 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass
25 Feb 1722
Rowley, Mass
7. Deborah Jordan 4 Dec 1646
Ipswich, Essex, Mass
Benjamin Goodridge
8 Sep 1663
Newbury, Mass.
28 Nov 1676
Newbury, Mass.

Francis  He had a dwelling on Brook Street alias Hogg Lane in 1646, was a Commoner in 1641, was one of Major Denison’s subscribers in 1648 and had a share in Plum Island in 1664.

EDUCATION: He signed his will by mark. His inventory included “a Bible & psalm book” valued at 7s. and “3 books” valued at 6s. [ILR 4:195, 210; EPR 3:245].

OFFICES: On 26 March 1650,  Frances Jordon was appointed as the officer to execute corporal punishment, being allowed 20s. per year [EQC 1:188].

31 May 1649 -Frances Jordon was one of five men fined for defect in watching [EQC 1:168]. His inventory includedmusket, sword & tackling valued at £1 5s. [ILR 4:195, 210; EPR 3:245].

ESTATE: In 1634 Francis Jordan is noted as an abutter in a grant of land to John PERKINS Junior [ITR; EQC 7:85].

12 April 1651 – Samuel Bowman stated that he sold unto Francis Jordon of Ipswich about ten years ago my house and houselot containing about one acre more or less situated in Ipswich which I bought of Edward Ketcham [ILR 3:188]. In 1657 (day and month not given), John Morse of Ipswich sold to Francis Jordan of the same town  a parcel of land of fifteen or sixteen rod or thereabout out of a six-acre lot that was formerly my father’s Joseph Morse’s [ILR 2:212].

5 May 1663 at Ipswich, Essex, MA, USA. “Frances Jordon was fined for entertaining strangers. Respited until the next court” [EQC 3:67]. (This item followed a number of others that involved entertainment of Quakers from other towns.)

29 April 1671 – Theophilus SHATSWELL of Ipswich  sold to Francis Jordon of the same town “al my right that I had in two acres of land at the upper end of Brook Street or Hog Lane  this land I had in lieu of a hourelot I had where Goodman Lord now dwells, which Mr. Ward did desire to build on and had it” [ILR 3:188].

1 April 1678 – Benidict Pullsepher of Ipswich, planter,  and Susana his wife exchanged land with Francis Jordan of the same town, planter,  and Jane his wife, the Jordans receiving all that my parcel of salt marsh containing by estimation four acres  and also  a cartway to the said marsh through Mr. Hodges  marsh forever, where it is most convenient and the Pulsiphers receiving one acre and three quarters of planting land more or less in Mannings Neck in Ipswich along with two cows and the privilege of a cartway, which parcel of land abovenamed is a middle part of the said Jordan’s lot  [ILR 4:251].

In his will, dated 23 April 1678 and proved 24 September 1678, bequeathed to “my dear wife Jane” my dwelling house with all my outhouses, as also all my lands, that I now stand possessed withall, in one place and another, with all the appurtenances & privileges thereunto belonging, as also my chattels, let them be more or less, and all my goods within and without doors, whatsoever is moveable or unmoveable  during her natural life,? she to dispose of it only to their children or grandchildren; after my wive’s decease my grandchild Mary Simson shall have twenty pounds; my wife Jane to be sole executrix [ILR 4:194, 210; EPR 3:244-45].

The inventory of the estate of Francis Jordan of Ipswich, taken 8 June 1678, totalled £262 6s. (against which were debts of £10 6s.), of which £157 10s. was real estate: house and barn and homelot, £100; a pasture in the field of 2 acres, £10; ?4 acres & ½ planting land in Manings Neck, £22 10s.; 4 acres of marsh at the neck, £16; and a lot at Hog Island 3 acres more or less, £9 [ILR 4:195, 210-11; EPR 3:245-46].

12 Feb  1678/79 –  Thomas Newman of Ipswich, yeoman, exchanged land with Jane Jordan late wife to Francis Jordan deceased of Ipswich, Jordan receiving a three-acre lot of salt marsh, which said lot was the division of Plumb Island, Hog Island and Castle Neck, that fell to Thomas Willson, and Newman receiving the division lot that was Francis Jordan’s division of Plumb Island, Hog Island and Castle Neck, and twenty shillings? [ILR 4:252].

In her will, dated 10 Dec 1689 and proved 30 Oct 1693, Jane Jordan of Ipswich, widow & relict of Fransis Jordan deceased late of said town, appointed Richard Belcher her executor, made provisions for her own maintenance and bequeathed to my granddaughter Mary Simson so-called before marriage such lands forever as I have given her deeds of & the two cows I delivered her; my wooden box marked F.I. to my daughter Jane Ford [sic – should be granddaughter]; residue to be equally divided as followeth, into six equal parts, to my granddaughter Mary Belcher, Sarah Georg my daughter, & Hannah Fowler, Mary Kimball, Lydia White, each one-sixth part & one-sixth part to the children of Deborah late wife of Benjamin Goodridge, namely Benjamin, Joseph, Daniel & Josiah Goodredge; Lt. Symon Stacie & John Harris Senior to be overseers; having paid Jno. Kimball more than any of the rest out of the estate that five pounds be accounted towards his sixth part & the rest I hereby give is to pay for what labor & pains he hath taken for me about my business accounting he hath received ten pounds more than this which I account towards his sixth part? [Pillsbury Anc 98-99, citing EPR Case #15244].

The inventory of the goods & estate of Jane Jordan of Ipswich, relict of Francis Jordan, who deceased 4 Oct 1693, taken 20 Oct  1693, totalled £159 18s. 6d. [Pillsbury Anc 99, citing EPR Case #15244].

Francis Jordan 1 Source:Ancestry of Charles Stinson Pillsbury and John Sargent Pillsbury


2. Sarah Jordan

Sarah’s husband James George was born 1637 in Dorchester, Dorset, England. His parents were Nicholas George and Elizabeth Walls. He married Sarah Jordan  1658 in Salisbury, Essex, Mass. James died 1707 in Amesbury, Essex, Mass.

Sarah Jordan was in court on 19 Nov  1657. “Sarah Jordon [is] to be severely whipped for misdemeanors” [EQC 2:58]. This immediately followed an entry in which “Ned Acockett [is] to be severely whipped, and returned to the house of correction until he give bond of good behavior, and to keep the child” [EQC 2:58]. On 24 Dec 1657, Bennoy, son of Sarah Jordon, was born at Ipswich; on 23 Feb 1657/58, Benoy, son of Sarah Jordon, died at Ipswich. On 6 May 1658, “Frances Jordon and Jerimiah Belchar, in behalf of Nedacockett, agreed that Francis Jordon pay twenty shillings to Jerimiah Bellchar in Nedacocket’s behalf” [EQC 2:70]. (The child’s name, “Bennoy” or “Benoy,” may be meant for Benoni, which means “son of my sorrows.”). As of before 1659, her married name was George.

19 Nov 1657 – Ned Acockett, an Indian, acknowledged  judgment to Jeremiah Belchar, Ned Acocket acknowledged judgment  to Zacheous Gould.

3 Dec 1657 – Humphrey Ned’s brother John, Old William’s son and Jeremy Netecot bound to good behavior of Ned and to pay six pounds yearly towards the keeping of the child as long as the court sees meet. To be continued.

28 Mar 1659 – Another old deed has reference to a portion of the town of Dracut. Nedacocket, an Indian, for a debt which he owed to Jeremiah Belcher amounting to 26 pounds sold “All my right of that land of mine which lyeth on the other side of Merrimac River Butting against Panteukit and so running along to Haverhillward as far as to old Williams Wigwam and so up the country to a hill called Jeremys Hill with all the meadows. ‘ ‘ Old Will is mentioned on the records of Haverhill as having a “planting ground” not far from Spicket River. As Jeremys hill is in the west part of Pelham above Gumpus’ a line drawn from a point “Haverhillward” to Jeremy’s Hill and “Butting against Panteuket” would include the greater part of Dracut. But this would be done to satisfy the Indian, who supposed he had certain rights to the land. Jeremy, who is supposed to have dwelt near the hill in Pelham, which still bears his name, was a signer to this deed with Nedacockett. In 1710 Belcher’s son, Jeremiah Belcher, Jr., petitioned the General Court for a grant of land on the right of his father, and the Court ordered the town of Dracut to lay out a tract of three hundred acres. This tract was an oblong 200 by 240 rods between Island and North ponds bounded on the northeast by the latter pond, and on the east by the line of the town. This would include Poplar hill which now lies at the northeastern corner of the town.

Nedacockett, and a mark and a seal.
Jeremy, and a mark.
Signed and delivered in the presence of us,
John Dennison,
Lidia Jordon.
Recorded Feb’y 27th, 1679.

This writing was Acknowledged by the Subscriber the Day
and Year above written ; before me,
Daniel Dennison, Assis’t.

3. Hannah Jordan

Hannah’s husband Thomas Fowler was born 1636 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass.  Some sites say his parents were Philip Fowler and Mary Winsley,  but he was a nephew of Philip Fowler, not one of his sons; this is proved in Ipswich court records cited by Laura K. Pettingell in “Notes and Corrections: Thomas Fowler of Amesbury,” in The New England Historical and Genealogical Register 121:312, October 1967. As far as I know the names of his actual parents are unknown.  Thomas died 3 Oct 1727 in Amesbury, Essex, Mass.

5. Mary Jordan (See John KIMBALL‘s page)

6. Lydia Jordan

Lydia’s first husband Thomas Simpson was born 1638 in Salisbury, Essex, Mass.

Lydia’s second husband George White was born 1643 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass. George died 23 Mar 1725 in Rowley, Essex, Mass.

7. Deborah Jordan

Deborah’s husband Benjamin Goodridge was born 11 Apr 1642 in Watertown, Middlesex, Mass. His parents were William Goodridge and Margaret Butterfield. Benjamin was killed by Indians 23 Oct 1692 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass.


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  5. Thomas Fowler, husband of Hannah Jordan, was a nephew of Philip Fowler, not one of his sons; this is proved in Ipswich court records cited by Laura K. Pettingell in “Notes and Corrections: Thomas Fowler of Amesbury,” in The New England Historical and Genealogical Register 121:312, October 1967. As far as I know the names of his actual parents are unknown.

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  7. Thanks for this excellent resource. We believe the home of Francis Jordan is still standing at 30 East St. in Ipswich. It is currently for sale, and has one of the best-preserved First Period frames in the country.

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