John Johnson

John JOHNSON Sr. (c. 1564 – 1643) was Alex’s 12th Great Grandfather, one of 8,192 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Captain John Johnson was born in 1564 in Canterbury, Kent, England. His parents were Francis JOHNSON and Elizabeth THORGOOD. He married Hannah THROCKMORTON in 1586 in Wilmington, Kent, England.  John died 14 Dec 1643 in Wilmington, Kent, England

Hannah Throckmorton was born in 1570 in Wilmington, Kent, England.. Her parents were Sir William THROCKMORTON and Cicely BAYNHAM. Her grandparents were Sir Thomas THROCKMORTON and Elizabeth BERKELEY and Thomas BAYNHAM and Mary WINTER. Hannah died in 1666/1667 in Wilmington, Kent, England.

Children of John and Hannah:

Name Born Married Departed
1. ? John Johnson 1590
Herne Hill, Canterbury, Kent, England.
Mary Heath
21 Sep 1613
Roxbury, Suffolk, Mass.
Margery Scudder
By 1633
Grace Negus Fawer
c. 1655
Roxbury, Suffolk, MA.
30 Sep 1659
Roxbury, Mass
St. Eustry Cemetery, Boston, Suffolk, Mass.
2. Abraham Johnson 1596
3. William Johnson 1598
 9 Dec 1677 in Charlestown, Suffolk, Mass
4. Edward Johnson Sep 1598
5. Solomon JOHNSON c. 1601
Clerkenwell, London, England
Elinor (Eleanor) CRAFT (Croft) 28 JUL 1690
Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts.
6. Humphrey Johnson 1611
Herne Hill, London, England
 24 Jul 1693 in Hingham, Plymouth, Mass
7. Francis Johnson


1. John Johnson

Findagrave says John and Hannah had a son, John Johnson, about whom nothing is known except his name. It says there is no connection to the John Johnson who emigrated to Roxbury, Mass

John’s will, dated Sep. 30, 1659 (the day he died) and proved Oct. 15, 1659 names son Isaac as co-executor. Arrived in New England with the Winthrop fleet at Salem, Jun. 22, 1630. He settled at Roxbury, MA and was made Freeman on May 18, 1631. Subsequently served town and colony in many capacities, including Constable (first on Oct. 19, 1630), Surveyor General, Town Clerk, Deputy to the House of Deputies, and Clerk of the Military Company of Massachusetts. The position as Surveyor General of Arms and Ammunitions of the Colonies made Capt. Johnson responsible for the acquisition, maintenance and distribution of the primary means of protection. Gov. John Winthrop wrote in his Journal under the date of Feb. 6, 1645:

John Johnson, the Surveyor General of Arms and Ammunition, a very industrious and faithful man in his place, having built a fair house in the midst of the town, with divers barns and outhouses, it fell on fire in the day time, no man knowing by what occasion, and there being in it seventeen barrels of the country’s powder, and many arms, all was suddenly burnt and blown up, to the value of four or five hundred pounds, wherein a special providence of God appeared, for, he, being from home, the people came together to help and many were in the house, no man thinking of the powder till one of the company put them in mind of it, whereupon they all withdrew, and soon after the powder took fire and blew up all about it, and shook the houses in Boston and Cambridge, so that men thought it had been an earthquake, and carried great pieces of timber a great way off, and some rags and such light things beyond Boston meeting house, there being then a stiff gale south, it drove the fire from the other houses in the town (for this was the most northerly) otherwise it had endangered the greatest part of the town.

John’s first wife Mary Heath died May 1629, Hertfordshire, England; bur. May 15, 1629, Ware, Hertfordshire, England. Her parents were William Heath and Agnes Cheney.

John was one of the founders of the town and church at Roxbury, MA and, together with his sons Isaac and Humphrey, was an original donor to the Free School in Roxbury. Married first 21 Sep 1613, Ware, Hertfordshire, England, second by 1633 Margery (b. England; bur. 9 Jun 1655, Roxbury, MA), and third 1655 or later Grace NEGUS (d. Dec. 1671), widow of Barnabas FAWER, and sister of Jonathan and Benjamin NEGUS.


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    Mike Kennaugh

  4. Please remove this Johnson coat of arms as it is copyright of

  5. Christina Hwang says:

    Mark, I just found your site tonight and was thrilled to find information about an ancestor of mine. I hoped to ask a couple of questions for verification. My ancestor is John Johnson born 1590 (you show him as part of the Shaw line for you) in Kent, England. My family has always believed (due to extensive research many years ago by my father’s older brother) that he was Captain John Johnson and arrived on the Arabella. Can you confirm that based on your research? I didn’t find those details in your account and just was hoping to see if you know. I also was curious about a coat of arms that I saw and that my family has always thought attributed to him. It is red and silver with a shield that is silver on top with alternating spear points (I don’t quite know the correct lingo to describe it) and the bottom of the shield is red with 3 larger spear tips. However on your site it is attributed to a completely different John Johnson I believe in your Miller line. The only reason I ask is because it is on a privately published book about Captain John Johnson of Roxbury and that author connected it to him. (I think?) Any ideas?

    Thank you so much for any information you can share!

    Christina Johnson Hwang

    • markeminer says:

      Hi Christina,

      I use coats of arms as a symbol to indicate immigrant ancestor. In reality most of our forebearers were yeoman farmers and didn’t have coats of arms at the time. In my lines, only about half a dozen out of 400 families. (The gentry had a good thing going at home, unless they were dissenters)

      Kind Regards,


      • Christina Hwang says:

        Thank you so much for responding! I guess my last question would be whether you know about the particular cost of arms that is on your site attributed to the other John Johnson I think. That is the one that is on my dads book that was self published by a descendant about 50 years ago. It has the same coat of arms that you have and my dad has always thought it was the “family cost of arms. ” I don’t really want to burst his bubble but I am wondering if you know how coats of arms came to be if they didn’t arrive in America with them. Did people just make them up for their family? Is it possible that this guy who self published would have made it up for the family or would it have been thru more “legitimate” means? Sorry for all the questions about this.

        Thanks so much again!


  6. Christina Hwang says:

    Mark I am not sure if my post from yesterday actually went thru only because I don’t see it and am not sure if you have to authorize it or something, but I hoped to connect with you briefly. Also if you did get my comment I wanted to clarify that I know Captain John Johnson wasn’t the captain of the Arbella. Just a passenger. My question from yesterday was about the coat of arms on your site.

    Thanks so much.

    Christina Hwang

  7. The info you have for John Johnson Sr doesn’t seem to match the info I’ve found. There is a page on Wikipedia about the Throckmorton Baronets and there it says that John Johnson Sr lived to be 102 ( which would mean he died in 1666) and that his father was Rev. Maurice Johnson, Mayor of Stamford, Kestever, Lincolnshire. What source do you have for your info that his parents were Francis Johnson & Elizabeth Thorgood ??

    • markeminer says:

      Hi Sharon,

      Findagrave shows Francis Johnson & Elizabeth Thorogood, not an original source I know.

      John Johnson of Pinchbeck, son and heir of Francis Johnson of Lisford and Elizabeth Thorogood, purchased Ayscoughfee Hall in Spalding, from Bevile Wymberley.

      He married, as his second wife, Hannah Throckmorton, sister of Baynham Throckmorton of Tortworth, co. Gloucester, Bart.

      Will dated 4 Feb. 1666-7; proved at Lincoln 1667.

      He was buried at Spalding, 10 March 1666-7.

      He and Hannah had a son, John Johnson, about whom nothing is known except his name. There is no connection to the John Johnson who emigrated to Roxbury, Mass.

      From _Lincolnshire Pedigrees_, Vol. 55, p. 1270.

      I have made an update about the younger John Johnson.



  8. John's Place says:

    St Marys And St Nicholas Parish Church

  9. John's Place says:

    One of Capt. John Johnson’s granddaughters was Betsey Johnson Parker, wife of Capt Jonathan Parker of Willington, Ct.They are buried in Pioneer Cemetery in Windsor, Ashtabula County, Ohio. Capt. Parker served on the general staff of George Washington. Ashtabula County, Ohio, is the home of Mormonism. Joseph Smith was a next door neighbor of Willis Johnson, one of Betsey’s ancestors. . (Rev. Abishai Alden was a brother in law of Rev. Edward Lutwyche Parker, a 44 yr. minister of Londonderry, NH.) William Darrah of the Londonderry, NH, militiamen was William Darrah, a great grand uncle of Ismena Darrah Parker, of Bedford, NH. The History of Londonderry, NH, was written by Rev Parker and Jared Sparks, of Willington, Ct. Whereas, the HIstory of Bedford, NH, was written by Dr. Peter Perkins Woodbury’s brother- in -law of #5 Key West mayor Adam Gordon of Bedford, NH. Dr. Woodbury’s family owned John Goffe’s Mill in Bedford, which became the home of the Wayfarer Inn, a famous gathering place for journalist during presidential election cycles.

    (John Gibson Parker lll in Key West, Fl:

  10. KayS says:

    This couple cannot be parents of Capt. John Johnson (c1590-1659) of Roxbury, MA, because Elizabeth’s mother was only 4 when her supposed grandson Capt. John Johnson was born. See an analysis of the available data by Gerald Garth Johnson, The biography and genealogy of Captain John Johnson from Roxbury, Massachussetts, (Bowie MD: Heritage Books, 2000), Internet Archive, p 62-67.

  11. Capt. John Johnson was a military captain, not a ship captain of the ARABELLA or ARBELLA. He was an ancestor of Betsey Johnson Parker (Mrs. Capt. Jonathan Parker). Capt. Jonathan Parker and his wife are buried in Pioneer Cemetery in Windsor, Ashtabula County, Ohio. Capt. Jonathan Parker served on the general staff of George Washington.

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