Robert Pease Jr.

Robert PEASE Jr. (1683 – 1766) was Alex’s 9th Great Grandfather;  one of 1,024 in this generation of the Miner line.

Robert was a founder of Somers, Connecticut

Robert Pease Jr. was born 2 Feb 1683 in Enfield, Hartford, CT. His parents were Robert PEASE Sr. and Abigail RANDALL.  He first married  Hannah SEXTON on 15  Feb 1710 in Enfield, CT.   After Hannah died, he married Rachel [__?__] after Nov 1711 in Enfield, CT.  He married (3) Elizabeth Emery 28 Feb 1716  in Andover, Mass.   Robert died 17 Nov 1766 in Somers, Tolland, CT.

Robert Pease Headstone — West Cemetery Somers Tolland County Connecticut,

In Memory of Mr Robert Pease / Who died / Novr 17 1766 / In his 82nd Year

Why do we mourn departing friends,
Or Shake at Deaths Alarms?
‘Tis But the Voice that Jesus Sends
To Call them to his Arms

Hannah Sexton was born 18 May 1692 in Westfield, Mass.  Her parents were Joseph SEXTON and Hannah WRIGHT.  Hannah died 8 Nov 1711 in Enfield, CT a few days after the birth of their daughter Miriam.

Rachel [__?__] was born about 1684 in Enfield, CT and died before Feb 1715.

Elizabeth Emery was born 28 Sep 1698 in Andover, Mass.  Her parents were Joseph Emery and Elizabeth Merrill. Elizabeth died 9 Sep 1789 in Enfield, Hartford, CT.

Elizabeth Emery Pease Headstone — West Cemetery Somers, Tolland County, Connecticut

In Memory of / Mrs Elizabeth / Wife of / Mr Robert Pease / who died / Sepr 9, 1789 / In the 91 year / of her age.

Why do we tremble to convey
Their bodies to the tomb,
There the dear flesh of Jesus lay,
And left a long perfume.

Child of Robert and Hannah:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Miriam PEASE 27 Oct 1711
Enfield, CT
Nathaniel PEASE I
24 Dec 1730
Enfield, CT


Children of Robert and Elizabeth Emery

Name Born Married Departed
2. Elizabeth Pease 1718
Enfield, CT
Daniel Read
1 Dec 1743
Enfield, CT
3. Abigail Pease 21 Sep 1722
Enfield, CT
4. Lt. Robert Pease 19 Dec 1724
Enfield, CT
Hannah Sexton
4 Sep 1746
Somers, CT
Submit Davis
2 Nov 1805
Somers, CT
5. Emery Pease 17 May 1727
Enfield, CT
Mary Horton
9 Jan 1755
Somers, CT
3 Oct, 1776
Somers, CT
6. Jane Pease 1729
Enfield, CT
Thomas Buck
1 Jun 1749
Hebron, CT
18 May 1815
7. Hannah Pease 1730
8. Bathsheba Pease  27 Apr 1732
Enfield, CT
Joseph Hunt
18 Dec 1750
Somers, CT
1 Dec 1797
Somers, CT
9. Mary Pease 3 Jul 1734
Somers, CT
20 May 1778
Somers, Tolland, CT
10. Col. Abiel Pease 24 Jan 1736
Somers, CT
Esther Cooley
12 May 1757
Somers, CT
9 May 1806
Somers, CT
11. Capt. Noah Pease 28 Jun 1739
Somers, CT
Mary Ward
23 Mar 1762
Somers, CT
Dorcas Hubbard
20 Jul 1818
Somers, CT

Robert was a founder of Somers, Connecticut.

Somers is a town in Tolland CountyConnecticut. The population was 10,417 at the 2000 census. The town center is listed by the U.S. Census Bureau as a census-designated place (CDP). In 2007, Money Magazine named Somers, Connecticut 53rd on its list of 100 Best Places to Live, based on “economic opportunity, good schools, safe streets, things to do and a real sense of community.”

Somers, Tolland, Connecticut

Bordering Massachusetts, Somers, Connecticut is considered part of the City of Springfield, Massachusetts NECTA. Somers is only 9 miles from the City of Springfield, Massachusetts, and considered more oriented toward it than the City of Hartford, Connecticut which lies 16 miles to the south.

In 1734, Somers received its name from Lord John Somers of England. The first town meeting was held on  October 14, 1734. The following items were voted upon:

  •  The first tithing men were appointed *
  • Swine were at liberty to run at large this year
  • Samuel Billings was elected constable
  • A school was to be constructed
  • A team of horses was to be allowed equal wages as a man

At all meetings and gatherings, rum and liquor was voted upon for the occasion usually by the gallon or barrel full and always recorded in the town records. Cider brandy was $.25 per gallon and American gin $.40 per gallon.

In 1749, Somers became part of Connecticut, and the town sent its first representative, Capt. Samuel Dwight, to  the capitol in New Haven. The first recorded birth was Benjamin Thomas in 1725 who was said to have made the first apple cider in Somers. From 1785 to 1818, everyone residing in Somers had to pay taxes for the support of the  Congregational Church unless they filed a certificate signed by the minister stating they belonged to another church and supported it. They were freed of this by the Constitution in 1818


1. Miriam PEASE (See Nathaniel PEASE I‘s page)

2. Elizabeth Pease

Elizabeth’s husband Daniel Read was born 1714 in Norwich Connecticut.  His parents were William Read and Anna Stark.  Daniel died in 1814.

4. Robert Pease

Robert’s wife Hannah Sexton was born 9 May 1730 in Enfield, CT. Her parents were Joseph Sexton and Sarah Parsons. Hannah died 22 Aug 1795 in Enfield, Hartford, CT.

Robert was a revolutionary soldier, enlisting July 6, 1775, in Eighth Regiment, discharged December 16, 1777;

He removed to Blandford, Mass about 1780 and lived there a short time where he lost most of his wealth by the depreciation of “continental money.”   He returned to Somers where he died in 1805.

Lt Robert Pease Headstone — West Cemetery Somers, Tolland County, Connecticut

In Memory of / Lieut / Robert Pease / who Died Novem / 2nd 1805 in the 81st / year of his Age

All you advanc’d in years,
You healthy and robust,
You’r tott’ring round the grave,
And soon must turn to dust.

Children of Robert and Hannah:

i. Robert Pease (1749 – 1827)

ii.  Abiah Pease Pease (1753 – 1786)

iii.  Erastus Pease (1760 – 1790)

iv.  Alpheus Pease (1762 – 1816)

v.  Charles Pease (1764 – 1839)

vi.  Sarah Pease (1766 – 1778)

5. Emery Pease

Emery’s wife Mary Horton was born 15 Jan 1736 in Somers, Tolland, CT.  Mary died 16 Jul 1812 in Somers, Tolland County, Connecticut.

Emery was a man held in high esteem.  He was a Justice of the Peace, and was one of the first to rally at the call of his country to defend its liberties.  He marched to Boston at the first alarm in the Revolution and was more or less engaged as a Captain of a Militia company during the Revolutionary struggle.

His tenth child, born 27 Aug 1776 in Somers, CT was named Independence.

Emery Pease Headstone — West Cemetery Somers, Tolland County, Connecticut

In Memory of / Emery Pease Esq. / who died / Oct. 3, 1776 / In the 50th year of his age.

Here is a voice directed here,
To old and young & all,
That they be ready to appear,
Whenever God shall call.

Children of Emery and Mary

i. Sylvenas Pease (1761 – 1817)

ii.  Gaius Pease (1768 – 1846)

6. Jane Pease

Jane’s husband Thomas Buck was born 6 Sep 1712 in Middletown, Middlesex, CT. His parents were Thomas Buck and Sarah Judd. Thomas died in Bedford, Pennsylvania.

8. Bathsheba Pease

Bathsheba’s husband Joseph Hunt was born  27 Apr 1729 in Somers, Tolland, CT. His parents were Joseph Hunt (1704 – ) and Ann Wood (1713 – 1783) Joseph died inDec 1814 in Somers, Tolland, CT.

Bathsheba Pease Headstone — North Cemetery Somers, Tolland County, Connecticut

Wife of Joseph

10. Abiel Pease

Abiel’s wife Esther Cooley was born 15 Oct 1729 in Springfield, Hampden, Mass. Her parents were Eliakim Cooley and Griswold Beckwith. Her maternal grandparents were Mathew BECKWITH and Elizabeth GRISWALD. Esther died 31 May 1790 in Somers, Tolland, CT.

Abial was an officer in the Revolution, probably in the Connecticut Militia.

He had but one child, a daughter named Esther.

Col. Abial Pease Headstone — West Cemetery , Somers, Tolland CountyConnecticut

In Memory of Colnl Abial Pease / who Departed this / Life May 9th 1806 / Aged 69 years

This dark abode proclaims the truth,
To bending age and blooming youth,
You must your active powers resign,
And be a mouldering corps like mine.

11. Capt. Noah Pease

Noah’s first wife Mary Ward was born 16 Sep 1737 in Ashford, Windham, CT. Her parents were Jacob Ward and Hannah Jackson. Mary died 3 Nov 1807 in Somers, Tolland, CT.

Noah’s second wife Dorcas Hubbard was born 5 Apr 1756 in Ellington, Tolland, CT. Her parents were John Hubbard and [__?__].  She first married  Samuel Arnold (1745 – 1797)
, next  Peter Kibbe (1731 – 1808) and finally Noah.  Dorcas died 24 Nov 1824 in Somers, Tolland, CT.

Noah was a Corporal in the Connecticut Militia in the Revolutionary War. He was a respectable farmer living in the center of the town of Somers.

Noah Pease Headstone — West Cemetery , Somers, Tolland County, Connecticut

In / Memory of / Capt. Noah Pease / who died / July 20, 1818 / AEt. 78


A genealogical and historical record of the descendants of John Pease, Senior  by Rev. David Pease and Austin Pease 1869

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  4. markeminer says:

    From Katherine Gaffney

    Submitted on 2014/04/07 at 9:25 pm
    This is such a wonderful site. I am a descendent of John Pease/Abigail Randall. While looking through your information, I see that you have stated that Robert Pease Jr (married to Hannah Sexton) was a revolutionary soldier. I am a member of the DAR and my original patriot is his son, Alpheus. I’d like to know where to find the record of Robert’s service. He is not a “proven” patriot and I’d love to get him added to the ranks. The only pension record is for another Robert (married to Anna Sexton) who was a private and about 20 years too young.

  5. markeminer says:

    Hi Katherine,

    I got the info from My account there is inactive, so I can’t double check for you. Could be another Robert Pease from Connecticut. so many Roberty Peases to keep track off. (lol)

    Thanks for your comment,

  6. Katherine Gaffney says:

    Finally tracked down the information – It’s Robert’s son, Robert that is the Revolutionary War soldier. I love Fold3 – it shows the dates and 8th reg, dates, and that the petitioner was his widow Anna. Having a father Robert and Mother Hannah Sexton with son Robert and wife Anna Sexton. By the way, I finally found a witch in my line – through Alpheus’s second wife, Dorothy Spencer (Nicholas Disborough, CT 1683)

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