John Pease

John PEASE (1631 – 1684) was Alex’s 11th Great Grandfather;  one of 4,096 in this generation of the Miner line.

John Pease - Coat of Arms

John Pease was born Feb 1631 in Great Baddow, Essex, England.   His parents were Robert PEASE Jr. – Great Baddow and Lydia WEST.   His father came to New England in the ship FrancisJohn CUTTING [our ancestor], master, sailing from Ipswich, England the last of Apr 1634. The ship landed at Boston, MA without the loss of a single passenger. Robert was accompanied by his brother John, his eldest son Robert PEASE – The Former, a Miss Clark, aged fifteen, who was the daughter of a fellow passenger, and a Miss Greene, aged fifteen, perhaps a servant.  His wife Marie and other family members including John probably came on a later ship.      He married Mary GOODALE in 1653 in Salem, Mass.  After Mary died, he married Ann Cummings on 8 Oct 1669.  John died 8 Jul 1684 in Enfield, CT.  John, his wife Ann and daughter Abigail all died of the same illness.


John Pease, with his sons John Jr and Robert, was a founder of Enfield, Connecticut

Mary Goodale was born in 1630 in England.  Her parents were Robert GOODALE and Catherine [__?__].  She immigrated with her parents in April 1634 sailing  on the “Elizabeth” from Ipswich.

“Robert Goodall”, aged 30, and “Kathern, his wife,” aged 28, were enrolled at for passage to New England on the Elizabeth [Hotten 280];on 30 April 1634, “Mary Goodale”, aged 4, “Abraham Goodale”, aged 2, and “Isaacke Goodale”, aged “half a year,” children of “Rob[er]t Goodale”, were enrolled at as passengers for New England on the Elizabeth [Hotten 282].

Mary died 5 Jan 1667/68 in Enfield, CT three days after the birth of her fifth child.

Ann Cummings was born about 1639 in Ipswich, Mass.  Her parents were Isaac Cummings and Margaret or Anne [__?__].  Ann died 29 Jun 1689 in Enfield, CT.

Children of John and Mary:

Name Born Married Departed
1. John Pease 20 MAY 1654
Salem Village, Mass.
Margaret Adams
bef. 1678
Salem, Mass.
Enfield, CT
2. Robert PEASE Sr. 14 May 1656
Salem, Mass
16 Dec 1678
Salem, Mass
21 Jul 1744
Enfield, CT
3. Mary
(often mistaken for Margaret) Pease
8 Oct 1658
Salem Village, Mass.
Hugh Pasco
16 Dec 1678
Salem, Mass
29 May 1737
Enfield, CT
4. Abraham Pease 5 JUN 1662
Salem Village, Mass
Jane Mentor
Salem, Mass.
1735 Enfield, CT
5. Jonathan Pease 2 JAN 1667/68
Salem, Mass.
Elizabeth Booth
11 OCT 1692
Enfield, CT
1721 Enfield, CT


Children of John and Ann Cummings:

Name Born Married Departed
6. James Pease 23 Dec 1670
Salem, Mass
Hannah Harmon
18 Oct 1695
Enfield, CT
Enfield, CT
7. Deacon Isaac Pease 15 Jul 1672
Salem, Mass
Mindwell Osborne
9 Jun 1692
Enfield, CT
9 Jul 1731
Enfield, CT
8. Abigail Pease 15 Dec 1675
Salem, Mass
9 Jul 1689
Enfield, CT

John was grandson of Margaret PEASE who made him chief heir under the trusteeship of Thomas Watson with both the grandmother and the father dying in 1644.

He received by will from his grandmother, Margaret Pease, the most of her property and she placed him in the care of Thomas Watson, of Salem, to “dispose of him as his own child.”

Margaret Pease Will 1644 - 1

Margaret Pease Will 1644 - 2

Margaret Pease Will 1644 - 3

Margaret Pease Will 1644 - 4

29 Apr 1668 – John was a freeman in Salem. He settled in that part of Salem called Northfields.

1680  Lot #68  -The Division of the North Fields was laid out before the Salem town records were begun. Most of the original lots consisted of ten acres each. See the above link for the location of John’s land.

“On Sacrament Day, 6 October 1681, John Pease and wife, had a letter of recommendation granted to the church at Springfield, MA. He and his two oldest sons (John and Robert) families and munerous neighbors removed to Fresh Water Brook, then a part of Springfield, it became Enfield, CT in 1682.

Enfield’s first settlers, John Pease, Jr. and Robert Pease, arrived in 1679 from Salem, Massachusetts, and spent their first winter camping in a shelter dug into the side of a hill.  He obtained a grant of land in Enfield, Hampshire, Connecticut in 1681 and died there 8 Jul 1684.

Enfield Settlement Monument Erected 1976

Enfield was originally inhabited by the Pocomtuc tribe, and contained their two villages of Scitico and Nameroke. Enfield was settled in 1679 by settlers from Salem, Massachusetts. Enfield was incorporated in Massachusetts in 1683. In 1749, following the settlement of a lawsuit in which it was determined that a surveyor’s error placed a section of present-day Hartford County (including Enfield) within the boundaries of Massachusetts, the town seceded and became part of Connecticut.

Enfield, Hartford, CT

In 1741 Jonathan Edwards preached his famous sermon, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” in Enfield. This sermon is one of the most famous sermons ever scripted. It was part of the Great Awakening Revival that struck New England in the mid-18th century and spread throughout Western civilization.


John’s first five children were baptized 3 May 1667 in Salem

1. John Pease

John’s wife Margaret Adams was born 1654 in Marshfield, Plymouth, Mass. Her parents were James Adams and Frances Vassall. Margaret died 2 Jan 1737 in Enfield, CT.

John was apprenticed in Salem to John Symond, a carpenter and joiner.  Symonds died soon after.  In his will he assigned his apprentice to his son James,  during the time of the indenture paying £10 per year and £40 in total.  It seems probable he continued in the occupation of his apprenticeship until he removed from Salem as evidenced by the sale of his house, land and shop.  He and his brother Robert are said to have removed to Enfield in 1679 two years before they removed their families there and lived the first winter there in an excavation in the side of a hill about 40 rods from where the first meeting house stood.   In 1685 they received an extra allocation of land because they were “first cummers.”

He was appointed “land measurer” of Enfield, was one of the first selectmen and was captain of the first Enfield militia.

2. Robert PEASE Sr.. (See his page)

3. Mary (Margaret) Pease

Mary not Margaret Pease -- Source: The Three Mary Peases of Salem, Massachusetts” by Ian Watson

Margaret’s husband Hugh Pasco was born 1640 in St. Ewe, Cornwall, England.   His parents were Lawrence Pascoe (1589 – 1641) and Mary Verco (1598 – 1642). He first married 20 Apr 1670 to Sara Wooland. Sarah died 3 Jun 1676 in Salem, Essex, Mass and he married Margaret in 1678. Hugh died 29 Aug 1706 in Enfield, CT.

Hugh’s parents were married in St. Ewe Parish Cornwall. The church is dedicated to St Ewe of whom very little is knownThe church was originally a Norman cruciform building: the tower and spire were added in the 14th century and the south aisle in the 15th. There is a Norman font and a fine 15th century rood screen.

The following is a typewritten copy of a hand-written report dated Oct 27, 1986 by David H. Thomas , searchroom assistant at the Cornwall County Council, County Record Office and Diocesan Record Office, County Hall, Trury, Cornwall, England.

I searched the St. Ewe Parish Baptism Register from 1625-1637 inclusive (p62/1/1), for the baptism of Hugh Pasco, but without success. I then decided to search further on in the Register, searching on to the year 1646 (when there is a gap in the register until 1653) and I found as follows:

“Hugh, the sonne of Lawrence Paschoe was baptized the 15th day of December, 1646.”

I then checked the St. Ewe Parrish Marriage Register from 1646 backwards for the marriage of Lawrence Paschoe above, and found as follows-(p62/1/1):

“18 July 1631 Lawrence Pascowe and Mary Verco (Venco? RAP) married.”

Searching again the St. Ewe Parish Baptism Register from 1631 – 1646 inclusive for other children of Lawrence and Mary Pascoe and found as follows:-

“Lewes Pascoe, son of Lawrence Pascoe, baptized 20th January 1632. Roger, son of Lawrance Paschow by Mary his wife, baptized 31st July 1636. William son of Lawrence Pascoe by Mary his wife baptized 12th May, 1639. Mary, daughter of Lawrence Pascoe by Mary his wife baptized 2nd January, 1641.”

I next checked the St. Ewe Baptism Register from 1615 back to 1585 inclusive (p62/1/1), for the baptism of Lawrance Pascoe, father of Hugh, but without success. It does not appear that he was born in St. Ewe. He could well have come from one of the surrounding parishes, such as St. Mewan, St. Austell, St. Dennis or St. Stephen-in-Brannel where there were Pascos living at that time, as evidenced by our seventeenth century will indices.

In a will proved in May 1628 of a Hugh Pascoe of St. Ewe (p567), this person leaves 10 shillings to his mother but the rest of his “good chattels, debts and apparrell” were to go to a John Rundle whom he makes his sole Executor. I am wondering whether this person could be a relative of your hugh (born 1646).

We have no records of emigration from Cornwall in the 1670’s, indeed there were no central records of emigration from the County kept until 1895 so we cannot tell you when Hugh Pasco sailed to Salem or on what ship. Such records were not kept.

Finally I must apologize for the delay in dealing with your enquiry, owing to a very heavy demand upon our enquiry service this year and a consequential backlog.

Yours sincerrely, David H. Thomas, Cornwall Record Office

1682  Lot #66  – The Division of the North Fields was laid out before the Salem town records were begun. Most of the original lots consisted of ten acres each. See the above link for the location of Hugh’s land.

4. Abraham Pease

Abraham’s wife Jane Mentor was born about 1666 in Salem, Mass. Jane died in 1735  in Enfield, CT.

Abraham and Jane had no children. He was one of three administrators of his father’s will.

5. Jonathan Pease

Jonathan’s wife Elizabeth Booth was born 1668 in Saco, York, Maine. Her parents were Simeon Booth and Rebecca Frost. Elizabeth died 8 Jan 1723 in Enfield, CT.

6. James Pease

James’ wife Hannah Harmon was born 23 Feb 1674/75 Springfield, Hampden, Mass. Her parents were Joseph Harmon and Hannah Filley. Hannah died 9 Dec 1746 Enfield, Hartford, CT.

7. Deacon Isaac Pease

Isaac was baptized 16 Sep 1672 in the First Church of Salem.

Isaac’s wife Mindwell Osborne was born  2 Jan 1674 in Enfield, Hartford, CT. Her parents were Sgt. John Osborn (1646 – 1706) and Abigail Eggleston (1648 – 1689). Mindwell died 19 Aug 1731 in Enfield, CT.

Isaac Pease was an extensive landowner and one of the first to hold the title of Deacon in the Congregational Church of Enfield.

Isaac Pease Headstone -- Enfield Street Cemetery, Enfield, Hartford , Connecticut,


A genealogical and historical record of the descendants of John Pease, Senior  by Rev. David Pease and Austin Pease 1869

Genealogical and Family History of the State of Connecticut: A Record of the Achievements of Her People in the Making of a Commonwealth and the Founding of a Nation. by Cutter, William Richard.   New York, NY, USA: Lewis Publishing Company, 1911.

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