Hendrick Hendrickse Van Wie

Hendrick Hendrickse Van WIE (1689 – 1744) was Alex’s 8th Grandfather; one of 512 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Hendrick Hendrickse Van Wie was born in 17 Mar 1689 Albany, NY . His parents were Hendrick Gerritse Van WIE and Eytje ARIAANSZ  He married Hilletje BECKER on 11 Mar 1715 in Albany, NY.  Hendrick died 20 Dec 1746.

Hilletje Becker was born 10 Sep 1693 in Albany, NY.  Her parents wereJohannes BECKER and Anna VAN DER ZEE. Hilletje was buried 23 Dec 1744.

Children of Benjamin and Ida:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Hendrick Hendrickse Van Wie 20 Jan 1717
Albany, NY
Johanna Gardinier
c. 1746
Albany, NY
2. Antje Van Wie 28 Jun 1719
Albany, NY
Albert Wouterse Van Der Zee
1 May 1741
3. Ariantje Van Wie 5 Nov 1721
Albany, NY
Died Young
4. Ariantje (2) Van Wie 22 Jan 1724
Albany, NY
5. Johannes Van Wie 3 Jul 1726
Albany, NY
6. Eytje (Ida Ita, Eitje, Eida, Yta or Eita) Van WIE (Weyen) 15 Sep 1728 in Albany, NY Benjamin TURK
c. 1741 in Kingston, Ulster New York
7. Elizabeth Van Wie 8 Aug 1731
Albany, NY
Died Young
8. Maria Van Wie 1 Sep 1734
Albany, NY
Died Young
9. Catharyna Van Wie 7 May 1738
Albany, NY
Died Young


1. Hendrick Hendrickse Van Wie

Hendrick’s wife Johanna Gardinier was born 1723 in Kinderhook, Columbia, New York.

Hendrick  was a resident of Van Wie’s Point, on the Hudson, about eighty miles below Albany, and in 1774 removed to Palatine, Montgomery County, New York where he purchased land of Jellis Fonda [Peter WINNE I’s son-in-law]  The deed for this land is a choice heirloom in the family, who jealously guard it. He did not remain in Palatine, but returned to Van Wie’s Point, where he died an old man.

2. Antje Van Wie

Antje’s husband Albert Wouterse Van Der Zee was born 20 May 1716 in Albany, New York. His parents were Wouter Storm Van Der Zee and Jannetje Swart. His grandparents were Storm Albertse Van Der ZEE (Bradt) (1663 – 1712)  and Hilletje LANSING.

Antje and Wouter were cousins once removed.   Antje’s grandmother Anna Van Der Zee and Albert’s father Wouter Storm were siblings.

4. Ariantje (2) Van Wie 22 JAN 1724

6. Eytje (Ida Ita, Eitje, Eida, Yta or Eita) Van WIE (Weyen) (See Benjamin TURK‘s page)






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