Storm Albertse Van Der Zee (BRADT)

Storm Albertse Van Der ZEE (Bradt) (1663 – 1712) was Alex’s 9th Grandfather; one of 1,024 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Storm Albertse Van Der Zee was born 2 Nov 1636 at Sea lattitude 41 degrees 50 minutes on the Arms of Rensslaerswyck.  His parents were Albert Andriese BRATT (de Noorman) and Annatje B. Van ROTMERZ.  He married Hilletje LANSING about 1666. Storm died May 1679 in Albany, NY.

Hilletje Lansing was born in 1630 in Hasselte, Overijssel, Netherlands. Her parents were Gerrit Fredricksger LANSING and Elizabeth Hendricks TenCATE.  When Storm died, a  joint will left everything to his wife with provision that half the estate be divided among their children when they reached adulthood. At the same time, she stood to inherit a share of her father’s estate in Holland. Within a year,  she had remarried. Her second husband was Willem Ketelhuyn – who took over her husband’s tavern. As she was still in her twenties, Hilletie gave birth to at least three Ketelhuyn children over the next deade – with two sons being christened “Storm” in honor of her first husband.  Hilletje died 10 Sep 1693 in Albany, NY.

Children of Storm and Hilletje:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Anna Van Der ZEE 16 Jun 1665
Albany, NY
Johannes BECKER
17 Dec 1684 Albany, NY
19 Dec 1739
2. Marie Stormse Vanderzee (Bradt) 1665
3. Gerrit Stormes Vanderzee (Bradt) 1671 1671
4. Wouter Stormes Vanderzee Bradt 1673
Janetje Swart
2 Jul 1695
Schenectady, NY
9 Aug 1734
Albany, New York
5. Albert Stormse Vanderzee Bradt 1675 Hilletje Gansevoort
20 Jan  1706/07
9 Aug 1734
Albany, New York


Willem Ketelhuyn was born in 1665 in Ft. Orange, Albany, NY  His parents were Joachim Ketelhyn and Anna Willems.   About 1680, He married young widow Hilletie Lansing Vanderzee. She brought several Vanderzee children to the marriage which produced at least three more children. Over the next half century, he was a supporter and regular sponsor for baptisms at the Albany Dutch church.  Willem died in August 1746 and was buried in the cemetery of the Albany Dutch church.

Formerly a farmer in the employ of Marte Gerritse, William Jochemse took over management of the tavern Hilletie inherited from her late husband. Over the next two decades, their household was described on censuses and he was identified as an Albany mainstay. His tavern was located on the southside at the intersection of Beaver and Green streets.In 1700, it was used as lodging for garrison officers and their wives.  During the 1680s, Ketelhuyn purchased land north of Rensselaerswyck and east of the Hudson. That property became his farm. In 1713, following the death of Hilletie and his re-marriage to Maria De Ridder, he moved north to his farm. In 1720, he was identified as a freeholder of Rensselaerswyck. In 1734, he filed a will that stated he was a resident of Saratoga and the husband of Maria.

Children of Hilletje and Willem Ketelhuyn: :

Name Born Married Departed
6. Gerrit Van der Zee Ketelhuyn
7. Joachim Ketelhuyn 9 Nov 1684  Albany, Albany, NY Eva Mae Vrooman
25 Jun 1730 – Schenectady, Schenectady, New York
 Died Young
8. Storm Ketel 24 Jul 1687
Saratoga, Saratoga, New York,

Storm was the son of Albert Andriesz (son of Andries) Bratt, from Frederikstad, Norway. Storm was born on the voyage over in 1636, in the North Sea, during a storm. In later records he is frequently called  Storm Van Der Zee [Storm from the Sea]. The log of the Rinselaers Wijck [Arms of Rensslaerswyck] is still extant contains under the date of November 1 and 2 1636, the following interesting entries which are given in facsimile in the “Van Rensselaer Bowier Manuscripts,”


Saturday 1. In the morning we veered toward the west and drifted north. The Wind S. W with rough weather and high seas. The past half day and entire night.

Sunday: 2. Drifted 16 leagues N. E. by E.; the wind about west, the latitude by dead reckoning 41 degrees, 50 minutes with very high seas. That day the overhang above our rudder was knocked in by severe storm. This day a child was born on the ship, and named and baptized in England Stoerm; the mother is Asnetie Baernts. This day gone.

His father settled on the stream just at the southern bounds of Albany, called after him the Normans Kill. Here was the Vale of Taswasentha, of Longfellow’s Hiawatha. Albert Bratt was a notoriously quarrelsome man. Tradition has it that Storm and he had a failing out, and Storm, in his dudgeon, dropped his father’s name and called himself thence forth Van der Zee, from the Sea, in which he had had his birth.

Growing up on the Normanskill, by the mid-1650s he was trading lumber, furs, and tobacco in New Amsterdam – probably on his father’s behalf. In 1662, he obtained a lot and then a house in Beverwyck. Thereafter, he settled in Albany – forming a number of trading partnerships, opening a tavern, and marrying Hilletie Lansing.

Running a tavern and other enterprises frequently brought him before the Albany magistrates. In February 1679, Storm and Hilletie filed a joint will. It stated that he was sick but she was well. He was listed on a census of householders made a month later. In May, another legal document stated that Storm Vanderzee had died at age forty-two. His two sons carried on the family name in the city of Albany.


1. Anna Van Der ZEE (See Johannes BECKER‘s page)

4. Wouter Stormes Vanderzee Bradt

Wouter’s wife Janetje Swart was born about 1668. Her parents were Teunis Corneliuse Swart and Elizabeth Van der Lind. Jennetje died 1719, in Schenectady, Schenectady, New York.

5. Albert Stormse Vanderzee Bradt

Albert’s wife Hilletje Gansevoort was born 1679 in Albany, New York. Her parents were Harmen Gansevoort and Commertje Leendertse Conyn.

7. Joachim Ketelhuyn

Joachim’s wife Eva Mae Vrooman was born 7 Sep 1706 in Albany, Albany, NY. Her parents were Adam Vrooman (1649 – 1730) and Grietje Margrietje (Margarita) Heemstraat (1672 – 1730).

Adam Vrooman Bio from Genealogical and family history of northern New York : a record of the achievements of her people in the making of a commonwealth

Note: From the perspective of the Palatines, Conrad WEISER Sr was a hero.  From Adam Vrooman’s perspective, not so much.

Here’s the story from Weiser’s perspective.   The people had taken possession of Schoharie without informing the Governor of New York. In 1715, Hunter sent an agent, Adam Vrooman, to Schoharie, to make deeds for the Palatines, although the Mohawk had granted them the land.  The Palatines were resistant, and the land that the Germans had settled on in Schoharie was taken away and granted by Hunter  to seven rich merchants, four of whom lived in Albany, the other three in New York. The names of those in Albany were Myndert Shyller, John Shyller, Robert Livingston (the one with the 160,000 acre manor), Peter Van Brugken; of those in New York were George Clerk, at that time Secretary, Doctor Stadts, Rip Van Dam.

The German deputies were stripped of their titles, and the promise of free land by Queen Anne was ignored.  Hunter authorized a warrant for Weiser’s arrest, after Vrooman complained of mistreatment while in Schoharie, but Weiser escaped. This brought an uproar, and the Germans rebelled. They drove out the sheriff who was sent from Albany, and became increasingly hostile to the government.


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  8. Barbara says:

    Where did you get baptismal date of 16 June 1665 for Anna van der Zee from, please share.
    Albany Dutch Reformed Church records begin in 1683, so any of Storm’s children have no baptismal documentation.

  9. Craig John says:

    My name is Craig Edward John, Storm Van Der Zee is my 14 th times great grandfather,

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