Thomas Cushman Jr.

Thomas CUSHMAN Jr. (1637 – 1766) was Alex’s 9th Grandfather; one of 1,024 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Thomas Cushman was born 16 Sep 1637 in Plymouth, Mass.  His parents were Thomas CUSHMAN Sr. and Mary ALLERTON.   He first married Ruth Howland on 17 Nov 1664.  After Ruth died, he married Abigail TITUS Fuller on 16 Oct 1679 in Rehoboth, Mass.   Thomas died 23 AUG 1726 in Scituate, Mass.

Thomas Cushman Jr – Headstone – Centre Burying Ground at Plympton, 33 feet NE of the gate on the west side.

Ruth Howland was born 16 Sep 1637 in Scituate, Mass.  Her parents were John HOWLAND and Elizabeth TILLEY.  John and Elizabeth were also our ancestors through their daughter Desire.  Ruth died in 1679 in Rehoboth, Mass.

Abigail Titus was born 18 Feb 1653. Her parents were John TITUS and Abigail CARPENTER.  She first married John Fuller 25 Apr 1673.  John was killed during an Indian attack on Rehoboth during the King Philips War.  Abigail died 31 May 1734 in Attleboro.

Children of Thomas and Ruth Howland:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Robert Cushman 4 Oct 1665,
Persis Lewis
Persis Pratt
Prudence Sherman
2 Feb 1743/44
30 Sep 1757
Kingston, Plymouth, Mass
2. Thomas Cushman c.  1670, Northampton, Ma Sarah Strong 1700 9 Jan 1725/26, Lebanon, CT
3. Desire Cushman 9 Feb 1672/73, Plymouth Samuel Kent
17 Dec 1686 – Swansea, Bristol, Mass.
8 Feb 1762, Barrington, RI

Children of Thomas and Abigail:

Name Born Married Departed
4. Job Cushman 1676 Plymouth, Mass. Lydia Brewster
c. 1706
Bef. 21 May 1740
5. Bartholomew Cushman 1683 Plymouth, Mass. 21 Dec 1721 Plympton, Plymouth, Mass.
6. Barnabas Cushman 1684
7. Samuel CUSHMAN 16 Jul 1687 Plymouth, Mass. Fear CORSER
8 Dec 1709 Plympton, Mass.
8 Dec 1709 Plympton, Mass.
8. Benjamin Cushman 1 Mar 1690/91 Plymouth, Mass. Sarah Eaton
8 Jan 1711/12 Plympton, Mass.
Sarah Bell 14 Mar 1738 Plympton, Plymouth, Mass.
17 Oct 1770 Plympton, Ma

Thomas Cushman, the first son of Plymouth’s Ruling Elder Thomas Cushman and Mary (Allerton) Cushman, a Mayflower passenger. Little is known of his growing years. Some time in the early 1660’s, Thomas Jr. began courting Ruth Howland. Ruth was the youngest daughter of Mayflower passengers John Howland & Elizabeth Tilley and very near neighbors to the Cushman Family. On 7 Mar 1665 Thomas Jr. was fined five pounds by the Court for committing “‘carnal copulation with his now wife before marriage, but after contract.”

The common practice in vogue then of “courting ” by young men and maidens, and the uniform fashion ” of keeping company till the small hours of the night,” was one that did not tend to promote a high degree of virtuous intercourse.

Thomas did not suffer much materially in his reputation by an error which he soon remedied by marriage and was, during a long life, a worthy member of the Congregational Church at Plympton, of which his brother Isaac was the Pastor. However, Thomas Cushman, Jr. squandered the opportunity to be considered to succeed his father as Ruling Elder. In 1694, Thomas’ younger brother Isaac was chosen to succeed his father as Ruling Elder. In 1664 Thomas Jr. and Ruth were married and remained in Plymouth. “. … they lived on the west side of the highway that leads from Plympton meeting house to the north part of the town, and ‘Colehester Brook’ ran through his farm, which contained a large quantity of land.” Ruth died as a young woman sometime after 1672, and Thomas Jr. married Abigail Fuller in 1679.

Thomas’s second wife [and our ancestor] was Abigail Fuller of Rehoboth, and they were members of the Congregational Church at Plympton. They had 4 children: Job, Bartholomew, Samuel & Benjamin. Plympton was divided from Plymouth in 1707 and Thomas’s farm was then in the limits of the new town. His farm was large, with many buildings and with Colchester Brook running through it. It lay west of the highway going north from the Plympton meeting house. For many years Thomas had been a surveyor of highways for the town of Plymouth.

“On 21 May 1721 Thomas Cushman of Plimpton, yeoman, deeded to his son Benjamin the house and land where Benjamin was living. On the same day he deeded to son Samuel the land where Samuel was living. On 25 Dec. 1721 he deeded the land where he, Thomas, was living to sons Benjamin and Samuel.”


1. Robert Cushman

Robert according to church records was born Oct. 4, 1664. For the observant reader, you will note that is about 6 weeks before his parents were married.

Robert’s first wife was either Persis Lewis or Persis Pratt.  Persis Lewis was born 15 Jan 1671 in Swansea, Bristol, Mass. Her parents were Thomas Lewis and Hannah Baker.  Persis Pratt was born 1670 Plymouth, Plymouth, Mass.  Her parents were Benajah Pratt and Persis Dunham.  In either case, Persis died 14 Jan 1742/43 Kingston, Plymouth, Mass.

Persis Cushman Headstone — Ancient Burial Ground Kingston, Plymouth, Mass

Robert married his second wife at the ripe young age of 80.  Prudence Sherman was born 1674 Marshfield, Mass. Her parents were Samuel Sherman and Sarah Daggett.

Robert Cushman Headstone — – Ancient Burying Ground Kingston, Plymouth, Mass – 

2. Thomas Cushman

Thomas’ wife Sarah Strong was born 1674 Northampton, Hampshire, Mass. Her parents were Jedediah Strong and Freedom Woodward. Her grandparents were Elder John STRONG and Abigail FORD. Sarah died 25 DEC 1726 Lebanon, New London, CT.

3. Desire Cushman

Desire’s husband Samuel Kent was born 23 Mar 1668 in Swansea, Bristol, Mass.  His parents were Joseph Kent and Susanna George. Samuel died 15 MAY 1727 in Barrington, Bristol, Rhode Island.

Samuel Kent Headstone — Tyler Point Cemetery , Barrington, Bristol, Rhode Island,


Desire Cushman Kent Headstone — Tyler Point Cemetery Barrington Bristol, Rhode Island,

4. Job Cushman

Job’s wife Lydia Brewster was born 11 FEB 1679/80 Duxbury, Plymouth, Mass. Her parents were William Brewster and Lydia Partridge.

Alternatively, Lydia’s maiden name was Arnold.  Job Cushman’s estate was settled by his widow Lydia and her brother Edward Arnold, who were Administrators, 21 May 1740. Widow Lydia Cushman’s will was proved 27 Sept 1746. Her brother Edward and dau. Lydia were Executors. She gave to her eldest dau. Maria Barker, “my book called concordance, and my smallest looking glass

7. Samuel CUSHMAN (See his page)

8. Benjamin Cushman

Benjamin’s first wife Sarah Eaton was born 20 OCT 1695 Plymouth, Mass. Her parents were Benjamin Eaton and Mary Coombs. Sarah died 19 FEB 1736/37 in Plympton, Plymouth, Mass.

Benjamin’s second wife Sarah Bell was born 1693 in Plymouth County, Mass. Sarah died 16 JAN 1783 in Plympton, Plymouth, Mass.

18 Aug 1758 –  Plympton Church Records

A complaint was made to the chh. against Benjamin Cusliman for neglecting the communion, &c. ; and at the same time said Benjamin made a complaint against Dea.Samuel Bryant. The chh. on full consideration voted that Benjamin should confess and thus render christian satisfaction for his offences. But that he refused to do. The chh. voted the same in 1763 ; but he replied to a committee of the chh. that ‘ the Devils in Hell could not treat him Avorse than the chh. had.’ Nov. 20, 1763, he was publicly admonished. Oct. 14, 1770 — seven years after his admonition— he made a confession and was restored to the communion of the chh

Benjamin Cushman Headstone — This cemetery is on Main Street, Plympton, MA. Cemetery also known as Hillcrest Cemetery.


A Historical and biographical genealogy of the Cushmans: the descendants of Robert Cushman, the Puritan, from the year 1617 to 1855 (1855) by Cushman, Henry Wyles, 1805-1863

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  5. Jo Ann Ellis says:

    You show Robert Cushman s/o Thomas Jr. and Ruth Howland as married to Persis Pratt. I have seen Platt, Shaw and most frequently Lewis. Could you tell me where your info came from and is it documented?

  6. markeminer says:

    Hi Jo Ann,

    The source was Steve Condarcure’s Genealogy Database. Here’s the URL to the specific page.

    This source while very comprehensive is not sourced. I find it to be correct most, though not all the time.

    Kind Regards, Mark

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  9. Bobbie Howard says:

    The chart says Robert Cushman is born 4 Oct 1665,Mass this is almost a full year after their Nov 1664 marriage… not a few weeks after.. so which fact is right?

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