Samuel Cushman

Samuel CUSHMAN (1687 – 1766) was Alex’s 8th Grandfather; one of 512 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Samuel Cushman was born 16 Jul 1687 in Plymouth, Mass.  His parents were Thomas CUSHMAN Jr. and Abigail TITUS Fuller.  He married Fear CORSER on 8 Dec 1709 in Plympton, Mass.  Samuel died 19 Feb 1766 in Attleborough, Mass.

Samuel Cushman Headstone – Newell Burying Ground, Attleboro, Bristol, Mass

Fear Corser was born in 1685. Her parents were John CORSER and Margaret [__?__] Fear died 2 Dec 1767 in Attleborough, Mass.

Fear Cushman Headstone – Newell Burying Ground Attleboro,Bristol, Mass

Children of Samuel and Fear:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Desire CUSHMAN 18 Sep 1710 Plympton, Mass. Ebenezer FOSTER
17 Sep 1730 Attleboro, Mass.
27 Nov 1810
2. Mercy Cushman 8 Feb 1711/12 Plympton Ensign Noah Fuller
11 Jan 1797
3. Samuel Cushman 10 Jul 1715 Plympton 22 Apr 1727 Plympton,
4 Joseph Cushman 7 Jan 1716/17 Plympton 10 May 1727 Plympton
5. Jacob Cushman 20 Mar 1718/19 Plympton Elizabeth Read
Hannah Stetson (Widow Cobb)
30 May 1764
Plympton, Mass
24 May 1796
Attleboro, Mass
6. Jemima Cushman 23 Oct 1724 Plympton 2 May 1727
7. Bartholomew Cushman 1727
Attleboro, Mass
26 Aug 1736
8. Jemima Cushman 1729 2 Apr 1736
Plymton, Mass

He was a grandson of Mary Allerton youngest Mayflower passenger and the last survivor.


Cushman Che Walnut, chestnut, pine and brassMade in Massachusetts, possibly in the Taunton River area, 1680-1700  Descended in the family of Desire Cushman

Cushman Chest: Walnut, chestnut, pine and brass
Made in Massachusetts, possibly in the Taunton River area, 1680-1700 Descended in the family of Desire Cushman
Pilgrim Hall Musuem

This chest shows clearly the evolution of a furniture style. Unlike earlier chests that had drawers only in the bottom and were constructed of panels set in a joined framed, this chest is made of solid wood and the drawers occupy the entire case. Also unlike earlier chests with painted decorations, the maple grain is highlighted to serve as the chest’s adornment.

1. Desire CUSHMAN (See Ebenezer FOSTER‘s page)

2. Mercy Cushman

Mercy’s husband Noah Fuller was born 18 Oct 1712 Attleborough, Bristol, Mass. His parents were Noah Fuller and Rachel Pidge. Noah died 10 Aug 1786 Attleborough, Bristol, Mass.

Noah Fuller Headstone — Newell Burying Ground,  Attleboro, Bristol County, Mass

5. Jacob Cushman

Jacob’s first wife Elizabeth Read was born 2 Apr 1721 Attleborough, Mass. Her parents were Daniel Read and Elizabeth Ide. Elizabeth died 26 May 1762 in Attleboro.

Jacob Cushman Revolutionary War Service

Jacob’s second wife Hannah Stetson was born about Jul 1732. Her parents were Joseph Stetson and Abigail Hatdh. She first married 16 Nov 1758 Plympton, Plymouth, Mass. to Rowland Cobb b. Jul 1732

Jacob Cushman Headstone — Newell Burying Ground Attleboro, Bristol County, Mass

7. Bartholomew Cushman

d. Aug. 26, 1736, in his 10th y. G.R. 13.

Bartholomew Cushman Headstone – Newell Burying Ground Attleboro, Bristol, Mass


8. Jemima Cushman

She was the second dau. named Jemima, latter b. and d. of record at age 3 at Plympton before the family’s move to Attleboro. Attleboro VRs: Jemima, d. Samuel & Fear, d. Apr. 2, 1736, in her 7th y. G.R. 13.

Jemima Cushman Headstone — Newell Burying Ground Attleboro, Bristol, Mass


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