Daniel Pond

Lt. Daniel POND (1630 – 1797) was Alex’s 10th Great Grandfather, one of 1,024 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Daniel Pond was born in in 1630 in Dorchester, Mass.   His parents were Robert POND and Mary Margaret HAWKINS. His parents had come to Massachusetts with the Wintrop fleet in 1630, and since Daniel wasn’t listed on the ship’s passenger list, he must have been born after their arrival. He married Abigail SHEPARD,  the daughter of his step-father, on 30 Mar 1652 in Dedham, Mass.  After Abigail died, he married Anne Deborah Edwards on 18 Sep 1661.  Daniel died on 4 Feb 1696/97 in Dedham, Mass.

Abigail Shepard was born 1631 in Lawford, Essex, England. Her parents were Capt. Edward SHEPARD and Violet WOLVERTON. (Charnold) Abigail died 5 Jul 1661 in Dedham, Mass.

Anne Deborah Edwards was born about 1640. Anne died 6 Jun 1732 in Dedham, Mass.

Children of Daniel and Abigail:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Abigail POND 5 Sep 1652 Dedham John DAY
22 May 1678
Wrentham, Mass
23 May 1698 Wrentham, Mass.
2. John Pond 6 JUL 1656 Dedham Hannah Hill
30 SEP 1686 Dedham
Rachel Stow
1692 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass.
Judith [__?__]
After 1734
3. Ephraim Pond 21 OCT 1656 Dedham Deborah Hawes
6 JAN 1685/86 Dedham
22 DEC 1704 Wrentham
4. Rachel Pond 5 SEP 1658 Dedham Matthew Stone
16 JUL 1681 Dedham
1696 Dedham
5. Hannah Pond 27 JUL 1660 Dedham John Devotion
Roxbury, Suffolk, Mass
1698 Dedham

Children of Daniel and Anne Edwards:

Name Born Married Departed
6. Daniel Pond
 17 FEB 1662/63 Dedham Tabitha Edwards (Daughter of Matthew EDWARDS)
Dedham, Norfolk, Mass
Before 1698 Will  which gives “my son Dan’ Pond deceased twentie shillings”
7. Robert Pond  5 AUG 1667 Dedham Joanna Lawrence
1688 in Wrentham, Norfolk, Mass.
Abigail Fisher
16 Jan 1728/29
Mrs. Sarah Shuttleworth
17 Nov 1747 Wrentham, Norfolk, Mass
 3 JUL 1750 Wrentham
8. William Pond  20 SEP 1669 Dedham  Aft 1698 will
9. Caleb Pond  13 DEC 1672 Dedham Priscilla Colburn
1694 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass
 23 FEB 1705/06 Dedham
10. Joshua Pond  3 NOV 1674 Dedham  not mentioned in 1698 will
11. Jabez Pond 1 JUN 1677 Dedham  Mary Gay
11 Jan 1699 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass
Mary Plympton
22 Nov 1732 in Medfield, Norfolk, Mass
6 NOV 1749 Dedham
12.  Sarah Pond 10 MAY 1679 Dedham  Eleazer Holbrook  24 DEC 1725 Sherborn, Mass.

Daniel’s brothers , William and Robert were left in England, and who came to America after their parents but before 1641, maybe with Rev. Mather.

30 Mar 1652 – Daniel purchased of Nathaniel Fisher two acres of upland, described as being bounded by “the Highway” on the N., and by “the swamp” on the S. With this were two acres of swampland.

8 Nov 1653 Received in full communion in the Dedham Church

1654 – Appointed Freeman

1660 – Selectman in Dedham

12 Feb 1662/63 – Daniel bought of Ralph Wheelock, his estate, onwhich was a dwelling house and barns, with a piece of swamp land “called the dead swamp amongst the rocks.”

1661 –  The southern portion of Dedham was set off into a separate township called Wrentham, though the act was not confirmed by court until 1673. Daniel Pond immediately became an owner of real estate there, obtaining a grant of Lot No. 15, as early as March 22nd, 1662/63. He probably never lived in Wrentham, but his older sons took up the land and settled there.

Wrentham Town Seal

1672 – Daniel was a Lieutenant of the militia

Cressy Memorial Pondville Chapel – 29 Valley Street, Norfolk, Mass

The chapel is built on one of the oldest settled spots in Norfolk. Daniel POND from Dedham took a portion of the grant to Dedham to found a colony near the lakes in Wrentham. His son Ephraim, and a friend of John Fales – their wives were sisters, made their homes here. The chapel was built in 1909 by Dr. Oliver Cressy of Hamilton in memory of his son, Oliver Sawyer Cressy Jr. Dr. Cressy’s wife, Harriet L. Pond, was a daughter of General Lucas Pond, who built the Pond Home in 1832. It is a very unique building constructed of natural field rock in the Gothic Revival style with blue stone copings, stone buttresses and a roof of slate and metal. The interior was finished in hardwood with polished surfaces, windows of stained glass and an old English style fireplace. The building was built for use of the Pond Home for the Aged (now in Wrentham) and for the village of Pondville for Sunday services, social work and for use in conjunction with the Pondville Cemetery for funeral services and memorials. This quaint wayside chapel remained vacant for many years and most of the beautiful stained glass windows were destroyed by vandals during this time but it was renovated and converted into a private residence in the last quarter of the 20th century.

Daniel died Feb. 4th, 1697/98, at Dedham. His will was proved March 8d, 1697/98, and was as follows :

” In the yeare of our Lord one thousand Six hundred Nintye Seven Eight the Second Day of y” twelveth Month I Dan” Pond of Dedham in y^ Countie of Suffolke in y’^ province of y*” Masathusetts Bay in Neweingland, though Infirm in boddy yet whole and sound in my mind and memory and understanding and of a disposeing mind I doe ordaine and make this my Last Will and Testament in maner and forme as followeth :

first I comit and comend my soule into the hands of y*” Lord Jesus Christ : and my body to y” earth from whence it was taken : after my death to be decently beuryed by y* care and descresion of my Executors hereafter named.

” My mind and will is : that after my just debts be paid and my funerall charges defrayed : that my Well beloved Wife Anne Pond shall enjoy and possess all my Whole estate both of housing lands tenements orchards gardens chatties or movable estate whatsoever during the whole time and terme of hir naturall Life for her uce benefit and comfort after my decease.

” I give and bequath to my well beloved Wife aforesaid and to hir Heyres forever : the one halfe of that my three Acres of meadowe as it lyeth in foule meadowe.

” I give and bequath to my loveing Son John Pond twentie shillings and that with what he have received allredy to be his whole portion in my Estate.

” I give and bequath to my loveing Son Ephraim Pond twentie shillings and that with what he have allredy received of me to be his whole portion in my Estate.

” I give and bequath to my loveing son Robert Pond twentie shillings and that with what he have allredie received of me to be his whole portion in my Estate.

” I give and bequath to my loveing Daughter Abigaill Day twentye shillings and that with what she have allredie received of me to be hir whole portion in my Estate.

” I give and bequath to y* Children of my Daughter Rachel Stone Deceased five shillings each of them and this to be their whole portion in my Estate.

” I give and bequath to my loveing Daughter Hannah Devotion five pounds and that with what she have received of me all redy to be hir whole portion in my Estate.

” I give and bequath to my son William Pond the other half of that my three Acres of meadowe att foule meadowe above mentioned to him the said William and his Heyres forever.

” I give and bequath to my loveing Son Williame before mentioned and my loveing son Jabez Pond all that my six Acres of meadowe ass it lyeth in y^ broad meadowes to them and” their Heyres for ever to be equally devided betwen them.

” I give and bequath to y^ Daughter of my son Dan” Pond deceased twentie shillings to be hir whole portion in my estate.

” I give and bequath to my loveing Sons William Calab and Jabez Pond and to their Pleyres forever all y*” Remainder of all my housing buildings lands tenements orchards gardens meadowes swamps and cow-comons that is not allredy disposed of by me in this my will to be equaly devided betwen them three, and this with what they have allredy received or is in this will expressed to them to be their whole.

” I give and bequath to my Daughter Sarah Pond all y” remainder of my Chatties or movable Estate to hir and to hir heyres forever.

“And I doe hereby nomenate ordain and appoynt my well beloved wife Anne Pond before said and my loveing friends Joseph Wight and John ffisher of Dedham to be my Executors to whom I comitt all poure neesesary for y*” full accomplishment and performance of this my last will and testament in all respects as is herein above ex-

” In witness thereof I the said Dan” Pond have here unto set my hand and afixed my seal the yeare and day above written.

“In presents of|
James Mosman
John ffullbr
John dean “

Pond – Peck by Edwin Pond Parker, 1892, Page 47

In the year 1630, JOHN POND, and a brother whose name, as is supposed, was ROBERT, came to New England with John Winthrop. Governor Winthrop wrote back to his son in Groton, England, bidding him tell “old Pond that both his sons are well and remember their duty.” John Pond left no trace behind him here. ROBERT settled at Dorchester, Mass., and died there in 1637. There is uncertainty as to the number and names of his children, but there is little doubt that one of his sons was DANIEL of Dedham. (Vide Savage’s Geneal.Dict., and the “Pond Genealogy,” page 6.) DANIEL POND (son of Robert of Dorchester who came from Groton, England, in 1630) appeared in Dedham, Mass., about 1652. He was an husbandman. He was a landholder in Dedham and Wrentham, a lieutenant in the militia, and the progenitor of a numerous race, most of whom, for a century, lived and died in close proximity to the place of his settlement. His death occurred Feb. 4, 1697-8. He was the father of 13 children.

Daniel Pond and His Descendants by Edward Doubleday Harris, 1873

1. Daniel POND, husbandman, the forefather of a long line of descendants, appeared in the town of Dedham, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, about the year 1652. The names of his parents and that of his birth-place, no vigilance has discovered. In the volume of town records containing the conveyances of real estate and grants of land, it is written that on the 30th day, 1st mo. (March 30) 1652, he purchased of Nathaniel Fisher two acres of upland, described as being bounded by ” the highway ” on the N., and by ” the swamp ” on the S. With this were two acres of swamp land. On the 25th day, 12th month, 1662, (Feb. 12, 1662-3) he bought of Ralph Wheelock, his estate, on which was a dwelling-house and barns, with a piece of swamp land “called the dead swamp amongst the rocks.”

His marriage to Abigail, daughter of Edward Shepard, of Cambridge, occurred probably about the time of his first purchase, but it is not recorded either in Dorchester, or Cambridge where it would have taken place. The birth of his first child, Abigail, is recorded at Dedham, but not her baptism, although her mother was doubtless a member of the church at Cambridge. He was himself received into full communion in the Dedham church, 8, 11, 1653, and a son whose name is not given was baptized there on the 22d of same month. In 1659 his “county and town rate ” or tax was 7s. 6d. His special town-rate levied in the last month of the same year was 3s, 4d, He was one of the Selectmen of the town in 1660, The next year his “school-rate” was lis, 7d,

In 1661 the southern portion of Dedham was set off into a separate township called Wrentham, though the act was not confirmed by court until 1673, Daniel Pond immediately became an owner of real estate there, obtaining a grant of Lot No, 15, as early as March 22d, 1662-3, In 1664 he had a further grant ot twelve acres ” on the mill-creek.” At a meeting of the proprietors of the new town, held on January 15th, 1671, he was present and took part in the proceedings. In 1676-7 he had a further grant, lot No. 25. In 1685 he was granted meadow lot No, 37 ”in Wigwam meadow,” and also lot No. 17, containing eight acres. After his death his heirs had a grant of seven acres at “cold hearth plain.” He probably never lived at Wrentham, but his older sons took up the land and settled there. His wife Abigail died at Dedham, July 5th, 1661, and, if the records are correct in the date, he waited only until Sept. 18th of the same year to wed another, Ann Edwards, who survived him, and died June 6th, 1732, aged 92 yrs. He was a lieutenant of the militia, and took the freeman’s oath’in 1690. He died Feb. 4th, 1697-8, at Dedham.


1. Abigail Pond (See John DAY‘s page)

2. John Pond

John’s first wife Hannah Hill was born in 1668 in Sherborn, Midd, Mass. Her parents were John Hill and Hannah Johnson. Hannah died 2 Jun 1691 in Wrentham, Norfolk, Mass.

John’s second wife Rachel Stow was born in 1660 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass. Rachel died in 1696 in Wrentham, Norfolk, Mass.

John’s third wife Judith [__?__] was born in 1657 in Wrentham, Norfolk, Mass. Judith died 26 Apr 1708 in Wrentham, Norfolk, Mass

John settled in the Wrentham parish, probably in that portion subsequently set off to form the township of Medway. He was a husbandman, and March 28th, 1698, was allotted a grant of eleven acres of timber land, and seven acres on the brook at “long walk.” The records of his marriages, by the destruction of the church books at Wrentham, are lost. The dates of his own and two wives’ deaths have not been preserved, neither is there any record of the administration of his estate. He was living in 1734, and Aug. 29, 1727, gave one half of all his Wrentham lands to his son John.

John Pond was thrice married. His first wife, Hannah, died June 2d, 1691. His second wife, Rachel, bore him only two children, Hannah and Rachel. His last wife, Judith, died April 26, 1708.

3. Ephraim Pond

Ephraim’s wife Deborah Hawes was born 1 Sep 1666 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass. Her parents were Edward Hawes and Eliony Lombard. Her grandparents were Capt. John HAWES and Desire GORHAM. After his death she married a Bacon. Deborah died 27 Apr 1760 in Wrentham, Norfolk, Mass.

Ephraim is styled “carpenter,” and his name appears early on the Wrentham records, where he resided, an owner of real estate, in 1689. He served on Town Committees in 1694.

Ephraim died Dec. 22, 1704, intestate, and his widow was appointed in 1710 to administer. The inventory of the estate showed a valuation of £318. In 1714 it was divided between the widow, and children Ephraim, Daniel, Eleony, Samuel, Deborah and Jacob. Nov. 13th, 1737 the widow’s portion was divided between Ephraim, Samuel, Jacob, Daniel Thurston, and Eleony the daughter ol Eleony Shepard.

4. Rachel Pond

Rachel’s husband Matthew Stone was born 16 Feb 1660 in Watertown, Middlesex, Mass. His parents were Simon Stone and Mary Whipple. After Rachel died, he married 1696 in Sudbury, Middlesex, Mass. to Mary Plympton (b. 25 Nov 1656 in Sudbury, Middlesex, Mass. – d. 29 Nov 1721 in Sudbury) Matthew died 12 Aug 1743 in Sudbury, Middlesex, Mass.

5. Hannah Pond

Hannah’s husband John Devotion was born 26 Jun 1659 in Brookline, Norfolk, Mass. His parents were Edward Devotion and Mary Curtis. John died 25 Oct 1732 in Suffield, Hartford, CT.

6. Daniel Pond

Daniel was baptized May 26th, 1663. Nothing is known of him save that by wife Tabitha, he had one daughter, and died before the making of his father’s will in 1698, by which his daughter was named an heir.

Daniel’s wife Tabitha Edwards was born 23 Jul 1670.  Her parents were Matthew EDWARDS and Mary POOLE.

7. Robert Pond

Robert’s first wife Joanna Lawrence was born 1668 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass. Her parents were Nathaniel Lawrence and Sarah Morse. Her grandparents were John LAWRENCE and Elizabeth COOKE. Joanna died 1727 in Wrentham, Norfolk, Mass.

Robert’s second wife Abigail Fisher

Robert’s third wife Sarah Shuttleworth was born 5 Jul 1669 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass. Sarah died 3 Jul 1750 in Wrentham, Norfolk, Mass.

The first mention of the Shuttleworth family in Dedham was the marriage of Vincent Shuttleworth and Elizabeth Leonard 18 Feb 1677/78.

Robert was baptized Aug. 11. He was a house carpenter, and in deeds is called ” captain.” He became possessed of lands in Wrentham either by division or purchase previous to Jan. 10th, 1692/93 when he petitioned that his land might be surveyed and measured. 6 Jul 1696, he was granted lot 5 on ” mine brook,” a stream which after a lapse of nearly two hundred years is known by the same name. By subsequent grants he became the possessor of a very considerable estate in that locality and lived to the ripe age of eighty-three years to enjoy it.

Robert Pond was married three times. His first marriage to Joanna (Lawrence ?) is not recorded ; she was the mother of all his children. He was not the Robert who married, Dec. 13, 1717, Hannah Bacon, for his wife Joanna acknowledged a deed April 19, 1726. He married, Jan. 16, 1728/29, Abigail Fisher, and Nov. 17, 1747, his last wife, the widow Sarah Shuttleworth. He died July 3, 1750. The inventory of his estate exhibits a valuation of £184.

9. Caleb Pond

Caleb’s wife Priscilla Colburn was born in 1675 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass. Her parents were Nathaniel Colburn and Mary Brooks. Priscilla died 1731 in Wrentham, Norfolk, Mass

As Caleb’s baptism is not recorded at Dedham, it is possible that it took place at Wrentham, although he passed the brief period of his maturity in Dedham. He was granted four acres of land at a place called ” spring-field.”

He married Priscilla, daughter of Nathaniel Colburn, who survived him and was living a widow in 1731, having, in the words of the church record ” laid hold on y” covenant ” and been baptized Aug. 28, 1725. He died Feb. 23, 1705-6, and March following the widow was appointed to administer ; thirteen years afterwards she rendered her account of the estate, charging for the keep of her son Joshua for a term of nine months, and of Daniel for a term of five years.

11. Jabez Pond

Jabez’ first wife Mary Gay was born 30 Mar 1677 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass. Her parents were Nathaniel Gay and Lydia Starr. Mary died 11 Jun 1731 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass.

Jabez’ second wife Mary Plympton was born in 1681 in Marlboro, Middlesex, Mass. Her parents were Peter Plympton and Mary Mundan. She first married 25 Feb 1707 in Marlboro, Middlesex, Mass to John Johnson (b. 24 Mar 1679 in Marlboro – d. 15 Feb 1758 in Marlboro), Mary died 19 Jul 1720 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass

Jabez was a husbandman, and after the year 1730 was styled ” lieutenant.” He had an early grant of four and one-half acres of land at ” Strawberry hill ” on the highway to Natick, and he became ultimately the possessor of several parcels of land in Dedham and Stoughton, most of which he conveyed in the latter years of his life to his son Eliphalet. He lived at Dedham.

He married at Dedham, Jan. 11, 1698-9, Maey Gay. She died June 11, 1731. He married at Medfield, Nov. 22, 1732, Mary Plympton, who was living in 1750, and was perhaps the widow Mary Pond who, April 24, 1750, married Deacon Joseph Wight. She was received into the Dedham church, April 18, 1742, from the church at Medfield.

Jabez Pond died at Dedham Nov. 6, 1749. The estate was settled by the son, the personal property being valued at £828.




Family Records Parker – Pond – Peck by Edwin Pond Parker, 1892, Page 47

Daniel Pond and His Descendants by Edward Doubleday Harris, 1873, Pg 9


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