John Lawrence

John LAWRENCE (1609 – 1667) was Alex’s 11th Great Grandfather; one of 4,096 in this generation of the Shaw line.

John Lawrence was baptized on 8 Oct 1609 in Wissett, Norwich, Suffolk, England. His parents were Henry LAWRENCE and Mary WEST. He emigrated to America about 1630. He probably was one of a large party under Governor Winthrop which sailed from England that year.   He married Elizabeth COOKE 1635 in Watertown, Mass. After Elizabeth died, he married Susanna Batchelder 2 Nov 1664 in Charlestown, Middlesex, Mass. John died 11 Jul 1667 in Groton, Mass.

Groton, Mass was officially settled and incorporated in 1655, named for Groton in Suffolk, England  John Lawrence was an original land proprietor and served on the first Board of Selectmen.

Elizabeth Cooke was born in 9 Dec 1610 in Wisset Norwich, Suffolk, England or baptized 8 Sep 1611 in Bridport, Dorset, England.  Her parents were Aaron COOKE and Elizabeth CHARDE.  Alternatively, Elizabeth’s surname was Waters or Kettleborough.  Elizabeth died 29 Aug 1663 in Groton, Mass.

Susanna Batchelder was born in 1642 in Groton, Middlesex, Mass. Her parents were  William Batchelder and Jane Cowper.  Her grandparents were Rev. Stephen BACHILLER and Deborah BATES.  Susanna died 8 Jul 1668 in Groton, Middlesex, Mass.

Children of George and Elizabeth:

Name Born Married Departed
1. George LAWRENCE 1637
Watertown, Middlesex, Mass
Elizabeth CRISPE
29 Sep 1657 Watertown, Mass.
Elizabeth Holland
16 Aug 1691 Watertown, Mass.
21 Mar 1708/9 in Watertown, MA.
2. Deacon Nathaniel Lawrence 15 Oct 1639 Watertown Sarah Morse
13 Mar 1661 Sudbury, Mass
Sarah Smith
Aft 10 Dec 1717 in Charlestown End, now Stoneham, Middlesex, Mass.
14 Apr 1724
Stoneham, Mass
3. Joseph Lawrence 30 May 1643 Watertown Rebecca Freeman
1671 in Groton, Mass.
14 Nov 1685
4. Jonathan Lawrence Apr 1644 Watertown, 6 Apr 1648
5. Mary Lawrence 16 Jul 1645 Watertown Inego Potter
25 Aug 1663 Charlestown
10 Feb 1687
6. Peleg Lawrence 10 Jan 1646/47
Watertown, Middlesex, Mass
Elizabeth Morse
22 Dec 1668
Medfield/ Groton, Middlesex, Mass.
14 Feb 1692/93
Groton, Middlesex, MA
7. Enoch Lawrence 5 Mar 1648 Groton, Mass Ruth Whitney
6 Mar 1677 Watertown
28 Sep 1744
8. Samuel Lawrence 1650
Rebecca Luen
14 Sep 1682 Watertown
9. Isaac Lawrence 1652
Abigail Bellows
19 Apr 1682 Watertown
19 Apr 1731
10. Elizabeth Lawrence 9 May 1655 Boston Thomas Whitney
29 Jan 1679 Watertown
2 Feb 1742
Bolton, Mass
11. Jonathan Lawrence 1657
Watertown, Middlesex, Mass.
Rebeckah Rutter 19 Sep 1729
Groton, Mass.
12. Zechariah Lawrence 9 Mar 1658 Watertown Apr 1667


Children of John and Susanna Batchelder:

Name Born Married Departed
13. Abigail Lawrence 9 Jan 1666
Groton, Mass
Feb 1670
Groton, Middlesex, Mass
14. Susanna Lawrence 3 Jul 1667
Groton, Mass.
John Knowles
Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire
17 Oct 1745
Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire

John Lawrence was a carpenter. He  emigrated in 1630 from England, possibly with Governor Winthrop.

c. 1635 – He moved to Watertown, Massachusetts.

1636 – John Lawrence was a proprietor at Watertown, Massachusetts.

28 Feb 1636 – He received three acres of land, his share of a grant then made to the townsmen, one hundred and six in number.

9 Mar 1636/37 – He became a freeman at Watertown, Massachusetts when about 28 years old.

1639 – He was mentioned in the disposition of Robert Lawrence at England.

1650 – He bought fifteen acres of common land (called King’s Common).

1654 – There is a record of Hug Mason who received of John Lawrence, clerk, £2 17s. 6d. money for town or parish use.

1662 – John Lawrence moved to Groton, Massachusetts.  The sale of his lands and mansion house was made in 1662. In 1662 he moved to Groton where in December of that year he appears by the records of Groton “meet men were found amongst the inhabitants” and where he was an original land proprietor and served on the first Board of Selectmen.

Location of Groton in Middlesex County

Dec 1662 – He served at Groton, Massachusetts, as a Selectman.

2 Nov 1664 – Charlestown, Massachusetts, John married Susanna Batchelor, daughter of William Batchelor.

11 Jul 1667 – John Lawrence died on Monday at Groton, Massachusetts, at age 57 years, 9 months and 3 days.

John evidently was a man of some intelligence and influence, and held a good place in the public esteem. Thought a large land holder for the times, he is said to have carried on the business of a carpenter both in Watertown and Boston.


1. George LAWRENCE (See his page)

2. Deacon Nathaniel Lawrence

Nathaniel’s first wife Sarah Morse was born 16 Sep 1643 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass. Her parents were Joseph Morse and Hannah Phillips. Sarah died 29 Aug 1683 in Groton, Middlesex, Mass.

Nathaniel’s second wife Sarah Smith was baptized 4 Aug 1661 in Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Mass.

Appointed ensign of the militia April 1673, and a member of the General Court, 1692.  Lived In Groton, Mass. For 30 years before moving to Charlestown Farms, Charlestown, Mass when  advanced in years.

1st President Calvin Coolidge (1872 – 1933)
2nd John Calvin Coolidge (1845 – 1926)
3rd Calvin Galusha Coolidge (1815 – 1878)
4th Calvin Coolidge (1780 – 1853)
5th Hannah Priest (1751 – 1829)
6th Hannah Lawrence (1721 – 1757)
7th Jonathan Lawrence (1696 – 1763)
8th Nathaniel Lawrence Jr. (1661 – 1737)
9th Nathaniel Lawrence (1639 – 1724)

Nathaniel Lawrance Headstone — Old Burying Ground Lexington Middlesex County Massachusetts, Plot: C. 83

Old Burying Ground Lexinton Mass
Grave Stone Inscription:
Here Lyes the
Body of Deacon
Nathaniel Lawrance
Normally of Groton
Dec.d at Lexington
April the 14th 1724
In the 85th Year
of His Age

3. Joseph Lawrence

Joseph’s wife Rebecca Freeman was born 1643 in Groton, Middlesex, Mass. Rebecca died Sep 1731.

5. Mary Lawrence

Mary’s husband Inego Potter was born Jan 1640 or 1645 in Charlestown, Mass. Inego died 1700 in Charlestown, Mass

6. Peleg Lawrence

Peleg’s wife Elizabeth Morse was born 01 Sep 1647. Her parents were Joseph Morse and Hannah Phillips. Elizabeth died 12 Jun 1715.

Early Records of Groton, pg 64;
” in groten 16 June 1681 thar is layed for Palig Loranc and ajoying too and bounding upon the south by swan pond medow Eleuen acers and a half lauing Rome Round his medow acordin too Town order and bounded upon other sids by the Comon

allso 8 ayte ackers and a halfe a litil distant northword and bounded on all sides by comon land the lins being extant by marked trees and stakes

This too parsils of land ware layd by me John fflint
            Recorded by me      John Mors, Clarke
This aboue written of Peleg Lawrances land by Agreement is by Peleg Laurance relinquished & yeild to Mr. Hobart; March 8th 1681/2 in ye presence of ye select men”

Early Records of Groton, pg 183;
1. Ten acres, more or lesse, lyeing on the north side of Spedteckle Pond, bounded on all poynts by the towne’s comon.

1. Ten acres, more or lesse, lyeing on by the Cowpond Medow, bounded east by the lands of Nathaniel Lawrance, and on all other poynts by the town’s comon.

7. Enoch Lawrence

Enoch’s wife Ruth Whitney was born 15 Apr 1645 in Watertown, Middlesex, Mass. Her parents were John Whitney and Ruth Reynolds.  She married first John Shattuck on June 20, 1664 in Watertown MA.   She married 2nd Enoch Lawrence on March 6, 1677 in Watertown MA.  Ruth died 28 Sep 1744 in Watertown, Middlesex, Mass.

In King Philip’s War, John Shattuck was a sergeant of a military company raised in Watertown to protect the remote settlements in the Connecticut valley. On one of the marches the company was attacked by Indians and more than half of the command were slain. Sergeant Shattuck was deputed to bear the news of the affair to the Governor of the Colony, and on his way, while crossing the ferry between Charlestown and Boston, Sep. 14, 1675 the boat was sunk and he was drowned.

8 May 1709 – Enoch Lawrence, was wounded in an engagement with the Indians and was disabled for life. His step-son, John Shattuck, step-grandson John Shattuck, Jr. the latter a young man about 19 years of age, were shot and killed by the Indians while they were returning from the west side of the Nashua River, near where the Hollingsworth paper mills now [1893] stand.

13 Sep 1692 – John Shattuck’s father-in-law James Blood, was killed by the Indians, as were his wife’s uncle, William Longley , Longley’swife and five children, while three of the children were carried off into captivity. A relative of Mrs. Shattuck, James Parker, Jr. and his wife, were also killed at the time of the Longley massacre, and their children were also taken prisoners, the Indians having learned by that time that if they could bear the hardship and exposure of the march, children had a certain commercial value with the French settlers in Canada.

Soon after his marriage Enoch removed to Groton, and settled in the north part of the town. The exact location of his hose is not now known. He served the town as a surveyor of highways, tithing-man and fence-viewer. He was also chosen a “hog constable” in 1691. In the year 1702 the Provencial authorities granted him immunity from taxation, and a pension of three pounds sterling yearly, on account of physical disability contracted in an encounter with the savages during King William’s war. He lived to extreme old age.

The following description of a portion of his real estate is from the third volume of Groton Land Records: —

“The Lands of ENOSH LAWRENCE: (I) His houslot Ninteen acres mor or Lesse Bonded east upon his own medow and on all other poynts by the highwayes[;] twelve and a half of this land he had of his Brother Zachary and Seavin acres he had of his Brother Joseph Lawrance.”

ENOSH LAWRENCE had also twenty-five acres “near the Silver mine,” ten acres at Babbitasset, and three acres and a half in Half-Moon meadow.

8. Samuel Lawrence

Samuel’s wife Rebecca Luen was born 1653 in Watertown, Middlesex, Mass. Rebecca died in 1720.

9. Isaac Lawrence

Isaac’s wife Abigail Bellows was born 6 May 1661 in Concord, Middlesex, Mass. Her parents were John Bellow and Mary Woods. Abigail died 13 Sep 1726 in Norwich, New London, CT.

10. Elizabeth Lawrence

Elizabeth’s husband Thomas Whitney was born 24 Aug 1656 in Watertown, Middlesex, Mass. His parents were Thomas Whitney and Mary Kendall. Thomas died 12 Apr 1742 in Lancaster, Worcester, Mass.

11. Jonathan Lawrence

Jonathan’s wife Rebeckah Rutter (Butter) died 16 Feb 1724 in Groton, Middlesex, Mass.

Jonathan Lawrance Headstone — Old Burying Ground Groton Middlesex County Mass.

14. Susannah Lawrence

Susannah’s husband John Knowles was born 6 Feb 1661 in Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire. His parents were John Knowles and Jemima Austin. John died 1733 in Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire.


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