Matthew Edwards

Matthew EDWARDS (1631 – 1683) was Alex’s 9th great grandfather, one of 1,024 in this generation of the Miner line.

Matthew Edwards – Coat of Arms

Matthew Edwards was born about 1631 in England. His parents were Robert EDWARDS and Frances FAIRCHILD. He came to New England in the Speedwell 1656, from London, but he had come near 20 years before with his widowed mother who married Robert Hawes, and in her will of 12 Jun 1645, mentions him and his brother Robert. He settled at Reading. He was freeman 1669.    He married Mary POOLE on 2 Dec 1657 in Reading, MA.  Matthew died on 23 Dec 1683 in Reading, Mass. and is buried at the Old Burying Ground in Wakefield Middlesex, Mass

Matthew Edwards – Headstone – Inscription: Fugit hora./ Here lyes ye body of Matthew Edwardes, Aged 52 years; deceased Dec. 23, 1683.

Mary Poole was born in Apr 1636 in Lynn, Mass.  Her parents were John POOLE and Margaret CAMPNEU.  After Matthew died, she on 7 Jan 1685/6 Mary second married Timothy Dwighton on 7 Jan 1685/86 in Dedham, MA.  Mary died about 1702.

Children of Matthew and Mary:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Mary EDWARDS 25 Mar 1659 Reading, Mass Francis Everett
7 Dec 1675
Cambridge or Reading, Mass.

16 May 1681 Reading Mass
c. 1715
2. Sarah Edwards 26 Jan 1660 bef. 1673 in Reading, Middlesex Co., Mass
3. Matthew Edwards 24 Oct 1662 22 Feb 1662/63 Reading
4. Elizabeth Edwards 11 Jan 1664
bef. Nov 1679 Reading
5. Matthew Edwards 14 Apr 1668
12 Aug 1689 Reading
6. Tabitha Edwards 23 Jul 1670 Daniel Pond (Son of Daniel POND)
Dedham, Norfolk, Mass
7. Sarah Edwards 29 Mar 1673
Ipswich, Mass
John Dickerman
11 Nov 1691
Milton, Norfolk, Mass
Daniel Claflin
11 Mar 1701
Wenham, Essex, Mass
8 Jan 1743
Hopkin, Middlesex, Mass
8. Abigail Edwards 28 Feb 1674
Lt. Thomas Boutwell
11 Nov 1691
31 Dec 1753
9. Elizabeth Edwards 21 Nov 1679
Joseph Hastings
17 Jan 1699
28 Apr 1773
Weston, Mass

Genealogical Dictionary of The First Settlers of New England, Before 1692 by James Savage

EDWARDS, MATTHEW, Reading, came in the Speedwell 1656, from London, but he had come near 20 yrs. before with widow. mother who married Robert Hawes, and in her will of 12 June 1645, mentioned him and his brother Robert; m. 2 Dec. 1657, Mary, d. of John Poole, had Mary, b. 25 Mar. 1659; Sarah, 26 Jan. 1661; Matthew, 24 Oct. 1662, d. young; and Elizabeth; the ds. are nam. in their grandfather’s will of 1667. He was freeman1669; d. 23 Dec. 1683, aged 52

1664.– The town ” exchanged lands with Matthew Edwards, he paying 30 shillings and a gallon of liquor to boot.”


1. Mary Edwards (See John POLLEY Sr.‘s  page)

6. Tabitha Edwards

Tabitha’s husband Daniel Pond was born  17 Feb 1662/63 Dedham, Mass.  His parents were Daniel POND and  Ann Edwards.  Daniel died before his father’s 1698 Will  which gives “my son Dan’ Pond deceased twentie shillings.

7. Sarah Edwards

Sarah’s first husband John Dickerman was born about 1666 Malden, Mass. His parents were John Dickerman and Sarah [__?__]. John died 14 Aug 1729 Milton, Norfolk, Mass.

Sarah’s second husband Daniel Claflin was born 25 Jan 1673/74  Wenham, Essex, Mass.  His parents were Robert Claflin (Mackclothan) and Joanna Warner.  Daniel died 1775  Framingham, Middlesex, Mass.

Daniel was a tanner and lived in Wenham until after May 25, 1722, when he conveyed to Emerson Cogswell, of Ipswich, his home, bark mill and tan vat and material for carrying on his trade of tanner, removing thence to Hopkinton, Massachusetts, where he was one of the earliest settlers.  He was selectman in 1727; treasurer in 1729 and several year afterward.   He died in the adjoining town of Framingham in 1775, “old and increpid.”

Children of Sarah and John:

i. John Dickerman b. 15 OCT 1693 Reading, Middlesex, Mass. d. 9 FEB 1760 Stoughton, Mass.; m. 6 MAY 1714 Milton, Norfolk, Mass. to Mary Tucker

ii. Sarah Dickerman b. 24 OCT 1694 Reading, Middlesex, Mass.; m. 14 NOV 1720 Milton, Mass. to Noah Damon

Children of Sarah and Daniel, born in Wenham:

iii. Daniel Claflin , b. 19 Feb 1702

iv. Sarah Claflin , b. 27 Apr 1703

v. Mesheck Claflin , b. 4 Nov 1705; d. 3 Jun 1706

vi. Joshua Claflin, 8 Jun 1707

vii. Caleb Claflin, 11 Dec 1708

viii. Cornelius Claflin, 2 Feb 1711

ix. Robert Claflin, 16 Aug 1714; d. 1760 Brookfield, Worcester, Mass.; m. 28 Oct 1734 Hopkinton, Middlesex, Mass. to Elizabeth (Gifford) Jeffords

x. Ebenezer Claflin, 2 Jul 1716.

8. Abigail Edwards

Abigail’s husband Lieut. Thomas Boutwell was born 28 Mar 1669 in Reading, MA. His parents were Sergt. James Boutwell (ca 1642-5 Dec 1716) and Rebecca Kendall (10 Feb 1645-30 Aug 1713), in Reading, MA. Thomas died in Reading, MA, on 29 Dec 1737.

In 1707 Thomas served as a Lt. under Maj. Robert Spur and Col. Winthrop Hilton on an expedition to Nova Scotia, (to Acadia or Louisbourg?). This is one of several expeditions by the New England colonies (not the Crown) against the then French possession of Nova Scotia.

4 Mar 1699/00, Paid highest tax of 80 residents of Reading.
12 Sep 1708, deacon of first Church Reading until death

Children of  Abigail and Thomas born at Reading, include:

i. Thomas Boutell b. 28 March 1693 in Reading, MA; d. 19 Oct 1693 in Reading, MA.

ii. Thomas Boutell, b. 30 Sep 1694 in Reading, MA; d. 29 Nov 1694 in Reading, MA.

iii. Abigail Boutell, b. 9 May 1696 in Reading, MA; d. 21 May 1779 in Wakefield, MA. She married Dr. William Hay 6 June 1717 in Reading, MA; b. Abt. 1690 in Scotland; d. 31 July 1783 in Wakefield, MA.

iv. Mary Boutell. b. 23 May 1698 in Reading, MA; d. 25 May 1772 in Medford, MA.; m. Samuel Brook 25 March 1725 in Reading, MA; b. 3 Sep 1700 in Medford, MA; d. 5 July 1768 in Medford, MA.

v. Martha Boutwell, b. 1700 in Reading, MA; d. Unknown.

vi. Mathew Boutell, b. 28 Jun 1700 in Reading, MA; d. 28 Jun 1700 in Reading, MA.

9. Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth’s husband Joseph Hastings was born 6 MAY 1669. His parents were John Hastings and Lydia Champney. Joseph died 27 FEB 1724/25 Weston, Mass.

Children of Elizabeth and Joseph

i. John Hastings b. 24 JUL 1700 Newton, Mass.; d. MAY 1745 Newton, Mass.l m. 6 APR 1725 Newton, Mass to Mary Ward.

ii. Elizabeth Hastings b. 11 JUN 1702

iii, Lydia Hastings b. 27 FEB 1704/05 Reading, Mass.

iv. Joseph Hastings b. 13 JUN 1711 Reading, Mass.; d. 10 DEC 1787; m. 21 JUN 1737 Norwich, CT. to Zerviah Crocker

v. Hannah Hastings b. 23 OCT 1713 Reading, Mass.; d. 20 OCT 1745 Dedham, Mass.; m. 9 OCT 1734 Dedham, Mass. to Joseph Holmes.

vi. Abigail Hastings b. 9 SEP 1716

vii. Matthew Hastings b. 18 SEP 1718 Weston, Mass.; m. 14 SEP 1742 to Mary Batelle

viii. Esther Hastings b. 6 APR 1721 Weston, Mass.; m. 13 APR 1744 to Samuel Boyce


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  4. I am working on the genealogy of Matthew Edwards from a different perspective and would like to be in contact with his descendants to exchange data. I am well acquainted with his childhood and parentage, information that is not well known. Please contact me. By the way, Savage’s description of Matthew is a bit convoluted, but mostly true. If he ever went back to England after arriving in America as a child, I’ve never been able to find record of it.

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  7. P. M. says:

    Great info on Lt./Deacon Thomas Boutell. The area where he & the other early inhabitants lived was called Reading (or Redding) at the time but is actually called Wakefield now. The town of Reading now was inhabited later. That’s why most of these people who died in “Reading” are buried in Wakefield’s Old Buryal Ground.

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