Nicholas Jackson

Nicholas JACKSON (1613 – 1697) was Alex’s 10th Great Grandfather, one of 2,048 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Nicholas Jackson – Coat of Arms

Nicholas Jackson was born in 29 Aug 1613 in Hunsley, East Riding Yorkshire, England.  Hunsley was a hamlet three miles N.W. of Rowley.  Alternatively, he was born in Huntley, Gloucester, England.  His parents were Nicholas JACKSON and Prudence MARCHE.   In “The Original Lists of Person of Quality; 1600-1700” there is a Nicholas Jackson, age 22 on the Assurance emigrating from London to America, July 24, 1635. He married Sarah RILEY in 1 May 1646. After Sarah died, he married Elizabeth, widow of Hugh CHAPLIN.  Nicholas died 13 Feb 1697 in Rowley, Essex, Mass.

Nicholas Jackson sailed from London, England July 24, 1635 for Virginia on the Assurance.  He was then 22 years of age.

Sarah Riley was born 12 Aug 1625 in Huntley, Gloucester, England.  Sarah  was  buried 12 Aug 1655 in Rowley, Essex, Mass.

Children of Nicholas and Sarah:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Lydia JACKSON 23 Jun 1647 Rowley Tobias COLEMAN
16 Apr 1668 Nantucket
Rowley, Mass
2. Samuel Jackson 23 May 1649
3. Jonathan Jackson 12 Jul 1650 Rowley, Mass Hannah Garfield
6 Dec 1681
17 Jun 1715
Framingham, Mass
4. Caleb Jackson 25 Apr 1652
Elizabeth Howe
10 Aug 1718

Nicholas was in Salem, Mass. in 1638 and came to Rowley, Mass. in 1639/40, where he had a grant of land on Holmes St., which is now Central Street.   Also a lot of 2 1/2 acres by the Cart Path. His name is mentioned many times in early town records.

The first Church of Rowley, Mass. was gathered 3 Dec 1639, Nicholas Jackson’s name was on the list of members in full communion.

In spring of 1639 Rowley was originally settled as a plantation by Rev. Ezekiel ROGERS, who had arrived from England on the ship John of London with approximately twenty families.  On 4 Sep  1639, the town was incorporated, and included portions of modern day Byfield, Georgetown, and Haverhill. The town was named after Rowley, East Riding of Yorkshire, where Rogers had served as pastor for twenty years before his suspension due to non-conformist puritanical beliefs. Rogers was installed as Rowley’s pastor on December 3.

On the “tenth of the eleventh Anno Dni 1643, Thomas Nelson, Edward Carlton, Humphrey Reynon & Francis PARRAT made a survey of the town and a register of the several house lots of from 1 1/2 to 6 acres then laid out to the settlers.

10 of our ancestor families (underlined in red) had plots in Rowley in this 1642 map.  Nicholas Jackson’s plot is in the middle of town on Holmes Street two door up from John Pearson

Here is today’s approximate location of Nicholas’ lot on Google Maps.

Hugh CHAPLIN did not sign his will, but it was witnessed by Joseph Jewett and John PICKARD, who proved the will in Ipswich Court, 31, Mar 1657. The will had not been proven by the widow within the twenty month allowed for the action, so she was sentenced to forfeit one hundred pounds to the court. On the 6 Apr 1657, Elizabeth Jackson petitioned the court for an abatement of the fine of £100 for neglecting to present her former husband Hugh Chaplin’s will to be probated and on 29 Sep 1657, the count moderated the fine of Nicholas JACKSON for not proving the will of his wife’s former husband


1. Lydia JACKSON (See Tobias COLEMAN‘s page)

3. Jonathan Jackson

Jonathan’s wife Hannah Garfield was born 1660 in Watertown, Middlesex, Mass. Her parents were Samuel Garfield (1668 – 1684) and Mary Benfield (1638 – 1709). Hannah died in 1705 in Watertown, Middlesex, Mass

4. Caleb Jackson

Caleb’s wife Elizabeth Howe was born 01 Jun 1661 in Andover, Essex Co., Mass. Her parents were  James Howe Jr.( – 1701) and Elizabeth Jackson ( – 1692). Elizabeth died 20 Apr 1701 in Andover, Essex, Mass.

Caleb served in King Philip’s War, Essex Regiment.

There is a Caleb Jackson listed on the 1677 Ipswich, Mass. Oath of Allegiance.


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  9. Mary Gilmore says:

    Thank you for your wonderful research in your familie genealogy. Jonathan Jackson was my 7th Great Grandfather through his son Joseph Jackson. I cannot find where or when Joseph (1705 -) and his wife Zipporah Tower (1709-) Jackson died. I believe that Joseph served in the French and Indian War. We have numerous common ancestors, so I always know that you have done your research when I see your website show up! If I can help you fill in the Jackson family blanks from Joseph, feel free to contact me.

  10. Jan Davis ( from the Foster's in Farmington twsp. in Tioga, Pa. says:

    Jonathan and Hannah Garfield Jackson are my 7th great grandparents we are relater from two different families. Jan Davis

  11. Heatherj726 says:

    HI there!
    I’m a 12th Generation down the Jackson line….starting with Nicholas. We’ve been doing a lot of family research and are hoping to find where Nicholas may be buried. Has anyone on this site done any of this research and/or have found a burial site?


  12. Bonnie May says:

    Great reading and a wonderful gift to those who are relatives of Nicholas’s. Thank you Bonnie

  13. Sue Vanzant says:

    I found your extensive family website while searching for the English passenger ship “Assurance”. That led me to the engraving or woodcut or drawing of the Assurance announcement that it would leave for the Virginia Colony July 24, 1635. My ancester John Gaither (Gater on the list) sailed on that ship with your ancestor Nicholas Jackson. I am writing my family history at this time and would like to use that photo. Could you direct me to the source for that picture??? I see that you have many comments on this site, but hope that you would be able to point me in the direction of the source. I sincerely appreciate any assistance you could provide. Thanks, Sue Vanzant, nee Gaither. Long Beach, CA

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