John Bradley Sr.

John BRADLEY Sr (1695 – 1751) was Alex’s 7th Great Grandfather; one of 256 in this generation of the Shaw line.

John Bradley Sr was born about 1695 in Essex, Essex, Mass.  His parents were Henry BRADLEY and Judith BROWN.  He married Susannah STAPLES on 6 Sep 1724 in Haverhill, Mass.   John died 1751 in Haverhill, Mass.

Susannah Staples was born 9 Jan 1697/98 in Haverhill, Mass.  Her parents were Thomas STAPLES and Elizabeth GRIFFIN. After John died, Susannah married 21 Dec 1751 in Haverhill to William Whitticher. Susannah died 21 Dec 1752 in Haverhill, Mass .

William Whitticher was born about 1700.

Children of John and Sarah:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Obadiah Bradley 15 Nov 1724
Haverhill, Essex County, Mass
26 Nov 1736 Haverhill, Mass
2. David Bradley 30 Nov 1726 Haverhill 30 Dec 1728 Haverhill, Mass.
3. Mary Bradley 6 Feb 1728/29 Haverhill 1736
Died from throat distemper.
4. Susannah Bradley 15 Jun 1731 25 Nov 1736 Haverhill
5. David Bradley 16 Jun 1733 Haverhill 1735
6. Elizabeth Bradley 17 Apr 1736
Henry Hall
14 May 1761 Haverhill
7. John BRADLEY Jr. 17 Aug 1738 in Haverhill Mary HEATH
21 Mar 1760 Haverhill
Before 1830
8. Susannah Bradley 17 Aug 1738 Haverhill Philbrook Colby
13 Jul 1758 Haverhill
2 Aug 1778
Pembroke or Weare, NH


6. Elizabeth Bradley

Elizabeth’s husband Henry Hall was born in 30 May 1740 in Rockingham, New Hampshire. His parents were Henry Hall (1712 – 1785) and Joanna Sargent (1715 – 1763). After Elizabeth died, Henry married in 1791 to Sarah Price (b. 1765) and had two more children, an infant that died in 1793 and Josuha b. 1795. Henry died in 1829 in Rumney, Grafton, New Hampshire.

Henry served N.H. as lieutenant under Capt. Elliot & Col. Hobart in the Revolutionary War.

Hobart’s Regiment of Militia also known as the 12th New Hampshire Militia Regiment was called up on July 21, 1777 at Plymouth,  New Hampshire for Gen. John Stark’s Brigade gathering at Charlestown, New Hampshire during the Saratoga Campaign. Hobart’s Regiment along with Hale’s and Stickney’s Regiment would assault Friedrich Baum’s redoubt from the front (east) during the Battle of Bennington as Nichols’ attacked from the rear (west) and Simonds’ attacked from the south. Hobart’s Regiment would continue on in Stark’s Brigade to cut off British Gen. John Burgoyne from retreat or supply after the Battle of Freeman’s Farm. The regiment would be disbanded on October 26, 1777 in northern New York.

Child of Elizabeth and Henry

i. John Hall b. 12 May 1762 in Chester, Rockingham, New Hampshire; d. 15 Feb 1850 in Rumney, Grafton, New Hampshire of palsy; m. 5 Jun 1783 to Ruth Prescott (b. 12 Mar 1761 – d. 15 Sep 1815); m2. 29 Jul 1818 to Ruth Fletcher ( – d. 1850)

In the 1850 census, John was living in Mansfield, Bristol, Mass.

ii. Anna Hall b. 1764 – m. William Doe

iii. Betsey Hall b. 1766 in Candia, Rockingham, New Hampshire; d. Jul 1850 in Washington, Vermont

iv. Lydia Hall b. 1768 –

v. Dorothy Hall b. 1770; m. Peter Merrill

vi. Henry Hall b. 29 Jan 1786 in Rumney, Grafton, New Hampshire; d. Nov 1826 Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada; m. May 1807 to Susan Perkins Burnham (b. 09 Aug 1785 in Rumney, Grafton, New Hampshire – d. 07 Dec 1866 in Groton, Caledonia, Vermont) Susan’s parents were Abraham Burnham (1747 – 1814) and Lydia Bradley (1751 – 1852).

7. John BRADLEY Jr. (See his page)

8. Susannah Bradley

Twin of our ancestor John BRADLEY.

Elizabeth’s husband Philbrook Colby was born 16 Mar 1734/35 in Amesbury, Essex, Mass. His parents were Joseph Colby and Mary Philbrick. Philbrook died died 1793 in Weare, Hillsborough, New Hampshire

Philbrook served under Captain Samuel Gerrish of Newbury in the French and Indian War, from 15 Sep 1755 to 17 Dec 1755.  His name appears on the muster roll of men raised in 1756 for the expedition to Crown Point in Colonel Saltonstall’s regiment, 14 Apr 1756, and on a return of Captain James Richardson’s Company on 5 May 1756. Also as “blacksmith” on the muster roll of Captain Timothy Perkins’s (Parker?) company at Fort Edward, 26 Jul 1756.  On the muster roll dated 2 Mar 1757 of Captain Samuel George’s (or Timothy Parker’s) company ‘s expedition to Crown Point.

Philbrook Coleby entered 15 Mar 1757 deserted in Sep 1757.  Among the one hundred and thirty-three deserters from the Massachusetts forces in the year 1757.  Philbrook is the only name from Haverhill.

Entered Apr 4 1757 age 23 for the invation of Canada. John Osgood Regiment

Nov 2 1759 to Jan 5 1761 Captain Edmund Mooers Company Muster roll dated Nov 2 1759 – Jan 7 1761

In the Revolutionary War, Philbrick served as private in Captain Daniel Hill’s company, Colonel Samuel Johnson’s regiment, which marched to Cambridge on the Alarm to Cambridge 19 April 1775, four days service.

Philbrick Colby and his family moved from Haverhill, Massachusetts, to Weare, New Hampshire, after he had served two enlistments in the Revolutionary War. His wife Susannah Bradley was admitted to the First Church in Haverhill, 2 Aug 1768.

Children of Susannah and Philbrook

i. William Colby b. 6 May 1759 in Haverhill, Essex, Mass; d. 5 Aug 1847 Oswego, New York; Burial: Lewis Cemetery.Granby, Oswego County, New York, m. 2 Apr 1782 in Mass to Eleanor Lord (b. 15 Jul 1763 in Mass. – d. 17 Mar 1835 in Oswego, New York) William and Eleanor had thirteen children between 1786 and 1807.

William Colby of Hannibal, New York, deposed, 20 Apr 1818, that he enlisted, November 1776, for three years, and served under Captain James Carr, Colonel Hale’s regiment in the New Hampshire Line, and continued to serve until the winter of 1782 , when he was attached to a company under Captain Senter, and served until July 1783, when he was discharge at New Windsor, New York. In 1819, William Colby was of Grandby, Oswego County, New York. He deposed, 19 September 1820, as a farmer, of Grandby, New York, aged 60 years:

ii. Samuel Colby b. 1 Nov 1761 in Kingston, New Hampshire; d. 12 Aug 1845 Portland, Maine; m. 8 Jan 1791 in Portland, Maine to Sally Morse (b. 1768 in Portland, Maine – d. 30 Jun 1853 in Portland, Cumberland, Maine) Sally’s parents were Jonathan Morse and Experience Paine.

iii. Susanna Colby b. 1 Apr 1764 in Haverhill, Essex, Mass;

iv. Mary Colby b. 24 Jul 1766 in Pembroke, New Hampshire; d. 1790 Pembroke, New Hampshire

v. Daniel Colby b. 25 Sep 1769 in Haverhill, Essex, Mass;

vi. Jeremiah Colby b. 28 Jan 1771 in Haverhill, Essex, Mass; d. 15 Aug 1850 Berkley, Bristol, Mass; m. 1799 in Mass to Betsey Paull (b. 1780 in Mass.) Betsey’s parents were John Paull and Hanah [__?__]. Jeremiah and Betsey had seven children born between 1804 and 1812.

vii. John Bradley Colby b. 21 Oct 1773 in Haverhill, Essex, Mass; m. Mary Hasseltine (b. 1773)

viii. Benjamin Colby


The ranger service in the upper valley of the Connecticut, and the most northerly regiment of the New Hampshire militia in the period of the revolution : an address delivered before the New Hampshire Society of Sons of the American Revolution at Concord, N.H., April 26, 1900 By Batchellor, Albert Stillman, 1850-1913

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