Henry Bradley

Henry BRADLEY (1660 – 1735) was Alex’s 8th Great Grandfather; one of 512 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Henry Bradley was born about 1660 in Dorchester, Mass or in Long Island NY. His parents were Samuell BROADLEY and [__?__]. He married Judith BROWN on 7 Jan 1695/96 in Newbury, Mass.  After Judith died, he married Hannah Foster on 19 Apr 1729 in Newbury, Mass. Henry died before Jul 1735 in Dorchester, Maryland.

Judith Brown was born 3 Dec 1660 in Newbury, Essex, Mass.  Her parents were John BROWN and Mary WOODMAN.  She had a previous marriage to Zachary Davis on 4 Feb 1680/81 in Amesbury/Salisbury, Mass.  Judith died on 14 Nov 1728 in Newbury, Mass.

Judith’s first husband Zachary Davis was born 22 Feb 1645/46 in Newbury, Mass.  His parents were  John Davis and Elnor Milford  His grandparents were our ancestors Thomas DAVIS and Christian COFFIN.  Zachary died 25 Jun 1692 in Newbury.

Henry’s second wife Hannah Foster was born 16 Jul 1668 in Andover, Essex, Mass. Her parents were Andrew Foster (1640 – 1697) and Mary Russ (1643 – ). She first married 15 Sep 1690 to Thomas Austin (1671 – 1711). Second, she married 2 Oct 1722 in Haverhill to Jotham Hendrick (1650 – 1727). Third, she married 19 Apr 1729 in Newbury, Mass to Henry Bradley. Fourth and finally, she married 28 Jul 1735 to John Gutterson. Hannah died 28 Jun 1740 in Methuen, Essex, Mass.

Children of Judith and Zachary:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Judith Davis 7 Sep 1684 Newbury, Essex, Mass 9 Dec 1702
2. Elizabeth Davis 27 Apr 1687
Newbury, Essex, Mass.
Samuel Bachelder
1 Apr 1706
Newbury, Mass
9 Apr 1733
Hampton, Rockingham,NH
3. Zachariah Davis  ca. 1690  27 Dec  1731
Hampton, NH


Children of Henry and Judith:

Name Born Married Departed
4. John BRADLEY Sr 1697 Susannah STAPLES
6 Sep 1724


2. Elizabeth Davis

Elizabeth’s husband Deacon Samuel Bachelder was born  10 Jan 1681/82 in Hampton, (now Rockingham), New Hampshire. His parents were Nathaniel Bachiler II and Mary Carter Wyman.   His grandparents were Nathaniel Bachiler and Deborah Smith and his great grandfather was our ancestor Rev. Stephen BACHILER.  Samuel died aft.  27 May 1756 (Samuel’s father Nathaniel II received a generous bequest from Rev Timothy Dalton, perhaps as amends for the feud with his grandfather, Rev. Stephen Bachiller – see Bachiller’s page for details.)

Children of Elizabeth and Samuel:

 i. Judith Bachelder b: 23 Jan 1707/8 in Hampton, (now Rockingham), New Hampshire

ii. Henry Bachelder b: 30 Oct 1709 in Hampton, (now Rockingham), New Hampshire

iii. Mary Bachelder b: 20 Oct 1711 in Hampton, (now Rockingham), New Hampshire

iv. Samuel Bachelder (II) b: 01 Aug 1713 in Hampton, (now Rockingham), New Hampshire

v. Elizabeth Bachelder b: 10 May 1716 in Hampton, (now Rockingham), New Hampshire

vi. Zacheriah Bachelder b: 14 Dec 1717 in Hampton, (now Rockingham), New Hampshire

vii. Hannah Bachelder b: 23 Oct 1720 in Hampton, (now Rockingham), New Hampshire

viii. Ruth Bachelder b: 29 Oct 1722 in Hampton, (now Rockingham), New Hampshire

ix. Mercy Bachelder b: 14 Sep 1724 in Hampton, (now Rockingham), New Hampshire

x. Carter Bachelder b: 31 Oct 1726 in Hampton, (now Rockingham), New Hampshire

xi. Patience Bachelder b: Bef. 27 Dec 1729 in private baptism. being dangerously sick, Hampton, (now Rockingham), New Hampshire

xii. Nathaniel Bachelder b: 02 Mar 1731 in Hampton, (now Rockingham), New Hampshire


New England marriages prior to 1700 By Clarence Almon Torrey, Elizabeth Petty Bentley


The old families of Salisbury and Amesbury, Massachusetts: with some related



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  6. Rob Bradley says:

    Can I ask where the information that Henry Bradley and Judith Brown were the parents of John Bradley came from? I’ve yet to see any records that support that assertion.

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