Jeffrey Estey

Jeffrey ESTEY (1586 -1657) was Alex’s 10th Great Grandfather; one of 2,048  in this generation of the Miller line.

Jeffery Estey was born in 1586 in Woolverstone Parish in Freston or Hinglesham, Suffolk County, England. Jeffery’s parents were Christopher ESTEY (Born c. 1552) and Ann ARNOLD (born 1 May 1586) Jeffery married Margaret POTT (Pote, Pett, Pitt, Pete) on May 29, 1606 in Freston, Suffolk, England.  Jeffery moved the family to Salem, Massachusetts,  in 1636 where he was granted 20 acres of land.  Jeffery died on 4 Jan 1657 in Huntington, East Neck, New York.

Jeffery Estey - Coat of Arms

Margaret Pott was born 29 May 1606 in Ipswich, Essex, England.  Margaret died in 1688 in Salem, Mass.

Children of Jeffery and Margaret

Name Born Married Departed
1. Mary Estey 16 Feb 1625
Freston, Suffolk, England
2. Isaac ESTEY c. 1627
Fenton Parish, Huntingdonshire,  England
1655 Topsfield MA
11 Jun 1712
Topfield, Mass
3. Catherine Estey c. 1629 Henry Scudder (Son of Thomas Scudder)
1637 in Southold, NY
Thomas Jones
Huntington, NY
4 Jan 1658 Massachusetts

Jeffrey’s grandfather was  Jeffrey Estie ( born c. 1515 ) of Freston, County Suffolk, England.

Jeffery was admonished “for sleeping on the Lord’s day in time of exercise.” In February, 1645, he paid five shillings for being discharged from training.

Jeffery sold his home in Salem on 23 Aug 1651, and moved with his daughter Catherine and her husband to Southold, Long Island, New York.

In 1657 he moved with his daughter again to Huntington, Long Island, New York, where he died.

His will was probated on January 23, 1657. His will included the provision ” . . . My great bible shall remain to young Jeffrey Esty, the son of Christopher Esty, if his father bring him up to learning…or for default thereof, so to remain to one of the rest of the kindred that can read and that it not be sold out of the kindred.”

Jeffrey’s granddaughter Mary Towne Easty, was among the last of the ‘witches’ to be executed at Salem during the infamous trials.


2. Isaac ESTEY (See his page)

3. Catherine Estey

Catherine’s first husband Henry Scudder was born 1615 in Daruth, Kent, England. Henry died 1661 in Huntington, Long Island, New York.  His parents were Thomas Scudder and Elizabeth Lowers.  Henry died 14 Nov 1690 Huntington, Long Island, New York.

Catherine’s second husband Thomas Jones was born about 1629 in Norfolk, England. His parents were Rowland Jones and Elizabeth Martin. Thomas died 16 Feb 1669 – Huntington, Suffolk, New York.


New Brunswick Esteys

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