Thomas Scudder

Thomas SCUDDER (1587 – 1657)  Many genealogies say that his daughter Elizabeth married Samuel LATHROP, but our actual ancestor was her cousin Elizabeth whose parents were his brother John SCUDDER and sister-in-law Elizabeth STOUGHTON.

Thomas Scudder - Coat of Arms

Thomas Scudder was born in 1587 in Groton, Suffolk, England. His parents were Henry SCUDDER and Elizabeth HALE. He married Elizabeth Lowers in 1618 in Groton, Suffolk, England.  He and Elizabeth arrived in Salem, Mass. in 1635.   Thomas died in 1657 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts.

Elizabeth Lowers was born in 1600 in Groton, Suffolk, England. Her father was John Lowers.    Elizabeth died 9 Sep 1666 in Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States,

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Henry Scudder 1615
Daruth, Kent, England
Catherine Este (son of Jeffery ESTEY )
Southold, Suffolk, NY
14 Nov 1690
Huntington, Long Island, New York,
2. Thomas Scudder 1615
Daruth, Kent, England
Mary Ludlam
Huntington, Suffolk, NY
14 Nov 1690
Huntington, Long Island, New York,
3. John Scudder 1619
Daruth, Kent, England
Mary King
Newtown, Long Island, NY
Joanna Betts
20 Apr 1669 in NY
Jul 1692
Newton, Queens, NY
4. Martha Scudder 1621
Daruth, Kent, England
Salem, Mass
5. Elizabeth Scudder 12 May 1622 in Suffolk, England. Henry Bartholomew
Burford, Oxfordshire, England
28 Feb 1700 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts.
6. William Scudder 1628
London, England
Penelope [__?__] 1655
Salem, Mass

The name Scudder is of both Dutch and English Origin. Scudder means one who fought with a bow and arrow, an archer; or one who constantly shook or trembled from disease

Thomas Scudder was from Horton Kirby, Kent County, England. He came to New England in 1638, and he was a proprietor in Salem.

1660 Lot #92 -The Division of the North Fields was laid out before the Salem town records were begun. Most of the original lots consisted of ten acres each. See the above link for the location of Thomas’ land.

Here is Thomas’s Will:

“By the will of God Amen, I Thomas Scudder inhabitant of Salem in Newengland, being sick, & weake in bodye, but of perfect strength of memorye, & vnderstandinge, doe appoint, ordeeine, & make this my last will & testament. I doe therefore by these presents appoint, & give vnto my welbeloved wiffe Elizabeth Scudder, dureinge her life, all my wordly goodes, & estate whatsoever of houses, landes, Cattle, & all moveable goodes, & vsentles of what kind soever, & all personall estate whatsoever & I doe allso ordeine, & make, & appoint her my said Wiffe, my full, & sole Execatrixe after my death onely my desire is that after her death, what shee shall leave, of any of my foresaid personall estate, it shalbe devided amongst my Children, John Scudder, & Thomas Scudder & Hennry Scudder, & Elizabeth Barthelmew, And Thomas Scudder my Grandchilde, the sonne of my sonne William Scudder desesed, & my mynde & will is, that all such estate, as my said wiffe Elizabeth Scudder shall leave after her death shallbe valewed, & equally devided to my said Children, & Grandchild, & my said Grandchild to have as much as any one of them. Neverthelesse, one Cowe, which I formerlye gave my said wiffe, I doe in noe wise dispose of, butt leaue itt wholly to my said wiffe to dispose of itt, as shee shall thinke good. And that this is my last Will, & testament I have herevnto sett my hand, and seale, this thirtyeth daye of September, one thousand sixe hundred fiftye & seaven:”

his mark
Thomas C Scudder
Witness: Richard Waters, Wilom Traske, Joseph F Boyse and Thomas Deutch.
his mark
Proved in Salem court June 29, 1658, by Richard Waters and Cap. William Traske. Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol 4. leaf 63.

Inventory of estate of Thomas Scudder, deceased, 1657, taken by Thomas Gardner and Joseph (his X mark) Boys, and sworn to by his widow, Elizabeth (her X mark) Scudder: His house & orchyard, £20*; three Oxen, £13,; three Cowes, £9; foure sheepe & lambe, £7.; two swine, 1li.; Axes & other tooles, 1li.; hempe, 5s. 4d.; two brasse panns panns & foure skillets, 1li. 2s.; two spitts, one pott hanger, fire pan, & tonges, one feather bed & bolster & two pillowes, £4; three sheetes, 10s.; his wearinge apparrell, 3li.; two Cushins & three Curteins, 12s.; two Chests & Etwo boxes, 17s.; one barrell with tallowe, 17s.; Tubbe & pales, 10s.; other Lumber, 10s.; total £73 8s. 4d.
Essex Co. Quarterly Court Files, vol. 4, leaf 64.

Administration upon the estate of Tho. Scudder, which was left in the hands of his wife who lately deceased, was granted 28: 9: 1665, to Mr. Henery Bartholomew and Hillyard Veren, who were ordered to bring in an inventory, Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol. 4, page 152.


1. Henry Scudder

Henry’s wife Catherine Este was born 1630 in Freston Par, Suffolk, England. Her parents were [our ancestors] Jeffery ESTEY and Margaret POTT. Catherine died 4 Jan 1658 in Massachusetts.

2. Thomas Scudder

Thomas’ wife Mary Ludlam was born 7 Aug 1639 in Matlock, Derbyshire, England. Her parents were William Ludlam and Clemence Fordham. Mary died in 1690 in Huntington, Suffolk, New York.

3. John Scudder

John’s first wife Mary King was born 1619 in Kent, England. Her parents were William King and Dorothy Hayne.

John’s second wife Joanna Betts was born 1650 in Newton, Queens, New York. Her parents were Richard Betts and Joanna Chamberlain. Joanna died 16 Mar 1711 in Newtown, Queens, New York.

John was a currier; a person who dresses, dyes, and colours leather. During June 1650, he was regularly excused from military training because of his trade, since leather might spoil after a day’s absence. He was obliged, however, to pay an 18 pence fine for each day of training he had to miss. When he married in 1642, he was granted a half acre lot as a house lot near his 10 acres, located by Kings Cove in “Royalls Neck.” This half acre was for “other uses” so he may have had his business there.

Although the Dutch had established New Amsterdam on the southern tip of Manhattan Island in 1624, with subsequent villages established in Brooklyn shortly thereafter, the colonization of the eastern end of the Long Island did not immediately follow. It was not until the late 1630’s that individual families began acquiring land and settling there and not until 1640 that a town was established.

On the north fork of the island a settlement was established at Southold in October 1640, by a group of Puritans from Southwold and Hingham, England, by way of New Haven, under the leadership of the Reverend John Youngs. Augustus Griffin, author of Southold’s first history, wrote in 1857, “a company consisting of 13 men, with their families left their mother country, old England, about the year 1638, for a newly discovered World, known as America. After a passage of some weeks, they arrived at New Haven, then a small village in the then colony of Connecticut. At this place they stopped until early in the autumn of 1640, having made their stay there about two years.”

While this settlement was the first organized community, the Puritans under Reverend Youngs were not the first English inhabitants of the area. The first footholds were established by individual pioneers, by some indications as early as 1636. One of them, who had already built a home and made other improvements, sold his property four days after Reverend Youngs had “gathered his church anew” on October 21, 1640.

In 1655, John sold his house in Massachusetts and moved to Southold, Long Island. Economically, the region was heavily dependent on small farming, with fishing along the coastal areas, and trade with New England. With the defeat of the Dutch in 1664, all of Long Island was annexed into the new English colony under the control of James, Duke of York, brother of King Charles II. The new situation included the imposition of new laws dictated by York. Although loosely based on English common law, these new dictates did not include a representative assembly and required all trade to flow through the port of New York. This imposition generated much resentment among the settlers of eastern Long Island. Three east end towns went so far as to petition the king in 1672 for a return to Connecticut’s jurisdiction.

On 13 December 1680 John gave his estate to his son, Samuel, in exchange for the maintenance of himself and Mary for the remainder of their lives.

5. Elizabeth Scudder

Elizabeth’s husband Henry Bartholomew was born 1606 in Burford, Lincolnshire, England. His parents were William Bartholomew and Friswide Metcalf. Henry died 22 Nov 1692 in Salem, Essex, Mass.

Many genealogies say that his daughter Elizabeth married Samuel LATHROP, but our actual ancestor was her cousin Elizabeth.

Elizabeth’s husband Henry Bartholomew came from London, England, when he was 29 years old. He arrived in New England, on 7 Nov 1635, and he settled in Salem. Henry was a Representative (in 1635) and for eighteen years afterwards. His brother William Bartholomew settled in Ipswich after coming to Massachusetts on the Griffin. Henry was a merchant who lived in Salem, except for 1679-1681, when he lived in Boston, Massachusetts. Henry was born about 1607 and died on 22 Nov 1692.

1663 Lot #57  -The Division of the North Fields was laid out before the Salem town records were begun. Most of the original lots consisted of ten acres each. See the above link for the location of Henry’s land.

Children of Henry and Elizabeth were:

i. Elizabeth Bartholomew was baptized May 8, 1641, and died young.

ii. Hannah Bartholomew was bapitized on 12 Feb 1642/43 and married first James Brown and next Dr John Swinerton.

iii. John Bartholomew was baptized on 10 Nov 1644.

iv. Eleazor Bartholomew was baptized 29 Jul 1649.

v. Abraham Bartholomew was baptized 6 Oct 1650.

vi. Abigail Bartholomew was baptized on 6 Oct 1650, and married Nehemiah Willoughby.

vii. William Bartholomew was baptized 2 Oct 1652.

viii. Elizabeth Bartholomew was baptized 2 Jul 1652 and married John Pilgrim.

ix. Henry Bartholomew, Jr. was baptized on 10 May 1657 (a merchant) and member of the First Church in Boston, and he married Katherine ? They had no children, but adopted a daughter, Katherine, who married a ? Walker before 1694.

x. Sarah Bartholomew was born on 29 Nov 1658 in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts and christened on 6 Dec 1658.

Henry Bartholomew’s Land Purchases: Henry Bartholomew was granted 50 acres of land, in Salem, on December 26, 1638. On October 9, 1639, Henry was granted 100 acres. On June 10, 1642, he was granted another 100 acres plus 10 acres of meadow in Salem surrounded by a lake of 10-12 acres. Henry’s lake was called “Bartholomew Pond.” Bartholomew Pond was surrounded by “Bartholomew Rocks” and “Bartholomew Woods.” Henry’s land was located about four miles outside of the city of Salem. On May 14, 1645, Henry Bartholomew was seated in the General Court with Captain William Hathorne, as Deputy. Captain Hathorne was the ancestor of Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-1864) the author of Twice Told Tales (1831), The Scarlett Letter (1850), and The House of Seven Gables (1851/1852).

Henry’s brothers were Richard’s brothers: Richard Bartholomew, William Bartholomew, Thomas Bartholomew, Abraham Bartholomew, and his sister Sarah Bartholomew, all lived in Salem.  Richard Bartholomew was an unmarried merchant.  Richard died on a trip back to London, England in the spring of 1646.

Henry Bartholomew and seven others were commissioners of the eight towns within the county. They met in Salem on March 31, 1652, and elected Major Dan Denison and Captain William Hathorne for the office of magistrates for the county courts of Essex.

6. William Scudder

William’s wife Penelope [__?__] was born in 1612.


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  7. Imogene F Milton says:

    Believe there are errors above on Thomas Scudder(1586-1657) and Elizabeth Lowers(1590-1666) children. Following is what I came up with through

    1 Henry Scudder was Born 1626 not 1615 died 1661 M Catherine Estey
    2. Thomas Scudder was Born 1622 not 1615 Died 1691 M Mary Ludham.
    3.John Scudder was Born 1645 not 1615 Died 1732 M Joanna Betts. He was not married to Mary King/Kinge.

    She was married to the son of John Scudder(1590 -1625) and Elizabeth Stoughton (1591-1647).
    John Scudder (1618-1690) Marriage 1: Mary King (1624-1660) in 1642. Together they had 6 children. Their 1st born – Samuel Scudder was B 1643. Marriage 2: married Hannah LKU after 1660. They had one child – Mary Scudder(1663-1695) who married Joseph Lathrop(1661-1740) on 08 Apr 1686.

    The John Scudder that Mary King is currently attached to on your site wasn’t born until 1645).

    Mary King was 22 years older than John Scudder(1645-1732). History has proven that men always marry some one younger than they are. Their second marriage the one they marry is usually 10-20 years younger than they are. What are your thoughts?

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