Paulus Martense Van Benthuysen

Paulus Martense Van BENTHUYSEN (1624 -1717) was Alex’s 10th Grandfather; one of 2,048 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Paulus Martense Van Benthuysen was born in 1624 in Rijnsburg diocese,  Benthuizen, South Holland, The Netherlands. His parents were Marten OEM and Margaret BOUQUET. He married Catalyntje Van KLEECK before 1661 in Albany, NY. Paulus died in 1717 in Albany, New York.

Paulus arrived in Albany about 1660. He lived on Market Street. The easternmost road running parallel to the river became Market and Court Streets. "Joncaer" became State Street. "Rom" became Maiden Lane.

Catalyntje Van Kleeck was born 18 Jan 1637 in Haarlem, New Holland, Netherlands. Her parents were Barent Baltus Van Der LIPSTADT and Mayken De GUYTER.  She emigrated with her parents about 1639. Catalyntje died 4 Feb 1705 or 23 Mar 1722 in Albany, New York.

Children of Paulus and Catlyntje:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Catrina (Catryntje) Van BENTHUYSEN 8 Mar 1661 Albany, NY Jacobus TURCK
Albany, NY
4 Feb 1705 Albany, NY
2. Gertruy (Gertrude) Van Benthuysen 1663
[__?__] Becker
James Parker
Robert Teuwise Van Deusen
21 Aug 1718
Albany, NY
3. Barent Van Benthuysen 1664
Aaltje Elting
30 Apr 1699
Kingston, NY
Jannetie Aertson Van Wagenen
21 Apr 1701
Kingston, NY
Margaret Leg
7 Apr 1728
31 Mar 1723
4. Marten Pauluse Van Benthuysen 1670
Feitje Boorsboom
2 Jun 1696
31 Mar 1723
5. Baltus Pontese Van Benthuysen 8 Mar 1683
Lydia Dally
13 Feb 1707
New York City
31 Mar 1723
6. Maritie Van Benthuysen John Careny

Paulus Martense arrived in New Netherland in before 13 August 1654. By the end of the decade, he had settled in Beverwyck (Albany)

About 1660, he married Catharina Van Kleeck of Flatbush. The marriage produced several children who survived to adulthood. He was a member of the Albany Dutch church.

The streetscape shown above is a view of the east side of Market Street from the Lush-Brinkerhoff house north to Maiden Lane about 1805. Paulus Martense Van Benthuysen lived on Market Street over a hundred years eariler

He was known as a wheelwright and/or windowmaker. He lived at several locations in Albany and was an active buyer and seller of properties within the stockade. He lived on Market Street before he sold the property to Harme Gansevoort in 1677. In 1679, his name appeared on a census of Albany householders. In 1697, his household included Catharina and one child. Two years later, signed an oath pledging allegiance to the King of England. In 1702, his first ward house was assessed at ten pounds!

Catharina Van Kleeck probably was born in the Netherlands about 1639. She was the daughter of Barent Baltus Van Kleeck who emigrated to New Netherland and settled in Flatbush.

In March 1682, she was accused but cleared of a charge of accepting stolen goods from two “negroes” who, at that time, were before the Albany court.

In 1709, her name (“Cathalina V Benthuysen”) appeared on the first ward assessment roll. In December 1717, she was identified as the widow of Paulus Martense and was living in a house on the same street as her daughter, the widow of James Parker (Beaver and Green Streets). Catharina Van Kleeck Van Benthuysen died in March 1722 and was buried from the Albany church.

It is believed that Paulus Martense Van Benthuysen arrived in New York or New Netherland in 1654, when we have our first record of him. It is not known whether he settled in New Netherland or any other place before his arrival in Albany, NY in 1654. He married Catherine, a daughter of Barent Baltus Van Kleeck of Flatbush. Catherine was born in Holland about 1639 and came to America in 1654 with her father and his five other children. It is believed that he immigrated from near Haarlem, Holland. Paulus was a wheelwright and sashmaker during his early days in the colony. It is assumed that he had some social status as he was invited to the funeral of Jeremiah Van Rensselaer, Director of Rensselaerswyck Colony on 17 October 1674. He later engaged in farming and may have been involved in the Albany real estate field. He is shown in 1694 and 1695 as Inspector of Supplies for Albany County.

Paulus Martense Van Benhuysen probably was dead by 1709 when “Cathalina V Benthuysen” was listed on the assessment roll.”

Paulus Martense Van Benthuysen - Bio 1

Paulus Martense Van Benthuysen - Bio 2

Paulus Martense Van Benthuysen - Bio 3

Paulus Martense Van Benthuysen - Bio 4


Paulus Martense’s sons Baltus, Marten and Barent were some of the first fifteen settlers in Schenectady, New York.

Schenectady was first settled by Europeans in 1661 when the area was part of the Dutch colony of New Netherland. Settlement was led by Arent van Curler, a prominent figure in the colony who had emigrated from Nijkerk in the Netherlands, after purchase from the Mohawk Nation. The Dutch purchased additional land from the Mohawks in 1670 and 1672. In 1664 the English seized the Dutch colony and renamed it New York. Twenty years later (1684) Governor Thomas Dongan granted letters patent for Schenectady to five trustees.

On February 8, 1690, during King William’s War, French forces and their Indian allies attacked Schenectady by surprise, leaving 62 dead. American history notes it as the Schenectady massacre.

1. Catrina (Catryntje) Van BENTHUYSEN (See Jacobus TURCK‘s page)

2. Gertruy (Gertrude) Van Benthuysen

Gertruy’s first husband [__?__] Becker was born

Gertruy’s second husband James Parker was born xx.  His parents were Sgt. William Parker and [__?__].

Gertruy’s third husband Robert Teuwise Van Deusen was born 1665 in Albany, Albany, New York. His parents were Teuwis Abrahamsen Van Deursen and Helena Roberts. He first married 22 Sep 1689 in Albany, New York to Cornelia Martense Van Buren (b. 1665 in Albany; d. 1717 in New York).

Gertrude Van Benthuysen - Bio 1

Gertrude Van Benthuysen - Bio 2

3. Barent Van Benthuysen

Barent’s first wife Aaltje Elting was born 1675 in Hurley, Ulster, New York. Her parents were Jan Elting and Jacomyntje Viele Slecht.  She first married 6 Oct 1695 in Kingston, Ulster, New York to Barent Van Wagenen b. 18 Apr 1675 in Kingston, Ulster, New York; d.17 Apr 1699 in Kingston, Ulster, New York.  Aaltje died 21 Apr 1701 in Ulster, New York

Barent’s second wife Jannetie Aertson Van Wagenen was baptized 25 Jun 1682 in  Kingston Dutch Church. Her parents were Gerrit Aertson and Clara (Pels) Van Wagenen. Jannetie died 1726 in Kingston, Ulster, New York.

Barent’s third wife Margaret Leg was the daughter of William Leg and Susannah Marrid.

Barent served as Sheriff of Ulster County in 1700.  In 1725 he purchased from Peter Schuyler a quarter of the town of Red Hook 5,562 acres and moved there.

Barent Van Benthuysen - Bio Source: The Van Benthuysen genealogy : descendants of Paulus Martense Van Benthuysen, of Benthuizen, Holland, who settled in Albany, NY

4. Marten Pauluse Van Benthuysen

Marten’s wife Feitje Boorsboom was the daughter of Pieterse Jacobse Boorboom.

Marten served as Captain in Harmon Van Slyck’s Second Foot Company during the Indian Wars.

Marten’s daughter Catryntje (Catrina) Van Benthuysen married Isaac Truax 1719 in Schenectady Reformed Church, Schenectady, New York, not Jacobus TURCK‘s wife of the same name.

Marten Pauluse Van Benthuysen Bio

5. Baltus Pontese Van Benthuysen

Baltus’ wife Lydia Dally was born 8 Mar 1683 in New York. Her parents were John Dally and Elizabeth Obee. Lydia died 1753 in Albany, New York.

Baltus Van Benthuysen - Bio

6. Maritie Van Benthuysen

Maritie’s husband John Careny was born about 1673 in Albany, New York.

Maritie Van Benthuysen - Bio


The Van Benthuysen Genealogy, by Alvin Seaward Van Benthuysen and Edith M. McIntosh Hall, published in 1953 by Wilson Engraving and Printing Company, Clay Center, Kansas

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  4. Barbara says:

    I have found no documentation for marriage 31 Aug. 1660. Albany records begin in 1683. It is not feasable that Barent Paulus van Benthuysen was bapt. 8 Mar. 1683 (no documentation found) and married in 30 April 1699 (documented DRC Kingston) at age 16?? Could you clarify?

    • markeminer says:

      Hi Barbara,
      Thanks for your comments. I can’t find any documentation either, so have changed the marriage date to before 1661 when Catryntje was born. The 8 Mar 1683 birth date belongs to Baltus who is sometimes listed as Barent. I’ve updated Barent’s birth to 1664.
      Thanks for your help in making the story more accurate,

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