Edmund Hawes Sr.

Edmund HAWES Sr. (1567 – 1653)  was Alex’s 11th Great Grandfather; one of 4,096 in this generation of the Shaw line.

I found it!  Hayes of Little Leigh  -- Arms: Sable, a chevron Argent between three leopards' faces Or (Harl 1424)(In Harl 1505 the leopards' faces are Argent)

I found it! Hayes of Little Leigh — Arms: Sable, a chevron Argent between three leopards’ faces Or (Harl 1424)
(In Harl 1505 the leopards’ faces are Argent)

Edmond Hawes was born in 1567 in Hillfield Solihull, Warwickshire, England. His parents were William HAWES and Ursula COLLES. He married Jane PORTER 1599 in Bayham, Sussex, England. Edmund died 1653 in Solihull, Warwickshire, England.

Edmund Hawes Sr Signature

Edmund Hawes Sr Signature

Jane Porter was born 1582 in Bayham, Sussex, England. Her parents were Richard PORTER and Jane WHITFIELD Jane died 1643 in Solihull, Warwickshire, England

St. Alphege Church, Solihull

Edmund was baptized in St. Alphege Church, Solihull

St. Alphege Church is medieval. The previous spire was 59m and collapsed in 1757: the current spire is 57.34m The Church, dedicated to St. Alphege, is a large cruciform structure. The tracery mouldings and corbels in the interior are extremely elegant; there are also some fine specimens of screen work: it consists of nave, chancel, side aisles, and an embattled tower, surmounted by an octagonal spire, and contains a peal of thirteen good bells.

Children of Edmund and Jane:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Jane Hawes bapt.
5 Oct 1600
2. Lucy Hawes  bapt.
12 Jan 1602/03
3. Ursula Hawes bapt.
19 Jan 1601/02
16 Apr 1602
4. William Hawes bapt.
30 Dec 1604
5. Ursula Hawes bapt.
26 Oct 1606
6. Mary Hawes bapt.
25 Oct 1607
Shelly, Solihull, Warwick, England
7. Ann Hawes  5 Sep 1609
8.  John Hawes bapt.
23 Apr 1611
9. Edmund HAWES bapt.
15 Oct 1612
Hillfield,  Solihull, Warwick, England
Lucy PENECOT 10 Jun 1693 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.
10. Elizabeth Hawes bapt.
18 Aug 1616
11. Ruth Hawes bapt.
28 Jun 1618
12. Thomas Hawes died without issue

Edmund Hawes 1619 Visitation

Jane Porter’s Ancestors

Jane’s 3rd great grandfather 1 William PORTER was of Markham, Nottingham

Jane’s 2nd great grandfather 2. Stephen PORTER lived in Sussex

Jane’s great grandfather 3. Richard PORTER m. Joane, daughter of John WILDEGOSE

Jane’s grandfather 4. John PORTER ( – 1574) of Bayham in Sussex married Anne, daughter of Richard ISTED, of Moat House in Mayfield, Sussex.

Jane’s father 5. Richard PORTER ( – 1584) m. Jane, daughter of Robert WHITFIELD of Wadhurst in Sussex.  Richard had ironworks

Porter 1
Porter 2
Porter 3
Porter 4
Porter 5

Edmund Hawes Sr.

Edmund Hawes Sr Bio -

Edmund Hawes Sr Bio – From Edmond Hawes of Yarmouth, Massachusett 1914

Edmund Hawes Bio 53
Edmund Hawes Bio 54
Edmund Hawes Bio 55
Edmund Hawes Bio 56
Edmund Hawes Bio 57
Edmund Hawes Bio 58
Edmund Hawes Bio 59
Edmund Hawes Bio 60
Edmund Hawes Bio 61
Edmund Hawes Bio 62
Edmund Hawes Bio 63
Edmund Hawes Bio 64

Children of Edmund and Jane:

Hawes English Origins

The Hawes family in Solihull goes back 700 years to a  1313 deed in which Robert Hawes agrees with his brother Richard to dig, enclose and maintain two hedges and ditches for the manner of Solihull and in which mention is made of land which Richard had bought of Dame Ela de Odingsells, widow of Sir. William de Odingsells, Lord of the Manor

Sir William de Odingsells was knighted in 1283. Like his father he was an active soldier, He was Sheriff of Shropshire and achieved the high position of Chief Justiciar of Ireland.

He married Ela, daughter of the Earl of Salisbury and great grand-daughter of Henry II.
The extensions which he made to his moated home, set within the medieval park, witnessed to his rank and status. So too did his great scheme to rebuild St Alphege church. First to be built c. 1277 were the fine chancel and the chantry chapels but progress was interrupted by Sir William’s death in 1295. The manor was sold and the rebuilding continued slowly, not reaching its completion until 1535.

Solihull Map

Metropolitan Borough of Solihull

Solihull  is a town in the West Midlands of England with a population of 94,753.  It is a part of the West Midlands conurbation and is located 9 miles  southeast of Birmingham city centre. It is the largest town in, and administrative centre of, the larger Metropolitan Borough of Solihull, which itself has a population of 200,400.

Richard Hammond – Top Gear presenter and radio personality was born in Solihull.

Historically part of Warwickshire, Solihull is one of the most prosperous towns in the English Midlands.  Residents of Solihull and those born in the town are referred to as Silhillians The motto of Solihull is Urbs in Rure (Town in Country)

Solihull’s name is commonly thought to have derived from the position of its parish church, St Alphege, on a ‘soily’ hill. The church was built on a hill of stiff red marl, which turned to sticky mud in wet weather.

Solihull probably came into being about a thousand years ago, as a clearing in the forest to which people would come to trade.  The town is noted for its historic architecture, which includes surviving examples of timber framed Tudor style houses and shops. The historic Solihull School dates from 1560 (although not on its present site). The red sandstone parish church of St. Alphege dates from a similar period and is a large and handsome example of English Gothic church architecture, with a traditional spire 168 feet high, making it visible from a great distance.   It was founded in about 1220 by Hugh de Oddingsell. A chantry chapel was also founded there by Sir William de Oddingsell in 1277 and the upper chapel in St Alphege was built for a chantry.

Edmund Hawes Bio 2
Edmund Hawes Bio 3
Edmund Hawes Bio 4
Edmund Hawes Bio 5
Edmund Hawes Bio 6
Edmund Hawes Bio 7
Edmund Hawes Bio 8
Edmund Hawes Bio 9
Edmund Hawes Bio10
Edmund Hawes Bio 11,jpg
Edmund Hawes Bio 12
Edmund Hawes Bio 13
Edmund Hawes Bio 14
Edmund Hawes Bio 15
Edmund Hawes Bio 16
Edmund Hawes Bio 17
Edmund Hawes Bio 18
Edmund Hawes Bio 19
Edmund Hawes Bio 20a
For the biographies of  Edmund’s grandparents (7. Thomas Hawes & Elizabeth Brome), and  parents (8. William Hawes & Ursula Colles) see the page of Edmund’s father  William HAWES.


Edmond Hawes of Yarmouth, Massachusetts: an emigrant to America in 1635, his ancestors, including the allied families of Brome, Colles, Greswold, Porter, Rody, Shirley and Whitfield; and some of his descendants  By James William Hawes  1914   –
A genealogy of this  immigrant and his descendants, with extensive information on the English origin, including the apprenticeship in London, and with full transcripts of many important documents

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