George Strong

George STRONG (c. 1556 – 1635) was Alex’s 11th Great Grandfather; one of 4,096 in this generation of the Miller line. He didn’t immigrate, but had double descendants in our line through his sons Thomas and John Richard.

George Strong Cottage before Renovation Source: Strong Family of America

George Strong was born about 1556, but I haven’t found any direct evidence about the date. His father was John STRANG (c. 1515 in Tauton, Somerset, England – ). He lived most of his life in Chardstock, Devon, England.  Chardstock is about 4 miles equal distance from Chard in Somerset and Axminster in Devon.  His wife may have been nameed  Elizabeth WARY or BOWDIGE. George died about 1634/35, Chard, Somerset, will proved 13 Feb 1634/35.

George Stronge Cottage before restoration Source: Strong Family of America

Children of  George and Elizabeth:

Name Born Married Departed
1. John Richard STRONG 1575 in Chard, Somerset, England Eleanor [DEAN?]
1609 in Chard, Somerset, England
 14 Jun 1613 in Chard, Somerset, England.
2. George Strong 1580
Chardstock, Devon, England
3. Walter Strong 17 Apr 1581
Chard, Somerset, England
Ann Bond
Feb 1621
9 Apr 1667
Chard, Somerset, England
4. William Strong 1583
Chardstock, Devon, England
Margaret [__?__]
1603 in Chard, Somerset, England
5. Thomas STRONG  1584
Chardstock, Devon, England
Joanna BAGGE
12 May 1604
Chardstock, Devon England
12 May 1663
Chardstock, Devon, England

George Strong’s cottage was built in the late 1500s, likely for Strongs who later moved to Chard (about 4 miles away).

George Strong Cottage Source: Strong Family of America

The Strong Cottage was built by the Chardstock Manor Estates. The current Lord of the Manor is Jonathan Milford who lives in Manor Home in Chardstock. The Strong Cottage was rehabilitated around 1993.  Jarvis Strong’s project to help the rehab provided $10,000, which was a bit less than 10% of the total. It did indicate American interest in the project, though, and provided the impetus for the owners to complete the cottage rehab. The cottage is presently rented by Joe Harrison as his home.  Check the Strong Family of America website for details on how you can visit.

George Strong Cottage Source: Strong Family of America

As a tailor living in Chard, his will, dated Nov. 20, 1627 and proved Feb. 13, 1635, names sons Thomas and Walter, granddaughters Marie, Elizabeth and Joane, and grandsons William and John.

Manor Court Rolls – Chardstock

Sep 1596 – Paying homage to the manor court.

3 May  1604 – George Strang – Assessor to view commons

13 Jul 1604 – “The water in George Stronge’s ditch is not able to pass but run out in the way and he must scower the same.”

1629 – “We do present George Stronge for that he dothe sell fuell furses [Furse is a Devon surname as well as one of several names for the evergreen shrub more widely known as Gorse.  Gorse is closely related to the brooms, and like them, has green stems and very small leaves and is adapted to dry growing conditions.] in the commons and carry them into another parish and burn them contrary to the customs of the our manor, therefore he is fined ten shillings; and that George Stronge hath pulled downe a barne builded upon posts upon his cottage and carryed the tymber into another manor and hath also rooted upp certayne apple trees growing uppon his said cottage and carryed the same out of the manor”.

1631, 1632, 1633 – Fined for not cleaning his ditch.

20 May  1635 – Presentment of the death of George Stronge since the previous court and that he was tenant of TWO COTTAGES in Chardstock towne, to which Thomas Stronge was thereupon admitted as the next tenant. [Robin Bush, pub. By M&J Clearinghouse]

George Strong Cottage Source: Strong Family of America

1636 – “That George Stronge, tenant since the last court to the cottage in Chardstock town and doth happen to the lord for a death duty, and that Thomas Strong is the next tenant”.

Manor Court Rolls – Chard

1614 Manor Court Jury

1625-1628 Subsidy (DD/HT 465, Somerset Record Office)

George Stronge in Chardland

1628/29 George Stronge in Chardland.

Will of George Stronge of Chard dated, 20 Nov 1627, proved 13 Feb 1635/36, (PCC1636, Pile 15)

I George Strong of the parishe of Chard….tayler…. I give unto THOMAS STRONG MY SONNE 6 shillings 8 pence. I give unto JOHN STRONGE MY GRANDCHILD, 6 shillings 8 pence. I give unto WILLIAM STRONG MY GRANDCHILD, 20 poundes due to me from George Cookney and Nicholas Staple…. I give unto the said William Strong ffive pewter platters, two pondgers, one bason, ffower sawcers, two saltsellers, and two brasse candelsticke. I give unto MARIE STRONG MY GRANDCHILD DAUGHTER of WALTER STRONG MY SONNE, 10 poundes which Thomas Parris oweth me….and more I give her my best brasse crocke, and my lesser brasse pann. I give unto JOANE STRONG, DAUGHTER of the said WALTER STRONG, 10 poundes. I give unto ELIZABETH STRONG, DAUGHTER of the said WALTER STRONG, 10 poundes. I give and bequeath unto my said SON WALTER STRONG whome I make, and ordayne sole executor of this my last will and testement. I desire MY GOOD FRIENDS THOMAS LEGG THE YOUNGER and THOMAS BOWDITCH OF WICKCRAST to be my overseers. Witnesses – Thomas Pitte, Sir John Rives, Richard Ray, THOMAS BURRAGE. [Abstracted by J. Osborn]


1. John Richard STRONG (See his page)

3. Walter Strong

Walter’s wife Ann Bond was born in 1582 in Chard, Somerset, England. Her parents were John Bond and [__?__]. Ann died 11 Sep 1674 in Chard, Somerset, England

Walter was a butcher.  His wife, Ann Bond was daughter of John Bond.  Children: Marie; Elizabeth; Joane; and George married Margaret.

4. William Strong

William’s wife Margaret [__?__] was born about 1583 in Chard, Somerset, England. Margaret died 23 Mar 1621 in Chard, Somerset, England.

5. Thomas STRONG (See his page)


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  4. sally pater says:

    Hallo I’m researching the Warrys and Bowditches of Chard. The familys are interconected and was intrigued that George’s wife was ‘ Bowditch or Warry’. Cant find anything about George or his wife at so I wonder how this has been estatblished. Regards Sally

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