John Fiske

John FISKE (1580 – 1633) was Alex’s 11th Great Grandfather; one of 2,048 in this generation of the Miller line.

William Fiske - Coat of Arms

John Fiske was born in 1580 in All Saints, South Elmham, Suffolk, England.  His parents were William FISKE (1566 – 1623) and Anna AUSTYE (1551 – 1601). He married his second cousin  Ann LANTERSEE on 8 Mar 1607 in South Elmham, Suffolk, England.  John died in May 1633 and was buried as “Goodman” Fyske [ ie. a Yeoman] at St. James, South Elmham, Suffolk on 14 May 1633.

Ann Lantersee (Lawter) was born about 1580 in  So Elmham, Suffolk, England.  Her father was Robert Lawter.  Ann died in 1637 during a voyage to New England accompanying her sons John and William, daughter Anne and son-in-law Francis Chickering.

Children of John and Ann:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Rev. John Fiske 20 Mar 1607
St James, Suffolk, , England
Ann Gibbs/Gipps
c. 1635 in Frenze Hall, Norfolk,
Elizabeth Henchman
01 Aug 1672
14 Jan 1677 Chelmsford, Middlesex, Mass
2. Eleazer Fiske 1609
So. Elmham,  Suffolk, England
3. Anne Fiske 1 Apr 1610
So. Elmham, Suffolk, England
Francis Chickering
c. 1630
So. Elmham, Co. Suffolk, England
5 Dec 1649 Dedham, Norfolk, Mass.
4. Martha Fiske 1614
Captain Edmund Thompson
6 Oct 1649 Yarmouth, England
5. Nathaniel Fiske 1612
6. William FISKE Bef. 18 Mar 1618/19
St. James Parish, So. Elmham, Suffolk, England
Salem, Mass
Sep 1654
Wenham, Mass

An account by his son Rev. John ffiske describes his parents as “pious”.  John Sr. was a churchwarden at St. James, South Elmham in 1628.

A problem with the Fiske family is that the reconstructions vary with who you believe. The way Moriarty reconstructed it in NEHGR 1932 – 34;

[John’s grandfather] Robert FISKE married Sibilla GOLD. (Originally his granddaughter Mary married Anthony Fisher and it changed to daughter of Robert’s brother Nicholas, because Nicholas’s will mentioned Mary and Robert’s didn’t, and because Candler said in his Candler Manuscript on the genealogy of the Fiske family, that Mary the daughter of Nicholas married ___ Fisher and they adn their children went to New England, and the author of that manuscript was Mary’s first cousin once removed.

Robert was the ancestor of most Fiske Puritan fanatics who went to New England, though several of his brothers shared his fanaticsm and they were running around England in circles for a while because the executioner was after them.

So Robert1 had a bunch of sons, and two of them were Thomas2 and William2. William’s son John3  produced two particularly brilliant fanatics; Rev. John Fiske4, and William Fiske4. They went to Salem and Wenham. Rev. John Fiske4 served as pastor at Salem briefly and then went elsewhere to practive religion and medicine in the wilderness and teach college. William stayed at Salem and had Deacon William Fiske5, who was one of the jurors in the witch trial.

Thomas2 had Thomas3, whose son Phineas4 went to Salem and Wenham, and his son Captain Thomas5 and Thomas’s son Captain Thomas6 were foreman and juror on the jury. I get third cousins and third cousins once removed.

All three of them later signed the admission of error or whatever admitting the error of the Salem Witch Trials.


1. Rev. John Fiske

John’s wife first wife Ann Gibbs (Gipps) was born about 1602 in Frenze Hall, Norfolk, England.  Ann died 14 Feb 1671/72 in Chelmsford, Mass. 

John’s second wife Elizabeth Henchman was born 1605 in St James, Suffolk, England. Elizabeth died after 14 Jan 1676/77.

Rev. John Fiske from Savage Vol 2, Dict First Settlers of New England

FISKE, JOHN, Wenham, son of that John who died 1633 (and was son of William, son of Robert, who was son of Richard of Laxfield in Queen Mary’s time); born as Mather tells (in Magn. III. c. 24), about 1601, at St. James parish in South Elmham, a subdivision of the hundred of Wangford, County Suffolk bred at King’s College Cambridge. There took his A. B. 1625, though Mather makes it Emanuel,

married at eight and twenty years of age, by the same authority 1629, Ann Gipps of Frinshall, County Norfolk, had, as tradition said, two children who died as infants but two others he brought with his wife and a younger brother, perhaps William, to Boston, 1637,

sat down first at Cambridge, but removed the same year to Salem, freeman 2 November 1637, taught the grade school among his pupils one being famous afterward as Sir George Downing, [grandson of our ancestors George DOWNING and Dorcas BELLAMY. see his nefarious story on their page] minister for Cromwell and Charles II at the Hague,

had John, born 29 August, baptized 2 September 1638, died under nine years; Sarah, 24, baptized 26 July 1640;

Moses, born at Wenham, 12 April, baptized at Salem by Mr. Norris in June 1642, Harvard College 1662; he had preached occasionally for Hugh Peters, and removed to be minister at Wenham, ordained 8 October 1644,

had there Ann, 15 January, baptized 12 March 1646, being the first baptism in that church, Eliezur, 8, baptized 14 February 1647, died young;

removed 1655 to and was minister of Chelmsford, where his wife Ann died 14 February 1672, “after living with him about 37 yrs.” This renders Mather’s account of the marriage in 1629, impossible and also the tradition of his having had four  children in England as she was his first wife and makes it probable that he brought only one child. On 1 August following, he married Elizabeth, widow of Edmund Henchman, and he died 14 January 1677. His daughter Ann married Captain John Brown of Reading, and died 30 May 1681, aged 35.

3. Anne Fiske

Anne’s husband Francis Chickering was born in Risbridge, Suffolk, England. His parents were Henry Chickering and Mary [__?__]. After Anne died, he married 11 Jun 1650 to Sarah [How?] Sibley Chickering Bowles. Francis died 2 Oct 1658 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass.

John Sibley married by about 1631 Sarah [How?] (They had one child of record: Sarah (Sibley) Dwight.  Sarah married (2) at Dedham on 11 Jun 1650 Frances Chickering. She married (3) after 1658 John Bowles of Roxbury & was buried there on 4 Sep 1686. In her will Sarah [How?] Sibley Chickering Bowles made a bequest to “my loving brother Joseph How.” Which of the Joseph Hows of early New England he may have been has not been determined.

4. Martha Fiske

Martha’s husband Capt. Edmund Thompson was born in England.  His parents were John Thompson of Holkham in Norfolk and Anne Hastings.

She and Capt. Edmund Thompson had 7 children. She and Capt. Edmund Thompson immigrated in 1637 to Salem, MA., where they had four children: Martha, Edmund, Thomas and Hannah. Capt. Thompson was admitted to the church in Salem, Mass. in Dec 1639.  They returned after 4 Jul 1647 to Yarmouth, England  where they had a further three children, all of whom died in infancy. According to the Candler manuscript Capt. Thompson was a sea-captain who served the Colonies after the death of King Charles I.

9. William FISKE (See his page)


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