Samuel Perkins

Samuel PERKINS (1655 –  1700) was Alex’s 9th Grandfather; one of 1,024 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Samuel Perksins was born in Ipswich, Mass. in 1655. His parents were Quartermaster John PERKINS and and Elizabeth EVELETH. He married Hannah WEST in 1677.   Samuel died intestate in 1700 when he was only forty-five years old. His widow, Hannah, was administratrix of his estate, and was also appointed guardian of his two minor children, John and Elizabeth.

Samuel was a Cordwainer, somebody who makes shoes and other articles from fine soft leather.

Hannah West was born in 1659 in Ipswich, Mass.  Her parents were Twyford WESTand Mary CROSS. Hannah died 21 AUG 1732 Ipswich, Mass

Children of Samuel  and Hannah:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Samuel Perkins 26 Nov 1679 abroad, date unknown.
2. Ebenezer PERKINS 3 Feb 1681 in Ipswich, Massa Hannah SAFFORD
14 Aug 1710 in Preston, CT
Margaret Stewart
12 Sep 1734 Scituate, Rhode Island
1754 in Coventry, Rhode Island.
3. Elizabeth Perkins 13 Jun 1685 11 Mar 1712 – Ipswich, Mass
4. John Perkins 12 May 1692 Anna [__?__]
Curacao, West Indies

Samuel was a cordwainer by trade. He served as a soldier in the Narragansett war, for which he received a portion of land at Voluntown, on the eastern border of Connecticut, which land afterward came into possession of his son Ebenezer, who settled upon it, and in 1735 sold it to John Wildes of Topsfield, Mass. (See Great Swamp Fight – Aftermath for details)

Samuel Perkins and Hannah West Source: Daughters of Eve: pregnant brides and unwed mothers in seventeenth-century ... By Else L. Hambleton

Samuel Perkins and Hannah West 2

That explains the 7 year gap between Elizabeth and John.  I must be missing the fifth child.

Samuel’s father gave him a deed of land in the town of Ipswich on which he had built a house in 1684; this land joined to land given to his brother Luke. In a deed to Luke, his father, Quart’ John, says, “and that Sam Perkins shall not be disturbed in the possession I have given him, and that he hath built upon.”

Samuel Perkins Signature

Samuel died instate in 1700.  His widow Hannah was appointed administrix of his estate and also chosen as guardian of his two minor children.


4. John Perkins

John Perkins of Preston  was a mariner who died in Curaçao in 1753 and left a will, giving property “to the children of his brother Ebenezer by his first wife.”

On July 8, 1754, “Newman Perkins, of Exeter, R. I., Samuel Perkins and Oliver Perkins, husbandman, of Schuate in said R. I., Valentine Perkins, of Oblong, N. Y., husbandman, Ebenezer Perkins, of Coventry, R. I., husbandman, Lemuel and Francis Perkins, of Voluntown, Conn., mariners, children of Ebenezer Perkins, late of Coventry, in the colony of Rhode Island, husbandman, deceased, by his first wife,” grant to John Harris, of Boston, power to sell their land, etc., in Ipswich, which lately belonged to their (brother, by mistake of the scribe) uncle John Perkins, of Preston, in the colony of Connecticut, deceased.   Brother, Lemuel, of Voluntown, Conn., sold his interest in this property to Daniel Giddinge, of Ipswich, Gent., “about 9 acres, which is my whole shear.”


“BRANCHES & ROOTS of OLIVER PERKINS: A Genealogical Study of his Ancestry, his Descendants and their Allied Families.” By: Steven G. Perkins, Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, MD Ê(1999). DPR Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 99-71471

Essex Institute historical collections, Volume 13 By Essex Institute, Peabody & Essex Museum

The family of John Perkins of Ipswich, Mass: Complete in three parts By George Augustus Perkins

Daughters of Eve: pregnant brides and unwed mothers in seventeenth-century … By Else L. Hambleton

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