John Ormsby Sr.

John ORMSBY Sr. (1641 – 1718) was Alex’s 9th great grandfather, one of 1,024 in this generation of the Miner line.

John Ormsby was born in 1641 in Saco, Maine.  His parents were Richard ORMSBY and Sarah UPHAM Wanton.  He married Grace Eleanor MARTIN on 5 Jan 1663/64 in Rehoboth, Mass.  John died 10 Mar 1717/18 in Rehoboth, Mass.

John Ormsby and his son took part in the Battle of Quebec in 1690

Grace Eleanor Martin was born 21 Sep 1640 in Ostey, St. Mary’s, Devon, England.  Her parents were Richard MARTIN and Elizabeth SALTER.  (Alternatively, her mother was Elizabeth Ellis) Grace died 4 Jul 1710 in Rehoboth, Mass.

Children of John and Grace:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Sarah Ormsby 14 SEP 1665 Rehoboth, Mass. John Lane
1690 Rehoboth
11 Jul 1728
2. John ORMSBY Jr. 12 Apr 1667 Rehoboth, Mass. Susannah [__?__]
11 Jul 1728 Windham County, CT
3. Elizabeth Ormsby 3 Oct 1668
22 NOV 1668
4. Grace Ormsby 27 NOV 1669 Rehoboth Samuel Sabin
1695 Rehoboth, Mass
13 APR 1747 Rehoboth
5. Mary Ormsby 22 OCT 1671 Rehoboth 25 DEC 1671
6. Joshua Ormsby 9 DEC 1672 Rehoboth Mehitable Boyden
22 Dec 1704 Medfield, Mass
28 May 1715
7. Elizabeth Ormsby 27 NOV 1674 1714/1715
8. Mary Orsmby 14 APR 1677 Rehoboth Israel Sabin
20 MAY 1696 Rehoboth
William Salisbury
9 JUN 1705 Swansea, Mass
18 DEC 1715 Swansea, Mass.
9. Jonathan Orsmby 20 AUG 1678 Rehoboth Mercy Abbe
8 JUN 1703 Windham, CT
Mrs. Martha (Redway) Hammon
20 Jan 1742/43
22 JUN 1728
10. Martha Orsmby 7 MAY 1680 Rehoboth James Franklin
2 MAY 1706
11. Jacob Orsmby 16 MAR 1681/82 Rehoboth, Mass Waitstell [__?__] 1753
12. Joseph Orsmby 8 JUL 1684 Rehoboth Abigail Abbe
10 MAY 1710 Rehoboth

“Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England”, volume 3, by Savage.

“John Ormsby was a Proprietor at Rehoboth in 1668. He was one of Gallup’s Company in 1690 in Phips’ expedition against Quebec.”

John Ormsby, born before 1645 possibly at Saco (Maine), as a proprietor of Rehoboth Mass in 1668. No wife’s name is given, but lists five children as Elizabeth born 27 Nov. 1674, Mary born 4 APR 1677, Jonathan born 26 Aug. 1678, Martha born 7 May 1680 and Jacob born 16 Mar 1682. John Ormsby was brother of Jacob and Thomas, also of Rehoboth and son of Richard Ormsby and Sarah.

John Ormsby’s name (or his son’s) was included “of the inhabitants and proprietors of the Towne of Rehoboth having Rights and Titles to the Measuages, Tenements and Lands contained in the quit-claim deed of William Bradford to the town of Rehoboth, which hath been reade and allowed in a full Towne Meeting, February the 7th, 1689:”

Plymouth Scrapbook.
June 2, 1669, he gave bond as administrator of an estate April 1, 1669, he inventoried the estate of F. Stevens. He was a witness on the bond of Richard Bowen, Jr. of Rehoboth. His signature on all these documents is spelled Ormsby.

History of Rehoboth by Tilton.
In a list of persons sharing in land given by Quit Claim Deed from King Phillip, May 26, 1668, among others were; Ormsby, John, Thomas, Jacob. (All sons of Richard).

History of Rehoboth, Mass. by Tilton.
In a list of inhabitants and proprietors who shared in lands given to the Town of Rehoboth, by Quit Claim Deed Feb. 7, 1689, by William Bradford and recorded Apr. 21, 1735, among others were; Ormsby, John, Thomas, and Mary, Jacob Ormsby’s daughter. (Jacob had died 1677).

Inventory of the estate of Francis Stevens of Rehoboth was made April 1st, 1669 by Wm. Carpenter and John Ormsby.

Bradford Co. Pa Queries
John’s sister, Grace Martin (1640 England – July 4, 1710 Rehoboth) married John Ormsby (b. Sept 21, 1640 – March 10, 1717/18 Rehoboth) on Jan 25, 1663/64 in Rehoboth.


1. Sarah Ormsby

Sarah’s husband John Lane was born in 1665.

2. John ORMSBY Jr.  (See his page)

4. Grace Ormsby

Grace’s husband Samuel Sabin, Jr was born 27 Nov 1664 Rehoboth, Bristol, MA. His parents were Samuel Sabin, Sr. and Mary Billington. Samuel died 7 Oct 1746 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.

Children of Grace and Samuel

i. Isaac Sabin, b. 2 Feb 1696, Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d.  15 Jul 1756  Norwich, New London, CT;  m. 2 Jun 1718, Norwich, CT to his first cousin Sarah Ormsby

ii. Samuel Sabin, III ,b. 29 Aug 1697, Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. 8 Jan 1721/22 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA to Ruth Reed.

iii. Grace Sabin, b. 5 Apr 1699, Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. 27 Mar 1718 in Rehoboth, Bristol to Jeremiah Robinson.

iv. Experience Sabin, b. 22 May 1700, Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. 23 June 1722 to Ebenezer Robinson.

v. Patience Sabin, b. 3 Oct 1704, Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. 12 Sep 1748, in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA. to Ebenezer Smith.

vi. Ebenezer Sabin, b. 15 Aug 1705, Rehoboth Bristol, MA

vii. Mercy/Mary Sabin, b. 19 Aug 1706, Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. [__?__] Waterman

6. Joshua Ormsby

Joshua’s wife Mehitable Boyden was born about 1683 in Medfield, MA. Mehitable married a second time 24 Jan 1716, Rehoboth, MA to Silas Titus.  Silas was the son of our ancestor John TITUS.

Children of Joshua and Mehitable

i. Mehitable Ormsbee, b. 1 Oct 1705, Medfield, MA; m. 13 Mar 1728/29 in Rehoboth, Bristol Co., MAto Josiah Fuller.

ii. Joshua Ormsby, b. 1 Jun 1708, Rehoboth, MA; d. 31 Jan 1793, Medfield, MA; m. 25 Sep 1733, Medfield, MA to Esther Cheney,

iii. Mary Ormsbee, b. 11 Oct 1712, Rehoboth, MA

iv. Ann Ormsbee, b. 5 Sep 1714, Rehoboth, MA

8. Mary Ormsby

Mary’s husband Israel Sabin was born died 8 (16) June 1673 in Rehoboth Bristol, Mass. His parents were Samuel Sabin Sr. and Mary Billington.  After Mary died, he married a second time to Elizabeth Williams.  Israel died after 1760 in Plainfield, Windham, CT.

Children of Mary and Israel:

i. Sarah Sabin , b. 26 Nov 1697, Rehoboth, MA

ii. Elizabeth Sabin, b, 31 Mar, 1698, Rehoboth, MA

iii. Samuel Sabin, b. 21 Jan, 1699, Rehoboth, MA; m. 7 Nov 1727 , Rehoboth, Bristol Co., MA to Hannah Hall.

iv. Israel Sabin, b. 8 Oct 1701, Rehoboth MA; m. Chloe [__?__]

v. Jeremiah Sabin, b. 26 Aug 1703, Rehoboth, MA; m.  23 Sep 1724, Upper Kittery (Berwick, Maine) to Mary Abbot.

vi. Josiah Sabin, b. 3 Jun 1705, Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. 18 Nov 1724, Rehoboth, Bristol Co., MA to Mary Gray,

vii. Margaret Sabin, b. 5 Feb 1706/7, Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. 8 Aug 1737, Barrington, Bristol Co. RI to Robert Otis.

viii. William Sabin, b. 14 Oct 1708, Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. 17 May 1733, Rehoboth, Birstol, MA to Phebe, Eddy; m2. Elizabeth Atwell

ix. Eleazer Sabin, b. 21 Feb 1709/10, Rehoboth, MA

x. Mary Sabin, b. 1 Jun 1711, Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. 23 Sep 1731m Norwich, New London, CT to  Daniel Slate.

xi. Eleazer Sabin, b, 21 Feb 1713, Swansea, Bristol, MA

xii. Martha Sabin, born/died 30 Nov 1715, Swansea, Bristol, MA.  I suspect that Mary died because of complications of Martha’s birth.  Mary died a couple weeks later on December 18, 1715. The odds are that she died from complications due to childbirth. Whenever this occured mother and tiny infant were often buried together.

9. Jonathan Ormsby

Jonathan’s wife Mercy Abbe was born 1 Mar 1685 in Wenham, Essex, Mass. Her parents were Samuel Abbe and Mary Knowlton. Mercy died 12 Feb 1742 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.

Rehoboth vital records show the marriage of a Jonathan Ormsbee on 20 Jan  1742/43 to Martha Hammon. This is believed to be Jonathan (note his wife had died 12 Feb 1741/42), and Martha was the widow of William Hammon , who had died Jan. 1729. William Hammon had married Martha Redaway on Aug. 16, 1711. She was born 26 Jul 1687, daughter of John and Mary Redaway.

Mercy’s father testified against the first victim of the Salem Witch trails Sarah Good and our ancestor Mary ESTEY in the Salem Witch trials.  The following are taken from Records of Salem Witchcraft, copied from the original documnets, Volume 1, pages 24 and 25.

Samuel Abbey Et ux vs. Sarah Good

Samuel Abbey of Salem Village Aged 45 years or thereabouts and Mary Abbey his wife aged 38 years of thereabouts, Deposeth and saith.

That about this time three years past William Good and his wife Sarah Good being destitute of a house to dwell in these deponents out of charity; they being poor lett them live in theirs some time untill that the said Sarah Good was of so Turbulant a sperritt, spitefull and so mallitiously bent, that these deponents could not suffer her to live in their house any longer and was forced for quiettness sake to turne she ye said Sarah with her husband out of their howse ever since, which is about two years 1/2 agone, the said Sarah Good hath carried it very spitefully and mallitiously, towards them, the winter following after the said Sarah was gone from our house we began to loose cattle and lost several after an unusall manner, in a drupeing condition (sic) condition and yett they would eate; and your deponents have lost after that manner 17 head of cattle within this two years besides sheep and hoggs, and both doe believe they dyed by witchcraft, the said William Good on the last of May was twelve months went home to his wife the said Sarah Good and told her, what a sad accident had fallen out, she asked what, he answered that his neighbor Abbey had lost two Cowes, both dyeing within halfe an hower of one another, the said Sarah Good said she did not care if he the said Abbey had lost all the cattle he had as ye said John Good told us. Just that very day that the said Sarah Good was taken up, we yr Deponents had a cow that could not rise alone, but since presently after she was taken up, the said cow was well and could rise so well as if she had ailed nothing. She the said Sarah Good ever since these deponents turned her out of their howse she hath behaved herselfe very crossely and mallitiously to them and their children calling their children the vile names and hath threatened them often.

Jurat in Curia.

Warrant for Sarah Good was given at Salem, February 29, 1691/2, in response to complaints of Sarah Vibber, Abigail Willims, Elizabeth Hubbard, Ann Putnam, and John Vibber. Among the many depositions in witness to her malign practices were those of Samuel Abbey and wife.

Records of Salem Witchcraft, copied from the original documents, Vol. 2, pp. 41-2, old series

Samuel Abby v. Mary Easty

The deposition of Samuel Abby aged about 45 years who testifieth and saith that on the 20th of May 1692 I went to the house of Constable John Putnam about 9 o clock in the morning and when I came there: Mirey lewes lay on the bed in a sad condition and continuing speachless for about an hour; the man not being at whom; the woman desired me to goe to the putnams to bring Ann Putnam to se if she could se who it was that hurt Mirey Lewes; accordingly I went; and found Abigail Williams along with Ann Putnam and brought them both to se Mercy Lewes; and as they ware a goeing along the way both of them said that they saw the Apperishtion of Goody Estick and said it was the same woman that was sent whom the other day; and said also that they saw the Appershtion of the other woman that appered with gooddy Estick the other day, and both of them allso said that the Apperishtion of Gooddy Estick tould them that now she was afflecting of Mircy Lewes and when they came to Mircy lewes both of them said that they saw the Apperishtion of Gooddy Estick and John Williard and Mary Witheridge afflecting the body of Mircy lewes; and I continueing along with mircy who contineued in a sad condition the greatest part of the day being in such tortors as no toungue can express; but not ablte to spake; but at last said Deare Lord receive my soule and againe said lord let them not kill me quitt, but at last she came to hir self for a little whille and was very sensable and then she said that Goody Estick said she would kill hir before midnight because she did not cleare hir so as the rest did, then againe presently she fell very bad and cried out pray for the salvation of my soule for they will kill me.

Jurat in Curia September 9th, ’92

Children of Jonathan and Mercy:

i. Jacob Ormsby b. 24 Feb 1710 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.

ii. Jonathan Ormsby b. 1 May 1705 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.

iii. Mercy Ormsby b. 28 Aug 1713 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.

iv. Ichabod Ormsby b. 15 Apr 1704 in Windham, CT

v. Abigail Ormsby b. 6 Dec 1715 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.

vi. Mary Ormsby b. 11 Feb 1717 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.; m. 22 Nov 1739, Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts to Joseph Parker.

10. Martha Ormsby

Martha’s husband James Franklin was born 8 Jul 1682 Dartmouth, Bristol MA. His parents were James Franklin and Eunice (Uni) Barnes. James died 21 Oct 1756 in Scituate, RI (Scituate, Plymouth Co., MA)

Children of Martha and James:

i. Philip Franklin, b. 27 Feb 27, 1706/07, Swansea, MA; m. 31 Mar 1728 to Rachel Horton; d. 5 Feb 1797, Builford, Windham, VT

ii. Lydia Franklin, b. 26 Jul 1708, Swansea, MA (Dartmouth, Bristol, MA); m. [__?__] Rowland

iii. James Franklin, b. 16 Dec 1709, Swansea, MA

iv. Gideon Franklin, b. 10 Oct 1711, Swansea, MA; m. Mary Chaffey

v. Ichabod Franklin, b. 1 Jul 1713, Swansea, MA; m.  21 AUG 1731 to Easter Porter; m2. Hannah Andrews; d. 1790.

vi. Abigail Franklin, b. 3 Jan 1714/15, Swansea, MA; m. Ebenezer Hardy

vii. Elisha Franklin, b. 8 Jan 1715/16. Swansea, MA;  m. Hannah Luther

viii. Mary (Martha) Franklin, b. 10 Nov 1718, Swansea, MA; m. Arthur Aylsworth,

ix. Uriah Franklin, b. 19 Dec 1720, Swansea, MA

12. Joseph Ormsby

Joseph’s wife Abigail Abby(e) was born 16 Nov 1689 in Salem, Essex, Mass.  Her parents were Samuel Abbe and Mary Knowlton.


New England Families Genealogical and Memorial: Third Series, Volume IV
John Ormsby or Ormsbee, son of Richard, was born about 1641, doubtless in Saco; married, January 5, 1664, Grace Martin, daughter of Richard Martin, of Rehoboth. John Ormsby was a proprietor of the town of Rehoboth in 1668. He served in the expedition again Canada under Governor Phipps in 1690, in Captain Gallup’s company. His will is dated October 31, 1717.
Children, born at Rehoboth: Sarah, born September 14, 1665; John, April 12, 1667; Elizabeth,  October 3, 1668; Grace, November 27, 1669; Mary, October 22, 1671; Joshua, December 9,  1672; Elizabeth, November 27, 1674; Mary, April 4, 1677; Jonathan, Aug 20, 1678; Martha,  May 7, 1680; Jacob, March 16, 1682; Joseph, July 8, 1684.

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