John Ormsby Jr.

John ORMSBY Jr. (1667 – 1728) was Alex’s 8th great grandfather, one of 512 in this generation of the Miner line.

John Ormsby was born 12 Apr 1667 in Rehoboth, Mass.  His parents were John ORMSBY Sr. and Grace MARTIN.  He married Susannah [__?__] in 1695.  He was baptized 10 Dec 1700 in Windham, CT.   John died 11 Jul 1728 in Windham County, CT.

John Ormsby and his father took part in the Battle of Quebec in 1690

Susannah [__?__] was born about 1670 in Rehoboth, Mass.  Alternatively, she was born 5 Jan 1664.   Susannah died 26 Dec 1752 in Norwich, CT.

Children: of John and Susannah:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Susannah Ormsby 27 May 1696 Rehoboth, Mass Samuel Spicer
12 Dec 1715 Norwich, CT
2. Sarah Ormsby 4 Jan 1697/98 Rehoboth Isaac Sabin
2 Jun 1718 Norwich, CT
3. Hannah Ormsby 21 Jan 1699 Rehoboth John Thompson
23 Feb 1713/14 Rehoboth, Mass
John Case
1 Jun 1727 Norwich, CT
4. Jemima ORMSBY 5 Mar 1701 Rehoboth Daniell JOHNSON
9 Nov 1726 in Norwalk, CT
5. John Ormsby 29 Feb 1704 Windham, CT Mehitable Way
21 Jan 1730/31 Lyme, New London, CT
23 Feb 1766 Canterbury, CT
6. Elizabeth Ormsby 6 Mar 1706 Windham Joseph Chapman
22 Feb 1727/28 Norwich, CT
7. Samuel Ormsby 8 May 1708 Windham Dinah Fisher
9 Sep 1731 Norwich, CT
8. Keziah Ormsby 24 Feb 1711 Windham Nathaniel Parish
26 Jul 1739 Norwich, CT
25 Feb 1781 Norwich, CT

John Ormsby’s name (or his father’s) was included “of the inhabitants and proprietors of the Towne of Rehoboth having Rights and Titles to the Measuages, Tenements and Lands contained in the quit-claim deed of William Bradford to the town of Rehoboth, which hath been reade and allowed in a full Towne Meeting, February the 7th, 1689:”

[NEHGR 7:265] Joames Norman, Paul Wentworth, John Hutchins, John Ormsby, Joseph Chapman and Samuel Spisor, are allowed inhabitants of Norwich, Decr 20, 1715

[NEHGR 9:354] A John Ormsby listed for an expedition to Canada headed by Cap.t Gallop leaving Waimoth 27th [no month] 1690. [Very likely this JO]

King William’s War 1689-1697

In Quebec this is called the First Inter-Colonial War. It is the first war between New England and New France. New France had a larger expanse of land and friendlier relationships with the American Indians, but New England had more people. This war was actually won by the future Canadians (which is probably why you don’t learn about it in American History courses) at the Battle of Quebec fought in 1690. The British sent a diplomat up to Montreal, asking for an immediate surrender of the city of Montreal.

Frontenac receiving the envoy of Sir William Phipps demanding the surrender of Quebec 1690

The French Frotenac famously replied:

Non, je n’ai point de réponse à faire à votre général que par la bouche de mes canons et de mes fusils.(I have no reply to make to your general other than from the mouths of my cannons and muskets.)


1. Susannah Ormsby

Susannah’s husband Samuel Spicer was born Sep 1679 in Norwich, New London, CT. His parents were Peter Spicer (1644 – 1694) and Mary Busecot (1648 – 1715). Samuel died 12 Sep 1748 in Norwich, New London, CT.

Samuel Spicer settled in that part of the town of Norwich near the line of the town now called Bozrah, on the south end of Wawecus Hill, on land deeded to him by Mrs Mary Fitch, widow and relict of Mr Daniel Fitch, Dec 2,1714, “in consideration of the good service done to my deceased husband before his death . . . all the 40 acre lot which containeth 46 acres more or less which was granted by the town of Norwich to s’d Daniel Fitch, abutting Northeasterly on land of Simon Huntington 96 rods Southeasterly on land of Caleb Bushnell & Commons 100 rods southwesterly on commons 104 rods Northwesterly on the highway 64 rods.” Daniel Fitch was the son of our ancestors Rev. James FITCH and Priscilla MASON.

He exchanged, Jan 9, 1722-3, 4 acres for 4 acres with Thomas Stoddard, both parcels of land located south of “Wawecos Hill”. Sept 20, 1726, he sold to John Ormsby Jr for 8 pounds 4 acres “lying at the South end of Wawecos Hill on the west side of the highway abutting East on Joseph Chapman’s land, Northerly on John Ormsby’s land Westerly on my own land”; witnesses, Richard Bushnell and Hannah Hide. Feb 16, 1732-3 he sold to Nathaniel Post for 250 pounds “all my farms of land I now dwell upon lying at a place called Wawecas Hill, about 40 acres, abutting Northeasterly on what was formerly Simeon Huntington’s land to a brook . . . excepting 4 acres sold to Thomas Stoddard”; witnesses, Isaac Huntington and Ebenezer Fillmore. On Jan 23, 1733-4 he bought for 104 pounds 2 parcels of land on Bear Hill separated by the highway from Thomas Baldwin; boundaries mentioned, lands of Samuel Gager, Israel Lathrop, Joshua Abel, Joseph Ems (formerly), and Esq. Thomas Waterman; witnesses, William Hide, Jr and Thomas Baldwin Jr. He disposed of this property April 7, 1739 for 450 to Jabez Crocker. May 1, 1746 he bought 27 acres and 30 rods of land west of Wawecus Hill, “east side of the dark swamp bounded Easterly on the Cranberry pond.”

Sept 12, 1748, his son Samuel was appointed administrator on his estate.

Children of Susannah and Samuel

i. Susannah Spicer b Oct 11, 1717; m. Daniel Jones

ii. Hannah Spicer, b April 11, 1720; d July 5, 1726

iii. Sarah Spicer, b Oct 18, 1722; unm 1750

iv. Anna Spicer , b Jan 4, 1724; m. prior to 1750 Ebenezer Stark

v. Samuel Spicer b June 10, 1727; m. Abigail Story

vi. Benjamin Spicer b. 8 Jul 1730 in Norwich, New London, CT; d.died before 1779 or 25 Aug 1790 in Connecticut; m. his first cousin Jemima Johnson (b. 28 Oct 1730 Norwich – d. 8 Nov 1815) Jemima’s parents were Daniel JOHNSON and Jemima ORMSBY.  She and Benjamin shared grandparents John ORMSBY Jr. and Susannah [__?__].  Jemima may have married second, William Fox, Sept. 8, 1779, but Benjamin may have been still alive.

Benjamin and Jemima’s son Ishmael made his living as a music teacher. (See Daniel JOHNSON’s page for details)

Aug 8 1751 – Benjamin Spicer bought of Alpheus Wickwere, for one hundred and five pounds in bills of credit, one and one half acres of land lying southward of the town plat, also Mason’s pond in Norwich, ” beginning at a mear stone one rod from William Bushnell’s corner abutting Easterly on the Highway 14 rods to a heap of stones on a rock; thence abutting Easterly on the Highway 12 rods to a mear stone a Bound of land and sometime Thomas Carew’s land; thence abutting on s’d Carew’s land 14 rods to a mear stone by a rock near the Brook Northerly on land of Samuel Post formerly 16 rods to a heap of stones on a rock; thence abutting N’westerly on land laid out to s’d Bushnell 7 rods to a heap of stones by a black oak; thence of same corse 1 rod to the first corner”; witnesses, Isaac and Rebecca Huntington. He sold this property May 8, 1753, for one hundred pounds to John Hughes; witnesses, Richard Hide and Isaac Huntington.

Oct 11, 1751 – He sold all the four acres and ten rods of land in Norwich lying westward of Wawecus Hill, “near ye dark Swamp, . . . beginning at the Northwest corner of sister Anne’s part of Honored Father’s Estate abutting Easterly on Zachariah Huntington’s land,” with all the rights he had in the eight acres to west of above land which was set out to his mother as her right of dower; witnesses, Isaac and Rebecca Huntington.

Apr 9 1752 – He bought of Richard Chelton, for four hundred and fifty pounds in bills of “Publick Credit” 31 rods of land with a shop standing on it “near my dwelling house in said Norwich, …” beginning at the town street at the Southeasterly corner of Ebenezer Huntington’s land; thence abutting Westerly on s’d Huntington’s land 12 rods; thence abutting Southerly on land of James Brown 2 rods and 10 ft.; thence Easterly on my own land 12 rods; thence abutting Northerly on the town street two rods and ten feet to the first corner”; witnesses, William Lothrop and Isaac Huntington.

May 12 1755 – He sold to Benjamin Gager for eight hundred pounds 27 rods of land with dwelling house in Norwich, near the dwelling house of Alpheus Wickwere ” Bounding Northwest on Nathan Stedman West on town street”; witnesses, Isaac andBenjamin Huntington. He was living in Norwich in 1768.

vii. Joshua Spicer , b Sept 7, 1733; m. Prudence Fox

2. Sarah Ormsby

Sarah’s husband Isaac Sabin was born 02 FEB 1695 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass. His parents were Samuel Sabin (1664 – 1746) and Grace Ormsby (1669 – 1747). Isaac died 15 JUL 1756 in Norwich, New London, CT.

Isaac’s wife, Sarah Ormsby, was his first cousin, daughter of his uncle, his mother’s brother, John Ormsby, who moved from Rehoboth to Windham, CT in 1703 and was an early settler of Norwich, CT, admitted as an inhabitant in 1715. Isaac Sabin was admitted an inhabitant in 1720.

Another of Isaac’s uncles, Joseph Ormsby of Rehoboth, bought land on Wawecoas Hill in Norwich 10 May 1720, moved to that town and sold part of the same land to Isaac Sabin of Norwich 4 Oct the same year. The two men were business partners in a land sale at Norwich 14 May 1724. Administration of the estate of Isaac Sabin of Norwich, CT was granted 8 Oct 1756 to his son Eldad Sabin. Distribution was made 3 May 1757 to the widow, to sons Isaac (eldest), Eldad, Phinehas, and to dau. Sibel, Marabah, Sarah and Anne. The Hunt Genealogy says Isaac of RI was a servant of John Hunt who left him 30 acres of land in his will of 7 Jul 1712, proved 1716.

Children of Sarah and Isaac

  1. Isaac Sabin b: 1 MAY 1719 in Norwich, New London, CT
  2.  Eldad Sabin b: 2 AUG 1722 in Norwich, New London, CT
  3. Marabah Sabin b: 26 JUN 1725 in Norwich, New London, CT
  4. Phineas Sabin b: 22 OCT 1727 in Norwich, New London, CT
  5. Sarah Sabin b: 17 APR 1731 in Norwich, New London, CT
  6. Samuel Sabin b: 28 JUN 1733 in Norwich, New London, CT
  7. Sybil Sabin b: 1 JUL 1737 in Norwich, New London, CT
  8. Sybil Sabin b: 16 JUN 1741 in Norwich, New London, CT
  9. Ann Sabin b: 17 SEP 1742 in Norwich, New London, CT

3. Hannah Ormsby

Hannah’s first husband John Thompson was born 18 Oct 1691 in Reading, Middlesex, Mass. John died 18 Apr 1720 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.

Hannah’s second husband John Case was born in 1692 in Tisbury, Dukes, Mass. His parents were John Case (1659 – 1706) and Desire Manter (1663 – 1697). John died 30 Apr 1779 in Tolland, Tolland, CT

Children of Hannah and John:

i. John Case (1728 –

ii. Ebenezer Case (1731 – 1785

iii. Simeon Case (1733 – 1785

iv. Hannah Case (1735 – 1736

v. Jerusha Case (1740 –

4. Jemima ORMSBY (See Daniell JOHNSONs page)

5. John Ormsby

John’s wife Mehitable Way was born 10 Jul 1707 in Lyme, New London, CT.  Her parents were George Way and Susannah Nast.  Mehitable died 24 May 1792 in Hampton, Windham, CT.

Children of John and Mehitable –   Six children died in September 1749 in Canterbury, CT during a diphtheria epidemic.

i. Caleb Ormsby (1733 – 1769

ii. Lucy Ormsby (1735 – Sept. 19, 1749

iii. John Ormsby (1736 – 1823

iv. Ezekiel Ormsby (1738 – 1802

v. Rhoda Ormsby (1740 – Sept. 14, 1749

vi. Jeremiah Ormsby (1742 – Sept. 10, 1749

vii. Elijah Ormsby (1745 – Sept. 4, 1749

viii. Mary Ormsby (1747 – Sept. 6, 1749

ix. Levi Ormsby (1748 – Sept. 21, 1749

6. Elizabeth Ormsby

Elizabeth’s husband Joseph Chapman was born 5 Apr 1708 in Norwich, New London, CT. His parents were Joseph Chapman (1682 – 1725) and Mercy Wentworth (1692 – 1725). He first married   9 Feb 1727 to Mary Taylor (ca. 1712, Norwich, New London, CT – 4  Nov 1727).  Joseph died 30 Mar 1736 in Norwich, New London, CT.

Children of Elizabeth and Joseph:

i. Joseph Chapman (1729 – 1764

ii. Benjamin Chapman (1731 – 1736

iii. Amaziah Chapman (1734 – 1825

iv. Benjamin Chapman (1736 – 1802

v. Mary Chapman (1736 –

7. Samuel Ormsby

Samuel’s wife Dinah Fisher was born 13 Feb 1710 in Norton, Bristol, Mass. Her parents were Nathaniel Fisher (1681 – 1761) and Deborah Randall (1683 – 1761).  Dianh died Mar 1761.

Children of Samuel and Dinah:

i. John Ormsby (1732 – 1823

ii. Nathaniel Ormsby (1734 – 1777

iii. Ephraim Ormsby (1736 –

iv. Zerviah Ormsby (1737 – 1807

v. Samuel Ormsby (1740 –

vi. Tabitha Ormsby (1742 – 1827

vii. Nathan Ormsby (1745 – 1816

viii. Hannah Ormsby (1747 – 1819

ix. Amos Ormsby (1749 –

x. Susannah Ormsby (1752 –

8. Keziah Ormsby

Keziah’s husband Nathaniel Parish was born 12 Jan 1713 in Norwich, New London, CT.  His parents were Samuel Parish and Mercy Madiver.  Nathaniel died 26 Mar 1767 in Norwich, CT.

Children of Keziah and Nathaniel:

i. Andrew Parish b. 14 Dec 1740

ii. Elizabeth Parish b. 25 Oct 1743

iii. Nathaniel Parish b. 21 Oct 1748 in Norwich, New London, CT

iv. Elijah Parish b. 16 Feb 1750

v. Keziah Parish b. 1753


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  8. Kathy Dunn says:

    I have a Levi Orsmby in my family tree, born in Connecticut, married Helen unknown, had a daughter, Sarah Ormsby, born about 1815 Ohio who married Warren Bentley (born abt 1811 New York) before 1833 Ohio. Any relation? I think the Levi in your tree might be the connection.

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