Daniel Johnson

Daniel JOHNSON (1702 –  1755) was Alex’s 7th great grandfather, one of 256 in this generation of the Miner line.

Daniel Johnson was born 18 Jul 1702 in Norwich, CT.   His parents were John JOHNSON Jr. and Susannah [__?__]. He married Jemima ORMSBY on 9 Nov 1726 in Norwalk, CT.  Daniel died 27 Jun 1755 Bozrah, New London, CT and is buried in the Johnson Cemetery, Bozrah.

Jemima Ormsby was born 5 Mar 1701 in Rehoboth, Mass.  Her parents were John ORMSBY and Susannah [__?__]. Jemima died 24 Apr 1764 Bozrah, New London, CT and is buried in the Johnson Cemetery, Bozrah

Children of Daniel and Jemima:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Zerviah JOHNSON 26 Jul 1728 Norwich CT Samuel Loomer
14 Sep 1749 Norwich CT
6 Jun 1764 Lebanon, CT
2. Jemima Johnson 28 Oct 1730 Benjamin Spicer
29 Mar 1753 Norwich, CT
William Fox
8 Sep 1779
8 Nov 1815
3. Rhoade (Rhoda) Johnson 13 Oct 1733 Norwich, CT James Crocker
23 Feb 1757 Colchester, CT
6 Jan 1802 Mansfield City, CT
4. Daniel Johnson 7 Feb 1735/36 Norwich, CT Elizabeth Wentworth,
18 Feb 1761 Norwich-Bozrah, New London, CT
5. Asa Johnson 13 Jul 1741 Norwich, CT 26 Mar 1808 Connecticut
    [NVR 123] DJ and JO maried by Henry Willes. Children: Zerviah, 26 July 1728; Jemima, 28 October 1730 (married Benjamin Spicer, 29 March 1753); Rhoade, 13 October 1733; Daniel, 7 February 1735/6 (married Elizabeth Wentworth, 18 February 1761); and Asa, 13 July 1741.


1. Zerviah JOHNSON (See John POLLEY‘s page)

2. Jemima Johnson

Jemima’s husband Benjamin Spicer was born 8 Jul 1730 in Norwich, New London, CT. He was Jemima’s first cousin.  His parents were Samuel Spicer (1691 – 1748) and Susannah Ormsby (1696 – 1752). Benjamin’s grandparents were our ancestors John ORMSBY Jr. and Susannah [__?__]. Benjamin died before 1779 or 25 Aug 1790 in Connecticut.

She may have married second, William Fox, Sept. 8, 1779, but Benjamin may have been still alive.

Aug 8 1751 – Benjamin Spicer bought of Alpheus Wickwere, for one hundred and five pounds in bills of credit, one and one half acres of land lying southward of the town plat, also Mason’s pond in Norwich, ” beginning at a mear stone one rod from William Bushnell’s corner abutting Easterly on the Highway 14 rods to a heap of stones on a rock; thence abutting Easterly on the Highway 12 rods to a mear stone a Bound of land and sometime Thomas Carew’s land; thence abutting on s’d Carew’s land 14 rods to a mear stone by a rock near the Brook Northerly on land of Samuel Post formerly 16 rods to a heap of stones on a rock; thence abutting N’westerly on land laid out to s’d Bushnell 7 rods to a heap of stones by a black oak; thence of same corse 1 rod to the first corner”; witnesses, Isaac and Rebecca Huntington. He sold this property May 8, 1753, for one hundred pounds to John Hughes; witnesses, Richard Hide and Isaac Huntington.

Oct 11, 1751 – He sold all the four acres and ten rods of land in Norwich lying westward of Wawecus Hill, “near ye dark Swamp, . . . beginning at the Northwest corner of sister Anne’s part of Honored Father’s Estate abutting Easterly on Zachariah Huntington’s land,” with all the rights he had in the eight acres to west of above land which was set out to his mother as her right of dower; witnesses, Isaac and Rebecca Huntington.

Apr 9 1752 – He bought of Richard Chelton, for four hundred and fifty pounds in bills of “Publick Credit” 31 rods of land with a shop standing on it “near my dwelling house in said Norwich, …” beginning at the town street at the Southeasterly corner of Ebenezer Huntington’s land; thence abutting Westerly on s’d Huntington’s land 12 rods; thence abutting Southerly on land of James Brown 2 rods and 10 ft.; thence Easterly on my own land 12 rods; thence abutting Northerly on the town street two rods and ten feet to the first corner”; witnesses, William Lothrop and Isaac Huntington.

May 12 1755 – He sold to Benjamin Gager for eight hundred pounds 27 rods of land with dwelling house in Norwich, near the dwelling house of Alpheus Wickwere ” Bounding Northwest on Nathan Stedman West on town street”; witnesses, Isaac andBenjamin Huntington. He was living in Norwich in 1768.

August 1757 – Benjamin Spicer was in Capt. John Perkins’ Company in service for the time of alarm for relief of fort William Henry and parts adjacent

Children of Jemima and Benjamin:

i. Ishmael Spicer b. 27 Mar 1760 Norwich, New London, CT; d. 22 Dec 1832 – Bozrah, New London, CT; Burial: Johnson Cemetery Bozrah; m. 29 Nov 1792 at Norwich ,New London, Connecticut to Martha Abel (b. 24 Jan 1769 Bozrah, CT – d. 20 Apr 1829 Bozrah) Martha’s parents were Simeon Abel and Martha Crocker. Ishmael and Marth had six children born between 1793 and 1802.

Isahmael was a teacher of vocal music for a period of forty-two years. He kept a small memorandum book (dated Bozrah, March 1, 1824). In it is written, “I have taught since Jan. 6, 1793, 106 singing schools in the U. S. and the whole number of scholars 4880 and the money I have received for tuition in forty two years $3934.26.” He was of Hebron, Connecticut, in 1792; Salem, 1803; Lebanon, 1808; and moved to Bozrah April 7, 1810. Ishmael and Martha had five children born between 1793 and 1801.

Although his nominal residence was in those places he seems to have been much in New York State. In 1803 he was teaching in Balston Springs, New York; 1804 in Athens; 1805, in Castleton, Shodack, and Nassau; in 1806 in Hudson and Claversack; 1807 in Kingston (Esophus), Hurley, Marbleton, and Rochester; 1808 in Hudson and Haversack; in 1809 in Schodack and Nassau; 1810 and 1811, in Catskill, Madison, Jefferson, and Athens; 1811 Spencerton, Green River; 1812 in Athens and Jefferson; in 1814 in Claversack and Kinderhook; in 1817-19 in Athens and Coxsackie; in 1820 in Red Hook; 1821, in Red Hook and Rhinebeck; 1823 in Athens, New York, and also in Bozrah and Salem, Connecticut.

He wrote in his little book “In Bozrah, 1811 a cucumber was raised in Ishmail Spicer’s garden that measured 15 & f inches in length 1 1 & f inches round & it weighed 3 lbs and 3 oz;” also “my horse was stolen from my pasture June 1, 1817. I found him again Oct 1, 1818 at Mr. Elisha Storey’s in Preston, sold to him by John Park Avery of Groton and on the 3rd of Oct. I took Messrs. Otis Freeman, Daniel G. Edgerton and Simeon A. Spicer and proved the horse to be mine and I sold the horse to Mr. B. Williams of Franklin, Oct 17, 1818.” In 1797 (age 37) he had a fall, in Chatham, which caused infirmities of body and a life of painful suffering.

ii. Elderkin Spicer b. 16 Sep 1765 Norwich, CT; d. Aft. 1800 census Hebron, Tolland, C; m. 30 Sep 1789 to Eunice Lathrop (b. 4 June 1763 in Lebanon, New London, CT – d. Jul 1851 in Groton, New London, CT). Eunice’s parents were cousins Samuel Lathrop (1743 – 1801) and Lois Lathrop (1742 – 1813.) Elderkin and Eunice had three children born between 1790 and 1794.

3. Rhoda Johnson

Rhoda’s husband James Crocker was born 20 Apr 1732 in Colchester, CT.  His parents were James Crocker (1699 – 1785) and Alice Swift (1698 – 1783).  James died 17 May 1797 in Mansfield, Tolland, CT.

James Crocker Gravestone

James Crocker Gravestone — Olde Mansfield Center Cemetery


In memory of Mr. James Crocker who departed this life May 17, 1797 Aged 65 years. He was possessed of a strong mind and [supported] the man trials to which he was called with unusual magnanimity and cheerfulness. He was a professor of Religion [_______] bore his beliefs with patience and was undaunted at the approach of death behaving as he did that he had long [_________________] that better put which would not be taken from him.”

Note: (the rest is difficult to make out)

Even though his son graduated from Yale, my take is “professor of Religion” is one who professes rather than one with a degree.

” In Memory of RHODA CROCKER who died June 6th 1802 in the 69th year of her age. She was the relict of Mr. JAMES CROCKER who died at Mansfield May 17th 1797 AE 65. She was a professor of Religion, and in her last sickness manifested great joy and peace in believing.”  Grove Street Cemetery New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut

Children of Rhoda and James

i. James Crocker b. 11 Nov 1757 Colchester, New London, CT; 20 Mar 1825 Thetford, Vermont; m. 4 Apr 1782 in Lebanon, New London, CT to Mary Buckingham (b. 1766 in Lebanon – d. 5 Jun 1852 Stowe, Lamoille, Vermont) Mary’s parents were Jebediah Buckingham (1727 – 1809) and Martha Clark (1732 – 1821) James and Mary had six children born between 1784 and 1801.

ii. Rev. Daniel Crocker b. 30 Jan 1760 Colchester, New London, CT; d. 31 Mar 1831 in New Fairfield, Fairfield, CT; m. Ann Austin (b. 3 Feb 1764 in Stratford, Fairfield, CT – d. Oct in Upper Alton, Madison, Illinois). Ann’s parents were John Austin and Ann Mix from Hartford.

Daniel graduated from Yale College in 1782. He united with the College Church on profession of his faith while studying theology at Yale, in Sep 1783.

He was licensed to preach by the New Haven West Association of Ministers on September 30, 1788.

For some years Daniel resided in New Haven, where he and his wife were admitted to membership in the North Church in 1801. Later he affiliated with the Presbyterians; and in 1807 became the first principal of the Academy in Bedford, New York. From this post he was called, in Aug 1809, to be colleague pastor of the Congregational Church in Redding, Connecticut.

He accepted the call, and was ordained there on Oct 4. The senior pastor, the Rev. Nathaniel Bartlett (Yale 1749), died about three months later; and Mr. Crocker continued in useful service there until he took a dismission on Oct 24, 1824.

In Oct 1827, he was again settled, over the small church in New Fairfield, a few miles to the north of his former parish.

He struggled with infirmity and extreme poverty in this charge until his death, which occurred in New Fairfield late in Mar 1831, at the age of 71 years. A daughter married the Rev. Charles G. Selleck (Yale 1827).

iii. Rhoda Crocker b. 1762 in Colchester, New London, CT; d. 26 Apr 1813 in Somerville, Butler, Ohio

It may be that the Rhoda Crocker who died in 1813 Somerville, Ohio was born in 1757 Carver Plymouth Mass, the daughter of Daniel Crocker and Susanna Dunham, and married Daniel Perry

iv. Anna Crocker b. 1764 in Colchester, New London, CT; d. 6 Jan 1860 in Coventry, Tolland, CT m. 1794 Coventry to Jesse Boynton (b. 28 Jul 1767 in Coventry – d. 1 Jun 1858 in Coventry) Jesse’s parents were Samuel Boynton and Apphia Duty. Anna and Jesse had six children between 1795 and 1804.

Some say Jesse’s wife was Anna Fuller (1770-1860), daughter of Josiah Fuller (1728 – 1797) and Margaret Rose (1734 – 1822)

v. Jonathan Crocker b. 1767 in Colchester, New London, CT A Jonathan Crocker born in the same year, died 3 Jun 1817 – New Haven, CT.

vi. Jonathan Crocker 1775 –

4. Daniel Johnson

Daniel’s wife Elisabeth Wentworth was born 29 May 1732. Her parents were Benjamin Wentworth (1698 – 1764) and Mehitable Carrier (1702 – 1750)

Children of Daniel and Elizabeth

i. Daniel Johnson (1762 –

ii. Chandler Johnson (26 Sep 1763 Norwich, CT – 1808) m. Elizabeth Lewis (b. 1770) Elizabeth’s father was Josiah Lewis, active 1755 in New Cambridge


It’s possible that Chandler was born in Bristol, CT the son of Chandler Johnson (1740 – 1818) and Jane Robbins or Daniel Johnson and Bathsheba Pond







History of the descendants of Peter Spicer: a landholder in New London … By Susan Billings Meech

Biographical sketches of the graduates of Yale college with annals of the … By Franklin Bowditch Dexter

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