Danyell Broadley de West Morton

Major Danyell BROADLEY de West Morton (1589 –  1641) was Alex’s 10th Great Grandfather; one of 2,048 in this generation of the Shaw line through his son Samuell. Danyell  was also Alex’s 10th Great Grandfather; one of 2,048 in this generation of the Miller line through his son Daniel which didn’t come back together for over 300 years when I was born.

Danyell Broadley de West Morton was baptized on 26 Jan 1588/89 in Bingley, Yorkshire, England.  His parents were William BRADLEY (1545 – 1600) and Agnes MARGATES (1573 – 1603)   He married  Elsabeth ATKINSON on 1 Jul 1607 in Bingley.  After Elsabeth died, he married (2) Annis Holdroide Liaison.   After Annis died, he married (3) Elizabeth Sheaffe about 1631.   Danyell died in Ulster, Ireland and was buried on 27 Nov 1641 in Bingley, Yorkshire, England.

The Broadleys were exceptional among our ancestors having a coat of arms at the time of their immigration

Elsabeth Atkinson was born about 1589 in Yorkshire, England and died about 1625 in Yorkshire, England.

Elizabeth Sheaffe was born about 1601.  With her four sons and one daughter and some of the younger step children, she is said to have followed her son William to America in 1648. She married (second) in this country, John Parmalee, who died 8 Nov 1659;  married (third)  27 May 1663, John Evarts, who died 10 May 1669. Both her American husbands were of Guilford, Connecticut.  Elizabeth died in January, 1683 in New Haven, CT.

Children of Danyell and Elsabeth:

  Name Born Married Departed
1. Agnes Broadley 22 Nov 1607 Bingley, Yorkshire, England    1614
Bingley, England
2. Maj. William Broadley 27 Jan 1609/1610 Shipley (Bradford), Yorkshire, England Alice Pritchard
15 Feb 1644/45 Springfield, Mass
29 May 1691
New Haven, CT
3. Daniel BROADLEY 29 Aug 1613 Bingley, England Mary WILLIAMS
21 May 1662 Haverhill
13 Aug 1689
Haverhill, Mass,
Killed by Indians
4. Mathew Broadley 3 Mar 1615/1616 Bingley (Newclose), England.    
5. Michael Broadley 14 Nov 1619
Elizabeth Stones
4 Nov 1653 Bingley
After 1698
England (Did not emmigrate)
6. Samuell BROADLEY c. 1620
Bingley  (or Shipley) Yorkshire, England
[__?__] Long Island, NYY (problaby Southold)
7. Abraham Broadley 17 Apr 1622 Bingley, England    
8. Marie Broadley 27 Dec 1624 Bingley, England Thomas Leaver
1 Sep 1643
Rowley, Mass
26 Dec. 1683
Rowley, Mass

Children of Danyell and Annis Holroide Liaison

  Name Born Married Departed
9. Esther Broadley 10 Dec 1626
Bingley, England
   21 Dec 1626
Bingley, England

Children of Danyell and Elizabeth Sheaffe:

  Name Born Married Departed
10. Ellen Broadley  24 Jun 1632 Bingley, England  John Alling 14 Oct 1652 Guilford, New Haven, CT 1683
New Haven, CT
11. Joshua Broadley  1 May 1634
Bingley, England
Judith Lume
26 May 1663
Rowley, Mass
Aft. 1717
Woodbridge, NJ
12. Daniel Broadley 8 May 1636
Bingley, England
   4 Jan 1657/58
New Haven, CT
13. Nathan Broadley 18 Nov 1639
Bingley, England
 Esther (Hester) Griswold
Mrs. Hannah (Munson) Tuttle
21 Aug 1694
Mrs. Rachel (Holton) Strong
16 May 1698
10 Mar 1712/13
Madison, New Haven, CT
14. Capt. Stephen Broadley  21 Aug 1642
Bingley, England
Hannah Smith
1 Nov 1663
New Haven, CT
 20 Jun 1702
Guilford, CY

Parents, Siblings and Ancestors

William Broadley ,
William Broodeley ,
John Broodeley ,
Thomas Broodeley ,
William de Brodelegh ,
John de Brodelegh ,
John de Bradelay ,
Henry de Bradelay ,
William de Bradelay ,
William de Bradelay ,
John de Bradelay ,
Richard de Bradelay ,
Dolphin de Bradelay ,
Dolphin de Bradelay ,
a daughter of Dolphin Thorfinnsson ,
Dolphin (Bodin) Thorfinnsson of Appletreewick ,
Thorfinn II Sigurdsson ,
Doda Olith of Thora ,
Malcolm II of Alba ,
Kenneth II of Alba ,
Malcolm I ,
Donald II of Alba ,
Constantine II of Alba ,
Kenneth I MacAlpin ,
Alpin of Kintyre ,
Eochaidh IV Rinnamail “the venomous” of Argyll ,
Aedh Fionn the White of Argyll ,
Eochaid III macEchdach ,
Eochaidh II “Crook-Nose” ,
Domangart II macDonnaill ,
Domnall I “the Speckled” of Argyll ,
Eochaidh Buidhe macAidan ,
Aidan macGabhran ,
Gabhran macDomangairt (Goramus) ,
Domangart Réti macFergusson ,
Fergus Mor macEarca ,
Muireadhach ,
Eóghan (Owen) macNéill ,
Niall Mór “of the 9 hostages” ,

Eochaidh Moihmeodhain (Echu Mugmedón) ,
Muirreadhach Tireach ,
9. Alofe (Aife) , married Fiachadh III Streabhruine , 120th Ard Righ of Ireland son of Cairbre Liffeachaire (Carbry of the Leffey) , Ard Righ of Ireland and a daughter of a Prince of the Hebrides. Fiachadh was born about 290. He died in 322
8. a grandchild of King Cole,
7. a child of King Cole ,
6. Coel I “Old King Cole” , King of Siluria (125 – 170),
5. Meric (Marius) ,
4. Genvissa (Venus Julia) ,
3. Claudius Cæsar (Tiberius Claudius Nero Germanicus) ,
2. Antonia Minor , Before moving to Egypt, Mark had several wives in Rome. One of them was Octavia Major and they had a daughter, Antonia Minor.
1. Marcus Antonius See my blog page Marcus ANTONIUS

Danyell’s father William BRADLEY was born Bet. 1545 – 1555 in Coventry, Warwick, England, and died July 19, 1600 in Newclose Farm, Shipley, Parish of Bradford, England. He married Agnes Angeta MARGATES 1584 in Coventry, England, daughter of Thomas MARGATES   Agnes was born Bet. 1565 – 1573 in Reseden, Northamptonshire, England, and died February 01, 1602/03 in Bradford, England.

Children of William and Agnes: (Danyell’s siblings)

i. Daniel (BROADLEY)  BRADLEY, b. January 26, 1588/89, Shipley, Bradford, West Yorkshire, England; d. November 27, 1641, Bingley, West Yorkshire, England; m. Elizabeth SHEAFE, Abt. 1637; b. 1610, Bingley, West Yorkshire, England; d. January 1682/83, Guilford, New Haven, Ct.

ii. Michael Bradley , b. 1587.

iii. Sarah Bradley , b. 1590.

iv. Samuel Bradley , b. April 15, 1591.

v. Thomas Bradley , b. December 09, 1593.

vi. William (Broadley) Bradley [Sir], b. April 1597, Coventry, Warwickshire, England; d. 1653.


Daniel Bradley (1589-1641) may have been the father of both immigrant William Bradley (1610-1691) and immigrant Ellen Bradley (1632-1683).  It is believed that Daniel Bradley (1589-1641) married first in 1607 and had perhaps 8 children including William Bradley (1610-1691) and that he married third in about 1631 and had 5 children including Ellen Bradley (1632-1683).  Other children from these unions are also believed to have immigrated to America during colonial times.  Daniel Bradley (Haverhill, MA), Michael Bradley (NY), Samuel Bradley (probably a son, probably of NY), Marie Bradley (married Thomas Leaver; Rowley, MA) from Daniel Bradley’s (1589-1641) first marriage are often cited.  And all 5 children of the third marriage are believed to have immigrated to America with their widowed mother Elizabeth Sheaffe Bradley “to join step-son William Bradley” at New Haven, CT by 1648.  Daniel Bradley (1589-1641) of “West Morton” and his children were from the Bingley, Shipley, Bradford area of West Yorkshire, England.

23 Jul 1634 –  A Bingley Register shewinge in what Pewes or Stalls every Househoulder inhabitinge wthin the p’ishe of Bingley hath his seat or seats for his house or houses in the Church of Bingley … In the second Stall, …  Daniell Broadley de West Morton for Butlers farme, … have auncient seats…  Bingley was a center for Puritan sympathizers and because of their persecution prior to the Civil War many of them emigrated to New England.


2. William Bradley

William’s wife Alice Pritchard was born about 1620 in England. Her parents were Roger Pritchard (1588 – 1670) and Elizabeth Prudden (1620 – 1715). Alice died in 1692 in New Haven, New Haven, CT.

Immigrant William Bradley (1610-1691) was born and raised in England.  His parentage is debated.  [Particularly Daniel Bradley and Elizabeth Atikinson, or  his brother Sir William Bradley and Joanna Waddington]  Birthdates of 27 Jan 1610 (christening 08 Jul 1621) and of 04 Sep 1619 are both listed for him in the West Yorkshire area mentioned above.  Definitive birth information is sought.

Tradition says that William Bradley was a friend of Cromwell’s and a major in the Parliamentary Army, “but wanted to live where he could worship according to his own belief”.  This from a letter found in an attic.  It is documented that William Bradley immigrated in 1637 as part of the Davenport-Eaton Expedition.  This group was led by Puritans Theophilus Eaton and William Davenport and it left England in May of 1637 and arrived at Boston Harbor in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in June of 1637.

When it became obvious that there wasn’t a suitable place to settle in Massachusetts, a party was sent to inspect the Quinnipiac area in August of 1637.  In March of 1638 the entire party left Massachusetts to travel to their new home in the Quinnipiac area at which they arrived on 24 April 1638.  The Quinnipiac Indians were friendly and willingly sold land to the new English settlers.  they reserved hunting and fishing rights there for themselves.  The Davenport-Eaton Company bought the land that stretches from the coast of what is now Milford to Guilford Connecticut and inland to include what is now Bethany, Cheshire, Meriden, Orange, Prospect, Wallingford, and Woodbridge for 12 coats and 12 spoons and 12 hatchetts and 12 hoes and 2 dozen knives and 12 “porengers” and 4 cases of French knives.  In a later agreement the Indians received a reservation of more than a thousand acres in the East Haven-Morris Cove area.  The settlers and Indians remained on friendly terms.  The settlers lived in shelters dug into the ground (a far cry from what they were accustomed to in their former affluent lives) during the 3-year building period.

In June of 1639 the church was organized.  This was why they immigrated in the first place.  They voted that the Scriptures provided “a perfect rule” for the governing of men.  In Oct 1639 the civil government was organized.  In 1641 they moved into the completed settlement that had come to be called New Haven.  In May of 1643 the colonies of Plymouth and Massachusetts and Connecticut and New Haven sent representatives to Boston to create The New England Confederation for mutual defense and benefit.  William Bradley and every man there took the Oath of Fidelity in August of 1644.  In 1645 William Bradley was listed as canoe viewer and fence viewer.  William Bradley lived in New Haven, CT in what is now North Haven and owned much land on the west side of the Quinnipiac (East) River about 9 miles north of present-day New Haven.  William Bradley married Alice Prichard (1624-1692) at Springfield, MA in 1645 and they settled at New Haven, CT and raised 8 children there.

By 1648, William was followed by his step-mother,  Elizabeth Sheaffe,  and her little children, Ellen, Daniel, Joshua, Nathan, and Stephen.

William Bradley was a Townsman for 1656 and 1657 and 1658 and perhaps longer.  William Bradley was Deputy to the General Court in 1676.  His will was dated 22 June 1683 and his estate inventory was done in May of 1692.

3. Daniel BROADLEY (See his page)

8 Apr 1635 – Danyell’s son Daniell immigrated and embarked on the “Elizabeth” of London.

5. Michael Broadley

Michael’s wife Elizabeth Stones was born about 1630 in Bingley, Yorkshire, England

6. Samuell BROADLEY (See his page)

8. Marie Broadley

Marie’s husband Thomas Leaver was born about 1615 in Somerset, England. His parents were Thomas Leaver and [__?__]. Thomas died 26 Dec 1683 in Rowley, Essex, Mass

10. Ellen Bradley

Ellen’s husband John Alling was born 22 Nov 1629 in England. John died 26 March 1691 in Guilford, New Haven, CT.

His name may have originally been “Allen”, but it is clear that he went by “Alling” after he immigrated to America and settled in the New Haven Colony there.  John  married at Guilford or New Haven in 1652 to Ellen Bradley (1632-1700) and they had 8 children.  John took the Oath of Fidelity on 04 April 1654 and was on the 04 April 1658 Freeman list.  John Alling “was an energetic and successful planter and stood well among the early settlers of the colony”.  It is unclear whether these Allings lived at Guilford, New Haven, CT or at New Haven, New Haven, CT or if they moved from one to the other.  John’s will was dated 06 May 1689 and the estate inventory was 26 March 1691.  He left land to both of his sons.  Son John Alling (1663-1717) received a farm and home on Homes Race.  Son Samuel Alling (1670-1744) received the family homestead (farm and house) and was to care for his mother there.  Records indicate that mother Ellen Bradley Alling (1632-1700) and son Samuel Alling (1670-1744) both died at Hampden (previously a part of New Haven, New Haven, CT), New Haven, CT and it is unclear if that is where the family homestead was or if they moved there after husband/father John Alling’s (1629-1691) death.

13. Nathan Bradley

Nathan’s first wife  Esther (Hester) Griswold was born 8 May 1648 in Bingley, Yorkshire, England. Her parents were Michael Griswold and Ann Adams. Esther died 21 Aug 1694 in Madison, New Haven, CT.

John’s second wife Hannah Munson was born 1 Jun 1648. Her parents were Thomas Munson and Johannah [__?__]. She first married 2 Mar 1667 Age: 18 to Joseph Tuttle. Hannah died 20 Nov 1695 in Guilford, CT.

John’s third wife Rachel Holton was born 1640 in Northampton, Hampshire, Mass. Her parents were William Holton (1610 – 1691) and Mary Winche (1612 – 1691). She first married 10 Oct 1671 in Northampton Age: 31 to Thomas Strong. Rachel died in 1714 in Madison, CT was the widow of Thomas Strong.

From the “Connecticut Historical Collections” by John Warner Barber published in 1836 and now out of print.

“Mr. Nathan Bradley was one of the first settlers of New Haven, he built his house about two and a half miles eastward of Madison Church and near the Killingworth line. He was but a lad when he came from England he intended to land at New Haven but was obliged to land at Saybrook and come across the wilderness to New Haven then being in settlement at that time.

Mr. Bradley was quite a hunter and was the first white person to discover the source of the Hammonassett River which originates in a pond still called ‘Nathan’s Pond’. Mr. Bradley lived to an advanced age and he killed several hundred bears while residing in this town. Mr. Bradley in his old age went out to see a friend who lived about a mile northerly from the present meetinghouse in Madison.

On his way he met a bear and her cubs. He endeavored to ride around her but as he moved, the bear moved, and when he stopped, she stopped and sitting on her haunches presented an undaunted front and determined to oppose his further passage. Mr. Bradley in his old age being somewhat childish, was obliged to turn back, shed tears that he had killed so many bears should be obliged to turn back on one of them.”

Adjoining the Murray gravestones in the Old Hammonassett Cemetery is a curious marker, which is apparently that of Nathan Bradley. This marker consists of rough natural stone, on which is crudely cut or chiseled “75- N.IL-17 13” in three lines parallel. The New England Genealogical ~ Historical Register, Vol 57 states that Nathan Bradley was born in 1638 and died in 1713 and the letters N.B. for his name.

Nathan Bradley Home

Nathan Bradley Home on Dudley Lane. It was torn down when Hammonasset Beach State Park was built. The State Park office and maintenance bldg is on the property now.


Nathan Bradley’s home was located on Dudley Lane, Madison, CT now Hammonasset Beach State Park

Nathan Bradley Home

Nathan Bradley Home. When it was first built it was a Cape Cod style with a high roof and an upstairs. They raised the roof which made it into a full upstairs.

Nathan Bradley Headstone - Hammonasset Cemetery, Madison, New Haven, - Source:  Find A Grave Memorial# 18822557

Nathan Bradley Headstone – Hammonasset Cemetery, Madison, New Haven, – Source: Find A Grave Memorial# 18822557

14. Capt. Steven Broadley

Stephen’s wife Hannah Smith was born 1642 in New Haven, New Haven, CT. Her parents were Nehemiah SMITH and Sarah Ann BOURNE. Hannah died in 1676 in Guilford, New Haven, CT.

Stephen served in the military Ensign of Dragoons raised in New Haven in 1690 in King William’s War. He served in the military Captain of the Trainband in 1698 in New Haven.





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  8. erin bross says:

    I’ve recently found I’m related to above family. I’d be willing to share/trade info

  9. Pingback: Shakespearean Ancestors | Miner Descent

  10. Joyce Boutillier Bradley says:

    My husband, James A. Bradley Jr. has a direct link to Nathan Bradley b. 1642 and the original home built on Dudley Lane in Madison housed 7-8 generations from this family. It was torn down when the State park was opened. I have pictures of the home and pictures of later relatives from this family. Also have a book of pictures of this family no identified which I would love to find out who these people were. Have genealogical records and also A chart of the both Nathan and Stephen’s families done by S. B. Stone which I am willing to share. Joyce B. Bradley

    • markeminer says:

      Hi Joyce,

      Catching up on my genealogy mail. I would love to see a picture of Nathan’s home. Is the state park Hammonasset Beach State Park? My email is markeminer@gmail.com

      Thanks, Mark

      • Joyce Boutillier Bradley says:

        Mark just found this page on google and forgot that I put a remark on it. Are you still interested in a picture of Nathan’s house on Dudley Lane. Also just found an item that said that when Nathan was 20 he built his first house on State Rd at the age of 20 and sold it two years later. It is still standing.

  11. markeminer says:

    Thanks Joyce for the pictures. I updated the page,. thanks again, Mark

  12. Joyce Boutillier Bradley says:

    Mark, how do you tie into the Nathan Bradley genealogy. Thought it would be easier to ask you then to go through the genealogy.


    • markeminer says:

      Nathan’s father Danyell BROADLEY de West Morton (1589 – 1641) is my 9th great grandfather

      • Tina says:

        Thank you for your hard work here.. I am doing research on my tree and came across Daniel Bradley and found out he is my 10th great grandfather.. so thank you for all the work you have done.. 🙂

  13. Hi,
    You seem to have taken quite a bit of information from http://www.bradleyfoundation.org. I did that over 20 years ago, in hopes that folks like you would have access to my research.
    Wouldn’t it be nice to refer to your source?

    • markeminer says:

      Hi Saul,

      The Bradley Foundation is listed at the top of the “Sources” section. I appreciate all the work you did and made available to distant cousins like myself. This project was intended for family and would never qualify for college credit or a formal genealogy with a footnote for every fact. I did a better job of listing sources as I went on, but I’m sure there are still gaps. I particularly enjoyed the stories in this line; Capt Kidd, Hannah Dustin, Indian Princesses.

      thanks again.


  14. My side of the family settled Haverhill MA in the 1600 although the town was a part of Rowley parish I have followed the history back to 985 but seem to have problems finding information in Haverhill . They transferred all the information to the Merrimack Valley Historical in I believe n No Andover and part of it has been lost ??
    I would be happy to share what I have ..

  15. Kelly Sefcik (Kelly Jo Poulin) says:

    Thank you sooo much for all of the time and work that must have gone into this geneology. Danyell was my 10th Great Grandfather. Jennie Louise Ingalls Smith was my maternal Great Grandmother on my Grandfather’s (Cecil Ingalls Smith) side.

  16. Colin C Bradley says:

    Thanks! I’m a descendant too!

  17. DONALD CLONTZ says:

    Thank you. My Great Grandmother was Elizabeth Bradley. My DNA indicates Bradley’s are my closest relatives.

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