John Gould

John GOULD (1611 – 1691) was Alex’s 11th Great Grandfather, one of 4,096  in this generation in the Shaw line.

John Gould - Coat of Arms

John Gould was born 7 Jul 1611 in Sarratt, Hertfordshire, England. His parents were John GOULD Sr. and Judith LANGLEY.   He came to America on the “Defence” in 1635 from Towcester,, Northamptonshire, England, arriving at Boston October 8. He is listed as “25, of Towcester, county Northants”, bound for Charlestown. With him is Mrs. Grace Gould, also 25.  Apparently, Grace died soon after arrival because he married Mary [__?__] in 1636 in Charlestown, Suffolk, Mass.  He was admitted Freeman in Charlestown on 2 May 1638.   Mary died too and he finally married Joanna [__?__] in 1643 in Charlestown, Mass.    John died 21 Mar 1690/91 in Charlestown, Mass.

Grace [__?__] was born 1610 in Towcester, Northamptonshire, England. Grace died in 1636 in Charlestown, Suffolk, Mass.

Mary [__?__] was born about 1615 in England.  Mary died  28 Sep 1642 in Ten Hills Farm, Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts.

Joanna [__?__] was born about 1608 in England. Joanna died 27 Aug 1697 in Charlestown, Mass.

Children of John Gould and Mary Unknown are:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Mary Gould 1635 Charlestown, Suffolk, Mass 14 May 1679
2. Sarah GOULD 15 Dec 1637 Charlestown John BERBEAN
16 Apr 1660 Woburn, Middlesex, Mass
14 May 1670 Woburn
3. Elizabeth Gould 17 Feb 1640 Charlestown, Mass 1689
4. Abigail Gould 26 Feb 1641 Charlestown, Mass William Rodgers
1 Apr 1669 Charlestown, Mass
John Rodgers 1688 Charlestown, Mass
3 Jan 1689

Children of John and Joanna [__?__] Children of John Gould and Mary Unknown are:

Name Born Married Departed
5. Hannah Gould 26 Oct 1644 Charlestown Thomas Elliott
10 Jun 1675
6. John Gould Aug 1648 Charlestown, Mass Martha Redington 1689 Mass. 24 Jan 1712 Stoneham, Mass
7. Daniel Gould 1655 Charlestown, Mass

John’s brother Nathaniel also immigrated.    John’s grandparents were Richard GOULD (1553 – 1597) and Mary COLDER (1555 – 1589)   Two of their sons , and John’s uncles, Zaccheus  and Jeremy also immigrated.

John was an official inhabitant of Charlestown, Mass.  by 1635.   Once here, he also changed his profession from Husbandman to Carpenter. He was still taxed in Charlestown in 1658. He lived in the section of Charlestown that became Stoneham. He had a double lot there in 1636. . He fought in King Phillip’s War and was in the militia until he was 72.

By 1636, John Gould owned 6 lots in Charlestown: his own house-lot was north of Mill Hill and he had title to 1 cow common. In addition, he owned 4 acres in Linefield; 1.5 acres in the Mystic marshes; 10 acres in the Mystic woods and 25 acres in the Waterfield That same year, he also acquired 1/2 of hay-lot number 3. His house was at the west end of what is  now Gould Street, Wakefield, Mass.

22 Sep 1636 – He was also given leave to build by Mr.Bunker’s new house in order to keep double rails to low water.

25 Mar 1638  (25d:1m) – John was admitted to the Church at Charlestown, Mass. He must have made Freeman (since he was allowed to serve in the militia), but I’ve not yet found record of it.

1648/49 –  He sold two acres of land in Charlestown to R. Hale. In 1649, he bought 1/2 of a cow common from Abraham Hill. That same year, he sold his house & lot to W. Edmands and sold 6 acres on Molton Point, Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA — “not desc.” — to Major Solomon Phipps, with £7 to be paid by Phipps by 29d:7m (September):1649/50. This latter deed was officially recorded in 1685 .

1650 – John and his wife Jane sold 9 acres of land in Charlestown. This deed was officially recorded in 1664.

1654 – They sold 8 acres to H. Dunster.

1682 – When he was 73 years old, John was excused from training with the militia. .

1687 – John & his wife Hannah [a.k.a. Johanna] gave or sold a lot of land to their son Daniel. The deed was officially recorded in 1697, with John Gould, Jr. as witness .

Finally, in 1689/90, they made a gift of deed to their grandson Thomas Gould, Jr., son of John’s now-deceased oldest son, Thomas Gould, Sr.

His will was proved June 19, 1691 with his son, Daniel, and N. Cowdry as executors. His estate consisted of six lots: a house north of Mill Hill; one cow common,; 4 acres at Linefield; one and a half acres at Mystic marshes; ten acres, Mystic woods, adjacent to John Harvard’s property and twenty-five acres at Wakefield. He made bequests to his sons Daniel, John and John Birben (Berbean) and to a grandson Thomas.

Stevens describes him as one of the founders of Stoneham:

“It is impossible to state with absolute certainty the name of the earliest inhabitant or the exact year of his settlement but, in March 1678, the inhabitants were Thomas Gery, John Gould Sr., John Gould Jr., William Rogers, Thomas Cutler and Matthew Smith. These were the fathers of the town.”

“Of the colony of 1678 the oldest inhabitant was John Gould Sr. and very probably he was the first pioneer who established himself at Charlestown End. (sic: the first name of Stoneham). At this time he was sixty-eight years of age.  He was an extensive land-holder and his farm was in the extreme northeastern section of the town, most of it being embraced in what is now Wakefield and, including the land of his son John, extended as far west as the land of Thomas Cutler (later of Mrs. Doyle).

He is supposed to have come from Towcester, in Northamptonshire, and to have embarked for America in the “Defence”, from London, July 7, 1635. Originally he was described as a carpenter and, later in life, as a planter.

It would seem that he was one of the most substantial men of the town, for in the allotment of 1658 there were only nineteen who were rated as high or higher than he, while there were one hundred and eighty-two rated lower. For many years he lived in Charlestown, before he moved to the north end of town.

He joined the church in 1638, but later in life seems to have been subjected to church discipline, probably because he lived so remote from the house of public worship.

Military service in the early days must have been very exacting, for it appears that he was excused from training in 1682, when he was seventy-three years old.

He conveyed his house and about ninety acres of land to his son Daniel in 1687, and this farm remained in the family of Daniel Gould until a few years since, when it was owned by the late Dr. Daniel Gould, of Malden, who was the son of Daniel Gould, Esquire, or “Squire Gould” as he was called.

The name Daniel seems to have been attached to the land for two hundred years, having descended from father to son. In 1690, John Gould conveyed to his grandson Thomas a tract of land bound on the east by Smith’s Pond. Dying in 1691, he left numerous offspring. This family for one hundred and fifty years was perhaps the most influential one of the town. The names of Deacon Daniel Gould, Lieutenant Daniel Gould, Captain Abraham Gould, Squire Gould and Colonel J. Parker Gould, from generation to generation have represented men of the best type that Stoneham has ever produced.


2. Sarah GOULD (See John BERBEAN‘s page)

4. Abigail Gould

Abigail’s first husband William Rodgers was born 1630 in England. William died 1687 in Reading, Mass.

Abigail’s second husband John Rodgers

5. Hannah Gould

Hannah’s husband Thomas Elliott origins are unknown.

6. John Gould

John’s wife Martha Redington was born 7 Apr 1655 in Topsfield, Essex, Mass. Martha was John’s cousin. Her parents were John Redington and Mary Gould. Martha died 7 Aug 1731 in Topsfield, Mass.


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