John Gould Sr.

John GOULD Sr. (1584 – 1650) was Alex’s 12th Great Grandfather, one of 8,192 in this generation in the Shaw line.

John Gould - Coat of Arms

John Gould was born in 1584 in Hertfordshire, England. His parents were Richard GOULD (1553 – 1597) and Mary COLDER (1555 – 1589). He married Judith LANGLEY in 1603 in Bovingdon, Harts, England. John died 11 Jul 1650 in Hertfordshire, England

Judith Langley was born 1588 in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, England. Judith died 6 May 1650 in , Hertfordshire, England

Children of John Gould and Judith:

Name Born Married Departed
1. John GOULD 7 Jul 1611 in Sarratt, Herts., England. Grace [__?__]
Joanna [__?__]
Mary [__?__] 
 21 Mar 1690/91 in Charlestown, Mass.
2. Thomas Gould 1613
Hamel, Hertfordshire, England
27 Oct 1675 Hamel, Herts., England
3. Joseph Gould 1614
Kings Langley, Hartford, England
6 May 1650
4. Nathaniel Gould 1614
Herts. England
Elizabeth Putnam
bef. 1659 Aston Abbots, Bucks, England
12 Dec 1692  Amesbury, Essex, Mass
5. Sarah Gould 1616
Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, England
30 Jun 1633
6. Mary Gould 1620
Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, England
6 May 1650 in England
7. Zaccheus Gould 1622
Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, England
8. Nathan Gould? 14 Dec 1623 Martha Harvey
1649 in Fairfield, Fairfield, CT
Sarah Phippen
14 May 1660 in Fairfield, Fairfield, CT
4 Mar 1694 in Fairfield, Fairfield, CT
9. Abel Gould 1624
Kings Langley, Herts., England
10. Lydia Gould 1626
Kings Langley, Herts., England
11. Elizabeth Gould 1628
Sarratt, Herts., England
12. Rebecca Gould 1628
Kings Langley, Herts., England
13. Hannah Gould 1630


4. Nathaniel Gould

Nathan’s wife Elizabeth Putnam was born DEC 1612 in Aston, Abbots, Buckinhamshire, England. She was Nathan’s first cousin. Her parents were John Putnam and Priscilla Gould. Elizabeth died in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts.

Nathan Gould’s children were born in some cases as late as the 1670’s when Elizabeth Putnam (born in 1612) would have been in her 60s! Idoubt she was still birthing children that late in life. Based on thefact that Elizabeth Putnam was born in 1612 she probably would nothave been having children much later than 1655 when she would haveturned age 43.

Does anyone have any proof that Nathan Gould did indeed marry Elizabeth Putnam? Perhaps it was a different (and younger) Elizabeth Putnam that married Nathan Gould.

Also, can anyone state for sure who Priscilla (Gould) Putnam’s motherwas. Priscilla (Gould) Putnam is the mother of Elizabeth Putnam whowas born in 1612. She is also the wife of John Putnam who founded the Putnam family in Salem, Mass.Some genealogists have Priscilla’s parents as Richard Gould and Elizabeth Young.

Children of Nathaniel and Elizabeth

i. Nathan Gould b: ABT 1657 in Amesbury, Essex, Mass.

ii. Mary Gould b: 24 JUN 1661 in Salisbury, Essex, Mass; m. Joseph Jones 23 OCT 1684 in Amesbury, Mass; d. 1714

iii. Elizabeth Gould b: 4 APR 1664 in Salisbury, Mass.

iv. Samuel Gould b: 3 FEB 1667 in Amesbury, Mass.; m. Sarah Rowell 6 APR 1693; d. 9 JAN 1726

v. Joseph Gould b: 28 AUG 1670 in Amesbury, Mass.

vi. Hannah Gould b: 13 MAY 1675 in Amesbury, Mass. ; m. John Kimball; d. Aft 1740

8. Nathan Gould

Nathan’s first wife Martha Harvey was born 1627 in St Edmunds Bury, Suffolk, England. Martha died 1658 in Fairfield, Fairfield, CT.

Nathan’s second wife Sarah Phippen was born 1633 in Weymouth, Dorset, England. Her parents were David Phippen and Sarah Pinckney. She first married Thomas Yeo. Sarah died 1693 in Fairfield, Fairfield, CT.

Though many genealogies show Nathan to be the son of John and Judith, I’m not entirely convinced. It would be confusing to name two sons Nathaniel and Nathan. Other genealogies state he came from Suffolk and don’t mention his parents.

Nathan Gold (in the records, he dropped the “u” from the English spelling of Gould)immigrated from Bury Saint Edmunds, county Suffolk, England around 1643 settling in Milford first where he bought and sold land.

He removed to Fairfield around 1650 and married his first wife, the widow Martha Harvey. They were the parents of one known daughter, Sarah (married Deacon John Thompson). Martha died about 1658. John married second Sarah (Phippen) Yeo, the widow of Thomas Yeo, on May 14, 1660 in Milford. They were the parents of Deborah (Gold) Clark and the Hon. Nathan Gold, Lieut. Gov. of the Colony of Conn, Abigail (Gold) Sellick, and Martha (Gold) Sellick Davenport.

By 1670, he was the richest inhabitant with the most land in Fairfield. For many years, he served as assistant to the Governor of the Colony of Conn. & deputy to the General Court in Hartford representing Fairfield. He was one of the nineteen petitioners name in the Charter of Connecticut.

On behalf of Fairfield he signed a land grant between the Indians and Fairfield for a tract of land between Fairfield and Stratford. He was a member of the Committee on Defense against the Dutch and was a reprsentative to the First Colonial Congress in New York in 1690.

From the Fairfield Town records: “Major Nathan Gold parted this life into the mansions of rest, upon the day of rest, on the Sabbath, it being the 4th of March, 1693-4.” His will was proved March 4, 1693/4.

Rev. Joseph Webb preached his funeral sermon. In all probability his remains lie near his son, Nathan Gold, Jr.


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  3. markeminer says:

    From Diane Smith

    In my husband’s ancestry he has Jane Nixon Santus, nee Gould, daughter of Abraham Scott Gould going back to John Gould I of Towchester. None of the sources I have found have stated who John’s parents were. Please help. Where can I find that his father John Gould was the brother of Zaccheus (of Topsfield, also an ancestor) and Jeremy and that their parents were Richard Gould and Mary Colder? I have been hoping to tie these lines together. Do you mind sharing your resources or directing me to them?

    My husband also has Walter Palmer, Simon Hoyt, Giles and Stephen Hopkins and Gabriel Wheldon in his ancestry and a few more planters.

    Any information that you can share would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for taking the time to reply and for all of your hard work on the Miner Descent, that I have just discovered!

    Diane L. Smith

  4. Allan Gilbertson says:

    According to Robert Charles Anderson, The Great Migration, the John Gould who came over in 1635 was not the same John Gould who settled in Charlestown, Mass.

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