Capt. Nathaniel Fitch

Capt. Nathaniel FITCH (1679 – 1759) was Alex’s 8th great grandfather, one of 512 in this generation of the Miner line.

Capt. Nathaniel Fitch was born in Oct 1679 in Norwich CT.  His parents were Rev James FITCH and Priscilla MASON.  He married Anne ABELL on 10 Dec 1701. After Anne died, he married Mindwell Higley Tisdale on 17 Sep 1729 in Lebanon, CT.  Nathaniel died 4 May 1759 in Lebanon, CT.

Nathaniel Fitch – Headstone the old burying ground at Lebanon, Conn- ” Here lies the body of Capt. Nathaniel Fitch who, in his life, was useful to the world, and rendered himself beloved and esteemed by Kindness, humanity, Benevolence and other Virtues, and in a comfortable hope of divine Acceptance through Christ departed May 14, 1759 in the 80th year of his age.”

Anne Abell was born 2 Apr 1681 in Norwich CT.  Her parents were Joshua ABELL and Mehitable SMITH.  Anne died  3 Jul 1728 in Lebanon CT.

Mindwell Higley was born in Lebanon, CT.  Her parents were  Capt John Higlye and Hannah Drake.  She was widow of Jonathan Hutchinson and James Tisdale.  Mindwell died 1 Sep 1769 in Lebanon, New London, CT.

Children of Nathaniel and Anne:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Anne Fitch 5 Nov 1702
Lebanon, CT
John Partridge
27 Sep 1722
Norwich, CT.
11 NOV 1748
Norwich, CT
2. Joshua Fitch 13 Feb 1704
Lebanon, CT
Mary Trumbull
c. 1730
7 Jun 1790
Salisbury, CT
3. Nathan Fitch 29 Mar 1705
Norwich, CT
Hannah Huntington
19 JUN 1725
Norwich, CT
12 Jun 1750
Lebanon, CT
4. Nehemiah Fitch 10 Feb 1708 Elizabeth Vetch
3 Nov 1731 Lebanon
Anne Metcalf
26 Jan 1738  Lebenon
16 Nov 1745 Lebanon, CT
5. James Fitch 15 Oct 1709 Lebanon, CT Abiel Metcalfe
22 Nov 1733 Lebanon, CT
15 Nov 1760 Salisbury, CT
6. John FITCH 7 Jan 1712 Lebanon CT Hannah SCOTT
5 Nov 1734 Lebanon, CT
7 Jan 1742 Lebanon CT
7. Nathaniel Fitch 14 May 1714
8. Mehitable Fitch 3 Feb 1717
Lebanon, CT
William Whittlesey (Whiting)
30 Sep 1741 Lebanon, CT
Feb 1800
Lebanon, CT
9. Elizabeth Fitch 26 May 1718
Lebanon, CT
Daniel Bissell
15 Feb 1747
Elijah Bushnell
18 Dec 1747
Lebanon, CT
10. Rachel Fitch Oct 1720
Lebanon, CT
28 May 1726
Lebanon, CT
11. Abel Fitch 22 Nov 1722
Lebanon, CT
17 Jun 1725
Lebanon, CT
12. Caleb Fitch 17 Jun 1725 Ruth Woodworth
4 APR 1747
Bozrah, CT
19 Mar 1750
Lebanon, CT


Children of Nathaniel and Mindwell Higley:

Name Born Married Departed
13. Jabez Fitch 4 Oct 1730 14 Nov 1730
14. Ezekiel Fitch 11 Mar 1732
Lebanon, CT
Susannah Highley
3 Dec 1749
Lebanon, CT
Coxsackie, NY
15. Isaac Fitch 10 May 1734 Susannah Blackman
23 Jun 1752 (Their 1st son was born 18 Nov 1752)
Violetta Alden
Bef. 1769
Lebanon, CT
Lebanon, CT

Nathaniel was the 2nd of the three brothers who settled in Lebanon, New London, CT. He owned a grist mill and a fulling mill.

In 1713 he was appointed Ensign in the 2nd Co., Lebanon militia and was made Capt. of the Company in 1713. He transferred to the South Company in 1726. He was also a Deputy from Lebanon to the General Court in 1720.

Nathaniel outlived six of his children and left the bulk of his estate including the gristmill to Midwell. He provided for most of his children with gifts of land and money, but left the fulling mill to his daughter Mehitabel and various pieces of land to sons Ezekiel and Isaac as well as to some of his grandchildren. He was buried near his father in the old Lebanon cemetery. On either side of his gravestone are those of his wives Ann and Mindwell.

He was a soldier in the French and Indian Wars; a Captain in military service.  Sergeant, possible promoted to Col. during the French and Indian War. Appears to have fought around 1756 – 1758.

Nathaniel Fitch – Soldier


1. Ann Fitch

Ann’s husband John Partridge was born 27 Dec 1697 in Duxbury, Plymouth, Mass. His parents were John Partridge Sr. and Hannah Seabury. John died 9 Sep 1780 in Lebanon, New London, CT.

Children of Ann and John:

i. Benjamin Partridge b. 25 NOV 1724 Lebanon, CT. m. married Elizabeth Morgan. She was born ABT 1728.

ii. Rachel Partridge b. 25 OCT 1726 Lebanon, CT; m. Nathan Brewster

iii. Hannah Partridge b. 19 JUL 1730 Lebanon, CT; m. 12 Apr 1753 to Joseph Bissell.

Joseph graduated from Yale in 1761.  Their second son was the father of Governor Clark Bissell (Yale 1806).

In October, 1755, Joseph Bissell was appointed by the General Assembly as one of the County Surveyors for Windham County.

He and his wife are traced in the land-records of Lebanon as residing there down to March, 1800. His later history is not known, but he is marked as deceased in the Triennial Catalogue of graduates issued in 1814.

His eldest son, John Partridge Bissell, moved to Ohio, after his marriage in 1790, and it is probable that his parents went thither also.

2. Joshua Fitch

Joshua’s wife Mary Trumbull was born 21 Aug 1713 in Lebanon, New London, CT. Her parents were Joseph Trumbull and Hannah Higley.  Mary died 25 Jul 1771 in Kent, Litchfield, CT.

Mary’s brother Jonathan Trumbull, Sr. (12 Oct 1710 – 17 Aug 1785) was one of the few Americans who served as governor in both a pre-Revolutionary colony and a post-Revolutionary state. During the American Revolution he was one of a very few colonial governors who supported the American side.

Trumbull was a friend and advisor of General Washington throughout the revolutionary period, dedicating the resources of Connecticut to the fight for independence. Washington declared him “the first of the patriots.” When Washington was desperate for men or food during the war, he could turn to “Brother Jonathan.”

Jonathan Trumble Sr 16th Governor of Connecticut In office 1769–1784

Trumbull College at Yale, the town of Trumbull, ConnecticutTrumbull County, Ohio, once part of the Connecticut Western Reserve and the mascot of The University of Connecticut, is named “Jonathan” in his honor.  The Jonathan Trumbull House, now a museum, was built by Joshua’s brother Isaac Finch (see below)

Jonathan (costume version) standing under a blow-up version of a husky.

There was a strong connection between Connecticut and the Western Reserve.  Our ancestor Philo Sidney MINER (1811 – 1890)  immigrated to Kinsman, Trumbull County Ohio from Hebron Connecticut between his 1834 marriage to Sophia and 1838 when Philo Sidney Jr. was born. Several of his siblings including Calvert, Selden, Edward Everett and Melissa also moved from Connecticut.  When his father died in 1842, he went back to Connecticut and retrieved his mother and two youngest sisters to come live in Ohio. Philo’s wife Sophia POLLEY was Nathaniel Fitch’s 2nd Great Granddaughter.

Children of Joshua and Mary:

i. Jonathan Fitch , Sr. b: 1 DEC 1730 in Norwich, CT.; d. 1799; m.  1753 to Anne Calkins b: 1733 in Lebanon, CT

ii. Mary C. Fitch b: 25 APR 1732

iii. Joseph Fitch b: 28 MAY 1734 in Norwich, CT.; M. Jemima [__?__]

iv. Ephraim Fitch , Sr., Captain b: 29 MAR 1736 in Norwich, CT.; d. 1807 in Oxford, New York; m. 1757 to Lydia Root

Ephraim Fitch, one of the early settlers of Oxford, NY. He raised a family of four children, one girl and three boys. He was the first elected supervisor of the town; was well educated, having passed through college. The first visit that he made to Oxford was on horseback, accompanied by Daniel Tremain, through the woods, guided only by marked trees and Indian paths. The two travelers bought land and afterwards settled upon it; the former near Fitch hill, north of the village, which subsequently was named after him, and the latter on the east side of the river, near Brisbin. They improved large farms, raised families, and lived to be very old men. Mr. Fitch died in Cattaraugus county, where he moved in 1814. He was said to have been 96 years of age at the time of his death. His sons, John and Jonatham, held town offices.

v. Mason Fitch b: 3 MAR 1737/38

vi. Nathaniel Fitch b: 17 NOV 1739

vii. Hannah Fitch b: 10 AUG 1741

viii. Abigail Fitch b: 16 MAR 1742/43 in Norwich, CT.; m.  Benjamin Braman , Sr. b: 6 JUN 1738

ix. David Fitch , Sr. b: 11 OCT 1744 in Norwich, CT.; d. 1769 in Kent, CT; m. 1766 to Mary Roods b: 11 MAR 1746/47

x. Joshua Fitch , Jr. b: 29 APR 1746 in Norwich, CT.; d. 1792; m. 1770 to Mary Bentley b: 9 FEB 1751/52

xi. Faith Fitch b: 16 DEC 1747;

xii. Elizabeth Fitch b: 28 NOV 1753

xiii. Rachel Fitch b: 28 NOV 1754

3. Nathan Fitch

Nathan’s wife Hannah Huntington was born 1703 in Norwich, New London, CT. Her parents were Simon Huntington and Mary Clark. Hannah died 1 Feb 1738 in Lebenon, CT.

Children of Nathan and Hannah:

i. Ebenezer Fitch b: 22 MAR 1730/31 in Lebanon, CT. d. 1777 in Nova Scotia; m. 1750 to Lydia Fish

ii. Simon Fitch b: 24 AUG 1732 d. Died young.

iii. Cyprian Fitch b: 16 MAR 1733/34 d. Died young.

iv. Nathan Fitch , Jr. b: 26 JUN 1736 in Lebanon, CT.; m. 1755 to Dinah Higley b: 1 JAN 1731/32 in Simsbury, Conn.

v. Capt. Abraham Fitch  b: 22 Jan 1738 in Lebanon, CT.; d. 1 Apr 1821 in Lebanon, CT.; m. Elizabeth Bissell b: 1 May 1737
Captain of ad Connecticut Regiment light horse cavalry in the Revolutionary War, served in French and Indian war, was never ill a day in his life, walked out of doors an hour before death (see Stiles His. Ancient Windsor)
One of Abraham’s sons, Azel of Lebanon Ct. and Ashtabula Ohio. b. in Lebanon Apr. 29, 1771, d. in Ashtabula Sep. 10, 1842, was enterprising man of affairs, manufacturer. of woolens, the peace of 1815 flooded American markets with cheap foreign goods which injured his business, followed his son to Ohio and invested in land 1829 (m. 1802 Fanna Hinckley, dau. of Charles Hinckley of Lebanon, who m. Elizabeth Throop, dau. of Rev. Benjamin Throop, grad. Yale 1735, who m. Sybil Dyer, dau. of Col. Thomas Dyer of Windham);

4. Nehemiah Fitch

Nehemiah’s first wife Elizabeth Vetch was born 5 Aug 1693 in Boston, Suffolk, Mass. Her parents were Andrew Vetch and Elizabeth [__?__] Elizabeth died before 1738 in Lebanon, New London, CT.

Nehemiah’s second wife Ann Metcalf was born 18 Mar 1716 in Lebanon, CT. Her parents were Ebenezer Metcalf and Hannah Abell. Ann died 1779 in Lebenon, CT.

Children of Nehemiah and his first wife Elizabeth Vetch

i. Elizabeth Fitch b: 11 AUG 1736 in Lebanon, CT; d. 1822; m. 1759 to Capt. Andrew Waterman , Sr  b: 18 MAY 1737 in Norwich, CT.

ii. Lucy Fitch b: 24 JUL 1739; m. Aaron Peabody , Sr. b: 9 MAY 1742 in Rhode Island

Children of Nehemiah and his second wife Anne Metcalf

iii. Nehemiah Fitch , Jr., Captain b: 30 JUN 1741 in Lebanon, CT; d. 1822 in Plainfield, New York; m. 1763 to  Rebecca Peabody b: 9 MAY 1739 in Little Compton, Rhode Island

iv. Elias Fitch , Sr. b: 5 JUN 1743 in Lebanon, CT; d. 1786 New York;  m. Elizabeth Peabody b: 16 NOV 1745 in Rhode Island

5. James Fitch

James wife Abiel Metcalf was born 15 Nov 1709 in Falmouth, Barnstable, Mass. Her parents were Joseph Metcalf and Abiel Adams. Abiel died 2 Feb 1778 in Greenbush, Rensselaer , New York.

Children of James and Abiel:

i. William Fitch b: 18 SEP 1734 in Lebanon, CT.; d. 1785 in Pawlet, Vermont; m. 1760 to Heyltje Wheeler b: ABT 1738

ii. Rachel Fitch b: 7 JUL 1736 in Salisbury, CT.; d. 1815 in Salisbury, CT; m. Judge, Robert Woodworth b: 13 JUN 1743 in Norwich, Conn.

iii. Jabez Fitch b: 11 AUG 1738

iv. James Fitch , Jr. b: 3 AUG 1740

v. Sybil Fitch b: 13 SEP 1743 in Salisbury, CT; m. 1767 to Moses Marsh b: ABT 1738

vi. John Fitch b: 18 NOV 1745

vii. James Fitch , Jr. b: 17 MAR 1746/47

viii. Joseph Fitch b: 17 OCT 1749 in Salisbury, CT; d. 1779 in Schodack, New York; m. 1776 to Catalyntje Bresie b: 25 OCT 1755 in Linlithgo, New York

ix. Nathaniel Fitch b: 7 AUG 1752 in Salisbury, CT; d. 1814 in Troy, New York; m. Jemima ? Fitch b: ABT 1755

6. John FITCH (See his page)

8. Mehitable Fitch

Mehitable’s husband William Whitely (Whittelsey) was born 1717 in Lebanon, CT. His parents were Duren Whittelsey and [__?__]. William died Feb 1764 in Lebenon, CT.

Children of Mehitable and William

i. Anne Whitely b: ABT 1743

ii. Margaret Whitely b: ABT 1745

iii. Ada Whitely b: ABT 1747

iv. John Whitely b: ABT 1749

v. Elizabeth Whitely b: ABT 1751

vi. William Whitely , Jr. b: ABT 1754

vii. James Whitely b: ABT 1756

viii. John Whitely b: ABT 1758

9. Elizabeth Fitch

Elizabeth’s husband Daniel Bissell was born 4 JAN 1697/98 in Windsor, Conn. His parents were John Bissell and Sarah White. Daniel died 3 Oct 1776 in Lebanon, CT.

Elizabeth died a few days after the birth of her only son.

Child of Elizabeth and Daniel

i. Daniel Bissell , Jr. b: 6 DEC 1747;d. 1813;  m. 1768 to Sarah Wattles b: 11 JUL 1749

12. Caleb Fitch

Caleb’s wife Ruth Woodworth was born 27 Apr 1730 in Lebanon, New London, CT. Her parents were Joshua Woodworth and Ruth Brown.. After Caleb died in 1750, in 175 she married Jonathan House (b: 3 Mar 1720/21) In 1800 Ruth House was living in Coventry, CT and may have died there in 1807. Record says Widow House age 80.

It looks like there were two Ruth Woodworths born in 1730 Connecticut, one who was born in Hartford to Benjamin Woodworth, Hannah Damon, the other born in New London to Joshua Woodworth and Ruth Brown.

It looks like it was the Hartford Ruth who married Joseph Owen (b. 29 Jan 1683/84 in Simsbury, Hartford, CT – d. 29 Sep 1758 in Simsbury, Hartford, CT)

Some sources say that Ruth died 19 Mar 1751 in Lebanon, New London, CT, but most state it was in Litchfield, Connecticut which is much closer to Hartford and Simsbury than it is to Lebanon, so it’s logical to assume this was the other Ruth.

Children of Caleb and Ruth:

i. Anne Fitch b: 7 Jan 1747/48 in Lebanon, CT; d. 1832 in Huntsville, Ohio; m. Thomas W. Hunt IV b: 28 AUG 1745 in Ipswich, Mass

ii. Caleb Fitch , Jr. b: 23 MAR 1749/50

14. Ezekiel Fitch

Ezekiel’s wife Susannah Highely was born 6 May 1730 in Simsbury, CT.  Her parents were Josiah Higley and Dinah Gillette.  Susannah died 1816 in Cooperstown, Otsego, New York.

In a 1756 French and Indian War muster roll, an Ezekiel Fitch was 2nd Lt. 2nd Company, Capt. John Payson in the 1st Connecticut Regiment, Major-General Phineas Lyman.  He was later 1st Lt. in Capt Edmund Welles’ 11th Company.

Children of Ezekiel and Susannah:

i.  Mindwell Fitch (1749 – 1816) m. 1773 to David Bosworth Jr.  Eleven Children

ii. Abel Fitch , Sr. b: ABT 1750 in Lebanon, CT; d. 1826; m. Lydia Abel

iii. Elijah Fitch , Sr. b: ABT 1752 in Lebanon, CT; d. 1776 Warwickshire, England

iv. Theodosia Fitch b: ABT 1753 in Lebanon, CT. d. 1820;; m. 1778  to Benjamin Hawley Sr.

v. Ezekiel Fitch , Jr. b: ABT 1755; d. 1779  Ezekiel was a “Marien” on the ship “”Oliver Cromwell” under Commander Parker. Pay Roll for Ship “”Oliver Cromwell””, 1777 to Sept. 1778.

vi. Lucinda Fitch b: ABT 1757 in Lebanon, CT; d. 1836; m. Capt. Oliver Beaumont Eight children

vii. Presinthia Fitch b: ABT 1759

viii. Lucretia Fitch b: ABT 1761

ix. Wealthy Fitch b: ABT 1763

x. Elizabeth Fitch b: ABT 1765 in Lebanon, CT; d. 1825 Farmington, Ohio; m. Ebenezer Curtis Jr.

xi. Violetta Fitch b: ABT 1766

15. Isaac Wesley Fitch

Isaac’s first wife Susannah Blackman was born 12 Aug 1733. Her parents were Elisha Blackman b: ABT 1707 and Susannah Higley b: ABT 1712.  The year in the Bible record is clearly 1752, which implies Susannah was pregnant at the time of marriage and helps explain why “Isaac and wife Susannah Fitch confessed sin of fornication & owned ye covenenant,” 3 Jun 1753. Warren and Nutmegger give the year, 1753 which, being well after the birth of their first child, seems unlikely.

Isaac’s second wife Violette Alden was born 8 APR 1748. Her parents were John Alden , Sr. b: 23 JUL 1716 in Duxbury, Mass. and Elizabeth Ripley b: 4 NOV 1724 in Windham, Conn. Violette died in 1810.

Isaac Fitch was the architect recommended by Gov. Jonathan Trumbull as “The best Architect within the compass of my acquaintance.”

Isaac Fitch was one of Connecticut’s most skilled and accomplished colonial builders and carpenters. He was born in Lebanon, a cousin of Jonathan Trumbull Senior (1710-85), the Governor of Connecticut and supplier to Washington’s Continental Army.  Isaac died relatively young, and had he lived longer Fitch would probably have been known as one of Connecticut’s greatest eighteenth-century architects.

According to the Duke de Lauzun, who was encamped in the town with his French cavalry forces in the winter of 1780/81, Lebanon then resembled Siberia. He caustically described it as “a few huts scattered among vast forest.” But during that very winter, as the French aristocrat and his troops were mingling with Lebanon’s locals, master builder Isaac Fitch was renovating a house across from the Lebanon Green, into a fine Georgian-style house, fit for a gentleman. The house belonged to Jonathan Trumbull Junior (1740-1807), the future Governor of Connecticut.

Jonathan Trumble Jr 2nd Speaker of the US House of Representatives

The house has been opened to the public since 1978, and offers a fine opportunity to see Fitch’s craftsmanship. By the time Fitch began working on Trumbull Junior’s house, he had built an enviable reputation across eastern Connecticut for the quality of his workmanship.

Governor Trumbull House

Isaac Fitch was a skilled cabinetmaker and joiner who supplemented his income making wheels, axles, coffins, and sleighs. He also made picture frames for Jonathan Trumbull Junior’s brother, the famed artist John Trumbull (1756-1843).

File:US $2 reverse.jpg

Reverse of U.S. two-dollar bill John Trumbull’s Declaration of Independence

Evidence suggests that Fitch may also have built Jonathan Trumbull Senior’s “shop” or workshop in 1758, the structure now known as the Lebanon War Office.

During the Revolutionary War, Governor Jonathan Trumbull convened the Council of Safety to deal with the defense of the colony of Connecticut and to supply provisions to the Continental Army. Many of the over 1,100 meetings were held in this building. Among major figures who participated in the work done here were General Knox, Putnam, the Count de Rochambeau, George Washington and the Marquis de Lafayette. Administered by the Connecticut Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.

The Lebanon War Office was built by Isaac Fitch

The War Office is owned by the Sons of the American Revolution and is open Saturday and Sunday 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM from Memorial Day until Labor Day.

Little is known about Fitch’s early training, or early life, but his 1791 probate records reveal that Fitch owned a book named Architecture, written by the famed British architect, Sir James Gibbs (1682-1754). Gibbs had a great influence on early American architecture, particularly the design of church steeples. The book may have been obtained for Fitch by his cousin, Jonathan Trumbull Senior, an importer of English books. Records of Isaac Fitch’s building and carpentry transactions appear in Jonathan Trumbull Senior’s meticulous records, and reveal that Fitch probably built a “handsome porch” on the Second Lebanon Meeting House as early as 1758/59.

The Trumbull family had a shipyard in East Haddam in the colonial years, where ships were built and repaired for the lucrative transatlantic and Caribbean trade, and records show that Fitch worked on the building of a merchant ship at East Haddam called Neptune. Jonathan Trumbull Senior was deeply in debt in 1764/65 to English merchants, and he formed a partnership with Windham’s Eleazer Fitch to build a ship of 160 tons, the Neptune, to help pay off his debts. It unfortunately sank four days out to sea on its maiden voyage to London. Fitch also worked on a sloop called Seaflower.

Fitch also manufactured gunstocks from black walnut plank for Jonathan Junior and John’s brother, David Trumbull (1752-1822), who had a small arms manufactory in Lebanon during the Revolutionary War. David Trumbull was the supplier for Rochembeau’s French Army when they landed at Newport, Rhode Island in 1780, and he also supplied all the provisions, barracks and housing for officers for the Duke de Lauzun’s cavalry legion at Lebanon in 1780/81. From November 1780 until June 1781 David Trumbull turned over his magnificent Lebanon house, Redwood, to Lauzun to use as his headquarters.

Redwood was designed and built by Isaac Fitch in 1778/79, and was considered to be the most sophisticated piece of domestic architecture for its time in Connecticut. It stands on land, opposite the Lebanon town hall, purchased by his grandfather, Joseph Trumbull in 1713.

Redwood House

Isaac Fitch was commissioned by David Trumbull to build copies of English furniture for Redwood. Furniture in Boston was very expensive during the Revolutionary War, and David’s brother John Trumbull, studying art in Boston, suggested that David get Isaac Fitch, the house builder, to make copies. John Trumbull also hoped to obtain captured goods, bound for the West Indies market from two English merchant ships for his brother’s house. David Trumbull sent Fitch to Boston to buy the articles to furnish Redwood. They consisted of “elegant” curtains, wallpaper, paints, china and glass.

Redwood House Fireplace

Fitch’s building work was not limited to Lebanon. Examples can be found in New London and Colchester. Probably his most famous piece of work is New London’s town hall, built in 1784/85. This outstanding building still stands, and it has described by the architectural historian William Warren as “an ambitious and expensive undertaking for a small region in the New Republic.”

New London Town Hall was built by Isaac Fitch

Prior to his New London work, Isaac Fitch was employed to build the pulpit and plan the joinery, trim and interior cabinetwork of Colchester’s third meetinghouse in 1771. The church was located next to the Bacon Academy, and was later torn down and replaced by the current church. Fitch also built Colchester’s Deming House in 1768. This fine mansion was demolished in 1958, but it possessed outstanding examples of Fitch’s craftsmanship. The house’s most elaborate work, located in the northeastern parlor was purchased by the American Museum in Bath, England.

Deming Parlor

Children of Isaac and Susannah:

i. Capt. Jabez Fitch , Sr. b: 18 NOV 1752 in Lebanon, CT
After serving with distinction in the Revolutionary War, Jabez married Molly Bosworth, at Lebanon, Conn., and after the close of the war, with a number of other young people from Lebanon came in 1793, to Columbia county, New York, where his son, Dr. Jabez Fitch, Junior, was born, November 6th, 1794. Subsequently in 1810, he removed to the town of Mooers, in Clinton county, New York. He was an architect and builder, whose skill is shown by different churches and public buildings still standing in Columbia and Clinton counties. His son, Dr. Jabez Fitch, was a physician in large practice at Mooers and Plattsburg, New York, served in the war of 1812 on the medical staff, and held, besides his position as surgeon to which he was appointed by DeWitt Clinton, many public offices.

ii. Ichabod Fitch b: ABT 1754

iii. Uriah Fitch b: ABT 1755 in Lebanon, Conn.

iv. Nathaniel Fitch b: 1763 in Lebanon, Conn.

v. Mary Fitch b: ABT 1763 in Lebanon, Conn.

vi. Lucinda Fitch b: ABT 1764

vi. Elizabeth Fitch b: ABT 1766 in Lebanon, Conn.

Children of Isaac and Violetta

 vii. Mary Fitch b: ABT 1769

viii. Elizabeth Fitch b: ABT 1770

ix. Brimtha Fitch b: ABT 1772

x. Lucretia Fitch b: ABT 1773

xi. Octavia Fitch b: ABT 1774

xii. Parthena Fitch b: ABT 1783


Isaac Fitch of Lebanon, Connecticut, master joiner, 1734-1791 By William Lamson Warren 1978

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  10. markeminer says:

    Rosie Byard says:
    September 21, 2012 at 7:33 pm (Edit)
    Couldn’t find another way to contact you. This relates to Ruth WOODWORTH

    I agree that Ruth Woodworth was born 27 Apr 1730 in Lebanon, CT but she could not have married (2) Joseph Owens in or about 1718 and had children between 1718 and 1726. Caleb FITCH was her first husband and I think she married (2) Jonathan House in 1751. I also think she was the daughter of Joshua Woodworth and Ruth Brown. Benjamin was her uncle not her father. In 1800 Ruth House was living in Coventry, CT and I think she died there in 1807. Record says Widow House age 80.

    Sources for her birth/parents are :
    1.Descendants of the Reverend James Fitch (1622-1702) V1 The First Five Generations by John T. Fitch with Patricia M. Geisler, Camden, Maine, Picton Press. FHL book # 929.273, F55fi.

    2. Puritan in the Wilderness – A Biography of the Reverend James Fitch 1622-1702 by John T. Fitch, Picton Press: Camden, Maine, 1993

    3. Woodworth Family of America by Jeanette Behan, FHL film #928369

    I replied:

    Hi Rosie,

    It looks like there were two Ruth Woodworths born in 1730 Connecticut, one who was born in Hartford to Benjamin Woodworth, Hannah Damon, the other born in New London to Joshua Woodworth and Ruth Brown.

    It looks like it was the Hartford Ruth who married Joseph Owen (b. 29 Jan 1683/84 in Simsbury, Hartford, CT – d. 29 Sep 1758 in Simsbury, Hartford, CT)

    Some sources say that Ruth died 19 Mar 1751 in Lebanon, New London, CT, but most state it was in Litchfield, Connecticut which is much closer to Hartford and Simsbury than it is to Lebanon, so it’s logical to assume this was the other Ruth.

    I’ll update my page per your recommendations,

    Thanks for the input, Mark

  11. Elizabeth Graf says:

    Very interesting. My husband descends from Capt. Fitch,Isaac Fitch and Capt. Jabeez Fitch.

  12. Cynthia Kilmer says:

    I am trying to connect James MSon Fitch of Oberlin to the family. James M Fitch father was named Isaac born in 1779. Can’t find out who was Isaacs father?

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