Philo Sidney Miner Sr.

Philo Sidney MINER Sr. (1811 – 1890) was Alex’s 4th great grandfather, one of 32 in this generation.

Philo Sidney Miner Sr. was born on 29 Sep 1811 in Andover, Toland County CT. His father was Selden MINER and his mother was Sally PEASE. He was living in Hebron, CT when he  married his first wife Sophia POLLEY on 14 October 1834 in Lisbon CT when he was 23 years old.   Philo died on 14 Aug 1890, in Bristolville, Trumbull, OH, age: 78 having outlived three wives.

Sophia L Polley (Polly) was born on 6 Aug 1811 in Lisbon CT.  Her parents were Joshua POLLEY and  Annie WELLS. She died on 27 Sep 1839 when our ancestor Sidney was only one year old.  She was buried in Kinsman, Trumbull, Ohio.

Philo married his second wife Mary Jackson, on 24 Sep 1840 in  Trumbull, Ohio. Mary was born on 4 Sep 1819. She died on 20 Feb 1842 in Kinsman, Trumbull, Ohio. They had one child, Mary Sofia

Congregational-Presbyterian Church in Kinsman built in 1831

Philo married his third wife, Charity Webber in Kinsman, Trumbull, Ohio. on 29 Feb 1844 in Kinsman, Trumbull, Ohio. Charity was born on 23 Mar 1820 in Ohio.  She died on 10 Jan 1868 in Kinsman, Trumbull, Ohio.

Child of Philo and Sophia:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Philo Sidney MINER Jr. 25 Mar 1838 Ohio Calista Jane LATTA
4 May 1869 Cass County Nebraska
13 Jun 1911 Fowler, Fresno County, California

Child of Philo and Mary Jackson

Name Born Married Departed
2. Mary Sophia Miner 4 Sep 1841 Kinsman, Ohio 20 Feb 1859

Children of Philo and Charity Webber

Name Born Married Departed
3. Henry Elliott Miner 11 May 1845 Kinsman Township, Trumbull County, OH 20 Jul 1845 Kinsman
4. Charlotte Valira Miner 8 Aug 1846 Kinsman David Colburn Wilbur
13 Jan 1870
13 Nov 1894
5. Austin B Miner 21 Dec 1848 Kinsman 20 Dec 1859 Kinsman
6. Augustus Elliott Miner 14 Mar 1851 Kinsman Julia Elizabeth Baldwin
20 Dec 1876 Bristolville, Trumbull, Ohio
4 Sep 1945
Churchill, Mahoning, Ohio
Bristolville, Trumbull, Ohio
7. Clement Wellington Miner 26 Mar 1854 Kinsman Agnes Ida Coulter
6 Sep 1928 Vanago, Crawford, Pennsylvania
8. William H Miner 26 Feb 1858 Kinsman Julia A [__?__]
After 1900 census
9. Walter Fayette Miner 17 Aug 1859 Kinsman 17 Oct 1899
10. John Lincoln Miner 10 Jan 1861 Kinsman, Trumbull, Ohio Mary Jane Hardy
1889 – Ohio
12 Apr 1934
Carroll, Carroll, Iowa

Philo was a carpenter and a joiner.

Philo must have emigrated to Kinsman, Trumbull County Ohio from Connecticut between his 1834 marriage to Sophia and 1838 when Philo Sidney Jr. was born. (It appears Philo Sidney Jr. went by Sidney)   Several of his siblings including Calvert, Selden, Edward Everett and Melissa also moved to Ohio from Connecticut.  When his father died in 1842, he went back to Connecticut and retrieved his mother and two youngest sisters to come live in Ohio.

Kinsman, Trumbull County, Ohio

Trumble County is named for Jonathan Trumbull, Sr. (12 Oct 1710 – 17 Aug 1785) was one of the few Americans who served as governor in both a pre-Revolutionary colony and a post-Revolutionary state. During the American Revolution he was one of a very few colonial governors who supported the American side.  Jonathan’s sister Mary married Joshua, the son of our ancestor Capt. Nathaniel FITCH.  Philo’s wife Sophia POLLEY was Nathaniel’s 2nd Great Granddaughter.

Trumbull County Ohio, Kinsman is in the Northeast corner

This part of Ohio is called the Connecticut Western Reserve.  Connecticut held fast to its right to the lands between the 41st and 42nd-and-2-minutes parallels that lay west of the Pennsylvania border. Within the state of Ohio, the claim was a 120-mile (190 km) mile strip between Lake Erie and a line just south of Youngstown and Akron. In 1796, Connecticut sold that land to investors, initially eight original purchasers, most of them from Suffield, Connecticut, who formed the Connecticut Land Company.

Connecticut Western Reserve

In the 1840 census,  Philo Sydney MINER Jr. (1811 – 1890) was single and between wives in Kinsman, Trumbull, Ohio.  There is no record of an infant in his household so maybe the two year old Philo Jr. had been farmed out to another family better equipped to take care of a toddler.  Philo’s census record directly follows Albert C Miner.  Both Philo and Albert are listed by themselves and 20 to 30 years old.  I had thought that Philo’s next door neighbor was his cousin Albert Miner (1809 – 1848)  (See his page for his interesting life story) who became one of the first Mormons, but no I’m not so sure.  It appears Albert and Tamma were 700 miles away in Lima, Illinois.   I haven’t figured out who else this Albert C Miner could be, but my closest guess is Albert Calvin Miner (b. 1815 or  1829) son of Calvin Miner and Keturah Nelson.

A distant cousin, Harris Miner also lived nearby with two girls and five boys.  Perhaps Harris Wesley Miner, (1808-1858) but this cousin seems to have lived in Stark County, Illinois in 1840 and was buried  26 Aug 1858 Toulon, Stark County, Illinois.  Simon A Polly and Ira Polly who might have been related to Sally Polly also lived close by.


1. Philo Sidney MINER Jr. married Calista Jane LATTA (See his page)

4. Charlotte Valira Miner

Charlotte’s husband David Wilbur was born 15 May 1848 in Johnston, Trumbell,  Ohio.  His parents were Joseph Cephus Wilbur and Clarinda Colburn.  David died 25 Jan 1905 Marshalltown, Marshall, Iowa.

In the 1870 census, Charlottte and David (age 22) were farming in Jackson, Boone, Iowa with David’s brother Jonathan (age 24) and his wife Anne.

In the 1880 census, David and Charlotte were living in Marshalltown, Marshall, Iowa where David owned a furniture store.

Child of Charlotte and David:

i. Fred Miner Wilbur (1883 Iowa – After 1930 census); m. 5 Jul 1905 to Edith R. Woodward (1888 Iowa – Aft. 1930 census) Fred graduated from Stanford University in 1904, attending 1901-1904. In the 1930 census, Fred and Edith were living in Marshalltown, Marshall, Iowa where Fred was working as a mortician at a mortuary.

6. Augustus Elliott Miner

Augustus’ wife Julia Elizabeth Baldwin was born in 1858 in Black Hawk County, Iowa.  Her parents were Marcus T Baldwin and Elizabeth Betsy Miller. Julia died 9 Dec 1929 Bristolville, Trumbull, Ohio.

In the 1900 census, Gust and Julia were farming in Bristol, Trumbull, Ohio with five children at home.

In the 1940 census, Augustus was living with his son Frank B Miner in Champion, Trumbull, Ohio.

Children of Augustus and Julia

i. Charles A. Miner (1878 Ohio – )

ii. Emma “Emily” Maria Miner (17 Sep 1879 Trumbull, Ohio – After 1930 Census Living at 37 Spring 4 Amherst, Massachusetts in 1938); m. Horace H Wolcott (1877 New York – After 1930 Census) In the 1910 census Horace and Emily were in Amherst, Hampshire, Massachusetts where Horace worked as a mail carrier.

iii. Walter Fayette Miner (30 Apr 1882 in Bristolville, Trumbull, Ohio – 21 Dec 1964 in Southern Pines, Moore, North Carolina); m1. 30 Jun 1904 in Saybrook, Ohio to Grace Adelia Pierce (4 Mar 1885 in North Bristol, Ohio – 18 Mar 1940 in Lima, Ohio); m2. Lena Williams.

In the 1930 census, Walter and Grace were living in Lima, Allen, Ohio where Walter was a telegraph operator for the Standard Oil pipeline,

iii. Alice Rachel Miner (17 Feb 1888 Ohio – 14 May 1958 in Ashville, North Carolina); m. 11 Sep 1915 to Wilbur Devendorf (28 Oct 1887 in Cicero, New York – 9 Oct 1968 Asheville, North Carolina) In the 1930 census, Alice and Wilbur were raising a family in Asheville, North Carolina where Wilbur owned and managed a hotel. When Wilbur died, his spouse was named Frances Field.

iv. Mabel Helen Miner (9 Feb 1891 in Bristolville, Trumbull, Ohio – 11 Apr 1972 Ashtabula County or Warren, Trumbull, Ohio) Never married. In the 1930 census, Mabel was a public school teacher in Warren, Trumbull, Ohio.

v. Frank Baldwin Miner (31 Oct 1893 Bristol Twp, Trumbull County Ohio – 6 Nov 1944 in Champion Heights, Ohio); m. 30 Jun 1917 to Mary L. Owen (1894 Ohio – After 1942) In the 1930 census,Frank and Mary owned their own home and were raising a family in Champion, Trumbull, Ohio where Frank worked as a milk truck driver. In the 1940 census, Frank owned a butcher shop in Champion, Trumbull, Ohio. His father Augustus was living with the family.

vi. James Harold Miner (25 Mar 1896 Bristolville, Ohio – 25 Jun 1973 in Ashtabula, Ashtabula, Ohio); m. 14 Jun 1937 to Julia H McKibben (b. 29 Oct 1904 in Garden Grove, Decatur, Iowa – d. 6 Feb 2004 in Cornelia, Habersham, Georgia just 9 months shy of the century mark.). Her parents were John Orman McKibben and Nellie A. Thomas. Julia graduated from Northern Iowa University, class of 1924.

James enlisted 1 Apr 1918 and served in World War I: 158 Depot Brigade to 25 Apr 1918; 45 Co TC to 14 March 1919; 44 Co TC 15 June 1919; 50 Co TC to Discharge Private American Expeditionary Forces 7 June 1918 to 4 July 1919. Honorable discharge 11 July 1919. In the 1930 census, James was not married and working as a gas station service man in Warren, Trumbull, Ohio. In his WWII Draft registration James was working at Copperwell Steel Company and living with Julia H. Miner in Warren, Ohio.

7. Clement Wellington Miner

After Charity died in 1868, Philo shipped his youngest children, Clement, William, Walter, and John out to other families.

In the 1870 census, Clement was living in Windsor, Fayette, Iowa with James Graham (b. May 1841 in NY) and Adaline A Wilbur (b. Feb 1845 in NY) I thought Adaline might be related to Clement’s brother-in-law David Colburn Wilbur, but haven’t found the connection yet. Adaline’s parents were Daniel Wilbur (b. 14 Oct 1797 Nelson, New York – d. 14 Dec 1881 Wisconsin) and Polly Buck (b. 23 Jun 1802 in Madison, New York – d. 26 Apr 1876) Adaline’s grandparents were Richard Wilbur (1770 – 1843) and Rhoda Miller (1775 – 1861).

Clement’s sister Charlotte Valira Miner married 13 Jan 1870 to David Colburn Wilbur. David Wilbur was born 15 May 1848 in Johnston, Trumbell, Ohio. His parents were Joseph Cephus Wilbur (b. 26 Aug 1807 in Preston CT – d. 10 Jun 1883 in Boone, Iowa) and Clarinda Colburn (b. 7 May 1813 in Plainfield, Otsego Co., NY – d. 19 Jan 1884 in Mecca Ohio). David died 25 Jan 1905 Marshalltown, Marshall, Iowa.

Clement was a delegate to the Phi Delta Theta convention in 1880.

Clement’s wife Agnes Ida Coulter was born 9 Oct 1856 in Venango, County, Pennsylvania. She was christened in Cambridge Springs, Crawford, Pennsylvania. She died on 12 Aug 1939 and buried in Venango, Crawford, Pennsylvania.

Register of alumni: Allegheny College Meadville, Pa. – Clement Wellington Miner, A. M., D. D., District Superintendent, Methodist Episcopal Church, Du Bois, Pennsylvania.

Clement Wellington Miner, A.M., D.D., District Superintendent Methodist Episcopal Church, 11 1 Milton St., New Castle, Pennsylvania

Founded in 1815, Allegheny College in Meadville, Crawford, Pennsylvania has about 2,100 undergraduate students. Since 1833, the college has been historically affiliated with the United Methodist Church, though it is currently non-sectarian.

In 1920 Clement was a Methodist minister living at 111 Milton Street, New Castle, Lawrence, Pensylvania with wife Agnes J (64), daughter Mary E (19), son James C (32), James’ wife Virginia (32) and their son Robert H (2). By the turn of the 20th century, New Castle was one of the fastest growing cities in the country as it became the tin plate capital of the world.

Clement and Ida had the following children:

i. Clara May Miner (1883 in Pennsylvania – 1971); m. Clement Spencer (1886 Pennsylvania – Aft. 1940 census 1916 Avondale Avenue, Charlotte, North Carolina). In the 1910 census, Clement was a roofer in Warren, Pennsylvania.

ii. John Lynn Miner (26 Dec 1885 Sherman Chautaingua, New York – Aft. 1940 census Overlock Drive, Greenwich, Fairfield, CT); m. Bess Burnham (1884 Pennsylvania – 19 Aug 1973 Maryland) In 1909 John lived in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania when he applied for a passport.  In 1913 John sailed to Hamburg Germany on the President Lincoln.   In the 1920 census, John was Mount Pleasant, Westchester, New York and working as the headmaster at The Harvey School in Mount Pleasant, Westchester, New York.

The Harvey School was founded by Dr. Herbert Carter and his wife Mabel Carter in 1916 as a residential school for boys, enrolling students through the secondary grades. Dr. Carter, a New York City pediatrician, built the school at his farm in Hawthorne, New York. His intention was to provide a country environment and an educational program for his son, Herbert Swift Carter, Jr., who had some physical limitation due to scarlet fever as a child. The school was named for Sir William Harvey (1578-1657), personal physician of King Charles I, who claimed to be the first to describe the mechanics of blood circulation. Dr. Harvey’s discoveries and methods established him as one of the fathers of modern medical science.

John L. Miner was appointed as the school’s first headmaster when its doors opened in October 1916, with an enrollment of four boys. Mr. Miner served the school for ten years before leaving in 1926 to establish Greenwich Country Day School, originally known as The Harvey School of Greenwich.

John L Miner – 1921 Harvey Class School Photo

In September of 1926, forty-five boys assembled in a former barn near North Maple Avenue. They were there because a pair of Greenwich mothers, Dorothy Baker and Jane McClelland, were unhappy with the local boys’ schools and decided to start their own. They enlisted Florence Rockefeller and she had offered a building, one she had planned to use as a carriage house. On the first day of school there were 45 boys. The first headmaster was John Lynn Miner and the uniform was a black sweater with orange stripes with knickers. In 1927 G.C.D.S. moved to the Warner property and the house called the Chimneys and the Chimneys is now The Middle School. It started with 45 boys and now there are more than 800 children. G.C.D.S. is now the largest independent elementary school in the United States.

Greenwich Country Day‘s history spans a period of over 80 years, starting with the boom period of the 1920s and journeying through the Great Depression, World War II, the bomb paranoia of the 1950s, the radicalized political and educational thinking of the 1960s, the turmoil and change of the 1970s, and the growth and progressive thinking of the past two decades. Country Day’s decision to admit girls in 1942 was a touchstone moment for the school that enabled it to grow as a truly forward-thinking country day school.

Today the eighty-acre campus serves over eight hundred students. From simple beginnings, the school has grown to become one that is widely recognized as a leader in the education and development of today’s young people and one that has helped to shape the lives of thousands of people.

Notable alumni include George H. W. Bush, forty-first President of the United States Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, Olympic rowers and social networking pioneers

In 1936 John L. Miner was a trustee along with Senator Prescott C. Bush. George Bush left Greenwich Country Day School in 1936, joining his older brother at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts.

Today, J.L. Miner is the second highest level of donations
The Orange and Black $25,000 and above
J.L. Miner Founder’s Council $15,000 and above
Webster Society $10,000 and above
Headmaster’s Circle $7,500 and above
Leadership Level $4,500 and above
Sustainer $2,500 and above
Participant $1 and above

George Bush: the life of a Lone Star Yankee By Herbert S. Parmet

Headmaster Miner was very exacting and a strong disciplinarian.  His office at the top of the stairs was off-limits to anyone without a prior appointment.  His aide Eve Collins, who was in charge of the lower school when the first Bush became a student, was described as very particular as she had to be in order to be working under Miner.  After [the middle school director] Grant became ill, the year Pressy Bush graduated, Miner was replaced by his assistant, an Englishman named George Meadows. [who appears to have been even more of an old fashioned disciplinarian than Miner] … The school was in effect a prep school for the prep schools the boys were destined for such as Choate, Hotchkiss and Andover…. All three [Bush] boys attended from the first through the ninth grades.

iii. James Carleton Miner (15 Sep 1886 in Sherman, Erie, New York – Nov 1973 in New Castle, Pennsylvania); m1. 2 Oct 1916 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama to Allie Virginia Hatch (2 Oct 1887 in Union City, Erie, Pennsylvania – 30 Sep 1946 in New Castle, Lawrence, Pennsylvania); m2. Helen McCracken in Dec 1965 in New Castle, Lawrence, Pennsylvania. In the 1930 census, James was a bank trust officer in New Castle, Lawrence, Pennsylvania.

iv. Ralph Miner (about 1887 in Pennsylvania – )

v. Clement Coulter Miner (22 May 1888 Cattaraugus, New York – Oct 1942); m. 23 Dec 1913 to Mary Curran Warfield (22 May 1888 – 1942) In the 1930 census, Clement was a mail carrier in Venango, Crawford, Pennsylvania. In Apr 1942, Clement and Mary were living at 566 S. Main Street in Cambridge Springs, Crawford, Pennsylvania.

vi. Mary Elizabeth Miner (26 Sep 1901 in Pennsylvania – Aft. 1941 marriage ); In the 1940 census Mary was single and a supervisor nurse for the WPA at 776 49th St. Akron, Ohio; m. 30 May 1941 to Harry M. Cook (b. 14 May 1899) His parents were Harry C Cook and Vanchie Davis.


8. William H. Miner

William’s wife Julia A [__?__] was born in Mar 1863 Ireland. She immigrated in 1866.  Julia died after 1930. In the 1940 census, Julia was living with her daughter Mildred Erickson in New Orleans.

After Charity died in 1868, Philo shipped his youngest children, Clement, William, Walter, and John out to other families.

In the 1870 census, William H. Miner  twelve years old and was living with John and Nancy Johnston relatives of his sister-in-law  Calista  Jane Latta in Kinsman, Trumbull, Ohio.  His mother Charity Webber had died in 1868.  Evidently, Philo wasn’t very good at taking care of children by himself.

John Johnston 56 Nancy J Johnston 54 Mary E Johnston 28 Emily Johnston 23 Malinda J Johnston 19 Amand(a) Johnston 13 William H Miner 12.

In the 1900 census, William and Julia were living in Union, Montgomery, Indiana where William was working as a horse trainer.

In the 1940 census, Julia was living at 3928 St Claude Avenue New Orleans with her daughter Mildred and son-in-law John Erickson. John owned a grocery.

Child of William and Julia:

i. Mildred M. Miner (Apr 1894 Ohio – After 1940 census); m. John Lawrence Erickson (1893 Louisiana – After 1940 census) In this WWI Draft registration, John was working as an oiler on a United Fruit Company ship. In the 1930 census, John and Mildred were living in New Orleans and John was working as a steamship engineer.

9. Fayette Walter Miner

After Charity died in 1868, Philo shipped his youngest children, Clement, William, Walter, and John out to other families.

In the 1870  census, Fayette was living with William Giddings (b. 10 Jan 1810 Ohio – d. 26 Dec 1887) Ohio and Maria Webber (b. 26 Jul 1812 – d. 19 Aug 1897) and their son Darwin (b. 1850 Ohio) in Williamsfield, Ashtabula, Ohio. William was Son of Elisha Giddings (1780 Hartford, CT- 9 Aug 1855 OH) and Philothea Fish (1782 Townsend, VT-24 Dec 1868 OH)

Walter’s wife Anna Elizabeth Churchill was born 19 Apr 1860 in Kansas. Her parents were Levi Churchill (1833 – 1906) and Rebecca Clemmons (1836 – 1902). Anna died 3 Feb 1949

In the 1900 census , Anna was a widow and was living with her parents and four children in Plattsmouth Ward 5, Cass, Nebraska.

In the 1910 census, Anna’s last name was now Rouse, but her husband was not at home. She, her four children,and her newphews Harry and Herman Royal were living in Lincoln, Nebraska

Children of Fayette and Anna:

i. Fayette (Fay) Wade Miner b. 11 Jan 1887 in Nebraska; d. 13 May 1971 in West Fork, Daniels, Montana; m. Nettie Osette Sterner (b. 1890 Nebraska – 16 Sep 1963); Her parents were George and Ella Sterner. In the 1930 census, Fay W and Nettie O were grain farmers in West Fork, Daniels, Montana.

Daniels County, Montana

As of 2000, Daniels County was considered the most rural county in the continental United States as measured by the Index of Relative Rurality. There is one K-12 school serving all of Daniels County. The county population has dropped from 5,553 in 1930 to 1,751 in 2010.

ii. Buelah Miner b. May 1889 in Nebraska; d. Aft 1910 census

iii. Sidney David Miner b. 28 Jan 1892 in Cass County, Nebraska; d. Dec 1973 in Peoria, Peoria, Illinois’ m. Elise Meyers (b. 1894 Iowa – d. Aft. 1940) Her father was born in Germany and her mother in France. In the 1930 census, Sidney was a salesman for Keystone Steel Wire Company in Peoria, Illinois his mother Anne was living with the family.

iv. Hugh Arnold Miner b. 6 Jul 1895 in Murray, Nebraska; m. Norah [__?__] (b. 1901 Missouri) In the 1925 Kansas census, Hugh and Norah were living in Kansas City, Kansas where Hugh worked as a butcher in a grocery.

10. John Lincoln Miner

After Charity died in 1868, Philo shipped his youngest children, Clement, William, Walter, and John out to other families. I haven’t found John in the 1870 census.

John’s wife Mary Jane Hardy was born 13 Sep 1865 in Ottowa, Illinois.  Her parents were T S Hardy and L N Baldwin. After John died, she married she married Charles A Webber Jan 13, 1937, at Long Beach.   Mary Jane died 24 Feb 1942 in Long Beach, California.

In 1880, John Lincoln Miner (20) was living with oldest brother Philo Sidney Miner (43) and his family in Rock Bluff, Nebraska.  In 1920  he was a commercial grocery salesman living at 1111 North Main Street, Carroll, Iowa with wife Jeanie M (53) and son John J Jr. (19).

Feb 25, 1942 – Carroll Times – Mrs. Charles A Webber of 813 Temple Avenue, Long Beach, CA, mother of Harry T and John L Miner of Carroll, died suddenly Tuesday according to a message received by her sons this morning. Funeral arrangements have not yet been made.

Mrs Webber was well known in Carroll where she had spent most of her life. Death claimed her at the age of 76 years. Mrs. Webber, whose maiden name was Mary Jane Hardy, spent her girlhood at Marshalltown, where she married John L Miner June 6, 1888. They came to Carroll to make their home in 1889. Mr. Miner, a veteran traveling salesman of Iowa, sold groceries in this territory for forty three years with Carroll as his headquarters. He passed away April 12, 1931.

He and his wife were the parents of four sons, two of whom preceded their mother in death. Paul Miner of Cedar Falls died in May 1937, and another son, Edward died on the day of his birth Sept 24, 1890. For some time after Mr. Miner’s death, his wife continued to make her home here, later going to California, where she married Charles A Webber Jan 13, 1937, at Long Beach. They have resided in Long Beach since that time.

Besides her two sons above named, Mrs. Webber is survived by her husband; three grandsons; and three granddaughters; and two sisters, Mrs Lydia Cole of Los Angeles and Mrs Nell Goodwin of Long Beach. One brother, Charles Hardy of Los Angeles and one sister, Mrs Ann McMahon of Amboy, Illinois are deceased.

Mrs Webber was an active member of the First Presbyterian church here. She still retained her memberhsip in Signet chapter No.1 Order of the Eastern Star, of which she was a past matron. She also belonged to the past Matrons Club of the local chapter.

John Lincoln Miner Headstone — Carroll City Cemetery Carroll Carroll County Iowa

Children of John and Jeanie:

i. Paul Sidney Miner (17 Jul 1889 in Marshalltown, Marshall, Iowa – 6 May 1937, Cedar Falls, Black Hawk County, Iowa); m. 16 Jun 1914 in Carroll, Carroll, Iowa. to Joy Wiona Pfiester (9 Apr 1891 in Audubon, Iowa – 29 Oct 1982 in Cedar Falls, Iowa) In the 1930 census, Paul was a plumber in Cedar Falls, Black Hawk, Iowa. In the 1940 census, Joy was a widow and a seamstress at 410 West 22th Street Cedar Falls, Iowa, four blocks from the University of Northern Iowa campus.

ii. Edward Miner (3 Aug 1890 in Carroll, Carroll, Iowa – 24 Aug 1890 in Carroll, Carroll, Iowa)

iii. Henry Thomas Miner ( 23 Aug 1891 in Carroll, Carroll, Iowa – 8 Dec 1953 in Long Beach, Los Angeles, California); m. 8 Feb 1919 in Lamont, Iowa to Freeda Emma Brown (20 Feb 1894 in Lamont, Iowa – 31 Jul 1985 in Gardena, California) In the 1930 census, Henry  and Freeda were living in Carroll, Carroll, Iowa where Henry was the proprietor of a plumbing shop.

iv. John Lincoln Miner Jr. (27 Jun 1900 in Carroll, Carroll, Iowa – 7 Apr 1980 in Carroll, Carroll, Iowa); m. 17 May 1923 in Carroll, Carroll, Iowa to Laura Leida Vaughan (2 May 1903 in Carroll, Carroll, Iowa – 7 Apr 1980 in Carroll, Carroll, Iowa) In the 1930 census, John and Laura were living in Carroll, Carroll, Iowa where John was a meter man in a light plant.


Thomas Minor Family History

Thomas Minor Society

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