John Burbeen

John BURBEEN (1628 – 1714) was Alex’s 10th Great Grandfather, one of 2,048  in this generation in the Shaw line

John Burbeen was born about 1628 in Saint Thomas, Scotland.   He married Sarah GOULD on  16 Apr 1660 in Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts. John died 8 Jan 1713/14 in Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts.

John Burbeen Headstone: Inscribed date of Death Jan 8 1713

Sarah Gould was born 15 Dec 1637 in Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts.  Her parents were John GOULD and Mary [__?__].  Sarah died 14 May 1670 in Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts.

Children of John and Sarah:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Mary BURBEEN 2 Jul 1661 Woburn, Mass Jonas HOUGHTON
15 Feb 1680/81
Woburn, Mass
31 Dec 1720 in Lancaster Mass.
2. John Burbeen 9 Aug 1663
Slain by the Indians near Dunstable
5 Sep 1724
3. James Burbeen 15 May 1668 Woburn Mary Lowden
1 May 1693 Charlestown, Mass
4 Sep 1729
Woburn, Mass

The surname Burbeen has been spelled in various ways. In an old deed, bearing date 1696, of John Burbeen to his son James, it appears as “Berbeene” it is found elsewhere as “Berbeane ” in the probate records of Middlesex county of 1730 as “Burbeen” — and by most members of the family this last spelling has been adopted.

Joseph Burbeen Walker wrote in 1892 “The whole number of persons in this country who have borne the surname of Burbeen has been, so far as I have been able to discover, only nineteen. In about one hundred and forty years from the time of its introduction it had become extinct.”

John’s name is included on a list of men impressed in several towns where Capt. Davenport’s company was raised will serve to identify many of the names.  John is listed under Woburn where he lived.   Of course, many impressed were either excused for disability or escaped from the service in some other manner. The returns were dated from Nov. 25 t0 Dec. 3, 1675.  Davenport’s company took part in the Great Swamp Fight on Dec 19, 1675.

John was a proprietor of the township, possessed some property, was a tailor by occupation, and seems to have been a devout man. He owned three slaves.

Charcoal drawing of John Burbeen home in Worsham, MA


1. Mary BURBEEN (See Jonas HOUGHTON‘s page)

2. John Burbeen

John Jr. was said to be one of eight men  slain by the Indians at Thorton’s Ferry 5 Sep 1724 near Dunstable, Mass. (Fox’s Hist., p. 108)  Lt. Ebenezer French was also killed at Naticook.  14 men were in pursuit of a party of Indians who had captured two men the night before

Alternatively, in his will dated 15 Nov 1701, John says of his son – “John Burbeene has gone to sea and I am satisfied he is lost.  If he returns again alive or if any that represent him my executor shall pay him or them £50.”

3. James Burbeen

James’ wife Mary Lowden was born 21 Jan 1670 in Suffolk, Mass. Her parents were John Lowden and Sarah Stevenson. Mary died 14 Oct 1724 in Woburn, Middlesex, Mass

James was a business man of much enterprise.  He engaged in shipping as appears by charter parties still in existence in 1892.  His estate included 16 different parcels of land, in six different towns. He was engaged more or less in shipping.  His estate was appraised at £2,038-16-5, ten times the typical estate of the time.


An Account of John Burbeen Who Came From Scotland and Settled at Woburn, Massachusetts, about 1660 By Joseph Burbeen Walker 1892

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  8. V.E.G. says:

    Wow! John Burbeen is the direct descendant of a hero from South Carolina: United States Air Force Colonel Alan Dexter Wheeler!

  9. V.E.G. says:

    By the way, I got the wrong Alan D. Wheeler. This Alan Dexter Wheeler was not the direct descendant of John Burbeen, rather the son of Harold R. and Helen Harriet Wheeler. This Alan D. Wheeler (not the United States Air Force Colonel) was the direct descendant of John Burbeen. An honest mistake. Thank you.

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