Cornelius Brown Sr.

Cornelius BROWN Sr. (1632 – 1701) was Alex’s 9th Great Grandfather; one of 1,024 in this generation of the Miller line.

Cornelius Brown was born 1632 in Malford, Worcestershire, England. His parents were Nicholas BROWN and Elizabeth LEIDS.  He married Sarah LAMSON 6 Jun 1665 in Reading, Middlesex, Mass. On 20 Nov 1684 Cornelius second married Sarah Burnap.  Southwick in Reading, MA. On 26 Nov 1698 Cornelius third married Mary Dustin, in Reading, Mass. Cornelius died in 1701 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass.

Sarah Lamson was born 1645 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass. Her parents were William LAMSON and Sarah AYERS. Sarah died 4 Oct 1683 in Reading, Middlesex, Mass.

Sarah Burnap was born 1648 in Salem, Essex, Mass. Her parents were Robert Burnap and Ann Miller. She first married 3 Feb 1669 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts. to John Southwick (b. 1620 in England – d.  25 Oct 1672)  She second married 12 Jun 1674 in Salem  to Thomas Cooper (b. 1645 in Salem –  d. 6 Jan 1712 in Providence, Rhode Island).   In Nov 1680 Abigail Sibley “for fornication with Thomas Cooper, was sentenced to be severely whipped or pay a fine.”  Sarah divorced Thomas Cooper for adultery and abandonment, 2 Sep 1684.  Thomas had already married again in Jun 1684 in Newport, Rhode Island to Abigail Sibley (b: 3 Jul 1659 in Salem, Essex, Mass).   Sarah married a few months later 20 Nov 1684 to Cornelius Brown. Sarah died bef 1698.

12 Jul 1683 –  Abigail Sibley, with her child, was ordered out of Providence, Rhode Island. Thomas Cooper published his intention of marriage with Abigail, which was forbidden, because he had ” manifested himself a person infamous in that he hath forsaken a sober woman, who is his wife.” Mistress Abigail, with her child, appears again, Dec. 13, ” entertained by Thomas Cooper.” Her time of removal was extended to the first Monday in March, ” not to live with Thomas Cooper” meanwhile.

Thomas Cooper 1 – Three Centuries of Poor Law Administration: A Study of Legislation …, Issue 24 By Margaret Creech 1636

Cornelius’ third wife, Mary Dustin was born 8 Nov 1650 in Reading, Mass. Her parents were Josiah Dustin and Lydia [__?__].  She first married 7 Sep 1676 to Adam Colson (d. 1 Mar 1687) had Josiah, b. 6 Mar. 1673, d. in few mos.; Elizabeth 9 Oct. 1676; Lydia, 31 Mar. 1680; and David, 26 Apr. 1682; and d. 1 Mar. 1687. Mary was accused of being a witch in the Salem Witch Trials.  Both Mary and  her mother Lydia were found not, guilty, but Lydia died in the Salem jail in 1693 because she could not pay the jail fees.

Mary’s mother, Lydia Dustin, a resident of Reading (Redding), Massachusetts, was arrested on April 30, 1692 on the same day as George Burroughs, Susannah Martin (wiki), (Susannah MARTIN – minerdescent)  Dorcas Hoar, Sarah Morey, and Philip English. Lydia Dustin was again examined on May 2 by magistrates Jonathan Corwin and John Hathorne, on the same day as Sarah Morey, Susannah Martin, and Dorcas Hoar . She was then sent to Boston’s jail.

Mary’s unmarried sister Sarah Dustin was the next in the family accused and arrested, followed by Mary’s daughter, Elizabeth Colson [16 years old in 1692], who eluded capture until after the third warrant was issued (sources differ on whether she was ever captured). Then Mary Colson was also accused; she was examined but not indicted.

Mary Beth Norton states in “In the Devil’s Snare” that “In Malden, Mistress Mary Swayne Marshall, sister of a militia major, declared that on April 8 the specter of Elizabeth Colson of Reading, the teenage granddaughter of a woman long believed to be a witch [Lydia Duston], had knocked her down, ‘Strikeing of me deafe and Dumm Tortering my body in most parts; Chokenig [sic]of me quite dead for Some time.’ Colson, she declared, had bruised her head, wrung her neck, and even dislocated her shoulder.”

Both Lydia and Sarah were found not guilty by the Superior Court of Judicature, Court of Assize and General Gaol Delivery in January or February, 1693, after the initial trials had been suspended when criticized for their use of spectral evidence. However, they could not be released until they paid jail fees. Lydia Dustin died still in jail on March 10, 1693. She is thus usually included on lists of those who died as part of the Salem witchcraft accusations and trials. Lydia’s husband, Josiah (1623 – 1671), had been one of the founders — and leading land owners — of Reading, Massachusetts.

Children of Cornelius and Sarah:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Nicholas Browne 7 Apr 1666 Reading, Middlesex, Mass 25 May 1666
Reading, Middlesex, Mass
2. Cornelius BROWN Jr. 3 Jun 1667 Reading, Middlesex, Mass Susanna STORY
1688 in Lynn, Essex, Mass.
4 Jul 1743 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass.
3. Sarah Browne 23 Dec 1668  Reading, Middlesex, Mass 12 Jan 1669
Reading, Middlesex, Mass
4. Sarah Browne 21 Apr 1670 Reading, Mass. Thomas Wellman
6 Jan 1697 Reading, Middlesex, Mass.
5. John Browne 8 Aug 1671 Reading, Middlesex, Mass 1674
Reading, Middlesex, Mass
6. Abigail Browne 5 Apr 1674 Reading, Middlesex, Mass 6 Aug 1674
Reading, Middlesex, Mass
7. Samuel Browne 13 Sep 1675 Reading, Middlesex, Mass Mary Andrews
17 April 1703 Ipswich, Mass.
8. Susannah Browne 5 Mar 1677
Reading, Middlesex, Mass
9. Mary Browne 1 Jan 1678 Reading, Middlesex, Mass Jeremiah Gould
3 June 1701 Reading, Mass
5 Oct 1770
Reading, Middlesex, Mass
10. Hannah Browne 28 Aug 1680 Reading, Middlesex, Mass Abraham Wood
30 Dec 1708 in Reading, Middlesex, Mass
7 Nov 1746
Sudbury, Middlesex, Mass
11. Lt. William Browne 14 Feb 1682 Reading, Middlesex, Mass Deborah Robbins
11 Nov 1703 Cambridge, Middlesex, Mass
Mary Bailey
13 October 1744
Cambridge, MA
2 May 1768
Natick, Middlesex, Mass

Cornelius built a house in Reading before 1667, but did not transfer from the church in Lynn to the one in Reading until 1670. Cornelius served in various minor governmental rolls in Reading.

In addition to his original house lot, Cornelius inherited half of his father’s “Wigwam” farm in 1673, and received various grants of land from the town of Reading. His wife Sarah died at Reading on October 4, 1683. Cornelius then married Sarah Southerick on November 20, 1684. His second wife died before 1698, and on September 26, 1698, Cornelius married Mary Dustin Colson, the widow of Adam.

In 1689, Cornelius deeded land to his sons Cornelius and Samuel in return for a small payment each year, a sort of colonial pension plan. Cornelius died, intestate, about 1701, his third wife was still alive in 1703. His place of his burial is not known.

5 Sep 1692 – Examination of Mary Colson

Mary Coulston examined before said Justices for the Maj’ties Sept. 5. 1692 Jno. Hathorn Esq’re Mary Coultson: you are here acused for afflicting Mrs Mary Marshall by witchcraft Mrs Marshall with others fell Down at her Coming into the Court. s’d Coultson helped Mrs Marshall up by a touch of her hand: but s’d Coultson s’d she never hurt s’d Marshall in her life: Mrs Marshall was asked how long Coultson had afflicted her: she s’d: at times: she had afflicted her ever since her Mother Dastin [Mary’s mother Lydia Dustin] had been in Prison and that she did it in vindication of her mother:

These 3: Tayler: Lilly & Coultson came to me & s’d [through] Mr. Pearpoint song that Psalm: god will be a husband to the widdow: but he would be none to me they sayd: they told me also if I had served their god my husband had bin alive yet: but s’d Coulston was bid to look on the afflicted persons: and s’d some of the afflicted was bid to look on her: and Eliz Booth: & George Booths wife & Allice Booth with others: was struck Down with her look & afflicted & helpted up & was well by a touch of Coultsons hand: they were asked when they were well agayn who hurt: them & s’d it was Coultson it was told Coultson it was evident that she acted witchcraft now before them: & it was like to apear that she had a hand in W’m Hoopers Death & in Ed Marshals Death: And she s’d if she should Confes she should be by her selfe: examined before Jno. Hawthorn Esq’re: & others their Majests: Justice.
this is the substance of what Mary Coultson s’d at her examination,
*Simon Willard
I und’r written: being appointed by Authority: to take the within examination: Doe testifie upon oath taken in Court that this is a true Coppy of the Substance of it to: the best of my knowledge Janu’ry 5: 1692/3
*Simon Willard


2. Cornelius BROWN Jr..(See his page)

4. Sarah Brown

Sarah’s husband Thomas Wellman was born on 11 Oct 1669 in Lynn, Mass. His parents were son of Abraham Wellman and Elizabeth Cogswell. Thomas died about1735 in Reading, Mass

7. Samuel Browne

Samuel’s wife Mary Brown was born 1679 in Reading, Mass.

9. Mary Browne

Mary’s husband Jeremiah Gould was born about 1678 in Charlestown, Mass. His parents were John Gould, and Abigail Belcher. His grandparents were John GOULD and Joanna [__?__]. Jeremiah died 25 July 1752 in Stoneham, Mass.

10. Hannah Browne

Hannah’s husband Abraham Wood was born 16 Apr 1684 in Concord, Middlesex, Mass. His parents were Abraham Wood (1655 – 1747) and   Sarah Dakin (1659 – 1748). Abraham died 11 Jul 1742 in Sudbury, Middlesex, Mass

Abraham and Hannah lived in Sudbury until after the birth of Samuel, the first of their seven children, then they moved to Concord. In 1729, they returned to Sudbury, where they both lived the rest of their lives.

Abraham and his father leased the “new” mills from the Town of Sudbury in 1700. The mill had been donated to the town by Peter Noyes, to be used to help support the poor. They ran the mill under lease until 1728, when they bought it from the town for 700 pounds. Abraham must have been a miller by trade. That Abraham was also a contractor of some repute, there is no doubt. He built a new meeting house in the west precinct for the Town of Sudbury, with Joseph Dakin as a partner, in 1725. They were paid 400 pounds to erect the building.

Abraham Wood Gravestone Revolutionary War Cemetery  Sudbury Middlesex, Mass Find A Grave Memorial# 35771899

Abraham Wood Gravestone Revolutionary War Cemetery
Sudbury, Middlesex, Mass
Find A Grave Memorial# 35771899

11. Lt. William Browne

William’s first wife Deborah Robbins was born 6 Jun 1674 in Cambridge, Middlesex, Mass. Her parents were Nathaniel Robbins and Mary Braside. She first married 1701 in Middlesex, Mass. to Thomas Squire (b. 25 Jul 1672 in Cambridge, Middlesex, Mass. – d. 11 Nov 1703 in Cambridge). Deborah died 13 Oct 1744.

William’s second wife Mary Bailey.


Lydia Dustin Salem Witchcraft Transcripts

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