Isaac Willey II

Isaac WILLEY II (1670 – 1751) was Alex’s 9th Great Grandfather; one of 1,024 in this generation of the Miner line.

Isaac Willey was born 18 Jan 1669/70 in New London CT. His parents were John WILLEY and Merriam MOORE . He married Rose BENNETT 14 DEC 1697 Lyme, CT.  After Rose died, he married Sarah Ashfall 1727 in York, Maine.  Isaac died in 1751  in Lyme CT.

Rose Bennett was born 15 Nov 1677 in Lyme CT.  Her parents were Henry BENNETT and Sarah CHAMPION. Rose died 31 Mar 1727 in Lyme CT.

Sarah Ashfall was born 1707 in North Yarmouth, Mass.  Her parents were William Ashfall and [__?__].

Children of Issac and Rose:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Isaac Willey 15 Sep 1699
Lyme, CT
Deliverance Tallman
12 MAY 1727 Lyme, CT
2 Jun 1767
Lyme, CT
2. Sarah Willey 20 Dec 1700
Lyme CT
3 Aug 1750 East Haddam, CT
3. John WILLEY?See discussion on his page 14 Sep 1702
East Haddam CT
5 Apr 1722
East Haddam, CT
6 Sep 1728
Middlesex, CT
13 Nov 1743
East Haddam
4. Hannah Willey 11 MAY 1704
Lyme, CT
Aft 1751
5. Rachel Willey 22 MAR 1707/08
Lyme, CT
Nathaniel Darrow
19 Mar 1736
Norwalk, Fairfield, CT
Sep 1786 Canaan, Columbia, NY
6. Abel Willey 28 AUG 1709
Lyme, CT
Patience Beckwith
1 FEB 1739/40
East Haddam, CT
2 OCT 1752
East Haddam, CT
7. Merriam Willey 20 MAR 1710/11
New London, CT
John William Collins
4 NOV 1734
Lebanon, New London, CT
Aft. 1751
8. Ephraim Willey 23 AUG 1713
Lyme, CT
9. Dorothy Willey 23 AUG 1713
Lyme, CT
10. Deborah Willey 28 AUG 1715
Lyme, CT
11. Zachariah Willey 24 Nov 1716
Lyme, CT
Rachel Willey (Daughter of John WILLEY II)
c. 1744
3 Dec 1751
East Haddam, CT



1. Isaac Willey

Isaac’s wife Deliverance Tallman was born 1706 in Newport, Rhode Island. Her parents were Nathaniel Tallman and Rachel Sherman. Her grandparents were Peter TALLMAN and Joane Briggs. Deliverance died 13 Nov 1783 in Lyme, New London, CT.

He probably lived and died in Lyme, as the settlement of the estate does not appear in East Haddam probate records. If in Lyme, the record was probably destroyed by the fire of the British in 1781.

11 Sep 1753 – Isaac  was admitted a freeman at Lyme,

9 Feb 1749/50 – He had 44 acres of land laid out in the 9th division of Èast Haddam

21 Apr 1769 – Darius Willey, of Lyme, as executor of his will, sold land in Lyme, to Jonathan Warner, and by authority of an Act of the Assembly, to Abel Willey of E. H.,

17 Aug 1771 – Widow Deliverance Willey exchanged Land in Lyme, with her daughter Deliverance Allen, and sold land there to her daughter Abigail Willey, Ap. 9,1783; and to her ” loueing and dutyfull Daughter ” Miriam Atwood of Lyme, wife of Daniel Atwood of Lyme.

23 Mar 1773 – Sold to Jonathan Warner, land at Warner’s Wharf, (probably now Comstock’s Ferry.) bounded E. and S. by land of widow Deliverance Allen.

3. John WILLEY (John may have been the son of Isaac’s brother and sister-in-law  John WILLEY II and Elizabeth HARVEY., see the discussion on his page)

5. Rachel Willey

Rachel’s husband Nathaniel Darrow was born 1707 in New London, New London, CT. His parents were Nicholas Darrow and Millicent Beebe. Nathaniel died Sep 1787 in Canaan, Columbia, New York.

6. Abel Willey

Abel’s wife Patience Beckwith was born 1 Jun 1718 in East Haddam, Middlesex, CT. Her parents were Nathaniel Beckwith and Sarah Brockway. Our ancestor Capt. Matthew BECKWITH was her great grandfather. Patience died 9 Dec 1800 in Peacham, Caledonia, Vermont.

Abel died in 1757 aged 46 when, Oct 20, administration of his estate was granted to Samuel Willey. The inventory amounted to only £30 50 10 with a subsequent addition and the estate was represented as insolvent.  Among his creditors were Allen, John, Joseph and David Willey.  All the household goods and one-third of the real property were set off to his widow Patience Willey, who was appointed guardian to his younger children.

7. Merriam Willey

Merriam’s husband John William Collins was born about 1711, perhaps in Boston.

11. Zachariah Willey

Zachariah’s wife Rachel Willey was born 1728 in East Haddam, CT. Her parents were John WILLEY II and Elizabeth HARVEY.  Rachel died in 1751.

Zachariah died before Dec 3, 1751 aged about 35 when administration of his estate was granted to Joseph Willey and his widow Rachel.  The inventory amounted to £1526 4s. and the estate was distributed among his children, Zachariah Jr. having a double share as the eldest.  His widow Rachel had married again to [__?__] Waters before Feb 5, 1755 when she presented accounts of debts, etc.


Isaac Willey of New London, Conn., and his descendants  By Henry Willey 1888

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