John Willey II

John WILLEY II (1675 – 1754) was Alex’s 9th Great Grandfather; one of 1,024 in this generation of the Miner line.

John Willey was born 24 Feb 1675 in New London, New London, Connecticut. His parents were John WILLEY I and Miriam MOORE. He married Elizabeth HARVEY 16 Oct 1698 in New London, CT. John died 19 Jun 1754 in New London, New London, CT.

Elizabeth Harvey was born in 1680 in New London, New London, Connecticut. Her parents were John HARVEY and Elizabeth WILLEY.  Elizabeth died in 1752 in Hadlyme, Connecticut.

Children of John and Elizabeth:

Name Born Married Departed
1. John WILLEY III 24 May 1699 in East Haddam CT Sarah SAUNDERS
5 Apr 1722  East Haddam, CT
13 Nov 1743 in East Haddam, CT
2. Allen Willey 29 Sep 1700
East Haddam
Mehitable Richardson
7 May 1730 East Haddam
5 Feb 1780
East Haddam
3. Elizabeth Willey 29 Dec 1701
East Haddam,
Ebenezer Cone
East Haddam
29 Aug 1767
East Haddam
4. Mary Willey 13 Dec 1703
East Haddam
3 May 1718
5. Joseph Willey 16 Apr 1705 in East Haddam Lucretia Holmes
22 May 1727 East Haddam
Rebecca [?] Aft. 1742
9 Jan 1790
East Haddam
6. Lydia Willey 15 Apr 1707
East Haddam
Daniel Bogue
29 Nov 1722 in East Haddam
East Haddam
7. Phoebe Willey 6 Jan 1709
East Haddam
Arthur Scoville
East Haddam
8. Mehitable Willey 14 Sep 1711
East Haddam
John Millard
18 Mar 1736 East Haddam
2 Apr 1803
9. Benajah Willey 7 Jun 1713
East Haddam
Rachel Dutton
c. 1738
4 Feb 1752
10. Noah Willey 28 Aug 1716
East Haddam
Sarah Hart
1745 in East Haddam
5 Feb 1784
Hadlyme, New London, CT
11. Sarah Willey 1719
East Haddam
Joseph Beckwith
9 Oct 1737
East Haddam
3 Aug 1750
East Haddam
12. Rachel Willey 1728
East Haddam
Zachariah Willey (Son of Isaac WILLEY II)

Gravestone says John died 20 Jun 1754, aged 83. He was referred to as Serg’t John Willey. Joined church at Hadlyme on 18 May 1752, when his wife was baptized.

Isaac Willey of New London Connecticut and His Descendants states that John Willey’s parents were John Willey Jr.  and Elizabeth Harvey  instead of Isaac Willey and Rose Bennett.  John and Isaac were brothers.  According to the source, a gravestone in East Haddam cemetery, with the inscription ” I. W., D. Sep. 6, 1728,” perhaps records the death of the John Willey who was the son of Isaac.  John’s birth date is adjusted to be May 24, 1699 which fits him in as the first born before Allen who was born Sept. 29, 1700.  If these revisions are true, we have the following alternative ancestors
John Willey Jr. (1675 -1754)  and Elizabeth Harvey (1680 – 1752)
John Harvey ( 1647 – 1705)  and Elizabeth Willey ( 1650 -1705)
Thomas Harvey (1615 – 1651)  and Elizabeth Andrews ( 1614 – 1717)

The following ancestors would be incorrect
Isaac Willey II
Henry Bennett Jr.
Henry Bennett Sr.
Henry Champion

Genealogical and family history of western New York: a record of …, Volume 2 edited by William Richard Cutter 1912

John (2), son of John (1) Willey, was born at New London,  February 24, 1674-75. He and his wife joined the church in Hadlyme, Connecticut, May 18, 1752, when she was baptized and was called seventy-two years old. He died there June 19, 1754, according to his gravestone, while the church record says June 20, 1754, aged eighty-two. He received grants of land in 1727 and 1750, when he was called sergeant. He sold land to his son Allen in 1727 and to his son John in 1752, his house lot with house and twelve acres. He married, at East Haddam, in October, 1698, Elizabeth, daughter of John Harvey, of New London. She was born about 1680. Children, born at East Haddam: John, May 24, 1699; Allen, September 29, 1700; Elizabeth, December 29, 1701; Mary, December 13, 1703-04; Joseph, mentioned below; Lydia, April 15, 1707; Phebe, January 6, 1709; Mehitabel, September 14, 1711; Lucretia, June 7, 1713; Noah, August 28, 1716; Benajah, birth not recorded; Sarah, baptized at Hadlyme, April 10, 1748, being about twenty-two years old; Rachel, birth not recorded.


1. John WILLEY III (See his page)

2. Allen Willey

Allen’s wife Mehitable Richardson was born 13 Sep 1709 in Stonington, New London, CT. Her parents were Lemuel Richardson and Mehitable Chapman. Mehitable died 5 May 1778 in East Haddam, CT.

3. Elizabeth Willey

Elizabeth’s husband Ebenezer Cone was born 18 Jun 1704 in Haddam, Middlesex, CT.  His parents were Ebenezer Cone and [__?__]. Ebenezer died 1 Feb 1788 in East Haddam, CT.

Elizabeth and Ebenezer’s son Timothy (1735 – 1800) was a Sergeant in the 6th Company, 25th Regiment of Connecticut Militia his commission signed by Governor Jonathan Trumbull and dated Mar 21, 1777

5. Joseph Willey

Joseph’s first wife Lucretia Holmes was born 14 Jul 1711. Her parents were John Holmes and Mary Willey.  She was less than sixteen years old at the time of her marriage to Joseph on 22 May 1727. Lucretia died between 1742 and 1746

Joseph’s second wife Rebecca [?] was born 1725 in East Haddam, Middlesex, CT. Rebecca died 2 Nov 1807 in Waterville, Caledonia, Vermont, aged eighty-two.

Joseph had eight children with Lucretia and nine with Rebecca or a total of 17 in all.

6. Lydia Willey

Lydia’s husband Daniel Bogue was born 3 Oct 1699 in East Haddam, CT. His parents were John Booge and Rebecca Walkley. Daniel died 11 Jul 1748 in East Haddam, CT.

7. Phoebe Willey

Phoebe’s huaband Arthur Scoville was born 1710 in Lyme, New London, CT. His parents were Stephen Scoville and Sarah Champion. Arthur died 1 Jun 1761 in East Haddam, CT.

8. Mehitable Willey

Mehitable’s husband John Millard was born 21 Jul 1713 in Wakefield, Mass. His parents were Thomas Millard and Rebecca Dutton. John died 2 Apr 1803 in North Egremont, CT.

9. Benajah Willey

Benajah’s wife Rachel Dutton was born  6 Nov 1727 East Haddam, CT. Her parents were Samuel Dutton and Rachel Cone. Rachel died after 1793 Millington, CT.

10. Noah Willey

Noah’s wife Sarah Hart was born 2 Jun 1714 in East Haddam, Middlesex, CT. Her parents were Samuel Hart and Phoebe Ivory. Sarah died 28 May 1794 in Hadlyme, NL, CT.

11. Sarah Willey

Sarah’s husband Joseph Beckwith was born 11 Dec 1715 in East Haddam, Middlesex, CT. His parents were Nathaniel Beckwith and Sarah Brockway. Joseph died 22 Feb 1809 in East Haddam, Middlesex, CT.

12. Rachel Willey

Rachel’s husband Zachariah Willey was born 24 Nov 1716 in Lyme, New London, CT. He was Rachel’s first cousin.  His parents were Isaac WILLEY II and Rose BENNETT. Zachariah died 3 Dec 1751 in East Haddam, Middlesex, CT.


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