William Johnston

William JOHNSTON ( c. 1791 – 1873) is Alex’s  5th Great Grandfather, one of 64 in this generation of the Miner line.

William Johnston was born about 1791 in Ireland.  His parents were Alexander JOHNSON and Esther RANKIN.  He married Margaret MELLAN .  William died 5 Oct 1873, aged eighty-three.

Margaret Mellan was born about 1792 in Ireland.  Margaret  died 4 Dec 1865 in Crawford, Pennsylvania

Children of William and Margaret:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Sarah Johnston c. 1816
Unmarried Unmarried in 1880 Census
2. John Johnston c. 1817  in Pennsylvania
3. James Johnston c. 1821
4. William B. Johnston c. 1825  in Pennsylvania
5. Son 1821 – 1825
6. Letitia JOHNSTON c. 1829 in Pennsylvania Robert McConaha LATTA
25 Jan 1849
17 Feb 1870
Rock Bluffs
shortly after giving birth to Elbert Johnston Latta
7. Margaret Johnston 18 Oct 1829
Conneaut, Crawford, Pennsylvania
John Kazebee
O. F. Bush
25 Dec 1879
Conneaut, Crawford, Penns.
8. Esther Johnston c. 1832  in Pennsylvania
9. Andrew Johnston Mar 1836 Conneaut, Crawford, PA Frances Spencer in 1869 3 Aug 1919
Sharpsville, Mercer, Penns

William Johnston, who settled on a farm, Crawford County, Pennsylvania in 1801. He came from Cumberland County, Penn.; was a soldier in the war of 1812, going to the front twice, for which he received two land grants and a pension.  He and his wife were charter members of the Presbyterian Church at Conneautville.

Crawford County, Pennsylvania

Conneautville was founded in 1814 by Alexander Power, a surveyor and engineer. Conneautville was first called Powerstown or made reference to as Power’s Tract. Power wanted it called Conneautville after the Indian name Conneaut or Conneautee, meaning Snow Place.  Conneautville is a borough in Crawford County, Pennsylvania, along Conneaut Creek,  the number one steelhead trout stream in the country.. The population was 848 at the 2000 census.

Crawford County Pennsylvania With Boroughs and Townships

1840 Census – Conneaut, Crawford, Pennsylvania

Males – 5 thru 9: 1 (Andrew)
Males – 10 thru 14: 1
Males – 15 thru 19: 1 (William)
Males – 20 thru 29: 2 (John, James )
Males – 40 thru 49: 1 (William)
Females – 5 thru 9: 2 (Esther)
Females – 10 thru 14: 1 (Margaret)
Females – 15 thru 19: 1 (Letitia?)
Females – 20 thru 29: 1 (Sarah)
Females – 40 thru 49: 1 (Margaret)
Total 12

1850 Census – Conneaut, Crawford, Pennsylvania

William Johnston 59  born c. 1791 in Ireland
Margaret Johnston 58 born c. 1792 in Ireland
Sarah Johnston 34 born c. 1816 in Pennsylvania unmarried in 1880 census
James Johnston 29 born c. 1821  in Pennsylvania
William B. Johnston 25 born c. 1825  in Pennsylvania
Margaret Johnston 20 born c. 1830  in Pennsylvania
Esther Johnston 18  born c. 1832  in Pennsylvania
Andrew Johnston 15 born Nov 1835  in Pennsylvania

1860 Census – Conneaut, Crawford, Pennsylvania.  John and Francis, not present in the 1850 census returned by 1860.

William Johnson 70 born c. 1790 in Ireland
Margaret Johnson 69
Sarah Johnson 45 (Servant)
John Johnson 43  born c. 1817  in Pennsylvania
William B Johnson 35
Francis (Frances) Johnson (female perhaps John’s wife?) 33 born c. 1827  in New York
Helen Johnson 10
Franklin Johnson 9
William Johnson 4

1870 Census – Conneaut, Crawford, Pennsylvania.  William was living with his son Andrew

Andrew Johnson 34
Frances Johnson 24
Wm Johnson 78
Wm B Johnson 42
Thurey Spencer 21 (Housework)


1. Sarah Johnston

Unmarried in 1880 Census

3. James Johnston

I thought James married Rachel C. Wingate (b. 1834 in Pennsylvania – d. Nov 1910 in Roudolph, Wood, Ohio.), but it turns out this James was born in 1816 in Meadville, Crawford, Penns and was the son of Lancelot Johnston. The other James died in 1897.

Lancelot went from Ireland to England in the later part of the 18th Century and after a few years crossed the Atlantic locating first in Canada were several of the brother made permanent home and acquired considerable property. Lancelot and one brother came to the United States, the later locating in New York where he became a wealthy merchant. Lancelot Johnston took up his residence in Pennsylvania. While in Canada he had considerable property confiscated by the British government on account of his sympathy with the United States.

Children of (the other) James and Rachel

i. Emma C Johnston b. 1853 Penns; d. Meadville, Penns

ii. John Calvin Johnston b. 15 Sep 1855 Meadville, Crawford, Pennsylvania; d. 31 Dec 1935 Compton, Los Angeles, California; m. Ella Amelia Richmond (b. 28 Sep 1863 in Sanginaw, Michigan – d. 7 Mar 1941 in Downey, Los Angeles, California) John became an oil driller

iii. Ella J (Ellen) Johnston b. 1858 Penns.; m. Frank Thatcher

iv. William J (Wilson) Johnston b. 1859 Penns An oil man of Rudolph, Wood County.

v. George J Johnston b. 1866 Penns; d. After 1930 census; m. 1892 to Lydia E. [__?__] (b. May 1870 Penns – d. betw 1920-30) In the 1920 census, George was farming in Vernon, Crawford, Pennsylvania.

4. William B. Johnston

William wife Frances [__?__] was born in 1827 in New York. I’m not sure that she was really his wife, but she and the children appear immediately after William in the 1860 census.

In 1850 and 1860 William was living with his parents. In 1870, he was living with his brother Andrew. In 1880, he was living with his sister Margaret.

Children of William and Frances

i.  Helen Johnson b. 1850 Pennsylvania.

ii. Franklin Johnson b. 1851 Pennsylvania

iii. William Johnson b. 1856 Pennsylvania.

6. Letitia JOHNSTON (See Robert McConaha LATTA‘s page)

7. Margaret Johnston

Margaret was born October 18, 1829, on the farm where she lived in 1885s, and’is a daughter of William Johnston, who settled on this same farm in 1801. He came from Cumberland County, Penn.; was a soldier in the war of 1812, going to the front twice, for which he received two land grants and a pension. She was a member of the Presbyterian Church, of which her parents were charter members, at Conneautville.

Margaret’s first husband John Kazebee was born 14 Nov 1824 in New York, N.Y. His parents were Abraham Kazebee (1799 – 1838) and Catherine Carringer/Carrenger (1796 – 1860). John died 1859 in Conneaut Twp. Crawford County, Pa.

Margaret’s second husband O. F. Bush farmer and carpenter and joiner, P. O. Conneautville, was born in Oneida County, N. Y., June 20, 1812, son of Derrick and Rachael M. (Mcintosh) Bush, natives of Massachusetts, and parents of five children. They were members of the Baptist Church. Derrick Bush was a tanner and shoe-maker by trade, and in addition worked on a farm. He died at Linesville, Penn., October 25, 1867, aged seventy-nine years; his wife died November 20, 1820, aged thirty-two. Our subject, who is the third in the family, received a limited education. He learned the trade of carpenter and joiner when yovmg, and has worked at it for a considerable length of time. He was married December 16, 1833, to Solemy Beach, who bore him one son — Joseph C, proprietor of a wholesale tobacco business in Erie, Penn, She died April 28, 1877, and our subject then married, December 25, 1879, Mrs. Margaret Kazebee, widow of John Kazebee.

Mr. Bush owned at different times three farms in Crawford County, and cleared a large area of land. He built several houses in Linesville, toward which village he has probably done more than any other individual. He has held the offices of Justice of the Peace, Coroner and School Director, latter for twelve years. lu politics he was a Republican with strong temperance proclivities; traveled extensively in the Western States and along the Pacific coast, having spent the winter of 1871 in Oregon.

Linesville is a borough in Crawford County, Pennsylvania, United States. The population was 1,155 at the 2000 census. The town gets its name from its founders, which included William Line (the grandson of a Swiss immigrant), who migrated from Carlisle, Pennsylvania circa the early 1820s, and his relative, Amos Line who was the town’s surveyor and main proprietor. Amos Line “penetrated the western Pennsylvania wilderness as a member of the Pennsylvania Population Company in the early 1800’s.

Amos Line established a mill at the site in 1820. The village was laid out in 1825. It was first known as Line’s Mills, but the name was changed to Linesville Station in 1864. It was not known as Linesville until 1883. It was incorporated from Pine Township on March 22, 1862.

Another minor point of interest is at the main intersection of the town (at its sole traffic light). On the Maclaine Building at the northwest corner is a sign reading “<==CHICAGO: 500 miles NEW YORK: 500 miles==>”

One other point of interest in Linesville is The Knickerbocker Hotel which appeared on the A&E show, Paranormal State for its claims of paranormal activity.

At one time, Linesville was the onion capital of the United States, distributing its fragrant produce via the Erie & Pittsburgh Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad.[4]

Linesville made national news in November 2005 when 18-year-old Christopher Seeley was elected mayor, one of the youngest mayors to serve in a U.S. city to date.

1870 Census – Conneaut, Crawford, Pennsylvania.  Margaret was a widow Hazebee and her sister Sarah was living with the family.
Margaret Hazebee 40
John W Hazebee 12
Margaret E Hazebee 10
Sarah Johnson 54

1880 Census – Conneaut, Crawford, Pennsylvania

D. F. Bush 67
Margrit Bush 50 (Wife) born 1830 Pennsylvania
Wilbert Kazebe 22
Sarah Johnson 64 (Sister-in-law)
Wm. B. Johnson 53 (Brother-in-law)

Children of Margaret and John Kazebee

i. John Wilbert Kazebee b. 1859 in Pennsylvania; d. After 1930 census; m. Mary Lola Ely (b. 1855 – ) In the 1910, 1920 and the 1930 census, John was a dentist with his own office in Cheyenne, Laramie, Wyoming.

ii. Margaret Eleanor (Ella M.) Kazebee b. 21 Nov 1859, Crawford, Penns.; d. After 1920 census; m. Oct 1877 to William Ransom Sprague (b. 2 Aug 1854 Summerhill Township, Crawford, Penns. – d. 3 May 1897) His parents were William Crittenden Sprague and Elizabeth Ransom. Ella and William divorced

9. Andrew Johnston

Andrew’s wife Frances A Spencer was born about 1846 in Pennsylvania. Her parents were John B. Spencer (1812 – 1849) and Lydia Ann Pratt (1817 – 1867). In the 1900 census, Andrew was farming in Conneaut, Crawford, Pennsylvania.

Andrew was a private in 2nd Regiment, Pennsylvania Cavalry (59th Volunteers)

Children of Andrew and Frances:

i. James G Johnston b. Jun 1880 Pennsylvania; m. Anna [__?__] (b. 1887) In the 1910 census, James was a polisher in a furniture factory in Conneautville, Crawford, Pennsylvania. Andrew (75) and Frances (65) were living with their son.

ii. Rollun A Johnston b. Jul 1882; m. Cora [__?__] (b.1886 NY) In the 1910 census, Rallan was a baker in Gloversville Ward 2, Fulton, New York.








History of Crawford County, Pennsylvania: Containing a History of the County …  By Samuel Penniman Bates, Robert C. Brown, John Brandt Mansfield 1885

Commemorative Historical and Biographical Record of Wood County …, Volume 2
By M. A. Leeson

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